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Korean AirErgebnis aus 5057 Bewertungen

All the things are good people are very nice thanks ☺️

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All the things are good people are very nice thanks ☺️

Never flew could not board cause of delay in Covid test resolute then was ask to pay 4 thousand to rebook

Always good korean Air

Positiv: "Plane loaded quickly and departed on time. Beautiful clear day for flying."
Negativ: "Narrow seats on a small plane."
Positiv: "Entertaiment"
Negativ: "They should serve variety of. Food"
Negativ: "Seats weren’t as comfy or spacious as I would have thought given Korean air Having won best economy liner a few times. No entertainment in seats either."
Positiv: "The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. My wife broke her foot, so they took care of us very well."
Negativ: "The planes are old. The space is tight, especially if you have long legs."
Positiv: "Comfortable flight"
Positiv: "Boarded on time; everything efficiently done; pleasant staff. Breakfast was not great - too sweet overall. Usually korean does well with food."
Negativ: "flew from seattle on delta. i paid for korean air but delta put me on delta going from boston to seoul. very disappointed with the experience going to seoul."
Negativ: "Good that have a night in the hotel to stretch and a good night sleep and a proper meal, and are all included within the ticket."
Positiv: "The staff were kind and very helpful when my USB port didn’t work. They were eager to fix the problem."
Negativ: "There was no way to book seat or check in online ahead of time. There was no order to boarding the plane. It was a just 1 big line."
Negativ: "The plane was way too hot! Being trapped in a stuffy plane for 5 hours and sweating was the worst!"
Positiv: "I love Korean Air. Can't say enough good things about this airline. I fly Korean Air whenever I can."
Negativ: "Simple meal but a short flight."
Positiv: "Friendly staff, good leg room, pillow and blanket are provided and food was pretty good too."
Positiv: "I liked the seats and the comfort."
Negativ: "The dinner didn't taste that good. The portion was small and I was hoping they would have Kalbi."
Positiv: "Polite, welcoming and accommodating crew. Decent collection of music. Leg room in business class."
Negativ: "Old aircraft. Limited food selection on business menu. No Arabic announcement despite flying to and from Dubai."
Positiv: "Cabins were spotless, restrooms kept clean, attendants always pleasant and food excellent"
Negativ: "Too much material in seatback pockets, couldn’t store anything"
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "Friendly staff, good food, comfortable length seats. Deplanijng and boarding was fast."
Positiv: "They have a enough space even economy’s seat."
Negativ: "None"
Positiv: "I loved the service, and comfort"
Negativ: "The transfer time was too slim. I literally sprinted through the airport. I'm not exaggerating. I actually sprinted. My bag wasn't as quick however and didn't make the transfer. :("
Positiv: "Considerate Staff"
Negativ: "Business would be better; customs in Seoul are very slow."
Positiv: "Great service, very clean"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed"
Positiv: "Food and accommodating flight attendants."
Positiv: "For some reason the crew seemed more attentive and maybe fresher coming back from ICN than going to ICN"
Negativ: "The only problem was the long layover"
Positiv: "Even though we booked this flight through Southern China Air, the flight was operated by Korean Air. Translation: the service, food, comfort level and crew were highly professional."
Negativ: "Great flight! Great service! Great food!"
Negativ: "Cabin temperature was too high"
Positiv: "Great food and service and comfortable seats"
Positiv: "Boarding was made easy by my status"
Negativ: "Seats weren't comfortable. Crew were rude."
Positiv: "I had a safe flight"
Negativ: "The food selection was awful,and the crew was rude about altering if you didn't like what was available"
Positiv: "Room and cleanliness. Crews were awesome."
Negativ: "Seat cushions very hard and do not give much support. After 12 hours, was very sore."
Negativ: "Justfly has the worst customer service. There is no way to complain either. There is no executive office. They are not on any rating sites. They just don't care, because they are not held accountable for their actions."
Positiv: "Good customer service"
Positiv: "The service offered was different than my trip to INC from Kona. Which I would rate excellent service. But coming back the crew made it feel inconvenient. I had to wake for others to eat. I was very tired and just wanted to sleep."
Negativ: "I had to wake up so person behind me could eat."
Positiv: "We had a short connection after a Korean Air Flight from Hanoi to Seoul before catching KE 085 to JFK. The time pressure was heightened because the first flight take off was delayed. There was an attendant waiting as we deplaned in Seoul who escorted us to the gate and assured us that the plane would wait for us. And miraculously, our baggage tagged for short connection, did make it with us to JFK!"
Negativ: "Would love more Movie and TV options"
Positiv: "The cabin crew was very courteous and attentive. There was a passenger on my flight who appeared to pass out and I was able to observe the care the cabin crew provided him. They acted very professional while the person appeared to be in and out of consciousness. The person eventually became better, but it is always good to see a well prepared crew deal with an issue. Also I am happy they had the bim bim bop on this flight. I didn't have it on the flight I had from Riyadh to Seoul that I took to get out there."
Negativ: "The movie selection of Hollywood hits could have been a bit more robust, but it was more that fine."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything"
Negativ: "Chairs are quite hard and the movies selection limited."
Positiv: "Outstanding flight assistants."
Negativ: "Chairs are quite hard and the movies selection limited."
Positiv: "The selection of fellow PAX, the cabin staff"
Negativ: "No supersonic flight"
Positiv: "You can go on a free city tour if you are transiting at Incheon airport. Also fantastic public area for transiting customer with free showers, upholstered day bed, charge stations. Paid massages , Paid airport hotels or lounges with buffet."
Negativ: "There was nothing we didn't like about our flight to Seoul"
Positiv: "Indian music in Audio section and Bollywood movies"
Positiv: "Cleanliness. More leg room"
Negativ: "Attitude of a couple of the airline stewardess toward me. They served the Korean citizens and deliberately overlooked me for snacks or coffee/tea. I had to ask thrice."
Negativ: "I wasn't able to choose my seat on line and ended up in a window seat. With the seats in front of my row reclined all the way back, I could not get out of my seat to use the restroom. Having just transferred from Korean Airlines and taken other asian airlines on my trip, it's a hard comparison to a domestic airline, although Hawaiian is among one of the better domestics. On my food tray, there was a bowl of miso soup, that the attendant was trying to hand me, while there was turbulence. The bowl of miso was smiling all over the tray, and on my napkin, and since I was on the inside seat, almost spilled all over me. On a previous Korean airline fight, also with turbulence, the attendant had taken the bowl off the tray, and covered it with a saran, and then handed it to me to make sure it wouldn't spill all over me. There's a bit of difference there."
Negativ: "they don't know what is customer service just they know what is RUDE mean.."
Positiv: "Stewardess are courteous."
Negativ: "Bathroom floor is not maintained properly. Always wet."
Positiv: "O"
Negativ: "Overall flight was good except the long 12 hours stop in Korea was killing us. Maybe it's ok if just one on the way not back and forth of the flight."
Positiv: "Services, and the large comfortable plane."
Negativ: "Long flight"
Positiv: "Lot of space for legs and comfortable seats."
Negativ: "Nobody could find my reservation for a special meal and I ended up eating nothing"

