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Finde günstige Flüge von Shanghai Hongqiao nach Wien

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Top 3 Airlines auf der Strecke Shanghai Hongqiao – Wien

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern

China Southern
Ergebnis aus 5 522 Bewertungen

Positiv: " redeeming features.."
Negativ: "Coffee was the worst I've ever had. The 2+1 powdered mil and coffee stick. Truly awful. But i suppose there aren't many people on the flight who would order coffee..I would even pay extra for a coffee if they had a quality option. Food is comparable to a school canteen. I would probably pay 20rmb for this in Shanghai. Frozen butter for the half-frozen bread. They really couldn't do worse..."

Positiv: "yes"

Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything"

Positiv: "as expected"

Positiv: "Gute, warme Decken, Augenmaske auf Nachfrage.."
Negativ: "Das Essen.."

Positiv: "Pleasantly surprised. Seats were comfortable. Blankets were warm. Food was good, and I'm grateful for that because I couldn't understand the flight attendant because of her accent."
Negativ: "The crew was weirdly OCD about when we were allowed to have our window shades up or down and I got yelled at a couple times for improper window shade use. I was also woken up literally every 2 hours to ask if I wanted food or beverage which I appreciated the diligence but also I like sleep."

Positiv: "Crew was nice."
Negativ: "Food was really plain. More drink selection would be better."

Positiv: "The crew was good and spoke reasonable English."
Negativ: "We boarded the plane on time and left the gate then waited for 40 minutes after the scheduled departure time to take off. There were no individual entertainment screens."

Positiv: "Crew was good and seats were ok."
Negativ: "More room but we all know space is limited. Food can be improved though"

Negativ: "Food not so great. Flight was packed with almost every seat full. Beautiful Airbus 380 aircraft. Overall, okay for the money. Would use again for the economy price."

Positiv: "I've been flying China Southern for my last 4 Transpac flights. The equipment is competitive with all the carriers are always clean. Their 777-300ER from SFO to CAN is very comfortable in economy. The seats and headrest a very supportive and yet have a soft touch. 14 hours and 35 minutes and I wasn't numb. They provide complimentary beer and wine throughout the flight. Their price often cannot be beaten."
Negativ: "CZ658 SFOCAN January 20, 2019, is the first time my seat back infotainment system didn't work. I didn't have to say anything. An inflight staff brought me a tablet preloaded with a slimmed down assortment of movies, music etc. I usually binge watch and this time it worked out"

Positiv: "Helpful staff both on ground and in the air"
Negativ: "- The plane supposedly has free wifi :) :) :) but this is too good to be true. After a long and complicated procedure “all free wifi passes are gone, try again next time”. Someone said there are only 70 passes for the entire plane. - Similar experience with “free wifi” Guangzhou’s Bayun airport if you don’t have a Chinese simcard in your phone. - Navigating China Southern’s website for online check-in is a nightmare."

Positiv: "Crew seemed nice, helpful."
Negativ: "It's a budget flight so can't expect much, yet aircraft was small cold and not comfortable for such long internatianal flight"

Positiv: "The crew is very friendly , hard working and helpful."
Negativ: "Food"

Positiv: "The food was great and the seat was clean. The crew was nice. No delay and arrived on time."
Negativ: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Flight was late. Disembarked at the China Southern repair building. Miles from the terminal"

Negativ: "it took forever for their ticketing agent to check us in. apparently it's a huge deal that my full name isn't printed on the boarding passes, which caused problems after every check point i went through."

Positiv: "The service was outstanding. They had a person waiting as we got off the first flight to guide us to the second flight. The stewardesses were attentive and outstanding. The seats were comfortable, the food and movie optons were top notch. I can't recommend business class highly enough."
Negativ: "I loved everything!"

Positiv: "Safe flight and delicious food."
Negativ: "Ground staffs in Guangzhou Air Port are not nice. They yell at customers and answers customer's questions in an unfriendly manner."

Negativ: "Ok"

Positiv: "Did not get online seat selection and online check in. Not satify at all with customer service over the phone."

Positiv: "Everything from take off to landing was great. I ordered special meal and it came with no problem The flight crew was great, very attentive. Beds in business class were fine ."
Negativ: "All was great."

Positiv: "On time, comfortable, beautiful, new terminals (Beijing and ZZ)"
Negativ: "No wine served"

Positiv: "Basically I didn’t like much. Food was terrible, individual tv entertainment wasn’t available on my return flight A330."
Negativ: "Food , tv, many hours of waiting for boarding"

Positiv: "Great staff, food, comfort. Very clean toilets."

