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Egypt AirErgebnis aus 2101 Bewertungen

Late arrival, no earphones, poor food

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Late arrival, no earphones, poor food

Late departure, the plane was filthy since people were dropping lots of trash in the aisle. The bathrooms were almost unusable because people peed on the walls and floor, and left soaked bathroom paper on the floor and toilet. Most people ignored the crew and didn't wear masks, including people who were coughing.

Negativ: "It could have been better if I had taken the flight, and not cancelled it 2 days ago"
Positiv: "Everything was great. Staff of ground services for last security hand bags and passengers checks, documents final checks and all were with great flow, smiles and so professional. Hospitality from cabin crew, cleanliness, food portions and taste were great. Comfortable seats and elite shading side windows. Everything was sooo great. This really escalades recommendations for EgyptAir"
Negativ: "The heavy touch down upon landing, could have been a little bit smoother. That was not a big deal at all."
Positiv: "Boarding process was very smooth. Chairs were comfortable"
Negativ: "Entertainment options in business class were more limited than those of American carriers. Also, food was just okay."
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Time was respected"
Negativ: "Having a stop of 17 hours would require to have an accommodation for rest, but unavailable!"
Positiv: "The airplane was specious and comfortable and the crew are extremely nice people"
Negativ: "We took off later than the expected time wäbut we and that‘s not I‘m used to from egyptair but eventually we reached our destination in the mean expected time, also the landing was a bit harsh and we felt it all"
Negativ: "Very nice trip"
Positiv: "The best trip in everything"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "The food could improve and for overnight flights, it would be nice if they could provide blankets. I took 4 flights 2 of them were delayed ."
Positiv: "Crew were nice"
Negativ: "Food can be better"
Positiv: "Very good pilot with landing and takeoff. Crew was ok. Was surprised about the food considering the short trip. Also, they revive silverware for economy class, so that’s definitely a plus"
Negativ: "The airplane was a little dirty or outdated shal I say. Entertainment is almost nonexistent."
Positiv: "Very good and helpful crew. I would have loved to see seafood on their Manu."
Negativ: "communication while waiting for transfer to overnight accommodation/hotel need serious improvement."
Negativ: "2 Deutsche Filme waren etwas wenig unter 30. der Flug hätte 3 Stunden Verspätung und im Internet hat man mehr erfahren als man von Personal an Auskunft bekam . Traurige Angelegenheit"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Flight v delayed"
Negativ: "The plane was really old, no personal entertainment system for a 5 and a half hour flight is unacceptable. Seats very uncomfortable"
Positiv: "Yes"
Negativ: "Aberu had a bag of less than 20kgs and they dont let her send it from addis ababa. Plus the small bad sent was not received. Very bad"
Positiv: "There is nothing I like when I travel with egypt air we lost our bag and finally they find it after 9 hours Really bad experience with egypt air"
Negativ: "They need to really understand the difference betweeen the business and economy ppl pay extra to feel comfort and have a priority boarding but in EGYPTAIR business and economy is the same no difference"
Positiv: "Ich finde, Egypt Air nach GVA ist ein angenehmer Flug. Gute Piloten."
Negativ: "Musikauswahl und Tonqualität ist nicht gut. Das Gepäck ist nicht angekommen. Überlege mir, ob ich nicht doch wieder mit Swiss fliegen will ..."
Negativ: "Chaotic boarding. Rude crew. Cramped seating in n outdated plane."
Positiv: "Beinfreiheit und ein Mindestmaß an Komfort ist in dem Egypt Air Business Class Produkt vorhanden aber mehr auch nicht. In keine Fall vergleichbar mit den Produkten z.B. von Lufthansa, SAS oder auch nur BA"
Negativ: "Keine vollständigen Liegesitze, veraltete Maschinen, dreckige und verbrauchte WCs, mangelnder Service"
Negativ: "Plane was really old. They desperately need to upgrade their fleet."
Positiv: "Inflight entertainment"
Negativ: "Leg room space."
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Wonderful staff really helpful, comfortable seats"
Negativ: "Some delay"
Positiv: "Nice trip good food"