Once again, great crew….. Fast, efficient, and helpful

Premium economy is so nice.

Same very helpful crews good job

Very nice crew.

Had not flied in a while. Overall ok. But it is frustrating when there are multiple fingers in the equation. Jim

There was a delay in our departure as they waited for transfer passengers. However, we arrived at LAX as scheduled.

You did a great job JAPAN AIRLINES. Looking forward to experience again your utmost service in air!

Everything is superb! But I lost my Red Hearted Shape RING in my Business Class Seat Flight JL067 2/27/22 S11. Hope they can find it and revert back to me soonest. Thank You JAL!

Positiv: "Was able to get to get to Narita Airport."
Negativ: "Okay and not any issues."
Positiv: "Crew was professional and friendly"
Negativ: "Continuous improvement"
Positiv: "Boarding very efficient."
Positiv: "All of the crews were polite and friendly, and the food was tasty."
Negativ: "If there're more variety of movies, that would be great."
Positiv: "even though I was in Economy class, the seat was comfortable, the food was good and the flight attendands were attentive and polite"
Positiv: "Crew was courteous. Flight in general was uneventful which is a good thing."
Negativ: "Nothing to criticize. Flight experience was good but not exordinary."
Negativ: "Flight attendants"
Positiv: "JAL flights to LAX are always great. Good food too."
Positiv: "everything. Flying on JAL was a fantastic experience. I'm not much for flying and was worried about the long flight, but I loved every minute of it. The flight attendance were so sweet and nice, the food was great. I would even go to Japan again just to fly with JAL!!!"
Negativ: "nothing!"
Positiv: "Very nice flight attendants providing perfect service. Very nice food, exceptional for economy class. Huge leg room and wide seats (only 8 seats per row in a B777, other airlines usually have 9 or even 10 seat per row, this parity to some eco plus seats) Good entertaining system with good choice of new movies."
Negativ: "The boarding process was a bit unfortunate. But this might have something to do with Oneworld and not only JAL. Sapphire and Ruby members board at the same time, making the boarding process a bit crowded for a elite member. But apart from that he boarding was well organized."
Positiv: "They were very accommodating and helped ensure a good travel experience (first time traveling with a young child)."
Positiv: "Beautifully presented and tasty Japanese food. Electronic windows."
Negativ: "Not overly impressed with the 12:05am departure time. Western food not overly impressive. Having to travel from the plane to terminal by bus."
Positiv: "Great flying on JAL...such great service and sweet attendants. US carriers could learn a lot from the Japanese carriers...they actually make it enjoyable and easy"
Positiv: "I was randomly upgraded for the first 10 hours of my trip to Premium economy and it was amazing. Two big hot meals served throughout the flight and plenty of drink service. lots of leg room and could recline comfortably. Flight attendants were wonderful and very helpful. Lots of new movies to watch and games to keep you entertained."
Negativ: "Flew economy for the 2nd part of my trip and the seat was very hard and was impossible to get comfy. Same meal service as premium economy and was once again delicious. Much colder on this flight and the thin blankets do very little to help."
Negativ: "I know this isn’t really the fault of the airline, but there was a loud toddler sitting behind me. It was frustrating, because the mother did not seem to do anything to have her child be quiet. It makes it hard for everyone around them to have comfortable rest, especially as this was an overnight flight. I have flown over the years with up to 5 children and do know how hard it can be, but it is important to foresee the needs of the child. I wonder of the attendants could have been a little more firm with the mother to ask her not to let the child roam the aisle."
Negativ: "You mean the flight that never happened? The one that was suppose to fly out at 12:50 on 1/6/18 delayed until 17:25 (with acceptable communication the first delay) but then later delayed till 00:10 after I’ve already arrived at the airport early for the 17:25 departure. The screens with arrivals and departures posted that Checkin was open but there was no JAL staff to answer questions. Then getting an update “maybe” the 00:10 flight is cancelled? What is maybe cancelled and JALs phone messege still said the flight would depart at 00:10. So I go back to JFK because after all “maybe” isnt a definitive and according to all the direct JAL sources the flight is suppose to depart, I get to JFK the second time only to be given a printout saying the flight is cancelled with no rebooking, and to call for assistance. The same number is been calling for hours trying to get answers. coukdnt reschedules because I’m calling outside of business hours! I spent $200 on cab rides going back and forth to JFK to go nowhere, get no apology, no new flight booking, and no reimbursement for transportation."
