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Korean AirErgebnis aus 5044 Bewertungen

Worst experience I've had in 50 yrs of flying.... luggage...n no offer of anything.... Possible I'll never fly Delta again

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Worst experience I've had in 50 yrs of flying.... luggage...n no offer of anything.... Possible I'll never fly Delta again

Korean Air was very friendly and professional! I am kinda tall and skinny so my legs cramped up and my butt hurt after awhile, I used my pillow to sit on. Not a fault of the airline just a bit uncomfortable, but it was long flights.

They let me board first because I'm a cancer patient & 75 years old. That was greatly helpful.

Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Everything was great!"
Negativ: "Some announcements were only made in Korean. Would have been nice to have it in English for international flight."
Positiv: "The services that the representative up to the flight crew provided to the passengers are excellent."
Negativ: "Smooth flight"
Positiv: "Fortunately plane not full and was able to use adjacent seat(s)."
Positiv: "Excellent crews."
Negativ: "bathroom space and selection of shows."
Positiv: "Nice bathhroom size"
Negativ: "I dont like the 2x seating in business, seats are not up to what they should be, i was glad it was a short flight"
Positiv: "Great service, plenty of leg room, exceptional staff. Toilets refreshed often. Will def fly again."
Negativ: "More detailed online infor for kids food. Australian fried rice varies greatly from korean!!! Potato crisp packets of chips would be a good snack option for kids instead of prawn crackers / brownies. Kids like plain stuff!"
Positiv: "Comfortable flight"
Positiv: "Same as above."
Negativ: "would not accept my confirm check in on line"
Positiv: "The flight attendants were very attentive, I just thought it was weird that they aren’t allowed to take pictures? That was the only strange thing. Overall one of the best experiences with an airline compared to most. Probably because of the unlimited tasty beverages ;)"
Negativ: "Strange that flight attendants can’t take pictures like stated above. And the video games are horribly outdated!"
Negativ: "1. Planes outdated - We were on an old airplane from Seoul which had compact seating, touch screen on tv controls were not functional. We had to help our kids with the program selections. Wished that the 7 hour flights are upgraded to newer ones with touch screen control, just like the 12 hour flights. 2. Food options not available - My son & daughter ended up skipping both meals during the second leg. They did not want to eat hamburger in kids menu, Korean air did not have alternate meal option like pasta or pizza in flight, which was not what I had expected. Cold sandwiches were offere prior to landing in breakfast menu, all of us had to skip it. 3. Turbulence - my son ended up vomiting twice in second leg. Fortunately we carried 2 spare sets of clothes. 4. Checked baggage in Mumbai airport took 1.5 hours to arrive on the baggage claim belt which was just a waste of time. Korean Air staff just blamed airport authorities on the baggage delay and did not inform anxious passengers awaiting for their baggage after the long flight. Korean air was inefficient in every way."
Positiv: "We boarded quickly and efficiently. It was a 90 minute flight and they served a sandwich, fruit, salad and water plus juice or soda. Very friendly and efficient flight crew."
Negativ: "I have no complaints."
Positiv: "Excellent service and delicious food and clean."
Negativ: "No wifi on board. Not many movies."
Positiv: "Got the seats we wanted. If you are travelling with an infant this is top priority and they delivered"
Negativ: "Flight delayed by an hour"
Positiv: "The service"
Negativ: "The width of the seats"
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "I missed my connection because of fog. (Obviously a problem they could not fix, so I’m not upset about that.) I asked to change flights in Fukuoka so I wouldn’t miss it but I was told then I wouldn’t be able to take my connecting flight in Incheon???? Even though it was Korean Air??? Fukuoka lacked any information when our flight might come or if it would possibly be cancelled. Got to Incheon near midnight, I then waited for three and half hours in a line to rebook for the next day, and when they helped me they gave me a ticket. They said they couldn’t give me any hotel accommodations because of all the missed flights, but didn’t offer some other compensation. I didn’t get a voucher which I saw other people in line get. When I asked to upgrade to business class( I was willing to pay the extra money) I was told it was too expensive for me. After my trip I will never fly Korean Air again."
Negativ: "Incheon airport transfer has been always bad. Min 1.5h transfer time might be needed unless you are ready to run."
Positiv: "Was very far but the crew was very helpful and attentive all the way here. We had an infant with us and the crew did everything to make him comfortable when he was fuzzy."