Negativ: "The same problem I see with Egyptair company, Flight attendants need to learn some manners how to deal with guests, and most importantly LEARN ENGLISH. These are just waitresses brought straight from some Bus company or Train company."
Positiv: "Sufficient leg room."
Negativ: "Crew need more training. Entertainment need to improve."
Positiv: "There was nothing special about this flight"
Negativ: "The plane was old and not very clean. No personal tv for a 5+ hour international flight. baggage took almost 1 hour after landing. Overall I’m not impressed at all and have flown on much better airlines."
Negativ: "Every thing"
Negativ: "I overpaid my flight by up to 50 per cent more than my fellow passengers yet they were allowed 2 bags each while I only got 1 . The flight attendants don't offer drinks except with meals . They took for ever to remove the trays after the meals that passengers were trying to take them out by themselves . They don't pass by with big bags to collect any garbage ."
Positiv: "Crew was really good and flight was very smooth from Toronto to Cairo"
Negativ: "Person behind me kept on kicking my chair"
Positiv: "Boarding was quick although about 10 min. late. We did arrive on time. I was surprised to get breakfast which wasn’t bad at all."
Positiv: "The flight attendant who was in charge of my zone. I occupied seat number 19c business class."
Negativ: "Late departure"
Positiv: "Alle waren sehr aufmerksam und freundlich"
Negativ: "Das Essen hat mir persönlich nicht so geschmeckt, dass ist aber Geschmacksache"
Positiv: "The crew was very good. Helpful and friendly."
Negativ: "I had no blanket, no pillow. I asked the attendant to get me a blanket and she passed me one that someone else was using."
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war ok."
Negativ: "Business Class: Essen sehr bescheiden! Getränke eine Unverschämtheit - nur süße Softdrinks + stilles Wasser + Tee/Kaffee. Vor dem Start nicht genug Zeit, um die englischen Sicherheitshinweise abzuspielen. Aber dafür beginnt alles mit irgendwelchen Koransuren oder islamischen Gebeten. Ist Egypt Air nun eine religiöse Institution oder wollen sie eine internationale Airline sein??? KEIN BUSINESS CLASS GOLD TRACK! Wie üblich wird nur ein Röntgengerät benutzt, da für das zweite kein Personal vorhanden ist! Dadurch dauert der Boardprozess wie immer länger als geplant."
Negativ: "The quality of service and aircraft"
Positiv: "Flight from Kuwait to Cairo was great."
Negativ: "Some of the seats are situated so that you really can't see the movie. The screen closest was right above my head and the next one was too far to really see especially with the glare"
Positiv: "atmospher"
Positiv: "The sound and picture resolution of the tv is very poor"
Negativ: "Sat on hot plane Cairo to Amsterdam waiting for take off"
Positiv: "For a short hour flight, i say it was just fine, not really enough time for a movie or anything so it makes sense not to have a TV with every seat, and it is no big deal. i slept the whole way and didnt even realize we took off or landed. could be more comfortable but again i was able to sleep the whole way without a problem"
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Babies crying in nearly every row. No ear plugs provided. Flight attendants not attentive at all. Attitudes for staff left and right. It was a horrible flight. Check in was a headache as well."
Negativ: "food in business class was cold , bread and cheese was very hard! Unable to eat"
Positiv: "I had a window seat"
Negativ: "From when I got on the plane to Toronto everybody was arguing with each other, not telling that the whole flight to Toronto a baby was crying the whole way I could get no sleep no flight attendants came to check on the family to see if they could quiet the baby so basically it was very very uncomfortable and Restless. Got no type of sleep! Also passagers act like they did not know where there assigned seat was at so that took a good amount of time for us to figure out everything before we took off. Don't think I'll ever fly with that airline again."
Positiv: "The staff were so helpful and nice. The plane was smooth and clean."
Negativ: "Nada"

No confort

The problem is that it was a delay and we lost connection in Milan Bergamo. But the really problem was not ryanair but and kayak that sell this kind of connection that are very risky and kiwi guarantee option doesn’t work. They say that they will find you another flight but after some days where flight is. They gave us money back after 3 months and we pay for other connection more.

