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VIE — Südkorea
13. Sep — 20. Sep1
Hin- und Rückflug
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Korean AirErgebnis aus 5045 Bewertungen

All the things are good people are very nice thanks ☺️

Mehr zu Korean Air

All the things are good people are very nice thanks ☺️

Here at flight entertainment.

Delta is horrible from start to finish

Positiv: "Crew was attentive."
Negativ: "Was seated near some noisy distractions i.e. crying baby."
Positiv: "Good selection of entertainment"
Negativ: "The food"
Positiv: "Entertaiment"
Negativ: "They should serve variety of. Food"
Positiv: "All crew was super polite, friendly and professional, the food was amazing, and seat was comfy."
Negativ: "The entertainment was poor, bad movies selection, small selection of movies, old movies."
Positiv: "awesome service great seats"
Negativ: "30 some odd hours hotel didnt have shuttle"
Negativ: "Seats weren’t as comfy or spacious as I would have thought given Korean air Having won best economy liner a few times. No entertainment in seats either."
Positiv: "They were so courteous, polite, nice, very helpful and accommodating. Always have smiles on their faces and they’re not fake smiles, they’re genuine. They made me feel comfortable even in a small, tight seats."
Negativ: "Oh boy, the length of travel time. This trip was a spontaneous and a last minute decision. So as you can see, I couldn’t get a cheaper direct flight. End up with a stop over in S. Korea."
Positiv: "Friendly staff."
Negativ: "Inconsistent entertainment system"
Positiv: "Great service!"
Negativ: "Dated aircraft A330-300 and seats."
Positiv: "comfort flight."
Negativ: "skipped snack service."
Positiv: "Good service. The food was good, better than most airlines that I've flown with. The seat was comfortable with good leg room. Good documentary films."
Positiv: "Good service. The food was good, better than most airlines that I've flown with. The seat was comfortable with good leg room. Good documentary films."
Negativ: "Nothing but headaches and made me throw out my $100 e cigarette that I checked under the plane half way through my trip from new york to vietnam. And they made me run all over the airport to address the situation only to find out once I arrived that they threw it out without my knowledge or permission"
Negativ: "It was delayed for two hrs for 50mns domestic flight. An i missed connecting bus so had to pay extra 100usd!"
Positiv: "Crew attended to my needs seriously and in a timely fashion."
Negativ: "I'm stuck in Korea on Christmas Day instead of being in the Philippines. The Korean Air staff didn't speak English very well and it took an hour to figure out what was happening. I had to pay for my own hotel on top of my resort that I'm paying for in the Philippines and the next flight isn't until 9 pm Christmas day. Worst airline I have ever had to deal with. On top of my five days off this year and two were wasted on traveling. Big waste of time and money. Will probably not use your website or the airline again."
Positiv: "Friendly staff"
Positiv: "Great service"
Negativ: "Wish I could have sat further in the front"
Positiv: "Great seat and fairly decent food."
Positiv: "The leg room was pretty generous compared to other airlines."
Negativ: "The entertainment system worked alright but a bit old-fashioned. The airplane safety video seemed like it was made in the 90s. The food on the return flight was really bad"
Negativ: "Very tight seating"
Positiv: "Thank you very much. Im so Happy"
Positiv: "Nothing at all"
Negativ: "Kayak used a sub company to reserve flights. My husband was involved in a collision at sea and was not able to make the flight due to military deployment status. I tried continuously to contact the sub company to request a waiver or hold on the flight. The number provided kept me on a hold . There were no answers to phone calls from information provided on receipt. Emails only stated the fees that would be imposed for any action I conducted. I will never use kayak again."
Positiv: "Even though we booked this flight through Southern China Air, the flight was operated by Korean Air. Translation: the service, food, comfort level and crew were highly professional."
Negativ: "Great flight! Great service! Great food!"
Negativ: "Seat was so narrow, my elbows were stuck to my torso the whole way"
Positiv: "All services provided was excellent. Staff is well mannered"
Negativ: "Taking Care of passenger was excellent. Staff is really supportive to passengers."
Positiv: "I liked just about everything about this flight. From the food to the service to the movie selection, flying with them was great!"
Negativ: "Nothing! Great flight."
Positiv: "Pleasant and helpful"
Negativ: "The food"
Positiv: "Nice in-flight movie options. Friendly staff. Plenty to drink and enough to eat."
Negativ: "Meal was chicken and rice and plenty to drink: water, coffee, soda. There was also pickled vegetables and tofu, but I was satisfied not eating those. Numerous intermittent announcements: [The usual preflight safety briefing, the mid-flight seat-belt and arrival eta announcements, the mid-flight turbulence and temperature comments, the customs-forms hand-outs, the duty-free inflight shopping opportunity announcement, the eventual apologetic conclusion of the duty-free, inflight shopping opportunity] together spoiled my calculated chance of finishing a short movie."
Positiv: "I like Korean Air because they have really good to excellent service. The entertainment options are really good, and they are very accommodating of special requests and special needs. They are very strict about safety things. Even on a short 3 hour evening flight they provide a pillow and blanket for your comfort."
Negativ: "On this flight, the beef dinner option was bad. Terrible strips of beef, and unidentifiable mushrooms."
Negativ: "I would have appreciated more movie options and TV show options on the entertainment monitor."
