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Jet2Ergebnis aus 204 Bewertungen

Seats were quite utilitarian and hard. However as we were only travelling 2 and a half hours they were tolerable. Otherwise the whole flight experience was extremely smooth and efficient.

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Seats were quite utilitarian and hard. However as we were only travelling 2 and a half hours they were tolerable. Otherwise the whole flight experience was extremely smooth and efficient.

After a 4hr 20 min layover in Prague. The passengers were called to board to gate A3. Once booked in we then had to wait for nearly 1 hr 45 to actually board the aircraft. There was not one piece of advice regarding the cause of the delay. On boarding the Captain then informed the passengers that their was to be a further delay of 45 mins because of a weather front. There were women with children together with elderly passengers who were becoming more and more concerned. If there was one explanation given as to the reason for the delay and at least allowing passengers to remain seated in the main terminal with access to food, drink and toilets. it would have helped alleviate the worry. Then to cap it all on arrival at LBA it took a further 25 minutes to disembark . A ridiculous and unnecessary delay. It was almost comical in the lack of customer care.


The jet2 check in at Faro was so well done compared with other airlines. They stagger all the package holiday buses so it’s not overwhelmed. Well done Jet2

The seating leg room was good! The flight was delayed by 1.5hrs. I pre ordered a meal on board, but was the last to receive my food. So poor on board service! Jet2 managed to leave my luggage behind at Manchester airport, I’m still waiting news of its whereabouts!

Flight was first class Experience at Edinburgh Airport was appalling

great airline - puts others to shame

Left on time arrived early first class ground and air crew

Positiv: "Crew was attentive"
Negativ: "The seats are awfully tight and no padding The plane was delayed for almost 3 hours while we were on it because of some air conditioning issue"
Positiv: "Simplicity"
Negativ: "Not much. Outside influences not under their control"
Negativ: "Everything is made easy...."
Positiv: "Seats and legroom very good for a budget airline. Crew very good."
Negativ: "Boarding in Naples was dire"
Positiv: "Crew were good, no issues. Flight was prompt and easy."
Negativ: "A few too many announcements and promotions for buying stuff on board."
Positiv: "Comfortable flight"
Negativ: "Alanya airport puts you through security 3 times. If they want to do this at the gate including hand searching they need to employ more staff to speed up the process. Food and drink at the airport is expensive"
Positiv: "That it's over"
Negativ: "People had to go a long way to find space to stow their bags. No one was telling people to put small bags under their seats."
Negativ: "Food options are very bad & there are no TVs on the plane but otherwise this was an excellent flight & a seamless holiday transfer from the moment that we arrived."
Positiv: "Regular updates during flight. Food!"
Positiv: "Nice plane and well trained crew, will fly them again, without any doubt"
Positiv: "Boarding well organised, cfrew friendly."
Negativ: "Announcements too frequent and very loud."
Positiv: "Crew are always pleasant and know how to smile"
Negativ: "Air con started out super hot then went rather chilly!?"
Positiv: "Great boarding decent legroom"
Negativ: "Good all round - no entertainment but it’s short haul so expected"
Positiv: "Comfortable, quick flight to prague, even landed early! The cabin crew were efficent and the cabin was kept clean and tidy. Legroom is always better on Jet2"
Negativ: "Nothing to not like. Jet2 have good planes, excellent legroom and great staff."
Positiv: "Nothinf"
Negativ: "Everything"
Positiv: "Cheap and easy."
Negativ: "The announcements were a bit “organised tour” excitement which was odd. Also not allowed tablets during take off and landing which was a bit behind the ball compared to other carriers."
Negativ: "Could not check in online"
Positiv: "Late at the airport but they managed to get us all through and boarded on time"
Negativ: "Too many steps especially at Birmingham"
Positiv: "Left on time. Arrived on time. Clean. Everything worked. Competent and friendly crew. Great price. Yes, we definitely would fly with Jet2 again."
Negativ: "Really packed us in. Crew kept on offering items for sale. But, it is a deeep discount carrier so we were not surprised."
Positiv: "Good flight (when we eventually got airborne. Friendly cabin crew"