Positiv: "I am big person, and being able to cross my legs even in economy seats is a real relief. Good selection of Hollywood and Asian films was enjoyable. I liked that our flight data was always viewable in a variety of formats."
Negativ: "the cabin temperature was a little hot. The staff tunred it down after i asked, but even then it was still a bit warm for me. People who are cold can put on blankets or jackets, but people who are hot can't remove clothing, so i think a lower standard temperature setting would be nice."
Positiv: "the flight attendants were great and it flight was smooth."
Negativ: "long flight"
Positiv: "Boarding was quick and easy. I didn't have the food onboard but it smelled alright. Staff happily kept offering to refill my water on the ~2 hr flight (probably more frequently than JAL asked during my 13 hr flight a couple months ago...). Overall, good flight. Professional staff. We didn't crash so that's always good."
Negativ: "Seat was uncomfortable, but when you're flying economy nowadays, that's pretty much expected. Took a while for us to get into the air but that was probably just due to it being a holiday and potentially many flights backing up the runway."
Positiv: "Everything was very clean, on time, very efficient, staff was very polite."
Positiv: "Korean Air staff friendly, accommodating. Meal choices were always chicken, beef or cream pasta."
Positiv: "Excellent Service super"
Negativ: "Lack of food option for vegetarian"
Positiv: "The staff was friendly and even though it was a quick flight they still provided a light meal. They were very efficient getting people on and off the plane."
Positiv: "Service, food, entertainment"
Negativ: "Can't choose my own seats"
Positiv: "The flights were excellent. Hong Kong to Seoul and Seoul to Seattle. Business class lounge in Hong Kong was comfortable."
Negativ: "The business class lounge in Seoul was very crowded with non-business class passengers. Not a pleasant experience."
Positiv: "Korean air is wonderful. They maintain high standards of professionalism and friendly service that are sadly lost by American airlines. This sets them in high favor above the rest. Thank you!"
Negativ: "I would like to see more vegetarian meal options as well as possible ways to reduce paper waste and make a more positive impact on the environment."
Positiv: "Flight comfortable, service superb, clean and smooth flight. They went all out to make everyone feel as comfortable as they could."
Negativ: "Scrambled eggs were overlooked. Breakfast lacked variety. Otherwise, it was all good."
Positiv: "Friendly efficient service by crew at check-in and in-flight"
Negativ: "Super tight space with very little leg rooms and no in-flight entertainment"
Positiv: "The crew was very anxious or something, controlling for no reason."
Negativ: "Next time"
Positiv: "You can go on a free city tour if you are transiting at Incheon airport. Also fantastic public area for transiting customer with free showers, upholstered day bed, charge stations. Paid massages , Paid airport hotels or lounges with buffet."
Negativ: "There was nothing we didn't like about our flight to Seoul"
Negativ: "Late boarding and then sat on plane for approximately 30 minutes before taxi. Arrived Busan 45 min late and never heard an explanation why."
Positiv: "I liked everything about my flight from the attendants to the food. Overall, it was a great experience. :)"
Negativ: "special meals especially Hindu meals non vegetarian"
Positiv: "First class service even n economy."
Negativ: "We are delayed for 2 hours"
Positiv: "Leg room was more than most economy; however, my seat would not lay down and it was miserable for 11 hr ride from Korea to Los Angeles, California."
Negativ: "Seat would not lay down for 11 hours."
Positiv: "Great service by all. Very friendly and helpful staff. Thank you for an enjoyable and smooth flight!"
Positiv: "Seat had leg room"
Negativ: "Felt old and dated."
Positiv: "Very happy with flight. I haven't been disappointed with Korean Air, which I have chosen a couple times for my business trips to Thailland."
Negativ: "Normally the food is very good. This time the chicken and rice had a lot of fat on the meat. Other than that there were no problems."
Positiv: "Food was great"
Negativ: "Headphone jack in seat didn't work correctly"
Positiv: "Hospitality was top notch! Always friendly and helpful. Food and snacks was good. Liked having the TV in front of me for the long flight. Liked having the toothbrush!"
Negativ: "The ability to upgrade when there were many open seats and I was told at check in that there were no seats available. I had fallen during my vacation and really wanted to upgrade so I can stretch out to not put a lot of pressure on my low back and hip for a 12+ hour flight, and didn't get the chance. Was pretty upset when I walked around and noticed many open seats in both business class and first class. (first class curtain was opened for a short period of time)"
Negativ: "It's the transfer with customs check again which is really not necessary and very inconvenient. The line was always long."