Positiv: "The vegetarian meal was better."
Negativ: "1 Boarding was exhausting because of the delay in the previous flight. The security lines were long and passport and ticket had to be checked 4 times and you had to be on queue each time. After the interminable security process, you reach the gate only to fall in line again for a shuttle bus before you actually get to the plane. 2. The connecting flight fr Gounzhou to Manila was 2 hours late!!!. We were all getting restless and hungry inside the plane. 3. One stewardess was annoyed at an elderly lady who was merely asking where she can claim the carry-on baggage that was taken from her because there was no room in the overhead compartment. Considering the passenger's age and the excruciating delay she had to go through, the stewardess could have been more patient and helpful. 4. No entertainment. The whole flight was exhausting and disappointing."

Positiv: "The flight attendants are good, but the check in crew needs to be more friendly and helpful, with the growing economy boom in china, we will have an increase in tourist to China which cause the air line to be packed, so they need to be much more helpful when attending customers!"

Positiv: "China Southern Airlines flight was very clean, very friendly, and of very good ticket price."
Negativ: "The Kuangzhou airport should be upgraded. Many electric plugs were not working. And it's too hard to get wifi usage authorization, as the passport scanner did not work most of the time."

Positiv: "Very happy with the Crew and cleanliness of the Aircraft. Had an overall pleasant experience."
Negativ: "Seats were uncomfortable and the entertainment could have been a little better."

Negativ: "They lost our bag, then claimed it was our fault it was lost. Told us to keep coming back to the airport every few hours to check if the bag had made it on a flight.. They also got extremely upset with me when I didn't want to switch seats with a family who wanted to sit together, I paid extra for the isle bulk head. They wanted me to switch to a middle seat in the far back."

Negativ: "I reserved the wheel chair service but when I checked in at the counter with the wheel chair symbol, I was told they changed the counter to the other one which is far away and they also rejected to help me check in there. I had to move to the one with a long queue to handle those standby customers. This is my worst experience ever. The service of China Southern airline is becoming worse and worse. Never recommend again."

Positiv: "Friendly staff , realitively clean"

Positiv: "Great!"

Positiv: "The flight is cheerful. Although 8 hrs is a little bit long, but I enjoyed my time."
Negativ: "Basically nothing except for a few unpleasant other travellers sitting beside me."

Positiv: "Nice service! Provides customers many varieties thing."

Negativ: "It should be zero stars. We never made this flight because of excessive delays. We also had to wait more than 2 days for the next available flight. The airline tried to put us in a very dirty and dumpy hotel 35 minutes away from the airport. We paid out of our own pocket for a hotel at the airport. Worst 15 hours of airline experience I've ever had."

Positiv: "On time"

Negativ: "Boarding was interesting."

Positiv: "Having flown internationally often, but never on China Southern, I was more than impressed and please with the complete experience."

Negativ: "WHEN WE BOARDED THE PLANE THEY FINALLY SAID THERE WAS A DELAY ON THE INCOMING PLANE Really! all the planes were late I checked in super early and they would not let me go on an earlier flight; maybe I would have gotten to Yiwu on time..."

Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "I am never flying this airline again. I extended my stay and puposely didnt go back on this airline to avoid it all together. I would willingly pay a little extra to never endure another flight with disrespectful attendants again. From LAX to Guangzhou, Staff was incredibly rude to anyone not of chinese decent. I was yelled at to wake up by an attendant rather than pleasantly asked or gently touched on shoulder. Will absolutely spread the word to everyone i know on all social media platforms to avoid this airline. My feedback will most likely fall upon deaf ears but thats fine by me."

Positiv: "would do it again."
Negativ: "some food a bit dodgy but otherwise OK."

Negativ: "No usb charging cord. Other than that; it's great."

Positiv: "Fast and good price"
Negativ: "Some of Chinese customers talk loudly and coutinue the whole flight"

Positiv: "Nothing there to like"
Negativ: "Didn't like anything"

Positiv: "The crew are nice. Some have difficulties in dealing with Westerners. Awful food."
Negativ: "Awful food"

Positiv: "Was prepared for the worst and was actually a good airline."

Negativ: "This airline needs to get it together with the delays. To keep it short, I will not fly with this airline again."

