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Qatar AirwaysErgebnis aus 12107 Bewertungen

Could have responded when I called to ask for water. Poor response by crew. The flight had empty seats. Need to look for a different airline next time.

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Could have responded when I called to ask for water. Poor response by crew. The flight had empty seats. Need to look for a different airline next time.

I loved the entire Qatar experience - Thank You

The flights themselves were absolutely fine, no problems at all. The situation at Doha airport was chaos with no one sure of where 'transfer' passengers had to go. There were boards pointing one way and Qatar Airways staff pointing another way. This was very poorly handled and understandably made many passengers anxious. I managed to rush to make my flight but that should have never been a problem as I arrived with plenty of time for my flight. The chaos at the airport caused confusion and delay which were easily avoidable.

Tolle Maschine und super angenehme Crew.

Extremer Stress nach dem Upgrade auf Business class. Super advisor war extrem unflexibel. Meine Kids wurden extrem unfreundlich behandelt. Nach diesem Flug hat Qatar einen treuen Business Kunden mit mir verloren.

I love everything about Qatar airlines. Especially the airport and the the customer service they provided. The only problem was my sister was having stomach flu and terrible crumbs. She was asked if there is any chance she can have more comfortable seat, or place she can stretch her feet, so she can bear with the pain but the flight attendant told her that airline can’t accommodate her. It was frustrating to know that if someone feel unwell the airline doesn’t have any accommodations.

Everything was fine

Crew war nicht motiviert, hat Dinge vergessen, Bestellungen wurden ignoriert

Airlines lost all my bags and is not being helpful at all in tracing them. Value of baggage is over $25,000. I expect a full refund and expect to be compensated for the loss.

Poor boarding services, especially for business class. Long time at the bus to the airplane.

The staff uniform was clean and they were so friendly.

It was a good trip. Friendly staff. On time flights. Great experience.


Everything was satisfactory. I had a pleasant trip and the airline staff was very accommodating.