Negativ: "Justfly has the worst customer service. There is no way to complain either. There is no executive office. They are not on any rating sites. They just don't care, because they are not held accountable for their actions."
Positiv: "Bibimbap not available. Crew checked in our carry-on despite having space above our seats (Carry-on was not checked in during Chicago to Seoul trip). Unresponsive entertainment system. If this was only a ICN - MNL flight this is overpriced since it feels like a budget airline."
Positiv: "upgrade the food quality"
Positiv: "Fast I like it this way.."
Negativ: "Time keep changing is what I don't like."
Positiv: "Comfortable seats, good meals, able to enjoy a few good movies"
Negativ: "Can't book seat prior to check in"
Positiv: "The selection of fellow PAX, the cabin staff"
Negativ: "No supersonic flight"
Positiv: "You can go on a free city tour if you are transiting at Incheon airport. Also fantastic public area for transiting customer with free showers, upholstered day bed, charge stations. Paid massages , Paid airport hotels or lounges with buffet."
Negativ: "There was nothing we didn't like about our flight to Seoul"
Negativ: "Late boarding and then sat on plane for approximately 30 minutes before taxi. Arrived Busan 45 min late and never heard an explanation why."
Positiv: "The food, available movies, and crew were all very good. The crew did a wonderful job."
Negativ: "The flight was late for take off and I was disappointed that there was only one Japanese movie available for the flight."
Positiv: "This was my first experience with Korean Air, I was very impressed. I would definitely fly with them again."
Positiv: "I liked everything about my flight from the attendants to the food. Overall, it was a great experience. :)"
Positiv: "Delta crew was awesome"
Negativ: "Running to flight"
Negativ: "Special meal options really bad. All vegetarian meal preferences including lacto-ovo-vegetarian are treated same as vegan, which is dumb."
Positiv: "The beautiful and friendly air syewardess."
Negativ: "Not comfortable sitting on the cramped seat."
Positiv: "Love everything about the Korean Air."
Positiv: "The overall ease I enjoyed."
Negativ: "Seasoning packets with the food would be nice like salt and pepper."
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Difficult get out of seat because someone else was on aisle seat"
Positiv: "Leg room"
Negativ: "Food quality"
Positiv: "Crew and attendants did very well"
Negativ: "Gate change communication"
Positiv: "The crew was fantastic and the food was excellent. Would highly recommend this airline!"
Positiv: "Food and service"
Positiv: "The crew was friendly and the food was excellent."
Negativ: "Cannot think of anything"
Negativ: "It was lovely to have a meal but there was no beverage service. Not even water. It may have been because of the strike."
Positiv: "EVA delivers again! Great flight."
Negativ: "Hmm.. maybe if it was individual entertainment units instead of communal screens."
Positiv: "crew was amazing and plane was comfortable"
Positiv: "schlafgelegenheit flaches Bett mit Auflage und Privacy in der BusClass"
Negativ: "die EVA App ist unterentwickelt....ich konnte keine Sitze andern...sass ohne Fenster vor der geruchsintensive Küche (7k) obwohl viele Alternativen noch verfügbar waren. Personal ist sehr bemüht, aber man spürt dass die Freundlichkeit aufgesetzt ist und die Kompetenz übertünchen soll. ca 20% qualität m Vergleich zum Flug vom 2.2. von Wien nach Taipeh"
Positiv: "Late night flight, crew was good and timely"
Negativ: "I got sick from the spaghetti dinner served 2 hrs before landing."
Positiv: "durch den Flug von Wien nach Taipeh war ich verwöhnt. aber die Verpflegung war noch immer sehr gut"
Negativ: "die Lounge am Flughafen ist schlecht beschildert und der Service ist ebenso schlecht wie bei Thai."
Positiv: "Alles hat mir gefallen. Treatment als BusinessClass Passagier spürbar SUPER"
Positiv: "The crew, food and entertainment were great!"
Negativ: "The price from economy to the next level seating is double the price for only a couple more inches? The service was the same and the leg room and food was the same. Go economy next time."
Positiv: "They staffs were very friendly"
Positiv: "Efficient crew. Safe flight."
Positiv: "As I said on the last flight enjoyed the flight and the crew as amazing"
Negativ: "Just like on the last flight maybe have more inflight entertainment more movie and tv selection"
Positiv: "Flight attendants courteous and efficient. Seat comfortable, flight smooth"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Eva’s Air is cheap with drinks, whether water or wine. About a Dixie cup of each for a meal."
Positiv: "I love that the crew maintains the bathrooms well. To me, EVA has the cleanest bathrooms of all the Asian and North American airlines I have flown to Asia. Crew is courteous and pleasant and helpful."
Negativ: "The food seems to have gone downhill. I miss the special crackers with seaweed. The hot meal was like North American airline meals - blecchh. Very disappointing."
Positiv: "metal silverware is great, reduces plastic waste."
Negativ: "plastic cups, they're not biodegradable. Better to use paper cups."
Positiv: "We sat in the emergency row and had endless legroom. The blankets and pillows were good quality. Food was great! Crew was very attentive. Bathrooms were amazingly clean."
Negativ: "We didn’t know how to access the entertainment."
Positiv: "Everything!"
Negativ: "There was nothing we didn’t like."
Positiv: "stewardesses nowhere to be lousy...late also..."
Positiv: "Seats were comfortable, nice blanket and crew members"
Negativ: "The unnecessary checking for boarding pass at the entrance of the plane after just being check at the gate"
Positiv: "My roundtrip flight from Chicago to Bangkok was excellent for many reasons. First, my flight from Cleveland was delayed, and the EVA crew was quick to communicate with me and be sure to get me to the gate so I didn't miss the flight. The staff were all very kind, helpful, competent, professional. The airplane was very clean, very efficient, good meals, good entertainment. Excellent airline. I'll be flying with them regularly!"