Negativ: "Last minute gate changes at Heraklion meant lots of confusion & frustration plus late departure. Edinburgh airport is a joke since its recent upgrades, plane sent to wrong bay caused delays getting off then baggage handlers are slow beyond useless, seem to think they are doing everyone a big favour & will do things when it suits them. No help or information from airport staff who promptly vanished at the 1st sign of trouble. Edinburgh airport really needs to have a long hard look at itself."
Positiv: "Nice clean plane. Short flight good check in, comfortable seat. Nice staff"
Negativ: "No entertainment"
Negativ: "Timing and space"
Positiv: "Crew were polite, better than on the outward flight from Paris CDG to Leeds, but seemed more interested in chatting to each other than to reassure passengers about the long delays. Once underway, the flight progressed well."
Negativ: "When a 30 minute delay was announced (13.45 instead of 13.15), I was fairly philosophical. However, we didn't board until 13.45. Once settled in our seats, another 25 minutes went by when the plane did not move. No information's given. I asked a member of the cabin crew what was going on who said she didn't know anything. I then heard her ask (presumably the captain) on the intercom if he could make an announcement as 'passengers were enquiring' We were then informed that we would have a further delay of up to an hour. We eventually took off at 16.00, over two hours after scheduled time. Thank goodness, I had left plenty of time for my connecting train. I was equally unimpressed for different reasons with on the outward flight on 12 July. I will not be flying with them again."
Positiv: "Last minute booking from Alicante, amazing seat allocation and the flight arrived 35 minutes early."
Negativ: "Shame Leeds wasn’t ready for us, took far too long to access the terminal and queue at passport control was a joke. Landed feeling great, now I’m ticked off."
Positiv: "Another excellent flight on Jet2 , 35 minute delay but handled with such relaxed professionalism by the crew. Highley recommend *****"
Negativ: "Nothing."
Positiv: "excellent legroom"
Positiv: "On time."
Negativ: "Charge to ensure you keep your free hand luggage in the cabin. Security delays at Belfast."
Positiv: "First holiday with Jet2 and really impressed. My only tip would be to book a meal, as pre-booked meals are served first and the non-booked sandwiches ran out by our row. Will fly with them again."
Positiv: "Decent legroom"
Negativ: "Having to turn off electronic equipment for take off and 30 mins before landing. Ridiculous as all other airlines now agree this is pointless."
Positiv: "New plane. Great legroom. Generous luggage allowance. Pleasant crew."
Positiv: "- Boarding was quick and effortless - Customer service was excellent from both ground staff and in flight team - No niggly baggage rules - Fair prices for in flight meals and snacks A huge thank you to Jet2 for providing an excellent service at fair prices"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Delayed boarding, taking off, landing, and then getting from plane to gate"
Positiv: "Have drag A1 do great space, all in timd"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "What a breath of fresh air. Simple no frills service but very friendly attentive staff. Can't quite say why but 100 times more pleasant than a Ryanair flight!"
Positiv: "Everything, staff the whole package faultless, well done !!!"
Positiv: "Great flight, super low price. Overall great value. Also the cabin staff were great. The flight was quite empty so we had a bit of a blether"
Negativ: "Nothing was wrong with the flight, aircraft or service. Only one star for food cos I didn't order, and for entertainment as there was none. Wasn't expecting for £80"
Negativ: "temperature too cold on return flight from Faro, especially having been in hot weather for 16 days"
Negativ: "Delay due to incompetence at Venice airport"
Positiv: "- Flight was on time, yet they pad the timetable to make it difficult to be late. - Aircraft was relatively clean considering this was its 4th flight of the day, and the fact it's 29 years old. - More laid back then EZY and FR as they allow a reasonable turnaround time."
Negativ: "- Seat assignments don't always make sense, we were split up even though there was an empty row behind us. - Shortly after takeoff passengers moved into the extra legroom seats without paying. - Constant attempt to sell things to you, scratch cards, overpriced drinks etc."
Positiv: "On one of the busiest weekends for flying it was perfect..... the plane the staff and the flight"
Negativ: "The food was expensive and not great"