Positiv: "The crew was the best!"
Negativ: "I wish food would improve in general on planes"
Positiv: "attentive crews, clean toilets"
Negativ: "waited for 2 hours upon immigration clearance, not sure what was the issue. ground handling only updated there was a delay. baggage didn't get loaded onto carousel until 2 hours after landing. horrible"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "The crew was amazing. One of the onboarding staff was exceptional. Some onboarding staffs were unfriendly."
Negativ: "Not allowing a laptop bag unlike Etihad, Emirates and other airlines was a bummer."
Positiv: "Die Crew war sehr nett und zuvorkommend."
Negativ: "Die Maschine war schon etwas alt."
Positiv: "Most of the crew was really nice and the entertainment choice was great."
Negativ: "Asian Vegetarian meal was so-so. Dessert is never good for special meals. Boarding was particularly annoying as there was a document verification line and then the actual check-in. Even if you've done online check-in the document verification people will shout at you and tell you to line up."
Positiv: "Very comfortable plane and entertainment offered is excellent"
Negativ: "Headphones way too big (even when made as small as possible) 2 of 3 checked bags sustained damage to the structure of the bags! Passenger control was poor. Guy behind us was watching videos on his phone throughout flight without headphones-broadcasting to the rest of the seats around him."
Negativ: "Great selection of movies and the food was really good as well."
Positiv: "Amazing crew, new planes"
Negativ: "Food can be adjusted to the cuisine of the destination."
Positiv: "War alles sehr gut!"
Negativ: "Nichts"
Positiv: "Nice new plane Very friendly staff Acceptable entertainment system best is that you can skip the annoying advertisements"
Negativ: "Not enough personnel to serve food and drinks, way too slow Would work faster with two crew members per trolley. Run out of food until it was my turn... Seats are stiff and can be more comfortable like Qatar as in other Planes Choice of alcoholic drinks are limited, but this seems to be an issue with Qatar It seems Qatar likes to fill up middle seats instead of using the free aisle and or window seats"
Negativ: "3,5h verspätet"
Positiv: "The staff was very helpful went above and beyond to help. Everything was smooth from boarding to landing plus everything in between."
Positiv: "Everything really.They run the airline very smoothly and professionally from boarding to disembarking."
Negativ: "They tempt you with so much food lol although some of the food wasnt too appealing.toilets very clean and seemed to stay that way throughout long 17hr flight.good leg room for a long legged guy like me.felt sorry for lady with two young children.She could have been allocated better seats."
Positiv: "Everything frim the xrew I could at the JKIA, NBO to Delhi. One thing more from my city Lubumbashi, I didn't care about getting my phone bzttery low. I could chzrge my phone all the journey long. And from Nairobi, I dodn't czre at zll about my phobe, because I knew I could charge dur to the usb device. If ever something to complain about, I'll let you know. Regards Richzrd DIAS"
Positiv: "The food and flight staff were good"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"
Positiv: "I got free internet on this flight: sponsored by Ooredoo. You can get 8MB for free! Breakfast was good quantity"
Negativ: "Entertainment Oryx One, lunch quantity aswell. FPML had one tray, VJML and AVML had the same packed wrap."
Negativ: "Was war denn hier los? -Beim Boarding mindesten 35°C im Flugzeug - nach 1 Std. Flug nur noch 15°C! -nicht ann alle Kinder wurde etwas zu spielen ausgeteilt. -Kinder bekamen nicht zu erst das Essen - trotz, dass das Flugzeug nicht voll besetzt war, ware nicht alle angebotenen Speisen vorrätig"
Positiv: "New Dreamliner"
Negativ: "No European movies in English at all, very disappointing for someone who is not into latest Hollywood ( silly) movies and doesn’t want to watch Bollywood or Chinese ones(( The “ dinner” food was barely edible, both from Singapore to Doha and from Copenhagen to Doha."
Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal wieder sehr gut. 2: Kleines Frühstück wurde zur Verfügung gestellt wegen verpassten Flug. 3: Wurden automatisch in den nächsten verfügbaren Flug gebucht."
Negativ: "1: Nach Boarding wurde der Bus voll geladen mit Menschen fuhr aber nicht sofort zum Flieger. Wir mussten ca 20 Minuten im vollgesteckten Bus warten bis wir aussteigen konnten. 2: Flug hatte wieder spätere Abflugzeit von 30 min. 3: Meiner Meinung nach könnte bei einem verpassten Flug eventuell ein Upgrade in die Business Class erfolgen, wenn man schon Stunden am Flughafen warten muss und viel später als geplant zuhause ankommt."
Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal sehr gut und bei der Situation hilfsbereit. 2: Gekühlte Getränke wurden serviert."
Negativ: "1: Flug wurde mindestens 6 mal zeitlich verschoben. 2: Wir mussten 1 1/2 Stunden in einem ungekühlten Flugzeug auf den Abflug warten bei 30 Grad Außentemperatur. 3: Uns wurde VERSPROCHEN wir erreichen unseren Anschlussflug - haben wir nicht. 4: Gäste wurden nicht aufgeklärt warum die eine Verspätung von fast 4h zustande kommt."
Negativ: "The TSA agents broke my phone and tried to hide it in a secured package with another of my electronics. I questioned why 1/3 phones were in secured and the others were not. I was told to not open the bag until I reached my destination. Lucky I opened it after I cleared security to find that the face of the phone had been shattered with glass shards sticking out, I bought this to the crews' attention and was told to send an email to a random email for the airlines and that the incident would be investigated later. So basically I was given the brush off. Worst experience I have had while flying."
Positiv: "Seat next to me was empty, helping with the very cramped conditions. Great food. Movies were okay."
Negativ: "Late boarding, then delayed further due to departing passenger. Delay caused me to miss my connecting flight in Doha. 5 Star Airline marketing is nonsense. Same cramped seats as any other airline. Boeing 777 is a disappointment. 787 is much better."
Positiv: "The 17hr flight went relatively quickly. Much faster than expected."
Negativ: "The long wait between flights and finding a scheduled flight before mine that I could have taken."
Positiv: "Bester Service den ich je erlebt habe"
Positiv: "Bester Service den ich je erlebt habe"
Positiv: "Checkin crew was rude and was not at all respectful"
Negativ: "Checkin crew was rude and was not at all respectful"
Negativ: "Thanks"
Positiv: "Seat was comfortable entertainment was nice food was excellent"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "350 von München nach Doha traumhaft. Personal auf beiden Flügen sehr gut."
Negativ: "777 von Doha nach BKK leider etwas alt."
Positiv: "I have made more than 6 round trips on Qatar Airways for AMD-ORD-AMD in last 18 months and can not be happier!!"
Positiv: "Excellent travel with Qatar Airways"
Negativ: "Only thing is security was too tight at Doha Airport"

Improve food menu. This menu for many years now. You can add a taste of emirates


Air hostess service is good ! Food quality need to be better !