Negativ: "it always seems odd that they don't start loading the back of the plane first, perhaps i'm wrong but it seems logic thus you would not have a huge line of people standing in the aisle putting away stuff while you are mking yur way to the back"
Positiv: "Ok food. Snacks were good. Crew was kind and professional. I would fly EVA again"
Negativ: "As with any flight there could be more leg room. I had a large man behind me and I felt bad putting my seat back because of his legs."
Positiv: "Reasonable legroom in Economy. Friendly staff. Clean bathrooms."
Negativ: "Beer selection is terrible (eww - Heineken) Movie selection is very limited"
Positiv: "I did not reserve vegie food for my wife but when ask on flight the attendant were happy to provide vegie meal for both flight. thank you so much."
Positiv: "Food"
Positiv: "same comments as the Toronto to Taipei sector...."
Positiv: "EVA Air is consistent as the leg from Bangkok to Taipei. Flight was 30 minutes early that was great."
Negativ: "Nothing of significance. Flight was full and just normal flight. Just a bit bumpy coming back."
Negativ: "A boarding pass ahd to be printed at the airport"
Negativ: "I traveled with EVA in March and October and ate the same snack in both trips."
Positiv: "People very friendly and the flights were on time"
Positiv: "i sat on the exit area and since the plane is not full i have all the seat on my row it means more legroom for me."
Negativ: "yes, i have a unlimited legroom on my seat and no one is sitting beside me. later after taking off i notice something poking on my left arm, and i checked it was a feet of a passenger behind me. like wtf hello im also a passenger here. passenger behind me are very inconsiderate and insensitive. the crew/staff are perfect just the passenger behind me made it worst. (flight br0030 oct 9 2017 arrived at 10:30 am )"
Negativ: "Wasn't able to confirm seats ahead of time. The option to order a vegetarian meal would have been good. Wasn't able to do either of these things through kayak or eva websites and there were no option once on board."
Positiv: "Business Class Food Service"
Positiv: "Crew were polite on boarding, and throughout flight when seen then"
Negativ: "Service was terrible, flown to thailand with these ba and thai airways and thai airways will beat everyone hands down"
Positiv: "Good in flight entertainment options, overall smooth flight, take off and landing."
Negativ: "Lots of kids screaming and running around the plane."
Positiv: "The flight attendants were on point and very well trained. Decent legroom in Economy class and decent inflight entertainment. Flight on tune and boarding was seamless. Will fly EVA air again."
Negativ: "Food was decent but could have been better. Entertainment was ok but could have used more choices. Not much too gripe about though."
Positiv: "Gutes Preis Leistung für Premium Eco"
Positiv: "Just ok nothing special."
Negativ: "Uncomfortable Seats, Food not good."
Positiv: "Professional, efficient"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Great flight! The seats were comfortable and spacious. The crew was friendly and informative and the bathrooms were clean."
Positiv: "Food service good, all attendants are so nice!"
Negativ: "They don't serve enough water, the tiny cups of water they give are just a sip!"
Positiv: "Everything from the pillows to the toilet paper to the carrots were Hello Kitty branded."
Negativ: "Outdated entertainment system that does NOT have a touchscreen"
Positiv: "Seats were fairly comfortable and there was lots of space. Good Inflight entertainment though movie choices were more limited compared to some other carriers."
Negativ: "Not leaving or arriving on time."
Positiv: "The food was great and so was the service."
Negativ: "The ride was a bit bumpy at times. I wish there is a foot rest in front for Economy class, just like Singapore Airline ."
Positiv: "seat, food"
Positiv: "The seat @ premuim economy is excellent with great amenities. Food was awesome and catered to cutomers diet needs. The crew was great considering the Language barriers."
Negativ: "Nothing! Awesome Airline. Would use again when traveling to Asia."
Negativ: "The temperature inside the cabin was too hot! It was warm and hot enough that chocolate I bought at duty free before the flight was melted!!"
Positiv: "Always good service"
Negativ: "No fruits on long flight, not like other airlines"
Positiv: "Vegan meal was okay. Check in swift and good. Too crowded. Seats too tight."
Negativ: "Hard to ask for more spacious seating but I will."
Positiv: "The Crew was Awesome"
Positiv: "It was a pretty comfortable flight."
Negativ: "One thing I would say is if the Earp plugs could be slightly better quality it would improve the experience."
Positiv: "The seat was better than other airlines."
Negativ: "The food options for vegetarians."
Positiv: "on time"
Negativ: "nothing"
Positiv: "I got some sleep. Crew was pleasant. Plane is pretty and clean."
Negativ: "Old men on both sides of me ... not the best conversationalists."
Positiv: "Crew excellent"
Negativ: "Cramped."
Positiv: "Good movie selection, nice attendants"
Negativ: "The 2nd meal was tasteless and didn’t have the ingredient as the name suggested, a Chinese pickled veggie"
Positiv: "Food is awesome as well!"
Positiv: "Though the boarding process for this flight had the passengers take a shuttle to board the plane, I actually preferred this, because it seemed that the process was more efficient. The crew was quick to get everyone settled and our flight departed within just a couple of minutes from the original departure time. Seemed as though it was way faster than the normal gate departures of most flights I've been on."
Negativ: "Essen ist super und ich bin noch mit einer 747-400 geflogen und das Flugzeug ist sehr gut"
Positiv: "Services on the plane, flight schedule punctuality."
Negativ: "No dislike on this trip from LAX to Taipei."
Positiv: "crew members are so friendly, excellent services"