Positiv: "The meals. The attention to service details. The seats are better."
Negativ: "Ticket reservation follow up."
Positiv: "JAL was very flexible with me leaving a day earlier due to tropical storm which I greatly appreciated"
Negativ: "would have liked more food options and recent movie selections"
Positiv: "Ich habe den Flug sehr genossen. Die Filmauswahl war hervorragend, das Personal sehr freundlich, und das Essen geniessbar."
Positiv: "We were numb from a long flight over the ocean. Pleasant flight with helpful crew, and it helped that some of them knew English."
Positiv: "Japan Airline is a notch above the rest. The services was constant and consistent, the food was delicious and abundant, and the seats were comfortable. I was surprised at how often they would go up and down the aisles checking on passengers, picking up trash, and serving small food items. To top it off towards the end of the trip they put toothbrushes in the bathroom so you can leave fresh, awesome."
Negativ: "I really dont have a negative things to say, I was really happy with the service. Especially since I hate flying this make the trip so bearable."
Positiv: "Courteous and helpful crew members and I liked the delicious meal served during our flight."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Positiv: "The staff tried to accommodate all of our needs. Everyone was polite and friendly."
Negativ: "Food was not the worst but not so great"
Positiv: "Everything bad"
Negativ: "Bad customer service, I don't speak English good , can't understand them jet blue"
Positiv: "Nice people, good food"
Negativ: "Old-=fashioned business configuration"
Positiv: "What sets JAL apart is the quality of service both on the ground and in the air. As customers, even in economy, no request was too minor to be treated as the most important of the day. Both legs were on time, the meals were excellent, and the chouce of movies was more than adequate. I will fly with JAL again."
Positiv: "Japan Airlines is a good airline. They treated my family and I well during our flight home. The food was excellent and healthy. We received hot towels before our meals and the staff were friendly and courteous, which is expected of Japanese service, in general. I loved Japan and coming back to the US on a Japanese airline was the best choice! Thanks!"
Positiv: "Food"
Positiv: "Good service and selection of movies.Boarding is orderly. Crew very courteous. . We have been flying JAL for a few times and never regret"
Negativ: "Boeing 777 is not as attractive as the new 787.e.g. Ambient lighting, cabin noise control etc., are far more superior in the 787"
Positiv: "Service from cabin attendants was excellent, specially the crew announcing up coming turbulence, foods, landing. Price is good as well."
Negativ: "No big deal, I don't care some of the food, smells fishy. Like I said no big deal, still using Japan Airlines."
Positiv: "Clean and very good service."
Negativ: "Food."
Positiv: "Everything went smoothly. Great take off, great landing the stewardess were doing excellent jobs to accommodate us. Will fly with JAL again in the future."
Positiv: "Our flight TO Tokyo from Honolulu was wonderful! Our seats were spacious, the plane wasn't filled to capacity, the in-flight entertainment was the best I've ever seen, the food was amazing. On our flight BACK, the crew was still wonderful, and the boarding process is quick and efficient."
Negativ: "Aside from having to take the red-eye, the seats for our return flight were the most cramped I've ever been. My 6' husband's knees were touching the seat in front of him, and the seats were super narrow. I can't remember being so cramped in my entire life. That's really my biggest complaint, but when the flight is 6 1/2 hours, being cramped gets old really quick."
Positiv: "Attendants were very supportive. Food was very good."
Negativ: "Restroom smelled bad"
Positiv: "The seats were roomier than expected, the food was delicious and everyone was very professional and friendly. I picked up this flight because JAL is a partner for AA and I'm so glad I did. I will fly them again."
Positiv: "New aircraft and diligent crew; the food was frequent and tasted great. No complaints; would gladly fly JAL any time, anywhere."
Positiv: "The service was excellent and the staff friendly. Service was fast and staff friendly."
Negativ: "Small leg room."
Positiv: "The crew was excellent, constantly checking in with us to make sure we were okay since we don't eat the airline food."
Negativ: "While there was more leg room than on most flights, the actual seats were not comfortable enough for a twelve hour flight. This was our ninth trip to Japan, and these were the most uncomfortable seats we've ever had."