Fly Dubai is average but that’s reflective of the price but the flight from RUH to DXB every Thursday afternoon is ALWAYS delayed. Try to fly Emirates.

Die First Class von Emirates ist sagenhaft. Kann ich nur schwerstens weiterempfehlen. Die Kabinen, Toiletten/Duschen, das Personal, Essen und Onboard-Unterhaltung wird man nur schwer toppen können.

Negativ: "You are cold and cant get any blanket? Very poor service"
Positiv: "The crew was wonderful. The food was excellent.the seats was comfortable."
Negativ: "The whole boarding process was lengthy and totally unnecessary with the extra steps"
Positiv: "Crew was very uncouth and very foolish. The steward insisted that I sit in a row with another elderly pax, though rows after rows were vacant and social distancing could have been enhanced"
Negativ: "Bei fast 7 Stunden Flug 1x Getränkrunde zum Abflug und 1 x zum Frühstück Morgens. Dazwischen habe ich kein Personal gesehen... dafür auf dem Monitor ständig „drink plenty of water during flight“"
Positiv: "Some of the crew were friendly, certainly not all of them."
Negativ: "Seats were uncomfortable, food was subpar. Paid extra for a “twin” seat and after this experience I think passengers should be paid extra to sit here."
Negativ: "On-Line Check in bietet keine ordentliche Auswahl an verfügbaren Sitzplätzen. Nach online Buchung stellt Emirates keine Platzwahl zur Verfügung. (Hohe Zusatzkosten)"
Negativ: "Gepäckausgabe in München. Langsam wie immer"
Negativ: "Gepäckausgabe in München. Langsam wie immer."
Positiv: "Amazing crew so friendly and helpful"
Negativ: "Also the price was high"
Negativ: "Zugewiesenen Plätze wurden ohne Info einfach geändert trotz zwei Kleinkindern Bordpersonal überwiegend unfreundlich Verpflegung lies zu wünschen übrig"
Positiv: "The seats were spacious and comfortable. Ample room for the long flight."
Negativ: "Desert option: warm cookies"
Positiv: "The seats are very uncomfortable. impossible to be comfortable."
Positiv: "Onboard wifi"
Positiv: "Sitzabstand. Moderne Maschine"
Negativ: "Essen schmeckte nicht Boarding"
Positiv: "The entertainment is very good and it's a smooth ride."
Negativ: "Sometimes the crew could come across as brass and disappear for long periods. Also, how do you ever tell the person next to you, who's bigger than you, to try not to bump you every time they move. Definitely made for a not very comfortable flight."
Positiv: "Alles nur pefekt."
Negativ: "Nichts alles super"
Positiv: "Alles"
Negativ: "Nichts alles super"
Positiv: "Crew were great! Emergency exit was great too"
Negativ: "Inkompetenter Stewart"
Positiv: "Was ok"
Negativ: "Water bottle to all the passengers."
Positiv: "Sehr freundliches Personal und sehr Service orientiert."
Negativ: "Cursor des Bildschirms war sehr ungenau. 5 Minuten bis der richtige Film gewählt werden konnte. Software am Bildschirm sehr langsam. Das gewünschte Beef war für viele Gäste aus."
Negativ: "- Mitte Flug Service Knopf gedrückt. Licht war bis Ende des Fluges an. Niemand kam - starke Zugluft"
Negativ: "Emirates didn't allow me to get onto the plane with my 7 lb carry on because of weight issues in the plane. After bargaining few minutes, they were not convinced and only let me get onto the plane with my backpack."
Positiv: "Personal ist bemüht die alten Emirates werte zu erhalten. Sehr nett und freundlich."
Negativ: "Keine warmen Tücher mehr. Nur noch selten Getränke Service Essen schlechter als vorher. Keine kleine Flasche Wein mehr. Nur noch Plastik Becher. Man spart wo es geht. ABER DER KUNDE MERKT ES!"
Positiv: "Erster Flug in neuer 777. tolle Unterhaltung mit neuesten Filmen."
Negativ: "Das Essen war leider nur mäßig"
Positiv: "perfekt"
Negativ: "s"
Positiv: "The ICE entertainment"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Das Personal war sehr nett und hat mir bei jeder Frage höflich zur Seite gestanden"
Negativ: "Leider war die Luftdüse meines Hintermannes auf mich gerichtet und er hat nicht auf mich reagiert, kann die Airline aber nichts für"