Positiv: "Warm service from check-in to destination. Counter staff arranged, without hesitation, upon my casual asking if could change to window seating and she did it with a smile (though I've web-checked in already). Service on flight was heart-warming too!"
Negativ: "-"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "They waited for another flight to come in I think because they could not sell enough seats so they doubled up one of their flights and made us wait for 12 hours very sad miss my connecting flight and further flights and friends at destination turned into a horrible experience but on my way home now hopefully it won't be so bad going hole"
Positiv: "Very friendly and helpful flight attendants!"
Negativ: "No vegetarian options for the meals... No snacks available for in-flight purchases... No menu of beverages available..."
Positiv: "I liked the movies, and the leg room in the economy section."
Negativ: "I don't like yogurt."
Negativ: "fter serving a meal, it was 7 hours later we received any beverages. the cabin air was very dehydrating and everyone started coughing because we had been given no water. this is how people get sick and spread diseases. the plane definitely needed to consider hydration. and when they finally served us the meal, they didnt offer water rather coffee or tea and i had to ask for water and juice. the cabin temperature also fluctuated from hot to cold."
Positiv: "Clean plane. Nice staff. I appreciated the extra leg room."
Negativ: "I order an Indian vegetarian meal. No salt, no taste. So I didn't eat much on the plane"
Positiv: "Good staff, new planes, polite and efficient"
Positiv: "The fact that the flight was on time the service was grate ."
Positiv: "same as above"
Negativ: "same as above"
Positiv: "the lighting and mood of entrance is comforting and exciting, feels like a trustworthy aircraft. the crew is very helpful!"
Negativ: "absolutely nothing of sustinence for vegetarians, every other airline I have been on has fantastic in flight food menus, there is no menu on china airlines and I was unaware I had to notify the flight before hand. there was a sandwitch leftover they were able to give me but the bread smelt like beer and tasted so bad, the quality of the food in general is very poor and should be reconsidered. (orange juice is not juice but a drink)"
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Unsat. I asked for my flight to get changed it did not happen I had to by a whole new ticket. Waste of my time and money"
Positiv: "Regular water and juice served throughout entire flight was much appreciated. Lots of movie options for those who cannot sleep."
Negativ: "Seats so close together, man behind me kicking my seat in his sleep for 12 hours. No snacks in between meals. Hindu meal should be vegetarian but had meat. My request on both round trip flights for a window or aisle were not honored."
Negativ: "The layover was more than 10 hours and NO hotel was provided."
Positiv: "Crew was very efficient with great customer service"
Negativ: "Food was awful. Would bring my own food on future flights"
Positiv: "Ground crew facilitated the flow of the very long line, making sure it's moving along. The flight crew were helpful in finding a spot for your carry on and were always there when I needed assistance. Food was good but the Taipei-Manila flight, there was only one choice of meal."
Positiv: "China Air did a fine job overall. SFO TO Bali. The food was ok and the movie selection was a little short for newer stuff. But all and all for the price = good."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything. I will never fly this airline again!"
Positiv: "Great schedule, great flight crew, gave me an exit row both directions, very flexible tickets (allow you to change date repeatedly with essentially no penalty), and all for an amazingly low price. All in all the best ticket I've ever bought!"
Negativ: "Nothing! It was great!"
Positiv: "My seat was upgraded the first class so I received the first class service. It was excellent service and the flight was comfortable. Thank you for the great service."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "flight was only 2.5 hours long, but very good service for such a short flight flight attendant attention to detail, and kindness were much appreciated. multi lingual was also impressive alcoholic drink selection very good seats quite comfortable"
Negativ: "entertainment non-existent for business class, or for my row (row 1). flight only 2.5 hours so no big deal, but entertainment on longer flight would have been a problem (no personal screen) suggest something like a competitor airline does (american company name, begins with "U"). use on-board wi-fi and we stream in entertainment onto our personal devices...."
Positiv: "This was my first time using China Airlines and it won't be my last. This was a superior flight with a wonderful flight crew and clean aircraft. We flew them roundtrip from Okinawa to Frankfurt. Highly recommended."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Negativ: "Check in online process and meal selrction"
Negativ: "Even though we had reserved seating, they changed the seating and gave us crappy seats."
Negativ: "I booked a ticket 2 months ago and yet didn't get requested aisle seat for this 12 hours flight"
Positiv: "Plane was clean and staff responds well to your needs."
Positiv: "Plane was clean and staff were accommodating."
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "Where to begin... Horrible online experience, outdated planes, rude staff, and overall bad experience."
Positiv: "stewardess"
Negativ: "food"
Negativ: "Chose western style dish, not very good."
Positiv: "schedule was still on time inspite of airport deficiency."
Negativ: "waited for an hour inside the plane for take-off due to damaged airport runway assigned seat had poor leg room as expected when you are in economy was not assigned a seat for connecting flight to LA until we reached Taipei's pre boarding area. when we did we got the last 2 rows in the plane - 71 D & E. Turbulence is more pronounced. My head was shaking"

