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United AirlinesErgebnis aus 69970 Bewertungen

Your planes are too small. Inflight entertainment sucks .

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Your planes are too small. Inflight entertainment sucks .

Enjoyed it

Flight delayed. Crew excellent. Airlines are struggling amid shortages of staff. Be prepared to have flights canceled or delayed.

Flights kept changing right up to the day before leaving—-finally requiring two connecting flights instead of one with all of us traveling alone to connect through a different city. The connecting flight changes were scheduled too close to the arriving flight time—-requiring another phone call and extremely long wait times to United. In all, we had to call United 6 times with flight changes THEY made. United and their partner companies (in our case Lufthansa) continually blamed the other provider for the scheduling problems. All flights we took on this trip were delayed. The flight staff was always good. The arrangements for the trip a nightmare.

The inflight entertainment system was malfunctioning for 11 hours. It worked... but paused for thirty seconds every minute or two.

While the Crew was great, I am saddened by United Airlines for allowing an obviously sick passenger fly especially in this time of COVID! This passenger flew over 90% of the approximate 2 hour flight with no mask on as required. Not only did he fail to wear his mask as required, he coughed and sneezed without covering his mouth spreading germs to the entire plane, and endangering the health and well-being of those around him in close proximity! He was sweating profusely with the fan above him on full blast and his companion holding a handheld portable fan and well as fanning him with the safety measure placard. As a passenger sitting across from him, the passengers directly in front of him and 2 rows up all looked at one another with disbelief and discomfort! I couldn’t eat or drink for fear of exposing myself to whatever he was coughing and sneezing in the air being recirculated to us all! The crew walked passed him with no discussion until the passenger was in need of oxygen due to difficulties breathing. They provided him a tank to assist in breathing for the last 20 minutes or so of the flight and allowed them to deplane immediately upon landing. But I am so deeply disgusted and offended that the Crew member chuckled with the passenger as he provided an excuse of having allergies! As an immune compromised individual and someone with asthma, the symptoms he exhibited did not align with someone dealing with allergies! His sweaty appearance alone should have ruled that out! I am now in a position to not only get tested for COVID but my family plans for the Thanksgiving holiday are in jeopardy because I have a pregnant daughter-in-law that I must consider! I am no physician nor am I trying to police anyone. I just take seriously the individual responsibility that we all must have navigating our continued health pandemic. It takes a lot of courage to travel and fly on our current environment, even as a vaccinated person, I still fear the possibility of contracting this disease that has taken lives or resulted in long-term illnesses. I worry not only about myself but others on the plane as well-including the crew who are also exposed in the way we were. I wonder if the plane was truly disinfected after his departure with snotty tissues placed through their seats (9a/9b), and I wonder if he were COVID positive will I be notified? It was a horrible experience that makes me question ever flying United Airlines again! American Airlines may pack you like a can of sardines but they consistently reiterate the mask requirement throughout the flight and walk the aisles throughout the flight to ensure all passengers are in compliance (unless they’re eating or drinking). Orlanda Welch 360-929-0041