Positiv: "Das Check In und das Flugpersonal war super freundlich und hilfsbereit."
Negativ: "Es war gut, es war aber auch nur ein 1 stündiger Flug. Da erwarte ich nicht so viel."
Positiv: "Das Bordpersonal war sehr aufmerksam. Während des gesamten Fluges wurden für uns Getränke in den Kühlschrank gestellt. Vielen Dank auch insbesondere an Jeniffer und Lilli, die unseren Flug auf einer Polaroid-Foto festgehalten haben."
Negativ: "Der Stecker unseres inflight Entertainments hatte einen Wackelkontakt. Auf Nachfrage knnten wir unseren Platz aber problemlos wechseln, dann funktionierte alles."
Positiv: "Excelleny"
Positiv: "Flug war von Anfang bis Landung super!"
Negativ: ".... Aber die Gepäckausgabe in Düsseldorf dauerte mal wieder ewig Haben fast eine Stunde am Karussell gewartet...."
Positiv: "The crew were nice"
Negativ: "Terrible food Outdated entertainment"
Positiv: "Top Flug mit sehr hohem Komfort."
Negativ: "Auch hier kann ich kein schlechtes Wort verlieren."
Negativ: "Boarding: by bus at BKK on a Boeing 777, not as expected with emirates, gate was set as “G1A”, we read this as Gate 1A, but needed to run from A1 all the way to G1, got late on the bus. Food: Chicken with peppers average, no good taste Drinks: had to broken cups, one on the top (changed that), one at the bottom with a hole in it. Red wine spilled all over my trousers and pullover. Shit happens, but (a) what about the quality of the goods and (b) how does the crew handle this? Crew/Service: Generally friendly, but the guy who served the red wine had no clue how to handle this: 1. Red wine on cloth is bad to clean 2. After I complained about a possible problem with cleaning and the possibility that the stain would stay, no reaction, only sortiere and the Recommendation from him was to use soda water which was actually not at hand and took him more then 10min to bring it. 3. I requested for the supervisor. She was very friendly and took my email address to write a report on this. I am now waiting for reaction and possible refund for cleaning or more. Another drink was offered but that was all until now. So I am curious about the reaction from Emirates. Overall it seemed like Emirates has a bad standing in BKK: - Bus boarding on B777 - No clear information about gate - Bad quality of material (cups) - For Emirates under average food quality Additional remark: The following connection flight from DXB to DUS, was very good, overall quality as expected from Emirates, food and staff was very good. So the above review from BKK -> DXB might have been an exception."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war ausgesprochen nett, das Essen war sehr gut"
Positiv: "Es war einfach alles perfekt"
Positiv: "The ground staff at Gatwick was friendly, helpful and efficient."
Negativ: "Upgraded to "promotional" offer for business class. It was not the full experience. No lounge access etc. Though the flight part of it was great!."
Positiv: "My children enjoyed their first flight they were very well spoilt on the flight also the care they took with my mum."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist zwar verspätet gestartet, aber die Piloten haben die Verspätung fast wieder rausgeholt. Das Essen war genial und vor allem Metallbesteck in der Economy, wo es sonst nur Plastik gibt. Dazu eine gute Getränkeauswahl. Der Rotwein war sehr lecker."
Positiv: "komfortabel, gute unterhaltung, problemloses boarding, angenehmer flug."
Negativ: "schwacher service"
Positiv: "Pünktlicher Start und aufmerksame Flugbegleiter besonders mit unserem 6 Monate alten Sohn sehr bemüht. Top Entertainement-Angebot."
Negativ: "Das Essen war auf dem Hinflug besser, Schade, dass es keinen separaten Krabbelbereich für Baby existiert."
Positiv: "Der service war unterdurchschnittlich. Von ham nach dxb (6 h flug) kam nach über 2 h das erste mal service. Insgesamt kam er nur 2x. ich habe bei emirates viel mehr erwartet."