Movie selections very poor. Lots of talk about social distancing before boarding and then in economy class we are packed in like sardines.

Service is ok

Best leg room on their 777 we have experienced in Economy across the Pacific. A big plus since I am 6'1". The food was abominable on flights originating from Japan. Mainly mystery dishes.

No comment

Japan Airlines should have done better incorporated with other codeshare airlines (JetBlue) to make sure our reservation doesn’t get mess up and that’s one of the reason why we stayed in Newyork for the whole day to wait for the next flight. Could have been much better experience but it wasn’t and worse. My flight got delayed in Newyork causing us to miss out our flight on the outbound from Narita to Vietnam. On the way back, the agent from JP airlines messed up our reservation and separate our name into 2 different reservations making us running around to figure out how to get the boarding pass for my partner which is ridiculous.

Flight was delayed. Food is not good. Crew are confuse and it’s not Japan airlines that I know of.

The airline wanted to charge me an additional $108.00 to check my second bag despite their policy stating that the first two checked bags are free. In order to not miss my flight, I had to leave one bag. Thankfully, I had enough room in my other bag and carry on to accommodate all my things.

Super, long line at check-in. Once they opened up the first class window for everybody, things moved somewhat faster. Flight was still delayed by one hour. Flight itself was smooth. Food was good for the first meal and mediocre for the second. JAL flight attendants could speak better English.