Positiv: "Efficient boarding process. Great god and cabin service. On time."
Negativ: "Turbulent flight and the crew was not completely reassuring"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Free Wi-Fi would be nice"
Negativ: "All passengers were onboard but the captain said that we need to go out and change to another airplane at different gate too (note: the changes made after passengers on board)"
Positiv: "Flight attendants are really kind and patient."
Positiv: "The crew was professional and super friendly."
Negativ: "Our bags had arrived early, and were waiting at the service station. However, there was no one there in the rooms and our stuff was left outside the door. We have pictures of our bags left out. It’s kind of a bummer that our stuff was left unattended. Someone could of grabbed it."
Negativ: "Very uncomfortable seat. A bit rude flight attendant."
Positiv: "Crew was very nice, toilets clean."
Negativ: "Flight delayed 2 times, didn’t receive text or Email from the second delayed"
Positiv: "Boarding was efficient, crew was exceedingly polite, helpful ground staff."
Negativ: "Flight left a little bit late."
Negativ: "Five delays and three gate changes are not cool"
Positiv: "Cleanliness, spacious legroom"
Negativ: "Serve coffee more"
Positiv: "the food was god. the crew was very accommodating"
Negativ: "Food was really unpleasant and entertainment all out of date movies"
Positiv: "Logjam Manila traffic, confusion at MNL, late for check in, but staff got me on the plane. Then my suitcase was busted open at Chicago O'Hare on the conveyor belt and ANA issued me a replacement on the spot. Two problems [ not their fault ] handled beautifully. ANA is truly amazing. Thank You !!"
Positiv: "Crew was excellent, great Japanese culture on display, overall travel seemed much more relaxed and peaceful compared to the typical US airlines."
Negativ: "More western food options, better selection of tv shows for entertainment"
Positiv: "The crew was excellent & seats were comfortable"
Negativ: "Better boarding procedures. JAL is better."
Positiv: "japanese airlines food is always better than u.s. airlines. service is also very courteous."
Negativ: "disliked their entertainment system. no varieties in movies, and interface was a bit annoying as you could not see a visual menu of all movies and had to keep scrolling line by line to get to the next movie."
Positiv: "Crew was good"
Negativ: "The way they board"
Positiv: "I enjoyed the flight because the flight NH9 wasn't fully booked, I used my next seat too. Also, the crews are generally better then usual, more smile. Food also better than last severity trips."
Negativ: "Even so, food can be better. I want more western drama on entertainment."
Positiv: "Plenty of legroom in economy."
Negativ: "Vegan food option unimaginative. Tomatoes used in every dish!"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal sehr aufmerksam, 2 Gepäckstücke à 23 kg kostenlos, alkoholfreie Getränke kostenlos, WLAN"
Negativ: "kein Essen, keine individuelle Bordunterhaltung, harte Sitze"
Positiv: "Flug bringt dich auf Kurzstrecke von A nach B. Aber ohne Komfort. Crew sehr freundlich aber außer kostenlosen Getränken (alkoholfrei) gibt kaum etwas. WLAN vorhanden. Für 3 Stunden akzeptabel."
Negativ: "Keine Bordunterhaltung, Essen aus der Bentobox nur gegen Bezahlung. Sitze sehr hart und geringe Sitzfläche/Sitzabstand."
Positiv: "gutes essen"
Negativ: "zu wenig wasser etwas kleiner bildschirm"
Positiv: "Enough legroom/more than what you’d find on your standard 4-5 hour flights. The stewardesses were great! They attended to every need with a smile. They did a great job of making sure everyone was comfortable."
Negativ: "They need some vegetarian options for meals."
Positiv: "Excellent service & friendly"
Negativ: "Food was cold"
Positiv: "Packed in like sardines with no ability to recline for a red eye flight of 10h was excruciating. Food was not good on this flight though the kids meal was a nice touch."
Negativ: "Seats, food"
Positiv: "I traveled with my wife and twin sons who turned two last month. It was our first time to fly with the boys, and we were nervous about the flight for this reason. Thanks to ANA's staff both on the ground and in the air, everything went very smoothly. When we arrived at Haneda Airport (around 1:30pm), we went to the Special Assistance counter to get a stroller. The staff was friendly and patient, and didn't rush us at all. (It took a little while to get our things in order.) I was surprised to learn that we could check in from there, drop off our checked luggage and receive boarding passes, as well as an airport stroller. In addition, the boy who was awake at the time received an ANA airplane clip. We didn't get to the gate in time for pre-boarding. I was dismayed to find out that we'd have to take a bus to the aircraft. We had the