Not the way I had expected

You are doing fine

Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Entertainment"
Negativ: "Safe"
Positiv: "This was our first time experience and we appreciated the dedication and the level of safety the crew administered, especially during this time of Covid 19. Thanks"
Negativ: "Just keep up the good work."
Positiv: "Nothing noteworthy was done well."
Negativ: "The boarding staff is incompetent resulting in a 2+ hour boarding time. No control or concern for boarding zones, multiple unnecessary and inconsistent ticket checks, and unclear process. If you took 300 toddlers, made 50 of them gate agents and said board an airplane, you would get about the same result. Food and crew in flight were mediocre. Entertainment system in the seat back doesn’t work, shuts off in the middle of films, and is for some reason controlled by the wrong arm rest. I was in the aisle seat, my arm rest control panel did not control anything, but every time my neighbor shifted her arm it changed the volume on my system. Ethiopian airlines is what failure looks like."
Negativ: "The cabin crew had masks to protect themselves I think against the threat of Coronavirus. We passengers did not have them. It looked awkward. How about if instead of handing out headsets they gave passengers masks?! Overall I enjoy ET."
Negativ: "Nothing else. All was well"
Negativ: "It was over booked. I wasted my precious time in the airport for half day... and the staff of ethiopian were not kindness."
Negativ: "1 hr delay in departure from Lusaka. Plastic cutlery was difficult to eat with. More frequent water/drinks (or waterbottles instead of little cups) would have been appreciated. Movie options were not as good as other airlines."
Positiv: "Friendly crew. Excellent check-in. Priority bags came off first."
Positiv: "New airplane was comfortable and clean. Food was just okay."
Negativ: "We had to transit in Addis (connecting from Dakar) and the whole experience of going through the Addis airport, getting the voucher for the hotel, and going to the hotel was horrible: it took forever going through immigration and getting a simple stamp on the voucher (the latter an unsafe experience and time consuming, with hundreds of people piled up to get those stamps from just two people, crashing again each other, with no order, no lines). Somewhat there has to be a better way to manage this and make the experience safer and more comfortable to everybody. For instance, just enforcing to stay in line and organizing the lines would have saved everybody a lot of time and effort."
Negativ: "Online check in was not possible. The check in and boarding process took more than two hours and there was no order."
Negativ: "Customer service need more improvement they should know how to handle things . Just be courteous is. More than enough"
Negativ: "wasserspülung der Toiletten im Airbus von Addis nach Harare hat nicht funktioniert, Toiletten verschmutzt, Spülen nicht möglich"
Positiv: "Crew was really great - helpful and kind."
Negativ: "Both flights delayed which meant I missed my connecting flight. Stuck in Rome airport for several hours with no information about rescheduled flight. Finally figured it out with help of Rome airport information desk."
Positiv: "Nothing?"
Negativ: "Lounge seating and services. Boarding. Lots of uncontrollable people trying to be first to board."
Positiv: "The crew was amazing and the flight was smooth"
Negativ: "Auf allen acht Flügen mit Ethiopian waren die Sessel und der Boden schmutzig und dreckig, abgewetzt. Die Crew lässt Dinge dir heruntergefallen sind auch einfach am Boden liegen. Langsam beim serviceablauf. Overhead bins teilweise bei start offen. Katastrophe!"
Negativ: "Auf allen acht Flügen mit Ethiopian waren die Sessel und der Boden schmutzig und dreckig, abgewetzt. Die Crew lässt Dinge dir heruntergefallen sind auch einfach am Boden liegen. Langsam beim serviceablauf. Overhead bins teilweise bei start offen. Katastrophe!"
Positiv: "Es hat alles gut geklappt. Boarding, Team und sitze sind sehr gut. Essen und Board Programm sind vollkommen ausreichend."
Negativ: "Nichts. Es war alles sehr gut. Ethiopian würde ich wieder fliegen."
Positiv: "Es hat alles gut geklappt. Boarding, Team und sitze sind sehr gut. Essen und Board Programm sind vollkommen ausreichend."
Negativ: "Nichts. Es war alles sehr gut. Ethiopian würde ich wieder fliegen."
Negativ: "Nothing. Very smooth"
Positiv: "Loved the meals and the leg room"
Negativ: "The entertainment could have been better but overall was not too bad"
Positiv: "Food and leg room were great"
Negativ: "Entertainment was average"
Positiv: "Thumbs up. Flight was smooth and on time!"
Negativ: "We are stuck at the airport because Ethiopian Airlines sent out false and miseading update stating that it’s flight was leaving at 6 PM as opposed to the scheduled 7:30 AM. Because of that no one showed up for the flight and there are no direct flights tomorrow that they would put us on! My father recently had a heart attack and this is causing him immense suffering! Additionally patient with emergencies are waiting to see my husband tomorrow and Tuesday but will not be able to because he stuck at the airport! They are refusing to put us on an airline us direct flight tomorrow! Also we have spent at least seven hours on the phone and misleading (and that’s to put it kindly) statements have been told."