Positiv: "It was a great service overall!"
Positiv: "great crew"
Negativ: "better breakfast or snack before arrival"
Positiv: "It was great..."
Negativ: "Lavatories on domestic flights in Japan are tiny. Like, super duper tiny."
Positiv: "The crew members polite and nice."
Negativ: "To time the food service more evenly. Left side passengers were served a meal and finished before the right side was served food."
Negativ: "Cabin crews need to learn how to smile."
Negativ: "Air on the plane was stuffy"
Positiv: "Spacious leg room"
Negativ: "Toilets can be cleaner . And food could be tastier with 2 choices ."
Positiv: "Two choices of meal, friendlier staff, better head cushion. Props to JAL."
Positiv: "Very nice flight attendants providing perfect service. Very nice food, exceptional for economy class. Huge leg room and wide seats (only 8 seats per row in a B777, other airlines usually have 9 or even 10 seat per row, this parity to some eco plus seats) Good entertaining system with good choice of new movies."
Negativ: "The boarding process was a bit unfortunate. But this might have something to do with Oneworld and not only JAL. Sapphire and Ruby members board at the same time, making the boarding process a bit crowded for a elite member. But apart from that he boarding was well organized."
Positiv: "Very respe tful staff."
Negativ: "Dirty restrooms."
Negativ: "Tickets were in the wrong name and the company that issued them refused to fix the problem. I ended up buying a second ticket directly from the airlines."
Positiv: "Great crew! Easy transfer. Handled our luggage very well! Will fly again. Food was good!"
Negativ: "More movie options would have been nice."
Positiv: "The food was good the crew was trying to accommodate"
Negativ: "I have a slight gut and the food tray wouldn’t come out on the seat assigned to me. Could have changed my seat would have paid more for it but they said it that wasn’t an option."
Negativ: "Tight seating."
Positiv: "Very helpful and polite"
Negativ: "I got a sore but comes the seat was not very padded"
Positiv: "Courtesy and thoughtful services throughout the flight More leg room and better food than typical American Airlines’ economy"
Negativ: "Can’t think of any thing"
Positiv: "The seating on this plane was super spacious and comfortable- leg and seats. Also the seatbelt gave real room. The plane was cleaned; crew friendly, food delicious- featuring semi- famous chefs and well ventilated."
Negativ: "Flights should enter from back to front that way you're not waking over people to get your seat.-"
Positiv: "Service and airplane are the best!"
Positiv: "I liked everything with JAL. Seats are comfortable, good food, excellent service."
Positiv: "Politeness. It definitely stands out."
Negativ: "Coffee. It just didn’t taste good to me. But they had wine!"
Positiv: "JAL has always provided exceptional value for money and top notch service."
Negativ: "Have taken several JAL flight the last 1 year and this flight was significantly worse than the last few. Especially the meals."
Positiv: "The service, more leg rooms and flight attendants were very friendly."
Positiv: "The Crew"
Negativ: "This terminal is not easy to find. You have to take bus from the main terminal."
Positiv: "Attendants appeared intolerant and impatient. Not the pleasant courteous crew flying into Japan."
Positiv: "Boarding and crew"
Negativ: "Lost luggage"
Positiv: "The customer service overall was really good."
Negativ: "The food always messes up my stomach, where the whole day after I can’t eat anything"
Positiv: "Great service and terrific vegan meals served. Facilities were clean and personnel were very helpful and provided terrific service to the passengers."
Positiv: "Very nice quality crew and consistent service. Very helpful at desk check-in. Compared to US airlines, is much prefer Japan Airlines!"
Negativ: "The flight was late to board. The crew was polite but not overly friendly. I wish they had an earlier flight so we didn't have a 15 hr delay in Narita but I guess the itinerary is what it is."
Positiv: "The flight was smooth and the seating was comfortable."
Negativ: "It was an evening flight, but the cabin lights were never dimmed, so it was difficult to rest."
Positiv: "Very warm attendants Excellent food for the price paid Highly professional crew Efficient boarding and ontime takeoff"
Positiv: "Ich habe den Flug sehr genossen. Die Filmauswahl war hervorragend, das Personal sehr freundlich, und das Essen geniessbar."
Positiv: "Good service."
Positiv: "The workers are always wonderful."
Negativ: "Food was not as good as in the passed."
Positiv: "I didn't like anything about it."