Negativ: "Chicken in our meal had gone bad. Crew very apologetic. Then the plane was terribly hot and crew kept making excuses and the problem was never resolved. Faucet in the bathroom sprayed everywhere. One of the worst flights I've ever taken but not so off the mark for Chinese carriers"

Positiv: "Never never fly with This airline Poor Customer service"

Negativ: "They wouldn’t let us in the plane due to passport expiring within 6 months of travel. That should have been something you should have put out there during the booking process. We’re now not going on vacation and are having a hard time getting anything back from a trip we couldn’t take"

Positiv: "The crew was nice"
Negativ: "My tv monitor didn’t work and my wife’s chair wouldn’t stay reclined"

Negativ: "The crew should speak better English. They polite and helpful but clear English is a plus value"

Positiv: "Comfy seat"
Negativ: "Less salt in the food"

Positiv: "I like the web that show me my travel schedules, I don’t need to look for email. But when I check in airport, they ask me flight confirmation number which I don’t know either that number doesn’t indicate. So I hope that you also include flight confirmation number too."

Positiv: "Great airplane (787 Dreamliner), comfortable seats, lots of meals, free beer and wine. Great ticket price!"
Negativ: "The cabin crew did not really understand english. When I asked something, it was clear that they didn't understand. I had to claim my checked bag and recheck it at every flight segment. No ability to select seats unless it was more than 72 hours before departure."

Positiv: "Great airplane (787 Dreamliner), comfortable seats, lots of meals, no charge for beer & wine"
Negativ: "IMO, the flight attendants should understand better english. It was clear they didn't understand much. I had to claim checked bags and recheck every flight segment. No abilty to reserve seats unless it was more than 72 hours before departing!"

Positiv: "The check in boarding pass is not that nice."
Negativ: "The boarding pass people need to improve, especially to elderly people."

Positiv: "Just good overall. Beats any American carrier (which is not saying too much!)."
Negativ: "Was late. But they were very apologetic (not their fault). Seattle port entry is HORRIBLE. I thought China was bad!"

Positiv: "The plane was very new. Good movies and tv shows."
Negativ: "The pineapple went bad...and it was just served. Also a tiny pastry, it had a flavor that the nuts had been sitting for a while."

Positiv: "Crew was amazing. Welcoming, helpful and caroming to passengers needs."
Negativ: "Replace worn out seats."

Positiv: "Staff attentive but many with limited English skills. Plane well laid out with adequate storage in Business."
Negativ: "Food was overcooked but plentiful Fruit selection excellent. More English fluent staff."

Positiv: "Very responsible and kind cabin crew. We were delayed by maybe 8-10 hours because of weather. The crew would have to work all night, but were very kind about the situation."
Negativ: "Short flight; so there was no real in-flight entertainment. That's really alright though."

Positiv: "yes crew were amazing"
Negativ: "ticketing was terrible, id number is totally different from our passport.causing lots of ordeal in check in and security check"

Positiv: "Crew's Services"
Negativ: "Snacks and water ran out during the last several hours of the flight. For shorter people, their feet would have difficulty touching the floor."

Positiv: "Getting off of the plane"
Negativ: "This was a discount garbage carrier. I have ridden on cargo boats off the coast of Nicaragua that I would recommend before Xiamen. They don’t give you your connecting boarding pass when you leave the country. You have to go through China’s bullshit customs service three times just to get to your next flight. Chinese customs is like a bowl full of retarted fish smelling their own farts. Six people doing nothing while one blithering idiot Stubles through paperwork."

Negativ: "The flights got delayed. One of the flights got delayed without a notice in advance."

Positiv: "787 Dreamliner layout is efficient, generous legroom and recline is better than American carriers. Crew works as team, fast and courteous. Very helpful and professional, Water offered frequently, trash pick up kept cabin neat, bathrooms always clean. Passenger announcements are clear and crisp is English and Chinese."
Negativ: "Really, no complaints. More entertainment choices would be appreciated however is not my priority."

Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Nothing. I was sent to two long layovers in China and was told they were too long for them to take me without a visa for China. I was not told I needed one for any layover. I had to purchase a ticket on another site to get home or be stranded in Manila. Kayak doesn't have a customer service number to fix this."

Positiv: "Flew business class. Cabin crew was some of the most attentive I have experienced. Food was very good and nicely presented. Pillows could be better, but had two. Same with blankets. One thick and puffy, the other lighter. Nice for temperature regulation."
Negativ: "First leg lax - Tao delayed almost 3 hours. Fortunately the 2nd leg was delayed 1.5 hours. 3rd leg on this itinerary was also delayed, I could have made the flight, but they gave my seat away. It was a bit of a Charlie Foxtrot rearranging flights and overnighting Hotel. 2.5 hours. A supervisor was needed to sort it all out. We will see if the above was bad circumstances or not. I run the same itinerary in reverse on the way home in a week."