It was planned to be a transit in Manchester, so no need of passport. Ryanair changed the terminal of the flight so, i needed a passport in the end, so impossible for me to take the plane. I had to buy another for the same day very espensive. So very stressful experience and really pissed about this kind of behaviour

Flight was delayed 2 hours no information given at boarding gate,

Due to the mediated service, it was not possible to check in online. It only works if you buy the ticket at Ryanair.

Liebe Leute von Kayak, warum haben sie mir einen E-Mail gesendet, dass ich selbst einchecken soll bei Ryanair? Ich habe mich 3 Stunden am PC die Haare ausgerissen, da es gar nicht möglich war. Ich musste sehr mühsam Kiwi .com kontaktieren, bis sie mir erklärt haben, dass sie für mich einchecken und mir die Bord Karten senden. Dazu den Ausdruck von den Bordkarten ging nicht zu lesen am scan automatico am Flughafen, musste am Ryanair Schalter nochmals sie ausdrucken lassen. Dann hatte der erste Flug 7O min. Verspätung und ich habe in letzter Minute die Verbindung erwischt. Aber Ende gut, alles gut

There was way long delay.

This company for nobody sending the invoice.This is tottaly wrong

Smooth and on time. All perfect!

There were some individuals not using face masks properly (being almost all the time without them) and the cabin crew did not alert them at all.