Our entertainment/movie and audio did not work during our flight. Two of our bags did not make it to our final home destination. No personal assistant. Everything is via email/web with no assistance.

Boarding war einfach nur Chaos 😔

Nice flight

Flight was cancelled. KAYAK wants $200 dollar airline fee, WORST. SERVICE. EVER

Alles, Bestens! Lufthansa-Qualität

Alles ist gut abgelaufen. Es war ein kurzer Flug und wir haben eine schöne gute Aufenthalt gehabt. Dann haben wir ja sehr gut gelandet.

enge Business Class - wenn nicht als Zubringer mitgebucht, unnötig

Verspätung ca. 1 Stunde

Negativ: "Bereitstellung von Einreiseformulare Mexiko (Nutung der Flugzeit für das Ausfüllen)"
Positiv: "Crew war sehr nett und die Sitze ok."
Negativ: "Formulare für Einreise wurden nicht geladen und mussten in der Warteschlage im Stehen ausgefüllt werden"
Negativ: "Hygieneplan scheint nicht vorhanden zu sein. Boarding ohne Abstand und aussteigen unter chaotischen Zuständen. Reihen werden zum Ausstieg aufgerufen, obwohl der Gang noch völlig blockiert ist mit anderen Passagieren. Anti Covid-19-Maßnahmen scheinen hier noch ein Fremdwort zu sein. Sehr enttäuschend und beängstigend. Andere Airlines (Swiss) sorgen für ein besseres Sicherheitsgefühl."
Negativ: "Wie kann man in Zeiten von "Corona" das Flugzeug komplett voll belegen und dann mit "Vertrauen" und "We care for your health" werben? So bekommt man verlorene Kunden bestimmt nicht dazu, wieder öfters zu fliegen... :-("
Positiv: "Desinfektionstuch an Board erhalten."
Negativ: "Freundlichkeit einzelner Crew-Mitgliwder."
Positiv: "Nette Crew, bequemer Sitz. Leckeres Sandwich"
Negativ: "WLAN dürfte doch auch gratis möglich sein ;-)"
Positiv: "Ruhiger Flug - in time"
Negativ: "Zu früh :-)"
Positiv: "The crew were very professional. There was a very difficult passenger who was very rude to the stewards and I thought they coped really well. I was sorry to see them treated in this way."
Positiv: "Seat, entertainment, food, plane"
Negativ: "Crew attitude"
Positiv: "The crew"
Negativ: "More support"
Positiv: "Always polite and accommodating. The seats are very comfortable and roomy. it was a pleasant quick flight"
Positiv: "stewardessen"
Negativ: "das Pathos"
Positiv: "The seats were comfortable"
Negativ: "The food could be better"
Positiv: "Tolles Personal"
Negativ: "Leider sehr unruhiger Flug, starke Kurven, viele Vibrationen"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed as we were waiting for documents required for our entry to the UK - surely these should have been ready in advance? Perhaps a taste of things to come if (when) we sadly leave the EU. Same poor sandwiches."
Positiv: "Pilotin war eine Katastrophe. Flug ungleichmäßig und die Landung total schlecht. Das. hintere Teil ist aufgeschlagen."
Negativ: "Landung und Flug"
Negativ: "Better entertainment"
Negativ: "MUC >> CPH wurde durch SAS durchgeführt, jegliche Versorgung kostet extra. Nicht was man erwartet, wenn man durch Lufthansa bucht!"
Negativ: "Getränkeauswahl sehr klein"
Positiv: "Checkin, besonders am Flughafen München mit eigenem Außenterminal für die Business Class."
Negativ: "Das Essen auf dem Flug war eine Zumutung. Stewardessen, die einen dauernd anstoßen auf dem Gang sind auch nicht unbedingt das, was sein muss."
Positiv: "Great amount of legroom, snack given even though < 1hr flight"
Negativ: "Alles ok"
Positiv: "Comfort and space"
Positiv: "Service and hospitality. On dot service with no major delays."
Positiv: "Maschine war ganz leer, Crew super nett Frühstück in MUC Lounge gut"
Negativ: "LH typisch keinen Komfort, Internet zum bezahlen, Catering mies"
Positiv: "nette crew"
Negativ: "obwohl wir über 5 stunden im Flieger waren, war es ein Kurzstreckenflieger ohne jeden Komfort und wir bezahlten aber Business Class Preise! Da lobe ich mir British Airways!"
Positiv: "Es gab gutes Essen und außerdem mehrfach etwas zu trinken Das Personal war sehr zuvorkommend"
Negativ: "Flug war verspätet"
Positiv: "Can not fault anything"
Positiv: "Selten einen guten und reibungslosen Flug gehabt wie eben mit Lufthansa. (Sonst meist BA, Easyjet oder Eurowings) Gab ein leckeres Pausenbrot (Salami oder Käse) und Getränke. Heutzutage nicht mehr selbstverständlich. Flug war pünktlich, trotz 25 min Taxi in LHR. Bequeme Sitze und sauber! Verständliche Durchsagen in angemessener Lautstärke (DE und engl), bin überrascht. Angenehme Kabinentemperatur (auch nicht selbstverständlich)"
Negativ: "Leider startet Lufthansa vom Terminal 2. Liegt ungünstig, wenn man mit Auto oder Bus an-/Abreist, weil erst der ganze Flughafen umfahren werden muss. 8kg Handgepäcksregelung ist echt nicht zeitgemäß und eine schickane. Mit Laptop, Tablet, Rasierer, Ladekabel und 1x Wechselkleidung knackt man das ganz schnell. Lufthansa Group ist bei manchen Flügen penibler als Ryanair! Es müssen ja keine 23kg sein, aber selbst KLM bietet 12kg."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war total freundlich und hilfsbereit. Ausgezeichneter Service."
Negativ: "Das Boarding hat etwas lange gedauert."
Positiv: "Das Boarding hat super geklappt. An Board war das Personal sehr zuvorkommend und zum Glück hatten wir einen angenehmen, ruhigen Flug. Leider hatte mein Kopfhörer einen Wackelkontackt und der Touchscreen war schon sehr überstrapaziert."
Positiv: "Alles war sehr gut. Besatzung war sehr freundlich und der Flug verlief komplett problemlos und pünktlich."
Negativ: "Natürlich war nicht viel Verpflegung an Bord, aber für einen Kurzstreckenflug und zu diesem Preis ist das auch absolut in Ordnung."
Positiv: "Lot of space in E-xit-row 18, even for a big man like me"
Positiv: "Really good food and personal service. Made me feel like I was in a restaurant."
Negativ: "I tried to get onto an earlier flight for my transfer. They were not accommodating. Next time I'll consider a flexible fare."
Positiv: "The bathrooms were always clean. The staff curious and attentive, food was ok. Overall very goid"
Positiv: "Amazing crew"
Negativ: "Legroom"
Positiv: "Lufthansa is great."
Negativ: "Von drei Flügen auf der Strecke Bali-FRA war einer von Lufthansa ausgeführt und der einzige verspätete gewesen. Leistung - OK, mehr kann ich nicht sagen."
Positiv: "Great ride in a big plane!"
Negativ: "Flight was late and it seemed like every time we turned a corner we had to go through security again! Leg room in economy must be very difficult for a tall leg room!"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "The whole experience"
Positiv: "Personal sehr freundlich, Flugzeug modern und sauber, Flug pünktlich"
Negativ: "The first flight for this trio was cancelled .. stop with automated cron jobs"