maximum number of carry-on bags, plus two babies, only one of whom was in a carrier, and we learned that the stroller couldn't go on the bus. A gate agent brought our carry-ons onto the bus. She found priority seats for us and a place nearby to fit a bag that couldn't fit on one of our laps. On board, the cabin attendants were attentive and friendly, and gave toys to the boys. When we arrived at Hagi-Iwami Airport, two of them even carried all of our carry-on bags off the plane for us. (They also helped with our carry-on luggage upon returning to Tokyo. In fact, we had forgotten to reserve a stroller for when we deplaned, and a flight attendant tried to find one near the gate, to no avail.) When I think about all the positive experiences we had in a span of about three and a half hours, I am amazed at all the different people who helped to make our journey easier. I cannot imagine it happening in my home country or on most airlines I have flown."
Negativ: "Only the fact that we had to take a bus to the aircraft at Haneda, but the gate agents made it very easy for us."
Positiv: "The food was great. There was a good selection of shows and movies. The stewardesses came around with water and juice often which was really nice. The bathrooms were clean."
Negativ: "The decent into Japan was pretty steep. It made me feel a bit sick and I never get motion sickness. Hardest decent I've ever had and I travel every 2 years. The ascent was excellent though and the flight in general was perfect."
Positiv: "Das Personal war sehr höflich und aufmerksam. Pünktliche Abwicklung. Neues Flugzeug (Boeing 787 Dreamliner). premium Eco hat echten Mehrwert (breite Sitze mit Beinauflagen, Champagner)"
Negativ: "Relativ viele Durchsagen"
Positiv: "very clean over a 9 hr flight , great seat and flight attendant"
Positiv: "Staff is awesome"
Positiv: "Service is Stellar"
Negativ: "Business class seats were a bit old"
Positiv: "Service and food were great."
Negativ: "That I was listed as standby when I went to check in; I eventually got my ticket and my preferred seat selection."
Positiv: "I enjoyed the hospitality and attention to detail."
Positiv: "Overall experience was excellent. Seating as spacious in economy as I have had in some airlines' premium economy. Food was fresh and quite tasty although nothing to rave about. The staff are always a delight on ANA."
Negativ: "The Hollywood entertainment options were limited and not very interesting."
Negativ: "Everything perfect for me!"
Negativ: "Ssssssddddddddddddddddddddddddddddffggggggggggggggg"
Positiv: "Excellent, polite service, very comfortable seats."
Positiv: "Clean, friendly and the 787 Dreamliner was great, be sleep with 2 different families little ones keeping me awake."
Positiv: "Great service"
Negativ: "Interior show signs of aging"
Negativ: "Plane small and cramped didn’t like that we had to be shuttled to the plane not we had to pick up luggage from Narita to itami"
Positiv: "Service was great, food was decent. Bumpy ride though, plane felt "old"."
Negativ: "Everything was good. Only thing I could say is the plane felt outdated."
Positiv: "ANA has been running a top notch game recently. NRTcanbea mess particularly if you're transitioning due to security, but ANA does a good job with the passengers, food and flight."
Negativ: "Would like to listen to ATC"
Positiv: "My flight was really comfortable, thanks"
Negativ: "The thing I didn't like it was when I was in Tokyo I stayed overnight I didn't know what I expected for first timer like me I wish they give me some kind of a voucher food, nothing big but I really like in Tokyo though thanks"
Negativ: "Our seats are much less comfortable with very little leg room. My daughter couldn't recline her seat."
Positiv: "Crew was professional and charming"
Negativ: "Nothing really, one of the best short haul flights in the world"
Negativ: "Flight was moved to6 am, 4 hours earlier than scheduled. Found out less than 24 hours before flight. ANA refused to rebook on an available flight leaving at the original time. Disappointed (and tired)."
Positiv: "Customer Service"
Negativ: "Food took 3 hrs to get out. Movie selection was limited compared to other airlines"
Positiv: "Great customer service and very kind staff!"
Positiv: "The flight attendants are super nice every time we fly with ANA, and the have great food."
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "Great service and good food"
Negativ: "Nothing felt like they were glad to have me onboard."
Positiv: "Great movies!!"
Negativ: "Terrible seats- difficult to find s confirtsble position."
Negativ: "Person sitting next me passenger wanted fight with me. She told me this is her space arm rest I can not use for over 9 hours. She smelled alcohol and perfume. which made very uncomfortable bad bad"
Positiv: "Crew sehr freundlich, Essen phänomenal gut und Entertainment-System hatte gute, aktuelle Filme parat."