Turkish Airways setzt Standards, im positiven Sinn! 😊

Friendly crew, clean great plane.

Passengers were fighting and the crew failed to control them.

Alles wunderbar....

Alles balletti...

Einfach TOP! Service und Qualität werden großgeschrieben..und in BLOCKSCHRIFT 😉✔️

Unterhaltung könnte besser sein

Super Verflegung / Service. Mit top internationalen Kinofilmen/Musik zum sehen oder hören während des Fluges individuell für jeden einzelnen Fluggast. 30 kg Gepäck bei jedem Flug inclusive. Sehr gute Preis Leistung.

Alles gut

Positiv: "Hallo ich habe bezahl über meine Kreditkarte Flugticket trsbzon München leider haben sie geld genommen aber nicht bestätigt über Email oder SMS weil sie mich immer geschreiben das ist mit die Karte Problem also hab das wegen andere flug gebucht möchte die geld zurück danke für Bearbeitung soyygit iveta.."
Negativ: "Bestätigung fehlen"
Negativ: "The flight from Cairo to Istanbul was delayed one hour and I missed my flight from Istanbul to Houston and i had to get a visa for $30 in cash and spend the night in Istanbul thus I will be arriving a day late in Houston. I was offered no assistance to avoid missing my flight. I had to run only to find my other plane left without me..."
Positiv: "The flight attendants were kind"
Negativ: "The airplane was old and the seats were a little dirty"
Negativ: "Beinfreiheit hätte etwas mehr sein dürfen."
Negativ: "Thank you"
Positiv: "Wir waren mit dem Service an Bord und auch am Flughafen rundum zufrieden. Begeistert waren wir von dem Essen an Bord."
Positiv: "Nette Crew, gutes Essen"
Positiv: "THY has premum service compared to the other flight companies"
Negativ: "Bording at Atataturk airport was only weak point. It was directed by boarding assistants to leave our seating places at our gate and they performed additional passport and boarding pass control. We stayed in line for 20 minutes and after that it was allowed to take our seat at gate again."
Positiv: "Sehr gut"
Negativ: "Alles ok"
Negativ: "The best Airlines All things werde perfekt."
Positiv: "Hatte einen Comfort Sitz und konnte zum ersten Mal meine Beine im Flieger gut unterbringen."
Negativ: "Leider kein Veganes Essen"
Positiv: "-Flight staff -Flight entertainment"
Negativ: "-Last hour gate change -Parking lot instead of gate (both in Wien and Istanbul) -The answer of counter person about the crowdness"
Negativ: "10 Stunden Verspätung in Entebbe, 2 Anschlussflüge in Istanbul verpasst! Crew von Entebbe desinteressiert und muffig.Keine Entschuldigung und Entschädigung!! Crew nach Stuttgart besser und freundlicher. In Stuttgart Ankunft 23.15 anstatt 13.55. Beide Maschinen veraltet, Unterhaltungstechnik von Entebbe funktioniert gar nicht, kein Bemühen der Besatzung, auch Bordtechnik im Airbus nach Stuttgart völlig veraltet! Keine Weiterempfehlung!"
Positiv: "Leider war mein fernsehrbildschirm beschädigt"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal hilfsbereit, Essen gut!"
Negativ: "ENGE SITZE, Unterhaltungs-Angebot an meinem Sitz relativ instabil (stürzte zweimal ab), außerdem keine Fluginfos zu sehen, da Bildschirm zu schmal... Zwei Ausstiegs-Treppen wären hilfreich gewesen, saß ganz hinten. Boarding könnte schneller gehen, wenn man die Sitzreihen aufteilen würde nach Reihen."
Positiv: "Crew were so patient"
Negativ: "During the delay we had to wait inside the cabin and it was too hot:( children got mad:/"
Positiv: "Crew was very kind"
Negativ: "Food was terrible. Far from what usually TK is expected to offer on an short international flight"
Positiv: "Great food"
Negativ: "More alcohol choices"
Positiv: "Das Essen war gut. Bequeme Sitze und gute Beinfreiheit."
Positiv: "Service was excellent"
Positiv: "Turkish Airlines ist pünktlich, hat tolles Essen, Beinfreiheit und fast alle Flugzeuge sind neu. Natürlich ist die Besatzung überaus Gastfreundlich und stets bemüht besten Service zu bieten."
Negativ: "Nichts zu beanstanden."
Negativ: "Leider war kein mobiler Boarding Pass möglich."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war wie immer sehr lieb und hilfsbereit Das essen schmeckte ganz gut Die sitze waren komfortabel Der flieger war noch in einem ganz guten zustand"
Negativ: "Das einzige problem war, dass ich zwischen zwei ungepflegten und unfreundlichen männern sitzen musste und 2 stunden lang mundgeruch ertragen musste. Konnte meinen sitz nicht ändern da der flieger voll war.."
Positiv: "Ich bin zum ersten Mal mit Türkisch Airlines geflogen und war sehr positiv überrascht,ich fand es um Längen besser als mit LH. Immer wieder sehr gern......"
Positiv: "Superrrrrr"
Positiv: "Toouch screen yeaaa :-)"
Positiv: "Everything on the plane was good. For once, we flew business class and we enjoyed the experience."
Negativ: "The food was great."
Positiv: "Everything on the plane was good. For once, we flew business class and we enjoyed the experience. However we were not given priority boarding at Istanbul and then had to wait in the cold corridor until allowed onto the aircraft."
Negativ: "Good food"
Positiv: "Everything fine; However the business lounge in Istanbul felt overcrowded and I had difficulty getting on to Wifi."
Negativ: "Food excellent and interesting, personnel were helpful & friendly"
Positiv: "I don't like flying but this was quite pleasant"
Negativ: "Food was good, entertainment also."
Positiv: "Hervorragende"
Negativ: "Kein beanstandung"
Positiv: "Crew sehr bemüht, höflich und zuvorkommend. Sogar ein warmes Frühstück wird serviert - es gibt allerdings keine Auswahlmöglichkeit aber alles bestens."
Positiv: "Gutes service, gutes essen und gute in-flight entertainment."
Negativ: "Abflug von Istanbul verspätet wegen Flughafenverkehr."
Positiv: "Der Flug war sehr angenehm, so wie man sich das wünscht. Das Essen war wie immer sehr lecker und schön frisch. Die Besatzung war immer zur Verfügung."
Negativ: "Die Sitzen waren bequem jedoch die Fuß halte Vorrichtungen haben etwas gestört."
Negativ: "Flug war wahrscheinlich überbucht und konnte nicht einchecken! Unglaubliche Frechheit!!!"
Positiv: "Flottes Boarding, gutes Essen, gute Auswahl an Getränken"
Negativ: "Sitz 1D hat keine Staumöglichkeit oberhalb des Sitzes, man muss weiter weg verstauen"
Positiv: "Sehr gute Auswahl an Speisen und Getränken, komfortabler Sitz 1E"
Negativ: "Keine Brücke ins Flugzeug, mussten etwa 20 Minuten im kalten Bus warten, bis wir an Bord gehen konnten."
Positiv: "Insgesamt sehr angenehmer Flug"
Negativ: "Von 4 Flügen waren ABSOLUT ALLE Flüge überbucht und es war nicht sicher das man mitfliegt! Zudem musste deshalb im Zwischenflughafen jedesmal der Checkin aufgesucht werden (OHNE zu wissen ob man weitekommt) und wegen Verspätung der ersten Maschine war ein rechtzeitiges erreichen des zweiten Fluges ohne massives vordrängeln in den langen Warteschlangen gar nicht möglich! Der Anschlussflug konnte nur durch eine sehr sportliche Leistung (Langes Rennnen) erreicht werden"
Positiv: "Alles war toll"
Positiv: "Gustes Essen, Pünktlich"
Positiv: "All the flight attendants were very nice and helpful. The food was pretty good. The movie selection helped the flight go by quickly."