Super Crew / Great Entertainment System

Delta operated. Missed connecting flight due to single late crew member in dfw. 1.5 h late. Missed work and incurred costs of over $800. Delta failed to hold connecting flight(s) at gate and it actually left EARLY. Fail. Never again.

Es gab einen Snack und gute Getränke. Besser Service als bei manch anderer Airline

Baggage drop-off könnte schneller sein, die FlugbegleiterInnen könnten freundlicher sein

Positiv: "Everything perfect and arrive to destination on perfect time."
Negativ: "All positive."
Positiv: "Decent price for economy comfort seat, 4A."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed about 80 minutes and they did not informed until when I got to the Airport. I could have stayed more at home instead of the terminal. They have also changed the boarding gate.."
Positiv: "Crew good and seat OK but not exceptional for business class"
Negativ: "Food was average - main course could have been better. Range of movies ok but not great"
Negativ: "Delay due to strike"
Positiv: "Great airline"
Negativ: "Das ich jetzt noch nicht in nRennes bin sondern in Amsterdam hängen geblieben bin."
Positiv: "Top sympathische Crew"
Positiv: "Die Crew war nett."
Negativ: "Die Kabinenklimatisierung hat man nicht in den Griff gekriegt. In dem Bereich wo wir saßen war es sehr kalt und zügig, so dass wir und trotz mehrerer Decken erkältet haben. In anderen Bereichen haben sich die Gäste über zu hohe Temperaturen beschwert."
Positiv: "Food and service"
Negativ: "Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats"
Positiv: "Unkompliziert"
Negativ: "Die Lauf Wege sind zu lang aus Amsterdam."
Positiv: "Very professional"
Negativ: "Lost luggage"
Positiv: "Freundliche und aufmerksame Crew."
Negativ: "Sitze in der Business Class etwas durchgesessen."
Positiv: "No delay and nice staff"
Positiv: "Friendly crew"
Negativ: "KLM lost one piece of my luggage"
Positiv: "Our flight was delayed in Bejing, than we loosed the booked flight of KLM. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we get the recheked in flight."
Negativ: "Doesn't"
Positiv: "Service, entertainment and comfort - all very good. Really enjoyed the extra legroom in comparison with other airlines."
Negativ: "Just the AC was way too cold and they are not providing any blankets nor pillows"
Positiv: "The service crew was very nice"
Negativ: "Entertainment was broken so no movies etc. No pillows and no blankets because they ran out. Freaking cold during the flight. No vegetarian meal nor snacks."
Negativ: "pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "Es war gute service im Flug. Ich fliege wieder mit KLM."
Positiv: "Nichts"
Negativ: "Stornieren des Flugs. Keiner fühlt sich zuständig und der Kunde wird mit Arbeit und Kosten allein gelassen"
Positiv: "Good for both."
Negativ: "Bigger seats."
Negativ: "Flight on time would have been good when you have a late evening arrival. Long wait for luggage at Birmingham airport."
Negativ: "It was a connection flight from Manchester via AMS to HAJ. Transfer time in Amsterdam (offered by KLM) just 1 hr - so my baggage hasn't arrived in HAJ, at least one day delay! At airport HAJ I've heard that's usual that baggage can't arrive in one our! So I didn't understand why this flight was offered by KLM!"
Positiv: "was a standard flight, in a standard quality - nothing bad"
Positiv: "quick/efficient boarding - good staff - good food - easy flight !"
Negativ: "the connecting times for klm seem to be very close - if your running late to start - you may not make your next one -"
Positiv: "super"
Negativ: "alles gut"
Positiv: "Alles ok"
Positiv: "Lovely crew, very helpful"
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "Seating is tight. The crew was great !"
Negativ: "As we landed we had to wait on the plane for an hour and a half because another plane (Spirit) was in our “parking spot.” This made it very difficult for people and connecting flights."
Positiv: "great crew and comfortable flight."
Negativ: "sceens in the plane to show map and direction of travel"
Positiv: "pünktlicher Flug Sehr nettes Personal Gute Verpflegung"
Positiv: "Unterhaltungsprogramm guter Service"
Negativ: "schon besser im Flieger gegessen"
Positiv: "Entertainment options."
Negativ: "Service was poor, seat did not recline, and the food was terrible."
Positiv: "Everything OK"
Positiv: "Short flight and being able to escape from drunk belligerent Passenger on previous flight"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Crew where awesone and the choice of entertainment was fantastic"
Negativ: "Seats way to close together"
Negativ: "Services was pretty weird .. Perse or crew Leader was ok But the assistent Young one was Really bad.. aptitud and not friendly at all."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war freundlich, sehr aufmerksam und fürsorglich. Es gab genug zu trinken und gute Auswahl. Über eine Kleinigkeit zu essen freute ich mich auch sehr. Es war ein entspannter, angenehmer Flug. Danke vielmals."
Negativ: "Dass der Flug sich verspätet hat, hat mich persönlich nicht sehr gestört. Wenn aber jemand danach weiter fahren muss, oder einen Termin deshalb verpasst, könnte etwas nervig sein."
Positiv: "Everything was clean and well organized."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours."
Positiv: "The food rocks! I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The staff is always so nice, professional and cordial...I always know I'll be in good hands with the flight. KLM #605 from Amsterdam to SFO---please pass the praise to all of them."
Positiv: "Crew was great, very nice"
Negativ: "Not enough legroom"
Positiv: "Board-Crew war sehr nett und das Essen + Getränke war natürlich auch sehr gut."
Negativ: "Leider muss man sagen dass das Boarding zu lange gedauert hat und manche Probleme mit dem Anschlussflug hatten. Noch dazu kummt dass mindestens 5 oder 6 Personen ihren Koffer nicht mehr bekommen haben unteranderem auch eine Freundin von mir was natürlich sehr ärgerlich ist."
Negativ: "Didn’t happen."
Positiv: "Food and staff behaviour"
Negativ: "Entertainment"
Positiv: "Good service onboard, good food. On time."
Positiv: "Short flight with good communication."
Negativ: "Nil to complain."