Negativ: "Why is my passport number wrong?"

Negativ: "Why is my passport number wrong?"

Negativ: "We meet different problem in this flight. First, the boarding start late and we arrive late more than one hour. They could organize the entrance with range of number. The food was ok, but the beverage is poor, just half glass of wine or juice. no more. one small bottle should be normal fro lunch or dinner."

Positiv: "the order of boarding the plane"
Negativ: "food was dry"

Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Airplane was loud not with crying babies but passengers yelling over one another. Food was mediocre, and plane had no entertainment consoles."

Positiv: "Clean plane"
Negativ: "Still a little more leg room but not as much as on the 787. Had to ask twice to get a Thai immigration form and the crew took an above average amout of time to pickup after the meals were finished."

Negativ: "The check in staff did not let me check in and denied to support me! The reason was that my first name, middle name and last name were written in English order, not in Chinese order! I want my money back! All of my plan and meetings in Xiamen were cancelled!"

Negativ: "I was very sick and contagious and asked for a single person hotel room for the night before a connecting flight. It was not accommodated. It would have cost extra 100-200 yuan. Then when we asked for the shuttle to the hotel, the security at the departures level meant we could not exit and be picked up. No one could arrange pick up at arrivals. Instead we paid for a taxi ourselves. Poor service and coordination, especially considering I could barely talk and just badly needed a rest."

Negativ: "u had to transfer ur luggages even though its the same airline. what a joke? u had to get through numerous security points to get through the airport what the hell?"

Positiv: "Nice wide seats, well run flight. Lots of food served, though very mixed quality. The unfortunate experiences described in the negatives of this review, do not repeat on the return flight."
Negativ: "In the fine print is the fact that the flight includes a stop in Shenzen. On the outbound flight this was a nightmare experience with Chinese immigration. Exhausted from a 14 hour flight, passengers had their passports taken away; were put through a bizarre 45 minute finger printing process using machines that did not work; and then left to wait for an hour or more with no information. The continuation flight was in another part of the airport - a very long walk; and it turned out not to be at the departing gate that was displayed on the monitors. We arrived at the indicated (wrong) gate with no guidance. Very nearly missed the continuation flight. Once in Xiamen, our arrival was late enough that the second floor of the airport was closed. There were no ATMs on the first floor; no way to get the Chinese cash needed to take a taxi to the airport. Fortunately a kind citizen agreed to exchange some cash, using mental calculations and sign language about the exchange rate."

Positiv: "food is great"
Negativ: "check in time is too long (about 1 hour)"

Positiv: "Nice new plane, efficient crew, lots of food ... if a bit bland. Airline provided a free hotel in Ciamen for the overnight."
Negativ: "Terrible paper shuffle in Shenzhen getting a require temporary visa, because the leg from Shenzhen to Xiamen was domestic. 2 hours or paper shuffle during which they took away our passports, with no guidance in English about what the heck was happening"

Positiv: "Even though the flight was short, a simple meal was served and it tasted great. It was around dinner time but I wasn't expecting a meal. The flight crew was friendly and professional also."
Negativ: "The flight landed at an outlying terminal and we had to be bussed to the main terminal. Just a little inconvenience."

Positiv: "I was forced to buy a new ticket home, which made me discover how wonderful Japan Airlines is..."
Negativ: "How are these people still in business? The only people answering customer service hotlines were from the main HQ who only spoke Chinese and would immediately transfer callers to a line for “forgeiners” which would just ring awhile and then disconnect. Same thing happened for at least 10 different people stranded by cancelled flights, even had people trying to call for me from the US. A travel agency was able to switch my friends flights, only to be blocked at his gate by an uninformed Xiamen agent saying he needed a visa for his layover in China, ultimately forcing him to buy a whole new ticket. Xiamen never answered, reimbursed, or recitified any of this. On the flight there, flight attendants had attitudes and SMOKED IN AIRPLANE, it STANK like an ashtray!!! And the food was the worst I ever encountered."

Positiv: "Crew, comfort, food, entertainment."
Negativ: "Boarding."

