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Egypt AirErgebnis aus 2101 Bewertungen

The Management Online Staff Services

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The Management Online Staff Services

People handling was great Need entertainment

Letting us know our 8am flight would be 3 hours late, every flight of theirs was late by hours. Seems like it’s the same everyday. We could have slept in another couple hours easily instead of coming to the airport at 6am.

Negativ: "The food was very poor and tasteless , too much bread and it was cold. The choices of movies was poor."
Negativ: "Business class are not comfortable"
Positiv: "Good"
Negativ: "Goood"
Positiv: "The only thing is good, they gave us a room for the missing flight which is because of them. Poor customer service, no communication, the flight is always late and you will miss your flight."
Negativ: "Get organized and explain for the passengers why there is a delay."
Positiv: "Crew was courteous"
Negativ: "Better movies"
Positiv: "The airplane was specious and comfortable and the crew are extremely nice people"
Negativ: "We took off later than the expected time wäbut we and that‘s not I‘m used to from egyptair but eventually we reached our destination in the mean expected time, also the landing was a bit harsh and we felt it all"
Positiv: "New 787 is amazing plane ✈️"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "the crew was nice"
Negativ: "the food and seats"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "The planes for the 2 legs of the trip looked clean and well maintained. The seats were very comfortable and the crew were friendly and helpful."
Negativ: "Food and entertainment - There were limited choices for drinks on the Lagos - Cairo leg of the trip, basically water and soda were served. In addition, there was no personalized entertainment."
Positiv: "Very good pilot with landing and takeoff. Crew was ok. Was surprised about the food considering the short trip. Also, they revive silverware for economy class, so that’s definitely a plus"
Negativ: "The airplane was a little dirty or outdated shal I say. Entertainment is almost nonexistent."
Positiv: "The plane was overbooked"
Negativ: "I don’t think with airline like you could do something."
Positiv: "Short trip ..very good pilot , landing was smooth, as well as the take off."
Negativ: "Entertainment programs was so poor .."
Negativ: "Didn’t know I had to put into my reservation that I’m a vegetarian. Therefore there was no food for me on my flight."
Negativ: "2 Deutsche Filme waren etwas wenig unter 30. der Flug hätte 3 Stunden Verspätung und im Internet hat man mehr erfahren als man von Personal an Auskunft bekam . Traurige Angelegenheit"
Positiv: "Comfortable economy"
Negativ: "No entertainment options; no coffee/tea service"
Negativ: "Transit to jeddah is a nightmare"
Negativ: "The boarding time was delayed. The boarding process could have be more streamlined."
Positiv: "The flight was fine, overall okay. The food was good, especially dinner."
Negativ: "The flight attendants were not very friendly. The media selections were fine but the sound was not good."
Positiv: "We lost our bags but they find it after 9 hours Very bad experience"
Negativ: "Economy the same like business And they need to be more carful with the bags becouse we lost our bags for more then 9 hours"
Negativ: "better food"
Negativ: "Bathrooms dirty"
Positiv: "Everything. Fantastic lunch. Wonderful crew."
Negativ: "Nothing. Great service!"
Positiv: "Ich finde, Egypt Air nach GVA ist ein angenehmer Flug. Gute Piloten."
Negativ: "Musikauswahl und Tonqualität ist nicht gut. Das Gepäck ist nicht angekommen. Überlege mir, ob ich nicht doch wieder mit Swiss fliegen will ..."
Positiv: "On time friendly service and simple but tasty cookies and drinks during my the short flight"
Negativ: "If we’re ndows we’re cleaner to enjoy the views"
Positiv: "Fast and efficient."
Negativ: "Chaotic boarding. Rude crew. Cramped seating in n outdated plane. Repearing things in Arabic to someone who doesn’t understand doesn’t male it easier to understand."
Positiv: "It got me there"
Negativ: "No good movies"
Positiv: "Beinfreiheit und ein Mindestmaß an Komfort ist in dem Egypt Air Business Class Produkt vorhanden aber mehr auch nicht. In keine Fall vergleichbar mit den Produkten z.B. von Lufthansa, SAS oder auch nur BA"
Negativ: "Keine vollständigen Liegesitze, veraltete Maschinen, dreckige und verbrauchte WCs, mangelnder Service"
Positiv: "Good price. Direct flight. Decent food."
Negativ: "Offer more frequent complimentary drinks. Staff talking too loudly at back of plane while passengers trying to sleep."
Positiv: "Better than expected. Was as good as American , Delta, United. Not quite to the level of Aerlingus, Lufthansa, Emirates."
Negativ: "Stewards did a good job but were not engaging with the passengers. Not as friendly as could be. We would definitely fly Air Egypt again"
Positiv: "Big plane, multiple boarding points. Food did its job & helped with the long flight. Movies weren't expansive, but good choices to kill the time."
Negativ: "The crew did not have the key to unlock to doors leading to the plane, which forced everyone to wait 30 mins standing in line. It was quite silly! It delayed our flight about 30-45 minutes - not much, but really painful when the flight is almost 12 hours. The crew didn't tell us what was happening either, but it was pretty obvious."
Positiv: "Service was good Airplane was good .while some European air lines are cutting on service Egypt Air was generous. Entertainment was good too."
Negativ: "Boarding as usual un organized."
Negativ: "Plane was really old. They desperately need to upgrade their fleet."
Positiv: "Respectful, cheerful, and helpful crew members"
Negativ: "Food quality on Both flights was not that fresh!"
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "every thing thank you"
Positiv: "Flight wasn't packed. Reasonable room for carryons. Seat next to me was open, though most seats were full."
Negativ: "There was a late gate change in Cairo, which was not communicated to the new gate personnel. They were not ready to receive, there was no female screener which required a delay for the ladies to enter the gate area, and the plane was late leaving. Not a crisis, but was entirely avoidable. Also, I suggest avoiding long layovers in the Cairo airport. There are few chairs outside the eating areas."
Positiv: "The cabin is spacious and comfortable"
Negativ: "The food"
Positiv: "Crew was super nice and helpful. Flight schedule was on time."
Positiv: "The Pilots professionalism, frequent updates. The attention given to the passengers, especially mother's and babies."
Negativ: "Ground staff arbitrarily decided whose carryon luggage they should take because the flight was full and loading over head compartments do take up time and might cause delay. I would like to suggest that an announcement be made and ask passengers to volunteer their carryon to be loaded with other luggage..."
Positiv: "Food needs improvement"
Positiv: "Alle waren sehr aufmerksam und freundlich"
Negativ: "Das Essen hat mir persönlich nicht so geschmeckt, dass ist aber Geschmacksache"
Positiv: "Fair was inexpensive."
Negativ: "Too many security checks"
Positiv: "Excellent customer service"
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "Price was affordable . Short layover. Easy and good flight connection."
Negativ: "Poor snacks."

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€ 1 132

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