Personal sehr unfreundlich. Nicht Hilfsbereit.


Da mein Flugzeug 90 min in Verspätung angekommen, habe ich das gemietete Auto verpasst. Daraufhin sollte ich ein Zug um 24 Uhr nach Köln suchen . Hier habe ich das Geld für Auto und Zug in Mühl geschmißen und mein Termin am Samstag sollte ich verschieben

Dieser Flug war in Sachen Beinfreiheit die größte Frechheit die ich je erlebt habe. Er ging zwar nur ne Stunde aber es war nicht möglich mit 1,93 überhaupt gerade zu sitzen. Das die Beine am Vordersitz anstehen gut nicht schön für diese Strecke aber aushaltbar. Jedoch war dies nicht möglich. Noch nie einen Flug mit weniger Beinfreiheit gehabt, nicht mal bei einem Inlandsflug in China.

Normaler Flug

Zu spät, dann noch auf Mitreisende gewartet die 2 Stunden zu spät waren! Nichts zu trinken und essen

Delayed almost 2h

Buchung über KIWI eine Witz. Dienst mit anderer Dienst und noch weitere Dienst verknüpft. Keiner konnte mich helfen, da „jemanden anders“ zuständig. Sitzplatz automatisch zugeteilt. In einem zu 80% leeren Flieger, bekomme ich einen mittelsitz!!!!!!!!

Alle Sicherheitsaspekte an Bord wurden eingehalten. Nettes Crew-Personal. Dass man allerdings inzwischen selbst Wasser und Kaffee zahlt, will mir noch nicht ganz einleuchten.