Positiv: "Ethiopian Airlines it great."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Plane didn’t hold, even though I would have made it if they waited 10 minutes, and surely they knew I was coming from a delayed flight caused by Ethiopian and left anyways. Now have to take 3 extra flights and will miss a train at my final destination."
Positiv: "I liked they way how did they respect time ( punctual). They were so nice with passengers."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Positiv: "Sehr schmackhaftes essen"
Negativ: "1 h Verspätung beim Abflug (im Flugzeug sitzend) wegen Gewichtsverteilung der Ladung."
Negativ: "Food was served to passengers from seat row 30 and beyond very late. About twenty minutes to landing In Addis so passengers were forced to gulp the food Hurrying which is not comfortable"
Positiv: "Vom Boarding bis hin zur Betreuung in den Maschinen war alles gut!"
Negativ: "Der Online Check-in hat nicht so besonders gut funktioniert. Da gibt es bei der star alliance klares Verbesserungspotential."
Positiv: "Served dinner"
Negativ: "the seats however were quite tight and there was no electrical plug for charging."
Positiv: "Great Price Excellent dinner in economy for such a short flight (1.45) Quick, friendly service"
Negativ: "Entertainment System is a tad bit outdated on this particular aircraft (737-8) but it was a shorthaul flight and their long haul flights have much better option. \ My seat - although in the exit row (with plenty of leg room) was uncomformable"
Positiv: "The worst airline company I've ever used"
Positiv: "the air craft was very good and the comfort is good no complain..."
Negativ: "i did'n't like some of the cabin crew the way they are ....and am very disappointed from kinshasa to my check in i did ask a lady about my bag, she told me i will get my bag to cape straight, and i did ask her two times about the bag, she keep saying the same thing i will get my bag to cape town, so until now i haven't find my bag yet, the number they gave me from the airport no body pic up the phone, so i don't know what i can i do to get my bag......if you can hep me in this mater please contact me on my email or on my cell number 0027 78 470 6195. thank you your best regards."
Positiv: "Very helpful, attentive and kind cabin staff."
Negativ: "Somewhat dirty ( and smelly ) aircraft even though they are a very new fleet. Some seats had strange patches and stains. Overall cabin experience can be improved in terms of hygiene and food quality ( food was mediocre or slightly worse). Seat ahead reclines almost too much into personal space in the new 787 aircraft. The LCD displays don't pivot so it's virtually impossible to view the entertainment when the occupant of the seat in front fully reclines ( a somewhat irritating issue on a long flight )"
Positiv: "Very helpful, attentive and kind cabin staff. New aircraft !!!"
Negativ: "Somewhat dirty ( and smelly ) aircraft even though they are a very new fleet. Some seats had strange patches and stains. Overall cabin experience can be improved in terms of hygiene and food quality ( food was mediocre or slightly worse)"
Positiv: "I liked the interaction of the cabin crew with the passengers. They were helpful and responsive."
Negativ: "I was disappointed with the limited entertainment options on board. Also, the boarding was a bit hectic because of the congestion at the airport but I reckon that is not the fault of the airlines."
Positiv: "I do like the cheerfulness of the flight crew. They are very attentive."
Negativ: "The water is doled out in small cups. Not enough!"
Negativ: "We were delayed for 30 minutes, then for one hour, then they announced a delay for 3 hours. They changed the gate twice and the staff was not communicating what is happening and when we are supposed to board. Also, they did not add my miles for my connecting flight."
Negativ: "At Addis airport, they announced first that the trip got cancelled and postponed for another 7 hours. Then while lining up to change my ticket, I overheard people saying that the boarding is starting in 30 minutes and we have to rush to the gate. Then the gate number changed 3 times and the boarding time got delayed few times as well. It was a 5 stars chaos that trip!"
Positiv: "See above."
Negativ: "See above."
Negativ: "On both flights. From Tel Aviv to Addis Ababa and from Addis Ababa to Tel Aviv my seat would not recline. These were night flights and the seat in front of me did recline. so it was a very unpleasent experiance"
Positiv: "The food. And the on board entertainment. Staff was also nice but a little bit sloppy and slow."
Negativ: "."
Positiv: "Was a bit concerned because I only had a 45 min layover in Addis to change plans, howeve Ethiopian Air made sure we were met coming of the plane and facilitated a fast transit. Checked luggage also all made it through. I was pleasantly surprised. I flew Nairobi to Cape Town with connection in Addis."
Positiv: "1. Nice flight 2. flight attendants good customer service skills"
Negativ: "Equipment issue-tv not working well , unable to charge my cell phone USB port not working. 2. Food on my return flight was terrible I am a vegetarian was mostly served warmed up frozen vegetable which were terrible 3. Return trip set next to noisy people, had coffee spilled on my dress, was upset and did not enjoy return trip .Grateful for flight attendants who moved me to another seat."