VN661 flight, the A321 seats are starting to show heavy sign of wear and tear

Negativ: "Drinks."
Positiv: "Reasonable price and not complicated"
Negativ: "Cabin atmosphere, our seated very hot because air conditioning wasn't cold from Osaka until Hanoi even we have informed few staffs but nothing change."
Positiv: "Yes"
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Slow check-in not very comfortable seats and food was awful."
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "The check-in staff realised we hadn't allowed enough time to transit in Ho Chi Minh city, so they seated us close to the front and put business class tags on our luggage. They were the first on to the carousel."
Negativ: "Every one of our legs was delayed, which contributed to tight transit times."
Positiv: "Food was good. Flight was punctual. Heritage magazine is well done."
Negativ: "Seats"
Positiv: "Efficient and on time"
Negativ: "Aircraft seats worn out"
Positiv: "No turbulence"
Negativ: "Never wake up passengers for your terrible food"
Positiv: "Wir hatten ein Business-Ticket; vom Check-In bis zum Boarding hat alles bestens geklappt."
Negativ: "Wir hatten schon tolle Business-Flüge mit der Vietnam Air, aber diesmal waren wir enttäuscht. Die Maschine war offensichtlich uralt. Es gab nur zwei Reihen Business, die Sitze waren nicht bequem und schmuddelig, der Reihenabstand war für Business zu eng. Bordservice war dürftig, aber das akzeptiert man noch bei einem 50-Minuten-Flug."
Positiv: "Das Business-Ticket war kaum teurer als Economy und enthält 30kg Freigepäck (für das man bei Economy extra zahlen müsste). Bei Check-In, Security und Boarding ist die Fast Lane eine tolle Sache. Keine Warteschlangen! Bequeme breite Sitze mit viel Beinfreiheit. Nett ist auch, dass man schon vor dem Start ein Getränk und kalte Tücher bekommt. Das Essen (Brötchen mit Thunfisch und Schinken) war nett angerichtet (weißes Tischtuch, richtiges Besteck, Porzellanteller und -tassen) und hat prima geschmeckt."
Positiv: "Das Business-Ticket war kaum teurer als Economy und enthält 30kg Freigepäck (für das man bei Economy extra zahlen müsste). Bei Check-In, Security und Boarding ist die Fast Lane eine tolle Sache. Keine Warteschlangen! Bequeme breite Sitze mit viel Beinfreiheit. Nett ist auch, dass man schon vor dem Start ein Getränk und kalte Tücher bekommt. Für ein richtiges Essen war dieser Flug mit 40 Minuten zu kurz."
Negativ: "Leider habe ich meine ziemlich teure Brille im Flugzeug - Netz vor dem Sitz liegenlassen.Obwohl wir es nach wenigen Minuten gemerkt haben, war die Fluggesellschaft nicht in der Lage, sie zu finden. ?????"
Negativ: "Delayed by almost 2 hours."
Negativ: "At boarding, crew didn't allow me my preference for a front seat, and gave an excuse that it's chosen random. He booked both my seats at tge tail of the taxi whereas I requested front seat. In flight, I wasn't asked for my meal preference. They served me pork, whereas I eat a Hindu meal (No Beef and No Pork) They served the end part so late that by the time I could eat they were already descending, and they rushed me to eat. I couldn't eat it anyways except the fruits. No juice or water either was served."
Negativ: "Filmangebot ist schlecht."
Negativ: "Umsteigen in Ho Chi Minh Stadt von Terminal 1 nach Terminal 2 ist zeitaufwendig: ein direkter Transfer ist nicht möglich, die Sicherheitskontrolle muss erneut passiert werden..."
Positiv: "Aufmerksame Crew"
Negativ: "Schlechtes Filmangebot"
Positiv: "It went smoothly from start to finish"
Positiv: "The team in international flight are less stress. More smiling and more organized"
Negativ: "No entertainment for 1.30h flight"
Negativ: "With premium empty why they don't offer bid upgrade like other airlines"
Negativ: "Hygiene of local passengers"
Positiv: "Reasonably well organised Nice veg meal Attentive pleasant staff"
Negativ: "Drinks: they had limited juice range, prob only orange and for some strange eason didnt serve hot drinks"
Positiv: "The plane is comfortable, staff on board are very polite and helpful."
Negativ: "Boarding is not good, the special assistance counter was just checking in random people and my elderly mother wasn't given assistance until lining up at the departure gate. When finally given priority because she couldn't keep standing in line someone told her to go through but when we did another staff person argued with us and then argued with the other staff who let us through. Very inconsistent experiences and no help for elderly, only babies. Food is not good either, vegetarian meal is not filling just a few vegetables and second main option I was told was noodles but when opened it was western spaghetti with a clump of meat I had to pull apart."
Positiv: "A modern aircraft - the Boeing Dreamliner with plenty of legroom in economy."
Positiv: "They didn't try to charge me for checking in 1 piece of luggage.....unlike Air Asia.....will definitely use again"