Food could have been better. Entertainment was the same during both June and July. It could have been changed.

Please update your meals plan for hindu nv. Also, I wish I had a foot rest for my feet. Great seat spacing/leg room.

clean plane

Negativ: "More food variety"
Positiv: "Again seats space could be better. Crews were very attentive."
Negativ: "Other passengers reclining their seats could be a nuisance..."
Positiv: "Sehr attraktive und freundliche Crew. Ist nicht ohne Grund die weltbeste Airline. Würde am liebsten nur noch mit denen fliegen."
Negativ: "Nichts, schneller fliegen können die leider auch nicht."
Positiv: "the crew is fine. The seat was OK standard."
Negativ: "Food was not good on my way back to L.A. Food was no flavor, pork cut up way too big, prefer having small piece of meat soaked up flavor sauce."
Positiv: "Es war alles zur vollen Zufriedenheit"
Positiv: "Service, Verpflegung, Sitze"
Negativ: "Das Entertainmentangebot könnte mehr Deutschsprachige Filme beinhalten"
Negativ: "We missed the smile and quality service liked before. Food quality is just okay. Timeliness for departure/arrival was excellent."
Positiv: "Crew was amazing"
Positiv: "Great foods and services"
Negativ: "The plane needs upgrade business class seats"
Positiv: "Flight attendants were very friendly, professional and helpful"
Positiv: "Crew were great. Flight was not full."
Negativ: "Plane was a bit dated and the entertainment system not as good as the newer plane as choices are lesser."
Positiv: "Sehr nette Crew, kam immer wieder vorbei (Eco) und bot Getränke, Früchte und Chips oder mini Sandwiches an! Top!"
Negativ: "ich hatte nichts zu bemängeln einfach nur Top!"
Negativ: "WiFi didn’t work on 3 of the 4 flights although all purportedly had it. Also didn’t work the majority of the time in the Business Class Lounge in Singapore. Food was mediocre both on flights and in the lounge. Movie selection could hardly have been worse."
Positiv: "Arrived on time."
Negativ: "Was a B Grade effort by the crew. They were there to get their pay check & no more....very disappointing."
Positiv: "everything..Singapore airlines is a amazing airline !!! there is a reason why they are no 1 for so many years..."
Positiv: "one of the crew was rude. my spouse forgot to fold-up the cup holder, the hostess heat the holder so hard while walking. I don't know but it appeared as very very rude."
Negativ: "Improve the process for boarding people were standing there for 45 minutes to 1 hour. People there needs training"
Positiv: "Better flight as bigger craft and no neighbours in my row so I got some sleep."
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Delays"
Positiv: "Got bumped to Business Class"
Negativ: "I liked everything"
Positiv: "Perfect!!!"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Food was pretty good. Loved the Weiss ice cream bars"
Negativ: "Most uncomfortable seat ever. Wouldn't recline. TVs small and poor quality. Sound patchy. Not a pleasant flight. Must have been an old plane."
Positiv: "- sehr bemühte und aufmerksame Crew, auch in der Economy - hervorragender Sitzabstand in der Eco - Flugzeug von SQ wie üblich nicht überbucht, daher einige freie Sitze - 2x warmes Essen in der Eco - fortlaufend aktives Getränkeangebot"
Negativ: "- auch auf diesem Flug schreiendes Baby, dass den Nachtflug fast zur Hölle macht - selbst in der Business-Class konnten die Passagiere nur dann Schlaf finden, wenn sie die active noise canceling Kopfhörer aufsetzen (wer damit schlafen kann)"
Negativ: "We stopped in Korea for two hours, that was not listed on my original itinerary. Then we were late to get to Singapore. My seat was very very small and I was seated next to two very large ppl."
Positiv: "Friendly crew I like that a lot. The diabetes food choice ecselent Thank you"
Negativ: "The toilets were very dirty"
Positiv: "I will only use Singapore Air for anywhere they fly. They really care about their passangers, 2 checked bags 1 carryon no charge, no airline does that. They constantly feed u & alcoholic beverages all at no extra charge. Flight attendants always have a smile on their flight. In flight entertainment was great, touch screen and remote controller. They supply earbuds, socks, toothbrush and paste."
Negativ: "Absolutely no complaints"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Positiv: "Cabin crew was top notch - even in coach they could not be more accommodating and customer friendly. US airline flight attendants don’t even come close to this team that truly serviced the cabin for 8 hours continuously without the typical hiding in the back of the plane and chatting. Very encouraging that genuine care in the air is very much alive and well on Singapore Air! I will fly them every chance I get!"
Negativ: "That my flight had to end and I know my next US airline flight won’t come close to this kind of experience! Air travel doesn’t have to be a cattle herding process with peanut treats on cross country flights - shame on the US carriers - I strongly suggest they fly Singapore Air to see what true customer service feels like!"
Positiv: "Spacious and clean"
Negativ: "Crew wasn’t attentive. Brought wrong order, forgot order, walked by hurriedly and hit passengers. Empty sauce on the Tray- when asked said it was for presentation!"
Positiv: "crew very helpful with seating service on board also good"
Negativ: "head phones for entertainment very uncomfortable Food not to my taste"
Positiv: "It’s worth it to pay a bit more for the extra legroom seats."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist 4 Stunden später gestartet."
Negativ: "Wir haben dafür etwas zu Essen bekommen."
Positiv: "A380 ist ein tolles Flugzeug"
Positiv: "The cabin crew was awesome.. they are for sure the super stars of the company... I wish all of them all the very best for a very bright future"
Negativ: "The service of the airlines is impeccable. But the ground staff near check in were not so. I hope they were a little considerate as I was travelling for a family emergency and had to take all my stuff back as I wasn’t sure what date I would return back. I was over weight but wish they had considered a lil as had to pay an other $300 extra.."
Negativ: "Crew woke me up from deep sleep to raise seatback for meal service. Sleep versus food?? Should prioritise sleep every time on night flights."
Positiv: "Service was great especially the food"
Positiv: "easy check in process and the crew was awesome. friendly and attentive to all passengers. great food as well."
Positiv: "Crew members were very friendly n helpful."
Positiv: "Not much"
Negativ: "Not as good as they were once"
Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"
Positiv: "Gutes Team"
Negativ: "Essen"
Positiv: "Priority line for boarding and security, reclining seats, foot stand"
Negativ: "Priority boarding not available in India, food and food choices and lackluster service"
Positiv: "Entertaiment"
Negativ: "Die Besatzung war schlecht gelaunt und hat bei Gentränkebestellung dies mehrmalls vergessen."
Positiv: "Service, food, in-flight entertainment"
Negativ: "What happened to amenity bags in Business class? Slippers and socks were at the seat and toothbrush kits were in the bathrooms and we're always re-filled."