Negativ: "Food and drinks for free"
Negativ: "check in online hat über 2 tage hinweg nicht funktioniert ... beim check in am ryan air schalter wollte uns der mitarbeiter 55€ gebühr pro person verrechnen ... nach längerer diskussion hat eine nette kollegin eine kostenlose möglichkeit für uns gefunden."
Positiv: "On time no depay. Peacefully flight"
Negativ: "Price of ticket"
Positiv: "The crew was kind."
Negativ: "I had to buy a plus ticket for my luggage, but I bought a priority before. I don’t like it."
Negativ: "Bags were soaken wet at arrival"
Negativ: "Keine über 24 Stunden Verspätung! Bessere Kommunikation seitens Ryanair über den Verlauf."
Positiv: "Nothing, only good thing was that the girl at the check-in was very nice and felt bad for the situation, then inside the plane after we landed, the manager was very attentive and nice to me, she heard my complaints and made sure I spoke my part."
Negativ: "- They charged me 55 GBP for missing the check-in - They didn't let me facture the suitcase even tho I paid for the priority entrance. I had to throw away my liquid bottles. - While boarding one of the flight attendants told me to walk faster because they were late, even though I had two heavy bags in both of my hands. Then he insulted me in Italian and after I asked him 8 times to tell me what he said to me he told me to shut up and sit down. I sat down for 2 hours in a very bad mood trying to control myself from starting a fight. After the flight I waited and spoke with the manager about it, If I'm not wrong the name of the attendant was Luca and the manager heard my complaints. This was the worse flight of my entire life, I have never been treated so disrespectfully in a plane, I felt humiliated. I will never touch a Ryanair plane ever again. I definitely should be getting a refund for this."
Positiv: "Staff was very friendly both ground and cabin. Flight left a little late but all in all it was a good service. I certainly wouldn't complain."
Negativ: "I didn't particularly like the constant upsale(online)but then it is a budget airline, so this is to be expected these days"
Negativ: "Auf Deutsch wurden Lose für charity-Zwecke beworben. 1 für 2 Euro, 7 für 5 Euro. Wer 7 Lose kaufen wollte, bekam aber nur 5. Eigenartiges Geschäftsverhalten."
Positiv: "Problemloser Check in , nettes Personal"
Negativ: "Mehrklassengesellschaft beim boarding, Verpflegung auf dem Flug kostenpflichtig, Check in nur online möglich"
Negativ: "No delays"
Positiv: "angenehmer Flug, freundliches Personal, pünktlicher Abflug"
Negativ: "Sitzplatzregelung ohne Sitzplatzreservierung, obwohl der Platz neben meinem Partner frei war, wurde ich aufgefordert meinen alten Platz wegen der Gewichtsverteilung einzunehmen"
Negativ: "Der Pilot hätte sanfter landen können"
Negativ: "Der Mitflug wurde uns auf Grund von Unwissenheit der Check In Dame über Einreisebestimmungen untersagt. Diverse Telefonate zu Momondo sowie Ryanair konnten uns in der Kürze Vorort nicht weiterhelfen!"
Positiv: "the fly is cheap, landed before schedule, priority arrangements allow to have baggage at hand and leave the airport quickly, enough personal to take care of the passangers"
Negativ: "not much space to stretch legs"
Positiv: "Pilot gave us a nice smooth flight even though there was a storm, brilliant take off and landing!"
Negativ: "It was terrible that hand luggage had to be paid for"
Positiv: "Der Preis"
Negativ: "Der Rest."
Positiv: "Nix"
Negativ: "Alles"
Negativ: "they charge priorety and seat a jot of money. i payed 180 euros for the ticket flight.but there was not any prirety like it was in my flight from budapest to ovda.i also pay to the seat and before taking off sll the payed seat become full and the stuff did not care. Next time i will not buy prioret"
Negativ: "Trotz 5 !! maliger Bitte wurde die Klima Anlage nicht runtergestellt...wir haben gefroren wie Gefrierfleisch....eine Unverschämtheit.."
Positiv: "Gut, schnell und günstig. Angenehme Reise."
Negativ: "Es wäre schön, wenn die Zeit an Board abwechslungsreicher ist. Allerdings nicht auf Kosten und Arbeit der Boardcrew. Z.B. bei Flügen nach Sonnenuntergang, das Licht zu dimmen um etwas schlafen zu können."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war soweit ganz nett, der Flug ging pünktlich und ging recht schnell."
Negativ: "die Größe der Beinfreiheit oder der Toilette waren katastrophal. selbst mit 60kg bekommst du da schon fast ein problem. mein vater hat ein paar kilo mehr und konnte sich kaum noch bewegen, und jetzt kommt mir nicht mit den sitzen für "mehr beinfreiheit". Das essen war trocken, langwelig und einfach nur überteuert, aber das kennt man ja scho, selbst den sitzplatz musste man bezahlen... das näcchste mal lieber ein bisschen mehr zahlen und dafür stressfreier reisen an sich war der flug akzeptabel, wird jedoch nicht wiederholt."
Positiv: "Wie soll ich etwas bewerten, das nicht gab? (Bordunterhaltung, Verpflegung)"
