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Korean AirErgebnis aus 5047 Bewertungen

Crew was very nice.

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Crew was very nice.

Good flight.

Flying business cannot quench your thirst. Not even a glass(in this case a paper cup) of water is onboard. I wonder if the COVID virus can survive in the longer legs.

Negativ: "Due to COVID, we were not able to travel to the Philippines on the time originally planned. We didn't get the full refund."
Positiv: "The second flight was perfect."
Negativ: "No vegetarian options at all without advance notice."
Positiv: "Movie"
Negativ: "if the music list is great with latest songs.. charging of phone took so long to be charged"
Positiv: "korean air is always great, service was awesome"
Positiv: "Everything was good, excellent. No complaint at all!"
Negativ: "Perfect no further better service, I suppose."
Positiv: "As always Korean Air’s attention to detail is outstanding and impressive."
Negativ: "Though I appreciate the consideration given to tall passengers (trying to find us an aisle seat with an empty seat beside, after boarding, for instance), I think there is more that could be done during the check-in process to seat tall passengers into emergency exits or other seats with more legroom"
Positiv: "The crew, as always, was super professional, friendly, helpful, and efficient. The plane was neat and clean, I was pleasantly surprised with personal items like tooth paste, tooth brush, and slippers. And I was thrilled that you served wine with food as well. That goes a long way!"
Negativ: "I didn’t rate comfort and food as “excellent” as I did other items not because they were not great, but flying on an economy class for 14.5 hours, I can’t force myself to speak too highly about these two items, which doesn’t necessarily reflect my flight experience or Korean Air quality!"
Positiv: "awesome service great seats"
Negativ: "30 some odd hours hotel didnt have shuttle"
Positiv: "Very nice trip"
Negativ: "Clean the restroom more often"
Positiv: "They were so courteous, polite, nice, very helpful and accommodating. Always have smiles on their faces and they’re not fake smiles, they’re genuine. They made me feel comfortable even in a small, tight seats."
Negativ: "Oh boy, the length of travel time. This trip was a spontaneous and a last minute decision. So as you can see, I couldn’t get a cheaper direct flight. End up with a stop over in S. Korea."
Positiv: "Friendly staff."
Positiv: "Excellent service and food!"
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "We loved the extra leg room. Staff was execellent."
Positiv: "Great customer service. Smooth flight. Friendly and helpful stewardesses despite the language barrier ( I don't speak Korean)."
Negativ: "Really no complaints. It was just a super long flight and it was too uncomfortable to sleep."
Negativ: "High chance of getting delay, this is mostly because of the nature of Korean air."
Positiv: "good service"
Negativ: "need variety of food"
Positiv: "Terrible waiting without food and drink even you have Money to buy. You could Not buy any which call meal or water easy. We had delayed 3 times without helping from Korea air."
Positiv: "The service & cleanliness."
Negativ: "The seats."
Positiv: "Friendly staff, good food, comfortable length seats. Deplanijng and boarding was fast."
Positiv: "The food choices, included Korean dishes. The disposal slippers are great when taking shoes off. The air hostesses were friendly and helpful. Good leg room"
Negativ: "There was no priority boarding for family with young children, and the boarding sequence was not accordingly to rows, so the boarding process was a bit disorganized. Not enough snacks. Soda was poured out in cups rather than giving the passengers the whole can of soda. Movie selections were not that great, many good current movies were not available. Was disappointed that it was the same set of movie choices as the previous flight. The toilets really needed attention, it was quite dirty and it smelled. Seat does not have enough lower back support, was literally having to sit on my pillow and blanket due to lower back pain. The temperature was not cool enough and it felt warm."
Positiv: "Food, service"
Positiv: "Service, friendliness"
Negativ: "The airplane was very old & the seats were not comfortable. For a 15+ hour flight, it was unpleasant."
Positiv: "All the flight attendants were very nice and they had amazing attitudes--especially on my flight going TO Hawai'i. All the flight attendants had smiles on their faces and they were always ready and willing to assist passengers. Every time they delivered something, they were always smiling; even when passengers asked for more assistance, the flight attendants delivered service with a smile!! Amazing!! This was my first time flying Korean Air, but it will not be my last!! My experience with Korean Air was fantastic!! I will definitely fly Korean Air again!! Thank you!!"
Negativ: "The seat is small"
Negativ: "Staff were oddly unfriendly and I was awakened twice"
Positiv: "They gave an actual snack, yay!"
Positiv: "Leg room, choice of food and everall services"
Positiv: "This is the first time I experienced courteous crew. They confirmed my meal plans and enquirer abt my meal."
Negativ: "The choice on entertainment is limited. It did not impact me much but will like to have more options."
Positiv: "Korean Airlines service is awesome. The flight attendants are attentive, sharp and customer service oriented."
Positiv: "The staff was friendly and even though it was a quick flight they still provided a light meal. They were very efficient getting people on and off the plane."
Positiv: "In flight map display, food, power outlets, seat size/space, good movie choices"
Positiv: "The service and food is good"
Negativ: "I did not like the fact that Korean Air's policy is to have the air temperature set at 24 Celsius. Who does that? Even in our homes, nobody has their temperature set so high, even in the cold weather months. It is ridiculous!!"
Positiv: "Never flew this arline before but gave ut a try since it's a skyteam affiliate. Wasn't disappointed. Flight was simple and team was nice."
Positiv: "food was excellent, service excellent, I will fly Korea air in Asia whenever possible"
Negativ: "No plugs for laptops"
Positiv: "The crew are friendly, the flight was comfortable"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "The attention to detail and excellent service was better than I had expected. I was especially impressed by the stickers the cabin attendants used to notify sleeping passengers upon waking up that the meal/drinks were still available upon request."
Positiv: "Just as our first flight with Korean Air, everything was superb. We boarded just in time, due to delays in the airport since we floundered a bit, trying to make our way through the right terminals and security, but we were processed quickly, and the staff were so polite and welcoming."
Negativ: "We had absolutely no complaints. Many thanks."
Positiv: "KA broke handle in my luggage and it was difficult to make them pay back some reasonable amount of money for that (my suitcase was just one year old) but at the end they did a lot. Love their metal cutlery instead of plastic ones. It's not only better to eat with them but also better for environment."
Positiv: "The boarding was efficient and the crew was nice, polite, and mostly spoke English, which is a huge benefit. The crew provided a pillow+blanket combination, headphones, a toothbrush, two meals, several snacks, and lots of drinks including wine. As for entertainment, the flight includes several movies, tv shows, music, and games for free. I would definitely recommend Korean Air to a friend, but I would recommend that friend to bring a custom neck pillow."
Negativ: "Although the crew dimmed the lights during the flight, I could never get comfortable enough in my chair to sleep. The chairs do not support the human body, they only offer rollercoaster type padding. There is no neck support, and the pillow handed out by the crew is too big to be used as a back or neck support. Even lying back, the chairs are uncomfortable. The food could have had some warning labels in English on them. Since I'm lactose intolerant and unable to read Hangul, it's difficult for me to pick food I can eat without problems."
Positiv: "I have flown with many airlines and Korean Air is by far the best airlines I have flown with. Great service, perfect locations."
Negativ: "China Air was alright. Just didn't like the whole running around the airport trying to figure out what counter to go to. Also I am not a big fan of getting transported via bus from terminal to plane"
Positiv: "drink service"
Positiv: "Attentive service from flight staff 2 meal service each way in economy"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "everything"
Negativ: "nothing"
Positiv: "the airhostesses"
Negativ: "food"
Positiv: "perfect service"
Negativ: "n/a"
Positiv: "The flight staff is always a pleasure to fly with."

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