Positiv: "Alles bestens"
Negativ: "Der bessere Hendrick's Gin von der Karte hätte vorrätig sein können. Edler gerne auch! Das Flugzeug war den ersten 20min trotz Bose noiseCancelling sehr laut - Kabinenueberdruckkompressor??"
Positiv: "Seat was very comfortable. Crew was excellent"
Negativ: "The warm sandwich with the snack was just OK; rest of food was pretty good"
Positiv: "The flight was pretty smooth considering it was a small plane."
Negativ: "I did not appreciate having to give my hand luggage into the hold which meant that I did not have any money to purchase any drinks on the flights and I was also sitting next to an overweight man which made it very tight for space."
Positiv: "Row 3, loads of leg room, the filter coffee was excellent, just a really calm, well run flight"
Negativ: "Seat prices were expensive and should really be free as if you are a family of 4, this will add well over £50 to your flight costs."
Positiv: "Der Sitz war bequem, aber auch nur weil er extra $$$ gekostet hat ;-), das Licht war sehr lange gedämmt und nicht zu hell als die Crew arbeiten musste"
Positiv: "Boarding and getting off the plane was fast"
Negativ: "Our luggage space was occupied with bags from passengers from other rows."
Negativ: "Late"
Negativ: "Leider 30 Minuten auf dem Rollfeld gestanden und das bei nem Flug mit 1h Flugzeit ist schon doof"
Positiv: "Irgendwann ist man dann auch zu Hause angekommen..."
Negativ: "Etwas mehr Pünktlichkeit wäre toll gewesen. Der Flug war knapp unter 3 Stunden verspätet. :("
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything from checking in where I asked for an aisle seat and was informed that I was given an aisle seat just to find that I was given a middle seat on both legs even though I had checked in for the second leg of the trip. Added to which my luggage is now missing"
Positiv: "Kein Kind hat geweint"
Negativ: "Bisschen strukturiert vorgehen"
Negativ: "unpünktlicher Abflug"
Positiv: "The crew was fine and boarding was efficient."
Negativ: "We missed our connecting flight, had to wait six hours to fly to Munich, then sat in the Munich airport for four more hours as the flight to Milan was delayed. My bag made it to Milan by 10:30, I arrived at 22:00."
Positiv: "The crew was very attentive and personable during the flight."
Negativ: "Our departure was delayed 2 hours because an unaccompanied minor was placed on the wrong flight--UA's fault. That began a domino effect of missed connections. When the landed, We were given little information on how to re-book and had to wait in several long lines. All told, 12 hour delay to Milan"
Negativ: "Sitzabstand"
Negativ: "Nach dem Boarding war man eine halbe Stunde „grounded“ ohne Infos oder mal nem Schluck wasser"
Positiv: "Seats were comfortable"
Negativ: "Change in gate was not anounce"
Negativ: "Flüge hatten Verspätung. 20 und 45 min. Das Platzangebot ist sehr eingeschränkt."
Negativ: "Beide Flüge von Eurowings hatten Verspätung. 20 und 45 Min. Das Platzangebot ist sehr eingeschränkt."
Negativ: "Riding a packed bus to the plane was awful."
Positiv: "Die Crew war sehr nett."
Negativ: "Über eine Stunde Verspätung. Dann im Flieger die Ansage, dass man voraussichtlich noch 2,5 h auf das Startfenster warten müsse, weil nicht genügend Fluglotsen da sind. Zum Glück ging es dann nach 30 min doch los."
Negativ: "alles ok"
Positiv: "Very fast check in. No problems"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Die Abfertigung in Faro war sehr langsam. Bei Eurowings alles gut"
Positiv: "Crew war gut,Sitzplatz ordentlich"
Negativ: "4,5h Delay ist nicht zu akzeptieren"
Positiv: "Alles"
Positiv: "Allem im allen sehr gut"
Negativ: "Weiß nicht"
Negativ: "Kostenlose Verpflegung! oder wird Eurowings auch Billigairlines!?"
Positiv: "I am still in one piece after flying."
Negativ: "The crew (and people before boarding) were kind of rude (e.g. mean tones, not really smiling, etc.)."
Positiv: "Ticketpreis, Mitglied der Lufthansa-Gruppe."
Negativ: "Hohe Mehrkosten für Aufgabegepäck sowie Sitzplatzreservierung mit mehr Beinfreiheit (bin 190cm groß und hätte im Normalsitz kaum sitzen können). Snacks kann man vergessen. Bei diesem Flug war kein Gratis-WIFI vorhanden; ist weniger ärgerlich wie beim Hinflug wo eines vorhanden war jedoch nicht funktioniert hat."
Negativ: "Das Gepäck stand in Berlin 45 Minuten vor dem Gepäckband, bis es mal aufs Band geladen wurde."
Negativ: "Everything, flight was super late, no explanation whatsoever,"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything"
Positiv: "mit EW mal früher angekommen"
Negativ: "Beinfreiheit: Knie eingeklemmt"
Negativ: "Nothing except control for entertainment didn’t work"
Positiv: "Seats at the front are comfortable with space for the legs."
Negativ: "One drink within almost 4 hours flight is not enough."
Positiv: "Das Einzige was an Eurowings gefallen kann ist der Preis im Vergleich mit Swiss. Es ist eine Billigairline auf Niveau Easy Jet und Ryanair."
Negativ: "Verspaetung, Beinfreiheit. Am Schlimmsten aber finde ich, dass sogar den Senatormitglieder der Zugang zur Staralliance Lounge verwehrt wird. Was soll das?????"
Positiv: "Was on time"
Negativ: "The food was horrible junk. I can not imagine, how anybody can dare to offer this somebody to eat. Headphones were extra pay."
Positiv: "It was ok"

Haben nicht gewartet, da unser Flug Verspätung hatte, es wir hatten genug Aufenthalt dazwischen und waren 30 min später da...und Ryanair hat sich nicht verantwortlich gefühlt weil wir kein Flug davor von Ryanair hatten...aber wenn diese Fluggesellschaft nicht diese Strecke anbietet können wir auch nichts dafür...wir hatten deswegen 3fache zusätzliche Kosten uns saßen über 24h am Flughafenfest, so schreckt man Menschen ab zu fliegen und dann sich wundern das manchmal die flugzeuge nicht voll sind bei den Preisen und dieser Arroganz einiger Fluggesellschaften.