Negativ: "Late taking off after a long wait in the coach taking us to the plane. Had to wait for an hour for baggage return."
Positiv: "Der Flugkapitän informierte zeitnah. Der Flug war ruhig und ohne größere Vorkommnisse."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte leider mehr als 2 Stunden Verspätung und man erhielt vom Bodenpersonal hierzu keine Info (ohne Aufforderung)"
Positiv: "The crew was working doing their service well, quick service and I got help at the airport from a very helpful gentleman in custom service."
Negativ: "It was my fourth flight with Ryanair in one week and in all those flights it was super cold temperature in the cabin. I asked the flight attendants for a bit higher at every flight but they did not fix it. Crew said that the captain regulates it.. At each flight all passengers in the rows around me agreed that it was very cold and they said that its always cold and the crew never changes it anyway. They cannot expect anything getting warmer, it is always uncomfortable cold. The flights were horrible and uncomfortable because of just that detail. I have problem with my throat and breathing since then. It got irritated and soar. I am a regular flyer becuase of my job and tried Ryanair but it was the coldest trips ever."
Positiv: "Crew was attentive."
Negativ: "seats don’t recline, no seat pocket..not even a bungee to hold anything."
Negativ: "3h Verspätung und keine kompensation"
Positiv: "Pünktlich"
Negativ: "Die willkürliche Verteilung der Sitze einer Familie von 4 Personen beim Check in, obwohl in mehreren Reihen Plätze nebeneinander frei waren. Diese konnten nur gegen Aufpreis erworben werden."
Positiv: "The captain (pilot) and the crew were friendly and helpful"
Negativ: "2 hrs 30 min delay trapped on board without air con. I was with my son (7 weeks old) and didn’t have enough space to breastfeed and fresh air to cope with the heat."
Positiv: "Das Gate hatte bei Ankunft bereits geschlossen. 2 Std vor Bordingtime war ich am Schalter. Aufgrund der langen Schlange und hohen Wartezeiten bei der Gepäckkontrolle war ein rechtzeitiges ankommen (2Minuten zuspät am Gate) am Gate unmöglich. Musste ein neues oneway ticket von KölnBonn aus für 200€ buchen. Auf dem Schaden bleibe ich nun sitzen..."
Positiv: "Der Flug hatte 40 min Verspätung, was nicht weiter schlimm war, das Personal war freundlich."
Negativ: "Die Sitzplätze sind, halt dem Preis entsprechend sehr sehr ungemütlich. Ich hatte danach Rückenweh."
Negativ: "No drinks left hot or cold for whole flight"
Positiv: "Crew was nice"
Negativ: "Boarding delayed 30 minutes without a heads up. Crew allowed kid to run the aisles and listen to loud show without headphones. Had to walk to a different terminal to pick up our bags."
Positiv: "Trotz Verspätung hat der Flieger wieder gut an Zeit eingeholt!"
Negativ: "Das Essen war etwas zu teuer!"
Positiv: "I liked that we landed safely and could go about our day, putting this experience behind me, after only an hour delay."
Negativ: "Checking in at the Marrakech airport was a nightmare. People had to guess where to line up. There were two lines. A woman working with passengers seemed efficient and friendly. Unfortunately, I was not in her line. The dude who "helped" me hated the world and everyone in front of him. Their computers were down, and he had to hand write the boarding passes (?!). He really resented doing this for people and let them know. Once at the gate we had to get in a line, to get in another line outside, to get in another line to board, and of course we sat on the tarmac due to delays. I had to check a bag at the gate for being slightly too big. That's fine. But really, I end up paying what I would for a more professional (not "low-fare") airline. No one wants to be here. Not the employees, and not the passengers."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "They charge Hugh fees for everything. Didn’t even bother to offer water inflight. There absolutely osavings"
Positiv: "Das Boarding verlief reibungslos, keine für mich sichtbaren Mängel erkennbar. Freundliches und aufmerksames Personal setzten dem i den Punkt auf."
Negativ: "Ich habe abgesehen von den doch recht harten Sitzen nichts zu beanstanden."
Positiv: "Boarding Kontrolle etc. Sehr angenehm ohne Stress. Flug war pünktlich das Personal okay."
Negativ: "Keine Verpflegung Wasser/ Saft (ohne Aufpreis). Sitze waren für 3h in Ordnung, hätte aber nicht länger dauern dürfen."
Positiv: "Personal war freundlich und bemüht."
Negativ: "Durch hohe Sitzplatzanzahl geringer Sitzplatzabstand. Unverständlich: Sitzgurtlänge kürzer als bei anderen Fluggesellschaften, daher bei mehreren Fluggäste Gurtverlängerungen erforderlich. Was soll damit gespart werden? Durchsagen zu leise und in der Regel unverständlich, auch dann, wenn man Englisch sonst gut versteht.."

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Wien - Bratislava

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