Positiv: "The evening meal was far better than the mystery cold cuts and drowned slaw on the daytime flight out of Hanoi. Crew were pro -- if a little terse at times. Pilot launched and landed the aircraft successfully, always a big plus in my books."
Negativ: "Seat was hard and somewhat uncomfortable. I wanted bottomless refills of white wine but the stewardesses had other ideas. Pours were on the skimpy side, too. Passengers were fiddling with their damned devices during takeoff and landing, and the crew shoulda laid down the law there."
Negativ: "Change without prior notice"
Negativ: "Uncomfortable airplane."
Positiv: "The whole flight"
Negativ: "Nil by"
Negativ: "The back of the plane was so loud you could not hear the movies with the earphones. Food was not good. Staff was exceptional to make us as comfortable as possible!"
Positiv: "I choose this flight because of late departure time"
Negativ: "no entertainment. no wifi."
Positiv: "Very good experience especially compared to USA airlines"
Negativ: "This normally short flight was prolonged because of weather. The airline can't control this. However, we only got two updates by the crew, once to say that we were unable to land and were now going to Pnomh Penh to refuel, and sending to say we were leaving Pnomh Penh. The total time over five hours and would have been better with more updates."
Positiv: "The crew was very attentive and nice"
Negativ: "The seats are very close together. It's hard to get comfortable"
Positiv: "Flight attendants were attentive and served customers with care. The captain gave flight status every half hour"
Negativ: "delay flight from Phu quoc to Saigon from 12h to 18h (more than 6 hours ) . I must cancel that flight for safe and stay one more night and switch to the soonest flight next morning"
Positiv: "Personal war freubdlich, Boarding und Landung hat alles wunderbar geklappt"
Negativ: "Es gab keine vegetarische Option, auch wurde das falsche Essen gereicht."
Positiv: "Everything was good honestly"
Positiv: "Still sick from Singapore Burger King not much to say."
Negativ: "About the same as the other but, slept most of the way since was still feeling the Burger King problem."
Negativ: "staff on ground and in flight was unfriendly"
Negativ: "The boarding is disorganized and confused that passengers are pushing each other in a bit of chaotic! Need lot of improvements."
Positiv: "Support at Taipei airport for missed connection flight was great. Very nice people, got us hotel. I think they were from Chine Airline"
Positiv: "Overall my experience was good. Pros: seat are comfortable. The jet seemed more spacious than ANA airlines. Cons: workers know little English compared to ANA from checking in to the flight attendants. I think this was the most disappointing because the language barrier was frustrating when needing help going the right direction and having questions about checking in. The food was OK. The fruit tasted rotten and the food didn't seem as fresh either. The customer service was also mediocre. When I was on ANA airlines all the staff were very helpful and they seemed statisfied with their jobs. When I travel to ASIA again I will try and avoid Vietnam airlines."
Negativ: "See above"
Positiv: "Took off on time."
Negativ: "Not enough space in business class. Seats are terrible and ergonomically uncomfortable. Not enough choices in papers or entertainment."
Positiv: "Zum wiederholten Male haben wir Vietnam Airlines genutzt und waren sehr zufrieden mit dem Service. Wir können das Produkt Eco Deluxe (Premium Eco) von VN empfehlen. Toller Komfort!"
Positiv: "Pre dinner drinks came with first course; hot tea came with wine and main course - staff were trying but clearly need better training in restaurant service and dining practices All the lights went on for breakfast but then, after clearing away, only an hour out from a mid morning landing lighting returned to night time!"
Negativ: "We booked the flight for family of 8 Despite informing them over counter in Narita international airport that to place us at 2 together in the same because we have kid of 8 years and 12 years , we were all allocated separately. We could not do online check in even we log in 24 hours before flight ,all seats shown available is individual. Being in the airport early does not help too. I will definitely not consider taking Vietnam airlines in future n will cautious friends to be aware of such service."
Negativ: "Our flight was scheduled to depart at 7:15 pm. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat before boarding. Our boarding pass indicated that boarding would begin at 6:45. They called "final boarding" at 6:35, just as we were wrapping up. I believe we were the last to board at about 6:35 or 6:40. Once we were on board the plane pulled away and departed a full half-hour before schedule. The early departure was welcome, but unexpected and made us feel more rushed than necessary without prior notice."