It was planned to be a transit in Manchester, so no need of passport. Ryanair changed the terminal of the flight so, i needed a passport in the end, so impossible for me to take the plane. I had to buy another for the same day very espensive. So very stressful experience and really pissed about this kind of behaviour

Flight was delayed 2 hours no information given at boarding gate,

My wife and I booked the tickets together, we don’t want to choose seats, but at least arrange us to sit together.

Smooth and on time. All perfect!

Alles ok

Quick and easy boarding. Pleasant personnel and easily available food and drink. What’s not to like.

There were some individuals not using face masks properly (being almost all the time without them) and the cabin crew did not alert them at all.

Negativ: "Food and drinks for free"
Negativ: "check in online hat über 2 tage hinweg nicht funktioniert ... beim check in am ryan air schalter wollte uns der mitarbeiter 55€ gebühr pro person verrechnen ... nach längerer diskussion hat eine nette kollegin eine kostenlose möglichkeit für uns gefunden."
Negativ: "Lead turblence"
Positiv: "On time no depay. Peacefully flight"
Negativ: "Price of ticket"
Negativ: "Wir waren 3,5 Stunden vor Abflug am Flughafen. Da wir kein Internet hatten konnten wir die Boardkarten nicht online beantragen. Der Check-In Schalter war noch nicht offen. Als wir endlich dran kamen wurden wir wo anders hingeschickt und durften 126€ (!) zahlen, damit unsere Boardkarten ausgedruckt werden. Was für ein Scam!!! Frechheit!"
Negativ: "2 hour delay"
Positiv: "Boarding was efficient as was disembarking, crew were good"
Positiv: "The overall price"
Negativ: "Waiting in line for boarding to find out the passengers in the plane that had arrived had not disembarked. Passengers (and not just priority) brought more than one bag onto the plane. The overhead stowage was bulging. As a passenger with a foot cast the disembarkation was not the best"
Positiv: "Very helpful as I required assistance"
Positiv: "Crew were good. Boarding seemed to be good. When we eventually got going the flight was good and very quick (35mins)"
Negativ: "We sat on the plane for 1 hour without moving anywhere as there was a discrepancy with the numbers they thought they had and the list (or something). When we were cleared for take off we then had to get in a massive queue before we could leave."
Positiv: "Sicherer Start und Landung"
Negativ: "Langes Boarding, klapprige Treppe bei Regen um im Bus zum Terminal zu kommen, unfreundliches Personal, Sitze sehr unbequem"
Positiv: " ist halt ein Billigflieger. Da darf man die Erwartungen nicht zu hoch ansetzen."
Negativ: "Die unbequemsten Sitze die ich bisher kenne. Getränke an Board überteuert. Über 1 Stunde Verspätung beim Start und im Flugzeug gewartet."
Positiv: "Quick flight. However as is usual with Ryanair cabin crew their diction on the intercom giving instructions are appalling. This is a feature of Ryanair. Ask for diction or speech lessons and at least passengers will understand. My kids thought the crew were speaking Polish"
Positiv: "Friendly staff"
Negativ: "Being a bit late. Unusual for Ryanair"
Positiv: "We like to thank Gavin one of the crew member he did a good job and take care about my wife condition during the flight"
Positiv: "Gute und schnelle Abwicklung. Pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "Wenig Beinfreiheit Keinerlei Unterhaltung (zeitschriften) Keine Ablagemöglichkeiten in der Rückenlehne des Vordersitzes."
Positiv: "Fast. That's about it really."
Negativ: "More leg room and more comfortable seats also would be nice if the food wasn't extortionate"
Positiv: "As good as it can be with Ryanair"
Positiv: "Flight left on time. Reasonable price. Friendly staff."
Negativ: "Priority boarding didn't really work."
Positiv: "Der Moment als mir gesagte wurde dass ich am falschen Flughafen bin"
Negativ: "Es sollte klar gemacht werden zu welchem flughafen man muss) - :<"
Positiv: "The flight was quick, customer service was good on the plane"
Negativ: "Checking in online was a nightmare as the site kept freezing, there was a mix up with my priority and cabin baggage, I was told by the webchat team that this had gone through but not on my boarding pass, when I got the the airport the Ryanair staff were extremely rude to us, they sent us to the back of the queue I front of everyone and then told us we would have to pay to take our bags with us, they then had to be out on the hold. When we got back to Birmingham we then had to sit on the plane for around 15 minutes as there was not a slot for us. I spent hours of my 2 day break trying to sort check ins etc, I would never fly with Ryanair again."
Negativ: "Es dauert alles zu lange. Kein Essen Kein Champagner. Gepäck musste ich extra zahlen."