Booked this by accident, when I missed my Peach Air flight from KIX to TPE that morning. And am I glad I missed it. Eva has to be one of the best airlines I’ve ever been on. It was my first official impression of the Taiwan, and it set the bar high.

Negativ: "Ok"
Negativ: "Keep doing same things"
Negativ: "Na"
Positiv: "Flight crew"
Negativ: "No leg room"
Negativ: "The forced checking of bags of anything over 7kg, in spite of size, is ridiculous. Have now been waiting for over an hour at JFK waiting for my bag when it was small enough to keep in the overhead bin. I fly internationally once a month and never have to do this. A complete waste of my time."
Positiv: "Comfortable"
Negativ: "Need more comfortable headsets or ability to use personal earphones."
Negativ: "A better selection of movies and a bit more legroom."
Positiv: "Crew did their best despite the poor circumstances."
Negativ: "Be on time, even delayed time was not on time. Seats are tightly packed together. This resulted in cramped seats and not every row having a window. Aircraft pressurization is uncomfortable compared to newer aircrafts. No onboard entertainment system. Only serving of food is small snack and drink"
Negativ: "Food needs to be improved. Other than that excellent travel experience."
Positiv: "schlafgelegenheit flaches Bett mit Auflage und Privacy in der BusClass"
Negativ: "die EVA App ist unterentwickelt....ich konnte keine Sitze andern...sass ohne Fenster vor der geruchsintensive Küche (7k) obwohl viele Alternativen noch verfügbar waren. Personal ist sehr bemüht, aber man spürt dass die Freundlichkeit aufgesetzt ist und die Kompetenz übertünchen soll. ca 20% qualität m Vergleich zum Flug vom 2.2. von Wien nach Taipeh"
Positiv: "durch den Flug von Wien nach Taipeh war ich verwöhnt. aber die Verpflegung war noch immer sehr gut"
Negativ: "die Lounge am Flughafen ist schlecht beschildert und der Service ist ebenso schlecht wie bei Thai."
Positiv: "Alles hat mir gefallen. Treatment als BusinessClass Passagier spürbar SUPER"
Positiv: "Self-service crackers, drinks."
Negativ: "Self-selecting seat system is confusing and needs to be improved."
Positiv: "Amazing service and experience. Great movie selection. Food was very good. I love EVA!"
Negativ: "I liked everything! Eva does an amazing job and should choose them more often."
Positiv: "I have food allergies - and though I did not get around to notifying the airlines prior to the trip they did their best to accommodate me - even making sure that my return flight would include this request. The crew were top notch making sure that even the economy travelers like myself were very well taken care of, comforted and if asleep leaving notes to contact them for a meal set aside. I cannot say enough good things about EVA. Every airline could learn from EVA's attention to customer needs."
Positiv: "Proactive, Organized staff."
Negativ: "Some of the staff members need to enunciate words more clearly. They speak English too fast making it hard to understand."
Positiv: "love EVA, great airline, attentive stewardesses and comfortable seats in premium economy.."
Negativ: "wanted to upgrade from premium economy to business, but from taipei to houston was $3800 extra, after i already paid $1500 for premium economy. they never have business class full so don’t know why they don’t come down on their fares. i was quoted initially $1500 but then the tix agent called and told me the news..."
Positiv: "Same as above"
Negativ: "Same as above"
Positiv: "I really enjoyed the flight seated in the exit row 45. I was amazed at the on board service. The attendants moved quickly also in a run without the usual frowns that I’ve seen on other airlines."
Negativ: "The exit row seat 45C was too narrow. The cup of coffee I had near the end of flight tasted like halve coffee halve tea. Also the checkin line was too slow. There appeared to be more clocks standing around instead of attending the customers trying to check in."
Negativ: "Food was lousy not very good service seats were so uncomfortable can't hardly move around"
Positiv: "My seat in emergency isle was brilliant: quiet, spacious and easy access...perfect for snoozing! I arrived refreshed and ready. The staff at airport and on the plane as usual were focused on assuring my needs were met!!!! Chow was hot and yummy along with real silverware!!!"
Negativ: "Volume of sound on movies should be increased to off set the plane’s. The viewing screens should be increased in size."
Positiv: "We got the exit row seating and I didn't even care I was in the middle. The service was great and they will provide you will all the amenities. Overall great experience!"
Positiv: "Veggie food delicious"
Negativ: "No"