The food could be better

Positiv: "Sehr positiv dass man der Person neben mir einen freien Platz anbot und wir dadurch mehr Platz hatten. Sitzplatz hatte ausreichend Platz und das Unterhaltungsprogramm war sehr gut."
Negativ: "Frühstück hätte besser sein können"
Positiv: "Poor"
Negativ: "Told I would need to check my bag at the gate, only to find plenty of overhead bin space once all passengers boarded"
Positiv: "The crew"
Negativ: "Bigger seats and warmer cabin"
Negativ: "Clean the bathroom!! Horrible, horrible, horrible!!"
Positiv: "Very easy flight. Easy boarding and seating."
Negativ: "Nan"
Negativ: "Worst flight experience of my entire life."
Negativ: "Pünktlich"
Positiv: "great crew, easy flight"
Negativ: "Very late flight, seats bad"
Negativ: "Seats very uncomfortable Planes tatty Toilets very dirty"
Negativ: "bei einem 45 min Flug kann man nicht viel anders machen"
Positiv: "eingentlich war gar nichts wirklich gut. sondern max mässig"
Negativ: "Es gibt 2x auf einem über 11 Stunden non-stop Flug was zum essen:Nach dem Start und einmal 1,5 Stunden vor der Landung. 9 Std. nichts. Wenn dann eine Stewardess helfen will mit einem kleinen Snack aber von einem Kollegin gebremst wird, dann finde ich das unverschämt!! "Wir machen keine Ausnahmen!""
Negativ: "Waited on runway for 30 minutes before taking off. No explanation from cockpit. Waited another 10 minutes once landed before pulling into deplaning area. It was an uncomfortable flight."
Positiv: "Great crew"
Negativ: "More legroom"
Positiv: "Personal freundlich und in dem Fall war der Punkt 20 Minuten überpünktlich"
Negativ: "Wie üblich auf diesen kurzen Flügen keine Bordunterhaltung. Relativ wenig Sitzabstand wie sonst aber auch üblich (bei knappe 1,90m) wenn kein spezieller Sitz mehr frei ist."
Negativ: "I missed having the navigation map when traveling such a long distance."
Positiv: "Leider verspätet"
Negativ: "Very little communication at the gate and 4 hours late. No offer of food vouchers or future travel vouchers."
Negativ: "Entertainment während des Fluges nur gegen Aufpreis mittels Kreditkartenzahlung möglich"
Negativ: "streaming entertainment and wifi were not functioning on this flight Seats are smaller in width (17inches) with the newer seating configuration in economy on the Boeing 777"
Negativ: "Flight cancelled due to weather"
Negativ: "- knapp unter 6 Std Flugzeit und nur ein Mini-sackerl bretzen zum Essen - für jedes Gepäckstück wird kassiert"
Positiv: "Flug hat Minimumkriterien erfuellt. Puenklichkeit und Sicherheit. Getraenke wurden offeriert."
Negativ: "Ich bin klein und fand es beengend. Das überraschendste war aber das komplett fehlende Unterhaltungsprogramm. Nicht mal ein gemeinschaftlicher Monitor. Dies bei einem 4h Flug. Info über vorhandene Service( entertainment und food ) im Flug wäre wünschenswert."
Positiv: "The price was unreal so I had to jump on this, I was able to get on and off with my backpack no problem. The flights were good, captains were very communicative about times, expectations and when turbulence was present."
Negativ: "The check in had to be done in person because of the need to check my bag size, I felt a little insulted that I would have to be checked on my honesty. When I got to the check in it was like watching a special forces team measuring and prodding peoples bags to get them in to the little box even when the shapes were the reason they couldn't fit, not the size of the bags. I literally watched someone fit their bag and the attendant take it out and make it misshaped for the box and show how it didn't slide in. I had no issues with my luggage, but that sucked to watch happen to others. The food and drinks came about 10 minutes before the plane landed."
Negativ: "See my comment above. This flight was also delayed."
Positiv: "Business Class entsprach voll den Erwartungen, nur das erste Mal war der Flug rückwärts"
Positiv: "Prinzipiell ok aber nicht First Class Standard, wie gebucht"
Positiv: "Most of my flights this time had more legroom than I’ve been seeing lately. Very pleasant flight and nice not to be so cramped. The flight also left from the same terminal in Denver as my previous flight. With a 1 hour connection that was wonderful. Keep that up, United! The crew also came by regularly with offers of water. Much appreciated."
Negativ: "Naturally no food except pretzels."
Negativ: "no legroom"
Positiv: "Flights on time"
Negativ: "Luggage arrived 2 hours late on separate flight"
Positiv: "Siehe Bewertung in den Kategorien. Essen ok, Boarding entspannt und ein guter Flug für den Preis (sehr günstig)"
Negativ: "Nicht sehr viel Platz, zu wenige Getränke über den Flugzeitraum, Personal nur mäßig freundlich, kein Boardentertainment am Platz nur über zentrale Lautsprecher aller 4-5 Reihen (Flug durchgeführt von United)"
Positiv: "Guter Komfort und gute Beinfreiheit zu den Vordersitzen so dass man auch nach einem Langstreckenflug von München nach San Francisco entspannt ankommt."
Negativ: "PA system was painfully too loud."
Positiv: "Safe landing. Open seats."
Negativ: "Late take off. No one to take my bag by the plane so it stayed on the ground and then they had to come in the plane to decide if each carry on stowed under was safe."
Positiv: "Refer Austin to San Francisco"
Negativ: "Refer Austin to San Francisco. I do not like being the one that is negative in a rating but our experience with simply untenable. I observe the most of the passengers were also unhappy and openly complaint."
Negativ: "... und alles kostet extra: Bordunterhaltung, Essen, Bier."
Positiv: "Wir waren sehr knapp dran. Wir erreichten den Flieger nur, weil uns Airline Angestellte geholfen haben und wir durch den Flughafen gespurtet sind."
Positiv: "Comfy seats and they offered a beverage"
Negativ: "Our plane smelled horrible: like a bus full of HS boys after playing basketball in Satan's sauna for 2 1/2 hrs. No entertainment options but it was less than an hour flight so didn't really care. Our flight attendant said nothing about our carry on being bigger than the compartments of our tiny plane so we walked to the back with our bag just to bring it bag and them check it"
Positiv: "This was very different than most United flights I have been on. Even in Economy the seats were wide, well padded, with actual legroom. How I wish I had this plane on the 4 hour trip that preceded it. Way to go, United. Buy more of these planes."
Negativ: "The flight was too short to say much about. Everything went very well."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Rudeness of flight attendant Departure time changes Gate changes"
Positiv: "Avoid flying with United at all cost!"
Negativ: "United is the worst airline Terrible customer service !"

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