My flight was fine. The stewardess were wonderful. My bag is lost. I am in Madagascar. Please help. Can you help with refund I paid $110. I'm waiting for my sports equipment. Thanks

Everything was perfect. Keep up

The crew was very friendly. The check-in to boarding process was onerous and unclear. I understand that part of the process is not the airline's responsibility but they can lobby to streamline the process

Positiv: "Tight and packed. With the pandemic still going. Children wear masks better and that is not properly enforced."
Positiv: "Crew was very professional and helpful"
Negativ: "Everything met or exceeded my expectations."
Positiv: "Seat was comfortable, had an emergency exit seat."
Negativ: "Better variety of latest movies,"
Positiv: "Food was adequate and good."
Negativ: "Seats in both flight weren't adjustable."
Positiv: "Crew is great and friendly. Plane comfortable and clean."
Negativ: "Boarding in Harare was a little delayed. No explanation or information was provided. Food on board : a bun and a muffin were provided for breakfast. No butter or jam or honey or chesse. Most unimaginative meal."
Negativ: "Movie selection"
Positiv: "Toilets were clean right up until landing"
Negativ: "When breakfast was served, there was only the option of poached eggs. We asked if there was an alternative and Philip said No. Shortly after starting our cold poached eggs Philip brought the people across the aisle to us a sausage alternative?! All the flight attendants looked unhappy until getting off the plane. Entertainment was very basic and not really up to date."
Negativ: "The issue was not the flight. It was the cancellation policy. I had a best friend suddenly die and I could not apply a credit to future travel on my 4000$ business class seat. It makes me not want to buy through kayak again."
Negativ: "Die Bestuhlung der Business Class ist bei Oman Air besser, da hat jeder Sitz Zugang zum Gang. Bei der KLM ist der Fensterplatz im Nachteil, weil er über den Gangplatz klettern muss. Ich wollte auch lieber den Gangplatz, bekam ich aber nicht."
Positiv: "By far the best food I have ever had in a flight. And I am still trying to figure out how we landed without and no one noticed. Every one on the flight were amazed that we didn’t feel a thing upon landing. The crew were so friendly and accommodating, it was unreal."
Negativ: "Perhaps advertise more to Europeans as this airline is up there with the best of them."
Positiv: "Yes"
Positiv: "Easy going flight with friendly and hospitable crew"
Negativ: "Plane was quite dirty inside and out"
Negativ: "Der Flug wurde bereits einmal zu unseren Ungunsten nach hinten verschoben und heute kurze Zeit vor Abflug erneut um unglaubliche 80 min! So saßen wir insgesamt knapp 5 std. aus Kisumu kommend in Nairobi am Airport! Unangenehm!!!"
Positiv: "The crew is helpful."
Negativ: "The boarding system needs to be improved and be conducted in an orderly manner. Leaving on time seems to be impossible. Keeping time should be looked into."
Negativ: "Late departure led to missed connections, but Kenya Airways did not provide much assistance with this. No-one on hand to upon disembarkation to help affected passengers. I just managed to get my onward flight, but my baggage did not make it, so I am awaiting that."
Positiv: "Crew was amazing! Elvis smelled good!!!"
Positiv: "I loved how comfortable the seats were. Very spacious enough leg room and entertainment on the plane."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Better food choice and little more attentive crew."
Positiv: "yes"
Negativ: "not really"
Positiv: "The timely departure and arrival."
Negativ: "The aircraft deployed is old no entertainment cannot charge your phone."
Positiv: "I liked their service and more so, there orange juice"
Negativ: "Since this was a short flight , I don’t have much comment."
Negativ: "By far the most uncomfortable and crowded plane I’ve ever taken."
Positiv: "moderne Flugzeuge erstklassiger Service lokale Speisen"
Negativ: "nicht die allerneusten Filme beim Unterhalltungsprogramm"
Positiv: "Everything was great about my Kenyan Airways flight. Crew was super friendly and helpful."
Positiv: "Nice flight on 787. Nice crew"
Negativ: "Chicken served twice. Only other choice was vegitation"
Positiv: "Easy boarding and extremely friendly staff"
Negativ: "No intertainment, not even newspapers"