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2 StoppsSAUDIA
21:20 Std.VIE-ICN
2 StoppsSAUDIA
24:05 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 477
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
23:15 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
20:25 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 516
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
14:55 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
17:30 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 532
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
14:55 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
21:35 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 533
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
19:30 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
26:45 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 534
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
16:00 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
29:30 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 535
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
20:15 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
27:00 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 536
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
15:15 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
26:45 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 538
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
34:05 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
16:55 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 539
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
15:15 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
20:25 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 540
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
20:15 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
26:25 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 542
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
15:15 Std.VIE-ICN
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
17:55 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 543
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
17:30 Std.VIE-ICN
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
21:10 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 596
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
17:30 Std.VIE-ICN
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
21:10 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 597
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
17:30 Std.VIE-ICN
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
21:10 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 599
2 StoppsSAUDIA
21:20 Std.VIE-ICN
2 StoppsSAUDIA
24:05 Std.ICN-VIE
€ 614
2 StoppsEVA Air
40:25 Std.VIE-GMP
1 StoppEVA Air
24:40 Std.GMP-VIE
€ 1 118
2 StoppsEVA Air
40:25 Std.VIE-GMP
2 StoppsEVA Air
50:35 Std.GMP-VIE
€ 1 231
1 StoppChina Airlines
15:20 Std.VIE-PUS
1 StoppChina Airlines
26:45 Std.PUS-VIE
€ 1 678
2 StoppsVietnam Airlines
42:40 Std.VIE-PUS
2 StoppsVietnam Airlines
32:55 Std.PUS-VIE
€ 2 148

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3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
49:15 Std.VIE-PUS
€ 380
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
21:10 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 385
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
36:20 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 388
2 StoppsSAUDIA
21:20 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 391
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
34:55 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 407
1 StoppLOT
13:45 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 409
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
59:20 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 410
1 StoppLOT
13:45 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 413
1 StoppLOT
27:40 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 414
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
42:25 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 423
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
47:00 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 430
2 StoppsLOT
55:25 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 434
1 StoppLOT
27:40 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 437
1 StoppLOT
13:45 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 448
2 StoppsSAUDIA
21:20 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 455
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
24:05 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 457
2 StoppsSAUDIA
21:20 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 468
1 StoppTurkish Airlines
20:15 Std.VIE-ICN
€ 476
2 StoppsEVA Air
39:35 Std.VIE-GMP
€ 779
1 StoppKorean Air
30:25 Std.VIE-PUS
€ 799

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Wien - Südkorea

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Südkorea - Wien

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€ 477

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€ 1 457
€ 1 876
€ 477
€ 1 804
€ 1 173
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