Negativ: "The seats are uncomfortable. No wifi. Need to upgrade the plane. No seats for economy plus or business class available. Will never fly with Japan airlines again!"
Positiv: "Japan Airlines is a good airline. They treated my family and I well during our flight home. The food was excellent and healthy. We received hot towels before our meals and the staff were friendly and courteous, which is expected of Japanese service, in general. I loved Japan and coming back to the US on a Japanese airline was the best choice! Thanks!"
Positiv: "Plenty of leg room, which as a tall person I truly appreciate. They give you slippers, blanket, pillow on every (international?) flight. I flew Korea to Japan and Japan to Hawaii. Got free meals on all flights, even my short two hr flight between Korea and Japan. Free booze too! Super nice check in agent as well."
Negativ: "Nothing!"
Positiv: "very friendly and very helpful from checkin in to departing"
Negativ: "some flt attendants didnt speak english or they didnt understand what i was saying. (but it was fine, i was flying on a Japanese airline and didnt expect them to speak english."
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Free Wi-Fi would be nice"
Positiv: "Always on time!"
Negativ: "Everything is perfect."
Negativ: "too little legroom seating is designed shorter legged Japanese"
Positiv: "The schedule was convenient to get to Tokyo quickly Check in was fast"
Negativ: "The food was more "modest" than I'm used to, but my expectations aren't high"
Positiv: "My seat and my son's seat were booked apart on the both flights. So I requested the representatives at the check in counters at both airports to change our seats so that we could seat next each other. They were willing to help us out and we got the great seats. They had to ask other customers to help this out, too. In the airplanes, the flight attendants were extremely helpful and friendly when we asked them questions and favors, with nice smiles and calm quiet voices. No wonder the atmosphere was very relaxing and quiet during the both flights. The leg room was roomier and the facilities were newer. When I saw three pilots bowed to the customers before getting into the airplane, I felt they were very professional and ready for their jobs."
Negativ: "Some food items were too Japanese. Dried Natto snack was especially weird for my son."
Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Seats"
Positiv: "Service"
Negativ: "On this day, I’m well please."
Negativ: "Plane was 3+ hours late to depart from San Francisco to San Diego on Christmas Eve. Flight attendants could have been much friendlier. Although it didn't apply to me, I didn't like the manner in which the heavyset female flight attendant asked people to store their items under their seats as we were arriving in San Diego. She was very grumpy. Not polite. No smile. Very bossy.  Her poor attitude was definitely not necessary. Alaska can do a lot better."
Positiv: "Seats were really comfortable and find was great"
Negativ: "In flight movies and TV shows we're a bit dated and didn't find any of them very desirable"
Negativ: "More legroom, but what do I expect in economy?"
Positiv: "It was the Badtz Maru plane"
Negativ: "There were bulkhead seats that people were not allowed to move to even though most of the rows were full. The bulkhead row remained completely empty."
Positiv: "Flight attendants were all nice and friendly."
Positiv: "Being able to check bags and get boarding pass at Taipei Main station prior to boarding MRT (similar to Hong Kong) is a very useful convenience. EVA staff there were extremely pleasant and helpful."
Positiv: "schlafgelegenheit flaches Bett mit Auflage und Privacy in der BusClass"
Negativ: "die EVA App ist unterentwickelt....ich konnte keine Sitze andern...sass ohne Fenster vor der geruchsintensive Küche (7k) obwohl viele Alternativen noch verfügbar waren. Personal ist sehr bemüht, aber man spürt dass die Freundlichkeit aufgesetzt ist und die Kompetenz übertünchen soll. ca 20% qualität m Vergleich zum Flug vom 2.2. von Wien nach Taipeh"
Positiv: "I was late for my flight and the crew got me on standby for the next flight. No charges and no charge for checked bag. Exceptional customer service."
Positiv: "durch den Flug von Wien nach Taipeh war ich verwöhnt. aber die Verpflegung war noch immer sehr gut"
Negativ: "die Lounge am Flughafen ist schlecht beschildert und der Service ist ebenso schlecht wie bei Thai."
Positiv: "Alles hat mir gefallen. Treatment als BusinessClass Passagier spürbar SUPER"
Positiv: "Crew was very friendly. Very clean toilets."
Negativ: "Maybe add more movies."