Negativ: "If flight attendant is sick, she shouldn’t work."
Negativ: "the boarding was a mess because there are two very close schedules in 12am"
Positiv: "Comfortable flight. Crew were friendly and attentitive."
Negativ: "English speaking movie content was sub par."
Positiv: "The flight was on time and people were friendly. The pilot communicated with the passengers when there was turbulence which I appreciate"
Negativ: "There wasn't enough variety of movies to watch on such a long flight."
Positiv: "Short lay over"
Negativ: "Seats at economy too cramped"
Positiv: "Lots of flight attendants to deal with such a large plan of passengers. They came around often with snacks and refreshments."
Negativ: "Entertainment was a little lacking."
Positiv: "it took off a bit late, but arrived early. the flight staff were very accomodating. the in-flight entertainment was very updated and the audio was alright."
Negativ: "the guy sitting behind me kept impaling my back with his knee."
Negativ: "Cold personality of flight attendants"
Positiv: "I love the price, all staff was kind and helpful and the seats are comfortable."
Negativ: "I didn't like the food. Most of it made my stomach upset so I didn't finish and landed very hungry. The entertainment was limited as well. For a 13+ hour flight I was disappointed with the amount of TV shows and movies I had access to. I would still recommend EVA to friends and family with a warning to bring approved food and entertainment."
Positiv: "Very impressed with the plane amenities and features. Delighted with the warmth hospitality of the crew."
Positiv: "The staff was very kind and helpful. The flight was more comfortable and enjoyable than I had expected. The food was also surprisingly good."
Positiv: "Clean affordable flight with hard working staff."
Negativ: "Seat was stiff and a little tight for me ."
Negativ: "Space beneath seat in front, where you put a backpack and such, was very, very small - smaller than other airlines"
Positiv: "Overall good flight. You get what you pay for. Staff was wonderful."
Negativ: "In flight entertainment could have been a bit better, but other than that it was a good flight."
Positiv: "Great experience all-around. Customer service agents were very attentive upon check-in. Boarding was seemless. Flight attendants were very attentive offering beverages, snacks, and meals frequently. Entertainment options were good. All of the aforementioned made a very long flight more pleasant. Great job."
Positiv: "Section 20 seats so spacious and comfortable"
Negativ: "Uppprr number seats too narrow"
Positiv: "Gutes Preis Leistung für Premium Eco"
Positiv: "Staff was great. Seats were a little narrow for my 6'1" frame."
Positiv: "Great vegetarian options that can be selected in advance. Very kind and courteous staff! Flew Eva to and from Asia and staff consistently exceeded expectations."
Negativ: "Husband and I got separated for long leg from Taipei to Seattle. Got stuck in between to very large men...impossible to really sleep. The middle seats should cost less."
Positiv: "The crew is very accommodating and safe."
Negativ: "The food could be better. I asked for a coke they gave me a small cup half full and no ice..."
Positiv: "Seat, service and food were excellent"
Negativ: "No negatives on this flight"
Positiv: "Lots of leg room! I had an economy ticket and was pleasantly surprised by how much leg room you get. I appreciated the warm blanket, pillow, and slippers. There are eye masks and toothbrushes available in the restrooms."
Negativ: "The food was OK, it wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't anything amazing. The staff was attentive and professional, but I don't know if it was just me, they seemed a bit "cold". No warm smiles. It's a small issue because they did a great job, no complaints with that. The entertainment screen that's in front of everyone is a bit small and is not very responsive."
Positiv: "Emergency exit seats has more leg space, i love it. :)"
Positiv: "Entertainment was great, very attentive crew, good washroom, arrived on time."
Negativ: "Food wasn't great."
Positiv: "The same as what we experienced from Manila to Taipei."
Negativ: "Nothing"

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€ 1 544
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1 StoppEmirates
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€ 1 552
3 StoppsKLM
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€ 871
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€ 944
3 StoppsEVA Air
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€ 952
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€ 1 039
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