Negativ: "The temperature of the cabin was ridiculous. The entertainment didn't work and the food was poor."
Positiv: "crew in general helpful Cap kept us informed Price of ticket"
Negativ: "Food so so. coffee never came"
Positiv: "Clean plane, on-time departure"
Negativ: "On this flight the meal trays stayed on the tables for over an hour (after the meal was served), should have been collected faster"
Positiv: "On board movie selection is good, however could be a bit larger."
Negativ: "Security services in Harare were awful, almost missed the flight because they were looking for a screw driver in my bag, which happened to be my ink pen... No apologies, nor help."
Negativ: "Old planes and little entertainment"
Positiv: "The flight was on time"
Negativ: "There was no food for vegetarian."
Positiv: "Wine selection"
Negativ: "Food was just okay in business class"
Positiv: "The plane was pretty comfortable, they gave us blankets and pillows even though it was only a 4-hour flight."
Negativ: "They served "breakfast" halfway through which was two tiny servings of meat and a piece of chocolate cake. Not much food and not really what I wanted to eat in the middle of the night! Boarding was completely chaotic, some screens said the flight was delayed, others said it was on time (it was delayed). When we arrived in Nairobi they hardly apologized for the delay, and also insisted on sending a bus to come pick us up from the plane because it was raining, which took forever. Missed my connection by about 5 minutes and had to wait almost 10 hours for the next one."
Negativ: "I've taken this flight 6 times and 4 it's been delayed"
Positiv: "They no take care of my bag"
Positiv: "Timing & touch downs. Good flying."
Negativ: "Food & drink. Little choice, poor taste."
Negativ: "Staff on the airplane a bit miserable. Uncomfortable seats and no choice of food. Going downhill"
Positiv: "The flight arrived early to Bangkok"
Negativ: "The plane was old. Some seats didn't recline. My husband's sound system didn't work. The audio selection was minimal. The bathroom started out filthy with urine everywhere, and stayed that way. These things are inconvenient on a 10 hour flight!"
Negativ: "After my transfer in nairobi, my luggage was lost and when my luggage tag was entered, there was no record of where my luggage is. Platinum on skyteam and no one can help...Kenya airways strikes again. Just glad they didn't last minute change the flight to go to Bujumbura first like they did with my outbound flight."
Positiv: "Convenient morning flight"
Negativ: "Not enough leg room for tall passengers"
Positiv: "I was happy to arrive on time"
Negativ: "Delays"
Positiv: "That we eventually left"
Negativ: "Our flight was delayed because the airport shut down. When the airport opened again. They gave us a departure time 4 hours after our original departure time (1:20 am). 1:20 came and went without any more communication or information. 1:40 am arrived and someone from KQ showed up at our gate and said they do not have any additional information. We said there are children here and hungry, tired, frustrated people. We suggested they distribute waters or snacks, but that never happened. They just kept telling us they didnt know when the flight would take off (or if it would) nor when they would have any additional information. An hour later they made one announcement over the speaker at our gate that our flight was boarding at another gate. However, many people had fallen asleep on the floor as I had and I would have missed it if one of my fellow passengers hadnt woken me up to say that we were boarding. We then sat on the tarmac a while longer for reasons that were not explained and finally landed 7 hours later than scheduled. Very little effort was put into communicating to us, making our wait comfortable nor apologizing for the inconvenience. It was a very frustrating experience."
Positiv: "Der sitzabstand, freundliche Besatzung"
Negativ: "IFE funktionierte nicht, wenig GetränkeAuswahl, nur einen snack zum essen"
Positiv: "I liked the courtesy of the staff"

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4 StoppsEthiopian Air
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3 StoppsEthiopian Air
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€ 2 313
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