Positiv: "Crew was super friendly, professional and excellent!"
Negativ: "The 10 hour layover :("

Negativ: "The flight was delayed due to air traffic control. Subsequently I missed my connecting flight -- Xiamen to Manila that evening and had to spend another night in China. Next flight out of Xiamen was 6pm, Nov 2. Xiamen ground staff was very helpful in booking me the option to fly China Southern to Guangzhou the night of Nov 1, stay for free in a hotel, and then take the 0835 morning China Southern flight from Guangzhou to Manila. It was difficult to identify the right people to speak with and get clear assistance and direction in both Xiamen and Guangzhou."

Positiv: "Gave me a free hotel when I was transferring in Fuzhou. All I had to pay was the taxi fare of 20kuai. The staff are extremely nice and the food from JFK to FOC was excellent. 2 full meals and a sandwich left me pretty full."
Negativ: "It is difficult to get in touch with the English Customer service."

Positiv: "Crew and staff are professional and worked well together, fairly efficient"
Negativ: "Upon landing, there was a problem with airport customs and immigration which prevented the passengers from leaving the plane. Crew needs to be more proactive with (1) passengers getting up too early and blocking the aisle out of turn. An elder woman was trying to get her bags and exit her row and passengers from behind were not letting her collect and exit. I stopped the rude people from the back who were getting off out of turn. Instructions need to be issued, let people get off the plane in orderly fashion. and (2) crew did not inform passengers what was happening with immigration and customs holdings things up until I hit the service button a few times. Tell the passengers what is going on rather than allow tempers to heat up"

Positiv: "Hostess"

Positiv: "Hostess"

Positiv: "Crew was friendly."
Negativ: "couldn't book through from Shenzhen yp Guilin. Had to check-in again at Fuzhou and go through security again."

Positiv: "They redirected me to other carriers"
Negativ: "Show up and the flight was delayed 4 hours. No reason given. My layover in Xiamen was only 2 hours. They kept wanting me to fly the next day. When I complained loud enough they finally yielded and found an alternative to LAX."

Positiv: "Excellent, friendly service on a terrific plane. More leg room than the average (American) airline for a long flight. Had to call Customer Service. They were as helpful as they could be."
Negativ: "There was no computer check-in even for people with no bags to check. Long wait on line to check-in. Probably could use more staff at airport. TSA wait that night was also very long. Not Xiamen's fault of course."

Positiv: "Service in flight was great ! Meals were surprisingly tast and the seatback entertainment was well equipped for the 13 hour journey"
Negativ: "Since the airline is so small, they don't schedule agents for check-in prior to a couple hours before boarding. That was a bit frustrating when we wanted to be at the gate early."

Negativ: "The staff was rude and the flight was delayed twice."

Positiv: "The entertainment system the company provides for international flights is very nice. Movies and games keep you entertained."
Negativ: "Flight was Shanghai to Fuzhou, 10 hour layover and Fuzhou to JFK. Our flight from Shanghai to Fuzhou was delayed for 3 hours for "inclement weather" - it was clear in Shanghai. Flight company communicated to progressive, who the flight was booked through, that the flight would be an hour late, so I received a text saying new departure time would be an hour later. This was false. After that hour the only messages we were getting at the airport were "flight is delayed, new departure time will be announced later". We arrived in Fuzhou 3 hours later, at 0300. The bus ride to the hotel provided by the airline is one hour each way, and our connecting flight was 0900, so it was a waste of time to try to get to the hotel. This means we just stayed in the airport all night and boarded our next 15 hour flight with no sleep, no shower and nothing to eat. Customer service for flight would announce turbulence every 3 minutes, even after plane was having turbulence for 10-15 minutes. This freezes entertainment. Etc etc. many other small disorganized things as well."

Negativ: "Was just a bit warm"

Positiv: "The company that Kayak use for my ticket (Yayama) had some random passport number on my reservation. The ticket agent told me that I had to call to travel agent to get it changed. I tried to call three times (from China) and all three time I was put on hold to 10 to 15 minutes then disconnected. I finally got someone at the service desk to call the airline and get the passport number correct. This added over an hour to my check in process. Luckily, I arrive early and was able to make the flight, no help from Yayama. Terrible!!!!"

Negativ: "I tried to cancel the flight one day prior - but impossible to reach any one at Air China despite phone calls to multiple Air China hotline numbers found on the Internet. Calling the agency that had sold the ticket was not helpful either - they stated that they had no control over the ticket in the last 24h prior to departure and were unable to provide any assistance and no information how to activate the insurance purchased prior. Very dissatisfying experience. I take over 50 flights a year - worst assistance experience ever."