Positiv: "Best airlines"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Flight attendants courteous and efficient. Seat comfortable, flight smooth"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "The food taste not so good."
Positiv: "Customer Service was great"
Negativ: "Afraid that the airline may need a backup plan in case people miss there connecting flights."
Positiv: "comfortable"
Negativ: "good service as expected."
Negativ: "The crew were not very friendly, they went about their tasks but did not engage with the customers in a friendly manner. It was very much as though they were doing the minimum for the job/flight. For instance, when you board and sit down the first thing they give you is the menu and then the landing card. But I've just sat down I don't need these two extra pieces of paper immediately. I sat on an aisle and must have been knocked 5-6 times by the carts. After I was bumped then I hear the 'excuse us, carts coming through'."
Positiv: "Departure time"
Negativ: "Meal was not good at all."
Positiv: "I must say I was skeptical on my first flight with this airline. Staff was very nice. The lady that did my tickets left a very nice note on my plane seat. The ride was very comfortable. The plane and restroom were neat and orderly. I would definitely recommend to my fellow travelers."
Negativ: "My fruit platter was all fruit that was not ripe, but no big deal."
Positiv: "Everything is perfect"
Positiv: "Anytime I have flown with a star alliance airline, I've been more than satisfied with the flight, the cost, the crew and the service. All star alliance member airlines are an excellent choice. Truly EVA is one of the "Stars" in Asia and it shows."
Negativ: "Nothing I didn't like"
Positiv: "Food and service"
Negativ: "Seats not very comfortable, not enough room for knees/legs"
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Long wait to get to jfk terminal"
Positiv: "Plane is new and clean, crew professional and they even served a meal for a 1.5 hour flight from Taipei to Hong Kong"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Overall great experience flying with Eva Air. Smooth flight and the food was pretty good compared to other airlines."
Positiv: "Service and boarding were very nice and smooth. Food and entertainment were excellent."
Positiv: "Good legroom."
Negativ: "Was asked if I could check in my carryon because flight was full. I refused because I had something fragile in the bag. after boarding several overhead bins were empty."
Positiv: "Comfortable seats and tasty food. Very prompt stewardess and good manner. Passengers are well behave."
Negativ: "Long wait to check in. No information on the late check in. Information regarding lounges was not provided or apparent. Web site did not have this info."
Positiv: "I liked the service and the politeness of all the staff. The food and beverages were also great."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Legroom i believe is better than other economy seats. Boarding and disembarkation was fast and orderly. Staff were very helpful. Restrooms were kept clean during the long flight."
Negativ: "Few movie/TV selections"
Positiv: "Crew was most helpful and gracious."
Negativ: "I had food poison after eating their porridge and orange juice."
Negativ: "The 6 hours layover"
Positiv: "Your staff were all very helpful with a smile."
Negativ: "I wish there were more movie choices"
Positiv: "helpful staff at check in in jfk airport. flights were not too crowded. only one stop to final destination."
Negativ: "delay for more than one hour from jfk airport"
Positiv: "Flight attendants very nice."
Negativ: "Old movies. Need more drink service on 14 hour flight."
Positiv: "The flight attendants were very attentive. The meals were excellent! Eva Air surpassed my expectations. I will definitely fly Eva Air again"
Negativ: "None"
Positiv: "Same"
Negativ: "Same"
Positiv: "Gutes Preis Leistung für Premium Eco"
Positiv: "See above comment please"
Negativ: "See above comment please"
Positiv: "same as above"
Positiv: "Wonderful staff, attentive crew, good overall experience"
Positiv: "Great vegetarian options that can be selected in advance. Very kind and courteous staff! Flew Eva to and from Asia and staff consistently exceeded expectations."
Negativ: "Husband and I got separated for long leg from Taipei to Seattle. Got stuck in between to very large men...impossible to really sleep. The middle seats should cost less."
Positiv: "Food, Crew and the service is great!!!"
Positiv: "Friendly staff"
Positiv: "I like the service."
Negativ: "The Taiwanese food wasn't really that great. I hope they can change the menu."