Negativ: "The problem with random seat allocation is if you pay to sit somewhere then that should be fine, no. Today I was constantly asked if I wouldn’t mind swapping seats so the passenger could be closer to their partner which is always going to be an inferior seat or worse sat in the middle seat. Their random seat allocation therefore can inconvenience seat paying passengers not a quality experience."
Negativ: "The flight attendant was actually reading from the shopping catalogue.. it was actually annoying and I couldn’t relax during the flight."
Positiv: "Flight on time, luggage handling ok"
Negativ: "The long walk to and from the plane. The stupid trail down the steps into the cold and rain, across the tarmac then back up the steps into the plane. At Birmingham airport. Fine at Malaga no problem."
Positiv: "Gut, schnell und günstig. Angenehme Reise."
Negativ: "Es wäre schön, wenn die Zeit an Board abwechslungsreicher ist. Allerdings nicht auf Kosten und Arbeit der Boardcrew. Z.B. bei Flügen nach Sonnenuntergang, das Licht zu dimmen um etwas schlafen zu können."
Positiv: "The "sales" gets a little old. Duty free, lotto tickets, food, drink...…."
Positiv: "Boarding was straight forward and fast."
Negativ: "Very basic comfort. Less leg room."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war soweit ganz nett, der Flug ging pünktlich und ging recht schnell."
Negativ: "die Größe der Beinfreiheit oder der Toilette waren katastrophal. selbst mit 60kg bekommst du da schon fast ein problem. mein vater hat ein paar kilo mehr und konnte sich kaum noch bewegen, und jetzt kommt mir nicht mit den sitzen für "mehr beinfreiheit". Das essen war trocken, langwelig und einfach nur überteuert, aber das kennt man ja scho, selbst den sitzplatz musste man bezahlen... das näcchste mal lieber ein bisschen mehr zahlen und dafür stressfreier reisen an sich war der flug akzeptabel, wird jedoch nicht wiederholt."
Positiv: "The only thing good with this flight was the time keeping."
Negativ: "The first time travelled with Ryanair and the last.Seating uncomfortable, back rest to upright.Difficulty understanding the crews public announcing over tannoy system.Allocation of seats diabolical. Not a lot of advantage being a priority passenger from non priority. Suggest implement similar procedures to jet2. Would learn a lot."
Positiv: "Flights ran to time"
Negativ: "Some passengers were taking phone calls when the safety demonstration was being done."
Positiv: "Flug war pünktlich"
Negativ: "Etwas wenig Platz, aber sonst nichts zu beanstanden"
Positiv: "Wie soll ich etwas bewerten, das nicht gab? (Bordunterhaltung, Verpflegung)"
Negativ: "One hour late departure insufficient information Had to be bussed to plane negating any value for paying for priority Parked off stand at Birmingham had to use steps from plane and into terminal wife has arthritis and can’t carry bags I had to carry two bags down steps unable to use handrail really quite dangerous no apology re delay"
Positiv: "Quicker flight late at night"
Negativ: "Waiting on bus to terminal Almost missed last train."
Negativ: "Staff were quite rude and didn't spend time explaining the delay we were having in English"
Positiv: "Leider empfinde ich das inzwischen als Abzocke, dass dauernd zusätzlich noch Gebühren fällig werden. Handgepäck ist bald überhaupt nicht mehr kostenfrei dabei. Fliegt man zu zweit bekommt man "zufällig" immer Plätze auseinander, um dann eine Umbuchung von 7,- € zahlen zu müssen. Wer Rücken hat, sollte nicht länger als 1 Stunde in so einer Büchse sitzen."
Positiv: "Netter Kapitän, der uns zumindest im Nachhinein den Grund für die Verspätung erklärt hat"
Negativ: "Information am Flughafen mangelhaft. Keinerlei aktive Information, Flughafen Personal konnte keine Auskunft geben. Besatzung sprach nur italienisch."
Positiv: "Honestly nothing, apart from welcome smile from crew..."
Negativ: "dirty, overcrowded, seats even closer in my opinion (Boening 737-800), broken window cover, bad smell"
Positiv: "You get what you pay for. No issues"
Negativ: "The queue on the tarmac waiting to board but I realise they are trying to keep to schedule"
Negativ: "Streik von Ryanair war nicht absehbar ob der Flug geht oder nicht ...meidet diese airline"
Positiv: "Once the aircraft arrived the boarding and take off were fairly quick. The flight itself self was extremely quick and there was no hassle. Quite impressed with that."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed initially with 2 hours. There was no notification by the airport. After 2 hours there was another hpur delay. Again there was no notification. We and the other passengers had to constantly last to the gatw screen to see any updates. We were left in the dark until the very moment we started boarding."

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