Positiv: "Great entertainment - The plane offers a ton of blockbuster movies that are recent and from many catagories. They also offer TV from different lands and video games and selection of languages to hear them in. Great food - Even economy passengers get great free food during the trip. For a trip as long as going from Washington DC to BeiJing, they give you two dinners. Roominess - The seats are as cramped as any airline. However, the flight attendants don't give you are trouble when you want to get up and walk around and stay standing and talking with people of a long time. It has two isles so it feels pretty roomy to get up and walk around. Friendly staff- They make american flight staffs look very rude."
Negativ: "Leading up to the flight, customer service can only be contacted by email. Don't even try calling. They never pick up and won't get back to you. At least the flight is very good."

Negativ: "No movie."

Negativ: "Diesen Flug habe ich auf Grund des vorangegangenen verspäteten Fluges versäumt. Leider habe ich weder eine Erklärung noch eine Entschuldigung erhalten, sondern musste mein Gebäck neu einchecken und war alles in Allem über 30 Stunden unterwegs. Bisher ohne Stellungnahme einer Airline ...."

Negativ: "Ich wurde aus unerfindlichen Gründen auf einen früheren Flug umgebucht. Dieser hatte soviel Verspätung das er später als mein ursprünglicher Flug startete. Leider habe ich dadurch meinen Anschlußflug in Peking verpasst und wurde erneut umgebucht und habe dann über einen Umweg nach Zürich mein entgültiges Ziel erreicht."

Positiv: "Diesmal leider nichts!"
Negativ: "Der Service war unterstes Niveau. Angefangen vom Boarding, wo man jugendliche Traveller vor Familien mit kleinen Kindern das Fugzeug „stürmen“ ließ. So ging es leider weiter, ständige, sich wiederholende Durchsagen, viel zu warme Heizung, was mit „ Vorschrift bei Nachtflügen“ rechtfertigte."

Positiv: "Food"
Negativ: "Flight was 4 hours delayed with no explanation or access to WiFi given."

Negativ: "No"

Negativ: "If my flight was not 2hrs delayed, could catch up the transfer flight instead of late for the transfer and have to wait for the 2nd day flight and still stocked in Beijing Airport now"

Positiv: "crews are kind and help."
Negativ: "entertainment system sucks, no internet"

Positiv: "Movie selection was good."
Negativ: "Flight attendants demeanor and customer friendly attitude left much to be desired."

Negativ: "the flight delayed 2 hours and 40 minutes."

Positiv: "Yes"

Positiv: "The food was surprisingly good. Also staff were accommodating and patient with all the passengers."

Positiv: "Boarding was quick."
Negativ: "1 hour delay, no ability to pre book special meal, 787s are horrible for long haul which is counter intuitive as to why they were built."

Positiv: "Good service"
Negativ: "The food was very poor."

Positiv: "The crew is excellent, specially their head of hostes Flying is good Star alience Golden card is very good in every thing and they respect it here. Well done"
Negativ: "30 mintes delaying in departure Food should be better and should have the sign of Halal/Muslim food Entertainment should be more exciting"

Positiv: "Ms. Liu/Chang is one of lovely cabin crew,bring me awesome smile and unforgettable nice experience"

Negativ: "Food was subpar. The entertainment devices did not work."

Positiv: "Was fine for a short flight. "Western breakfast" was decent - 2 little pancakes, some scrambled eggs, and a (chicken?) sausage. Staff were kind enough to let us move to the front of the plane and get off first as we had only an hour to get to our connecting flight in Beijing."

Positiv: "Crew was professional and helpful"
Negativ: "No wifi. Food was just ok."

Positiv: "Essengutschein über 8 Euro für 5 Std. Verspätung (wegen Taifun). Einige Filme sogar in Deutsch verfügbar."
Negativ: "Das Essen war nicht so gut. Der Sitzabstand zu klein, die Sitzbreite zu klein, das Sitzpolster durchgesessen."

Positiv: "Flug von A nach B in 2:15 Stunden. Nichts Besonderes zu berichten, leider auch keine Highlights. Doch, einige Filme im Bordangebot sogar auf Deutsch."
Negativ: "Das Essen war nicht so gut. Der Sitzabstand zu klein, die Sitze zu schmal, die Polsterung durchgesessen. Kleine Displays mit schlechtem Kontrast zu Filme schauen."

Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war sehr aufmerksam und hat persönliche Wünsche soweit möglich erfüllt. Boarding war auch sehr angenehm und schnell. Flug und Landung ohne Probleme."
Negativ: "Das Essen war nicht so gut, keine persönliche Bordunterhaltung, kleine Sitzabstände und durchgesessene Sitze. Eine Tortur für Beine und Rücken."

Negativ: "The plane was so late that we missed our international flight and are now stranded"

Positiv: "I actually liked the pork noodle dish. It was a little Greeley but just what I wanted"
Negativ: "The staff is young, they try hard but they don’t have the grace that more experienced international crews will display. There video display interface was confusing for someone e who doesn’t read chinese simplified characters. I had to ask how to turn on the overhead light."

Negativ: "Service was better than expected"

Positiv: "Crew very nice. Take off on time both times. I liked the movies and games, kept me entertained for 13 hours. The Air China plains, used for domestic flights, don't have any entertainment, even during 3 hours flights. This I didn't like in China."
Negativ: "The seats in both international flights were not confortable. The audio port on plane from China didn't work well I had to keep holding it at all times to be able to hear on both ears."

Positiv: "Courteous service, clean cabin"
Negativ: "Food was ok...very bland and rather tasteless"

Positiv: "45 minuten verspätet abgeflogen"
Negativ: "altes flugzeug . unterhaltugssystem funktioniert nicht !!"

Positiv: "personal unfreundlich"
Negativ: "schrecklich das schlechteste flugzeugessen meines lebens !"

Positiv: "They were friendly, competent, we were comfortable"
Negativ: "The lines and time spent getting into the gate area. Because the flight was to go on to Beijing from Vienna, all of us going from Barcelona to Vienna waited in line with the others."

Positiv: "An der Abwicklung durch das Bordpersonal gibt es nichts, dass besonders hervorzuheben ist. Das gilt im positiven wie im negativen Sinne; alles Routine. Es fehlt insofern die besondere Note, die einen an die Gesellschaft binden würde."
Negativ: "Das Essen war leider ausgesprochen schlecht, und zwar beide Hauptmahlzeiten. Es schmeckte einfach nicht. Wenn ein Flug in Richtung Deutschland geht, erwarte ich Ansagen auch in der Sprache des Ziellandes. Das hat nichts mit Verständigung zu tun, sondern ist vielmehr eine verbindende Geste"

Positiv: "Efficient and friendly staff"
Negativ: "Seat backs barely recline - not acceptable for flight of this distance. For this reason will not book Air China again"

Positiv: "Das Personal hat seinen Job ordentlich gemacht, nicht weniger, allerdings auch nicht mehr... Das Essen war auffallend gut, zwar einfach, aber guter Geschmack"
Negativ: "Der Flug war spät in DUS los und hat leider nichts aufgeholt; 1, 5 Std. verloren. Die Sitze waren sehr eng und die Maschine war sehr voll. Dementsprechend war es sehr laut...."

Positiv: "While not horrible like delta, United, or American- China Air could definetely step up their game eapecially in regard to hospitality and comfort."
Negativ: "The veggie/vegan options were inedible overcooked plain veggies and an unflavored carbohydrate - thank god we brought some food. No entertainment system and the plane was definitely a decommissioned 757 from a 1990s 757."

Negativ: "The crew was short tempered, dismissive. Our plane was delayed for hours and they got angry with us for asking for solutions for our missed connections. The only people who got the time of day were the Chinese speaking people. Could not provide me with my pre requested vegetarian meal, so for a 22 hour flight I had some dinner rolls and about a quarter cup of fruit. Not worth the discounted airfare."

Negativ: "Entertainment screen is fault."

Positiv: "The crew from Tokyo to Beijing was the Airlines saving grace; they’re the only reason not getting lowest possible scores across the board."
Negativ: "Flight from LA to Beijing was horrible, the entire experience starting with check in."

Positiv: "not too full. included a meal even though it was a night 5 hour flight."

Positiv: "The food service and inflight entertainment"
Negativ: "In service entertainment did not start until in the air."

Negativ: "Food was bland. Flight attendants are extremely rude."

Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Our flight was delayed which caused us to miss our international connection. Flight attendants did not care, did not attempt to get us out faster, or put on a different flight. Asked for an announcement to be made on board or to be moved to seats closer to the front so we could get off the plane quicker, did not happen. Offboarded and sprinted across the airport for our international connection and was notified by gate attendents that the gate closed five minutes ago and that they could not let us on the plane. Meanwhile, the plane sat there for an additional 30 minutes while it fueled and waited for release from air traffic control. There were six travelers total stuck there in San Fran at that gate, all of us begging to be let on the plane to Beijing, the last one for over 24 hours. Zero compassion from staff at the the airline gate. They did not care about us and did not care about leaving their travelers stranded. Our total travel was Denver to Bangkok, 26 hours of travel including layovers in San Fran and Beijing. In San Fran (after missing the gate connection), we were rerouted us through Haiwaii and the customer service agent that did this reroute did not finish the reroute to our final destination. We got to Haiwaii and were stranded again, at the Air China service desk for four hours having to once again provide documentation of our initial travel plans to Bangkok, having them build a new itinerary to our final destination. Overall, 20 additional travel hours have been added to our itinerary, almost double our initial travel time. We have had to call and cancel pre-arranged bookings in Thailand as we are now missing two full days off our trip. I am absolutely disappointed and heart broken as I write this still stuck in the Beijing airport waiting another six hours to connect to Bangkok. My fiancé and I were traveling to Thailand to get married and have received no compassion from anyone at this airline to try and get us there. I am flat out disgusted by Air China."

Positiv: "We arrived alive and the plane didnt crash. Thats all."
Negativ: "We had a 12 hour flight and not once was the fasten seatbelt sign turned off despite the weather being very smooth. How do they expect people to not pee for 12 hours? Seats were hard as a rock. Staff seemed unhappy and definitely were not courteous. I asked for a glass of wine with my meal and it took them well over an hour to bring it. They say to turn off your cellphone for the whole flight. Airplane mode was not said to be okay and my husband is a rule follower and wouldnt let me use my phone in airplane mode. Definitely no wifi available if you wanted that."

Positiv: "Crew was good Food was decent"
Negativ: "Flight departure time is very inconvenient. Room to improve food variety and quality"

Negativ: "The flight to Bangkok was delayed 8 hours with no information for most of that time. The flight back was delayed 2 hours. My bags were lost on the flight back. The food is horrible and the service terrible. The audio quality for entertainment was awful. Stay far away from this airline."

Negativ: "Delayed twice - on my way to an my overnight layover to see a friend in Beijing and then on my way to Tokyo."

Negativ: "I don't like the wifi in China. It took me an hour to connect to the internet. I don't like the way that the flight from China to Houston was delayed for too long, and they didn't explain or say sorry"

Negativ: "The flight was delayed 2 hours without any notification on signage in the airport. When there is a delay, posting an estimated time of departure is a basic courtesy. Because they did not do this, and multiple flights were delayed for the same gate, the gate was extremely crowded. When an earlier delayed flight was boarding, there was no announcement and no indication on the signs! As a result, some people were uninformed of their flight departure! There was also a tremendous amount of jostling and pushing to allow people to board. This is clearly a problem for the ground crew and airport to make more efficient and flyer-friendly."

Positiv: "The ticket agent in Manila was by far the most helpful, Professional and Articulate Agent I have ever met. I certainly tip my hat to Air China and those Professionals used to Ticket and assist Passengers.. I flew into Los Angeles from Pittsburgh, Pa On United Airlines Two week Prior and was charged an Excessive Baggage Fees , not counting the high priced Ticket and made to feel like an animal. Although I paid 436 USD for the ticket, I was treated as though they were flying me for free. (United Airlines) I wish the Local Airlines could learn from the International Airlines when it comes to common courtesy."

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Sicherheitsmaßnahmen von Fluggesellschaften, die von Shanghai Hongqiao nach Wien fliegen

Fluggesellschaften, die von Shanghai Hongqiao nach Wien fliegen, haben zusätzliche Sicherheitsmaßnahmen ergriffen und ihre Richtlinien angepasst, um Reisende in der aktuellen Situation besser zu befördern. Die Richtlinien variieren je nach Fluggesellschaft.

Erhöhte Hygienemaßnahmen

Das Flugzeug wird täglich gereinigt. HEPA-Filter wurden auf Flügen von Shanghai Hongqiao nach Wien in der Kabine installiert.


An Bord muss ein Mund- und Nasenschutz getragen werden. Masken werden auf Flügen von Shanghai Hongqiao nach Wien bereitgestellt.

Abstandsregeln für Sitzplätze

Sitzplätze in der Mitte auf Flügen von Shanghai Hongqiao nach Wien nicht verfügbar

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