Flight delayed, crew didn't seem to care. Asked if they could make an announcement to allow connecting flights off first but no. Entertainment screen and power not working

Scene at Athens airport was chaos. There are no self-check-in machines and apparently, like me, no one was able to check-in in advance using the email link. Hundreds of people on line and only ONE counter agent (a second one arrived after a while)! Crowd noise made it impossible to hear announcements. At the counter I received a boarding pass with no seat assignment! Had to push through the crush of people at the gate counter to get a pass with a seat assigned. Posted boarding status was inaccurate. Boarding was not by group--just a mill of people on a ragged line. No jetway so we had to get a bus out to the tarmac and use the stairway to board. The plane was freezing cold, at least in my back row. Entertainment options are fun, a big improvement over the old days, but the one video I chose to watch kept stopping and seemed to be defective. Food was moderately awful, especially the leaden pizza pocket handed out at the end without even a napkin. The crew seemed indifferent and not well organized (dinner was handed out before the drink cart, e.g.). I must say that conditions on the flight TO Athens were much better; no complaints there.

Negativ: "flight didn't even happen"
Positiv: "I was very appreciative that the cabin crew went through the cabin prior to take off to check that everyone was wearing a mask properly (covering mouth AND nose). I flew United a few weeks ago and had to politely ask the person next to me both on return and departing flight to make sure the mask covered thier nose. A lot of people in the cabin weren't wearing masks properly and the crew didn't seem to care."
Positiv: "Crew was great"
Negativ: "Not operating in any way like there is a pandemic going on. Both overbooked flights. Put everybody too close together and then spouted a bunch of social distancing. All words no action. No sanitizer or wipes offered. No amenities."
Negativ: "Lots of turbulence, but well-handled by the pilot. All lights in cabin were left on from takeoff to cruising, which made two infants cry that entire hour."
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "The size of the plane."
Negativ: "Wider seats. More entertainment options other that the Limited Live Television options."
Positiv: "The crew seemed nice, they allowed me to board early."
Negativ: "There was no entertainment because the system was not working in our area."
Negativ: "Better snacks"
Positiv: "The boarding process was not complicated and my moved along in an orderly fashion."
Negativ: "Make the seats more comfortable! Especially on long fights where the risk of blood clots are higher."
Negativ: "kleines Frühstück für umsonst"
Negativ: "No complaints, great crew, great service, great flight!"
Positiv: "Gratis Upgrade in die First bekommen - eigene Suite!"
Negativ: "alles gut"
Positiv: "Included beverage"
Negativ: "No headphones"
Positiv: "Great service from crew!"
Negativ: "Satisfied all around..."
Positiv: "Comfortable flight and was able to get a couple hours of sleep in."
Positiv: "Das bordprogramm filmauswahl"
Negativ: "Vom Einchecken übers umsteigen war alles schlecht organisiert Und am Ende ging auch noch mein Gepäck verloren!"
Positiv: "Sehr nette crew"
Negativ: "Crew kannte die Maschine nicht, Fluggäste wurden gratis umgesetzt"
Positiv: "Könnten einen früheren Flug finden"
Negativ: "Leider nicht den gleichen Status bekommen"
Negativ: "Crew needs to improve their attitude"
Positiv: "Variety of snacks and friendly service. Good entertainment selection."
Negativ: "Signs for Finnair and AA were hard to find on departure."
Positiv: "Good plane with excellent crew."
Negativ: "Bulkhead seat in Main Cabin Extra was a nightmare. One has to be in cirque du soleil to navigate through breakfast in the extra small tray."
Positiv: "Flugzeug war ein altes Flugzeug meine ich. Durchdas es nicht voll besetzt war hatte ich einen 3er Sitz für mich alleine. Super Besatzung wirkte auf mich gestresst ganzes Team war auch untereinander nicht harmonisch. Bordunterhaltung gabs nur in Oben alle 3 bis Sitzreihen einen TV dort konnte man Film schauen, nicht nach eigener Wahl. Sonst konnte man Film und Unterhaltung im Händy oder schauen Tablet herunterladen.Brauchst einfach gute Batterien dafür es gab keine Auflade Möglichkeiten, nur am Airport."
Negativ: "Besatzung Bordunterhaltung Verpflegung,alles mit Kartongschachteln wurdest nicht gefragt was du willst. Wurde einfach wauf den Klapptisch hingeknallt. Alles in allem sonst ruhig sauber und in Ordnung."
Positiv: "Dass ich sogar einen Kaffe und einkleiner Snack in Form von kleienem Keks bekam. Ich war vorbereitet, dass ich nichts erhalte.Hatte etwas zu Essen dabei. Freundliches Personal Bordunterhaltung nur bezahlbar und übers Laptop oder Handy Hatte Auflade Möglichkeiten beim vorder Sitz.."
Positiv: "I like the fact that I made it to London alive. The turbulence was so bad and the pilot never came on and reassured us I was shaking and nervous all the way across the ocean"
Negativ: "The boarding issue to me is a big problem you should put the conditions of the ticket up front and center for example boarding last when you are on an international flight with bags that need to be put in the overhead is a big problem having to pay for each seed internationally for each leg of the trip made my ticket just as expensive as if I had bought it from a regular company never again will I use your service rip off rip off. Once you buy the ticket then you send clarification letting the passenger know they have no rights I had no right to anything I was wondering if they were going to tell me I had to clean the plane in order to be transported from New York to Spain. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer you got over on me once but never again"
Positiv: "I wanted to fly british airways because they have newer nicer more modern planes where even coach has electrical plugs. Seats are more comfortable. Imagine my surprise when my flight was changed to American Airlines on a plane that was so old the seats didn’t have inflight entertainment and they were way too small."
Negativ: "Never made it to Chicago, rerouted through Washington DC."
Negativ: "Keine Boarungerhaltung, unfreundliches Personal, grosse Verspätungen und enge Sitze. Und dies alles für Interkontinentalraketen Flügen. Alles schlecht bei American Airlines. Nie mehr."
Positiv: "Crew was personable and proactive in settling families in and helping with luggage. Funny and helpful. Movie choices were great! We were early to gate."
Negativ: "It was a very long check in process in Madrid, and 45 minutes more to gate. I think it may just be layout of Madrid airport, but I would suggest to anyone getting to airport a minimum of 3.5 hours before flight."
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war freundlich und aufmerksam. Leider sind beide Flüge verspätet abgeflogen."
Negativ: "Essen war sehr gut. Sitzplätze gemütlich mit genug Platz für Beine."
Positiv: "Plane was alright."
Negativ: "Delayed departure delayed deboarsing. Extra flight time = 1 hr due to delays."
Positiv: "The have the lotus cookies which is my favorite ."
Positiv: "The staff was great, luckily an pretty empty flight"
Negativ: "The food in coach is a disgrace. It’s terrible a few $$ More and it would actually be have way decent"
Positiv: "Alle waren aufmerksam, auf dem Flug selbst lief alles reibungslos."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte 30 Minuten Verspätung und mein Koffer traf mit einem eheren Flieger ein und stand deshalb relativ unbeaufsichtigt in der Gegend rum."
Positiv: "Seats were reasonably comfortable. On time departure, early arrival. Gate crews not ready in SF"
Negativ: "Entertainment options good, but require download of a proprietary app. Quit trying to sell us credit cards! Should get more than a pack of cookies for a 6 hour flight."
Positiv: "Boarding was quick, flight took off and landed close to the time it was supposed to."
Negativ: "Seats could be more comfortable, first check d bag could be included instead."
Positiv: "Comfortable and cleaned."
Negativ: "Boarding was a little crazy."
Negativ: "Im Prinzip war der Flug in time gelandet. Aber dann 40 Minuten gewartet bis ein Gate frei ist. Danach ewiges warten auf den Koffer. Sehr schlechter Service, keine Informationen."
Negativ: "Terrible"
Positiv: "Flug Personal war OK aber für sitze waren sehr klein und musste Arm gegen Arm mit Sitznachbarn fliegen. (Unsere Maschine war ein Boeing 787)."
Negativ: "Essen war auch nicht sehr gut."
Positiv: "sehr gutes Essen und Unterhaltungsprogramm."
Negativ: "Sitze waren ok,"
Negativ: "Lost my luggage and flight delayed"
Negativ: "Eine uralte Maschine mit wenigen zentralen Monitoren für die Bordunterhaltung"
Positiv: "The crew was nice"
Negativ: "It felt like flying low cost, no entertainment, they had screens in the center but I couldn’t see it cause I was sitting by the window, and no choice of what to watch."
Positiv: "Entertainment Captain Food"
Negativ: "it was cancelled "mechanical" sure heard that one before"
Positiv: "i like the wifi internet that AA provided. Great movies"
Negativ: "The flight attendants were highly rude and i felt as if i was discriminated on. I was sitting in the back and the flight attendant who was suppose to assist us made us feel like i was a bother to her. First of all she just rudly dropped biscuits on my table didnt ask if i wanted and then I had to ask her for coffee, she didnt ask me if i wanted something to drink. Finally she brought my daughter and I some coffee. i ask for sugar and she said im very busy you have to wait....eventually she gave me one packet of sugar. I had to ask for another sugar for my daughter , so when i ask she gets upset and tells me i have to wait but there as a white who ask for assistance and she was very polite to her."
Positiv: "The fly departed on time"
Positiv: "Good service by crew and the food. That's about it."
Negativ: "The plane was old -6 seats across no leg room, seats narrow, packed in like sardines. Isle monitors for entertainment - everyone to watch selected old movies. Sound so garbled in our seats that we couldn't watch. Almost 8 hour international flight costing over $800 USD. Terrible."

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2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
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€ 1 675
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€ 1 743
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29:55 Std.VIE-FUK
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
27:10 Std.FUK-VIE
€ 1 925
3 StoppsAmerican Airlines
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€ 13 923

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€ 1 437

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Wien - Fukuoka

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