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WestJetErgebnis aus 9266 Bewertungen
Positiv: "excellent crew - seat is fine."
Negativ: "screen monitor per seat."
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Positiv: "excellent crew - seat is fine."
Negativ: "screen monitor per seat."
Positiv: "The on-board crew were very friendly and helpful."
Negativ: "Boarding was terrible. One lady was very rude to people who are boarding. Also took quite a long time to board."
Positiv: "On time departure. Organized check in"
Negativ: "Seats are tight"
Positiv: "Paul an der checkin war freundlich und hat mir einen neuen Flug gefunden mit KLM."
Negativ: "Flug von Ottawa nach Toronto wurde gestrichen und ich bekam eine email 1,5 Stunden vorher dass mein neuer Flug um 14:00 vorgeschoben wurden ist. Dadurch habe ich meinen Anschluss nach Paris verpasst. Muss jetzt ein Tag später raus fliegen. Kommunikation häte besser sein können."
Positiv: "Great crew"
Negativ: "Very uncomfortable, no snacks offered,"
Positiv: "Purchasing on Kayak was easy AND saved me $60 over the WestJet website price (purchased less than 24 hrs before flight). WestJet checkin process quick & courteous (not common in Trinidad) and the technical aspects of the flight smooth. The BEST part was a last minute $86 upgrade to Premium. I had no idea it would be comparable to First Class; complete with roomy seating, beverages, breakfast, snacks and EXCELLENT customer service. The flight crew had a sense of humor (similar to SouthWest's approach to announcements), but it was their attentiveness and respect that blew this experience sky-high."
Negativ: "Way too cramped. Only 1 washroom."
Positiv: "Always great people st Westjet! Flown with other airline providers, they dont give what Westjet does. Great service everytime!!"
Positiv: "I received great service and the flights were on time."
Negativ: "I missed the food"
Positiv: "Everything was good"
Negativ: "Should consider giving front seat to senior Snacks could have been better keeping in mind the flight time"
Positiv: "Good legroom compared to other carriers"
Negativ: "Almost 1 hour late leaving. No westjet connect, so no entertainment."
Positiv: "I didn't!"
Negativ: "Late, late, late! I was a prisoner in my seat."
Positiv: "Had a fantastic experience on my first round trip with WestJet. Very satisfied, would definitely fly them again. I also liked how we were able to clear Customers BEFORE we departed from YVR; made the arrival that much smoother when we landed at SFO"
Positiv: "Professional, efficient, courteous."
Positiv: "Upgraded to Plus - it was great."
Negativ: "Too bad we have to pay extra for Plus to get a reasonable amount of room."
Positiv: "Flight was good."
Negativ: "Was boarding at C70 but only saw signs for 71 and C73. Asked Westjet staff where we were boarding and they told me (and others) that even though we were booked to take off from C70 we’d be departing from the gate labeled C73 and also labeled for a flight to Regina. Still got to Hamilton though."
Positiv: "The crew was very friendly and funny"
Negativ: "Everything was up to my standard"
Negativ: "It didn't happen"
Negativ: "It did not happen. Being transfered to air canada in Toronto was a night mare"
Negativ: "The crew on the plain was extremely rude!!! Very very dissapointed!"
Positiv: "The stewardess serving drinks was very pleasant. Thank You"
Positiv: "The flight and the seating was comfortable. Food served was fine too."
Negativ: "Well, they mixed up my check-in luggage during transit. As a result it got delayed and I had to spend the night without it. Although, I was informed about this miss when I landed in Vancouver, the team did not seem to feel particularly bad about it. Also, the process of getting reimbursed for the predefined expenditure allowance needs to be more efficient. Ideally, in such cases, the airlines should not only refund the check-in fee, but also provide a prepaid card to make any urgent purchases. Their current process requires one to bear the expenses initially, scan/click and send the original receipts and await a response from their baggage team. I am waiting to hear back from them on my submission."
Positiv: "The professionalism. The crew were wonderful. Thank you for the great service."
Negativ: "The only problem we had with Westjet was the ramps from the plane to the terminal in Calgary. Pretty steep and my husband tripped on the metal platform on the carpet. He banged his head and hurt his leg. Westjet crew were fabulous! They tended to him right away. The paramedics were called and he's in hospital right now."
Positiv: "Very disciplined and hard-working crew did their best to keep everything under control and moving on schedule. Boarding was busy but fairly well organized considering."
Negativ: "Flight had an abundance of minors and babies at no fault of anyone, just unfortunate. Lots of crying, screaming, fidgeting and puking. Customers were pretty impatient in the early morning as well which didn't help the situation. Not sure if snacks or refreshments (other than water) we're handed out in a 4.5 hour flight as well."
Positiv: "The trip to Vancouver was good.....flight attendants very courteous and friendly as usual."
Positiv: "We boarded on time, and when we were delayed by fog, we were kept informed."
Negativ: "We were one hour late landing, couldn't be helped. But, it was a 45 minute wait for our luggage."
Positiv: "All staff I encountered were amazing."
Negativ: "This was where the real fun in my trip happened. After my arriving flight got in 2 hours late and sat on the runway for 45 minutes because there was too many planes in the way for my plane to get to the gate I was not in the mood to run across the airport to go through customs and then through security (for the second time). However in order to make it onto this final flight that's exactly what I had to do. I also might add that it is incredibly stupid that connecting flights have to go through security again after deplaning, it's not like we're suddenly going to have weapons or anything so why waste that time? After I sprinted across the airport and got onto the plane the pilot announced that we were waiting to hear from the airport to take off. Long story short the poor pilot was trying to figure out what was going on but no one was even answering his calls. Eventually he realized that the plane hadn't been refueled and had to get a hole of them to refuel. At one point he must have gotten really frustrated because he left the plane in search of answers as the Toronto airport wasn't giving him any. Eventually after 2 hours of sitting on the plane we refueled and took off. On top of that my travel partner didn't get her luggage, we assumed that the Toronto airport lost it somewhere or something. Overall a complete nightmare."
Negativ: "WestJet informed us Kayak did not pay them the funds they took from me on 11/26 and 1 had to pay for full price for the day to fly out. So kayak owes me $500"
Positiv: "Crew was very nice"
Negativ: "Baggage got lost"
Positiv: "Very friendly flight staff; the peal of laughter throughout the plane that ensued when the staff offered us the inflight magazine in our seat pocket as an alternative to the defunct entertainment system."
Negativ: "This is an old plane with an old entertainment system. No surprise it broke. At least it wasn't an engine."
Positiv: "The plane was less busy so many people had an empty seat next to them. It was great for leg room and I slept the whole flight!"
Positiv: "on time, smooth flight"
Positiv: "No issues"
Positiv: "The flight and crew were great, great flight. Arrived earlier then stated. I still enjoy flying in and out of Hamilton. Great airport. If I can book West jet again, I will, great airline. Took some great pictures from the aircraft. Thank you !!!!"
Negativ: "Security, too much, even when we arrived, customs twice."
Positiv: "Main stewardess was very pleasant. Not full flight so I moved back and had a seat to myself."
Positiv: "The airplane being pretty small, boarding and getting off was fast. No issues or delays either."
Positiv: "The airplane being pretty small, boarding and getting off was fast. No issues or delays either."
Positiv: "Actual flight went off without a hitch to Vancouver no delays in air."
Negativ: "We were moved gates which is understandable, however once moved the estimated time of departure was constantly changed and missed. There was a reasonable cause for delay (cleaning up puke) but took abnormally long > 2hrs. Staff did not seem to be really giving it there all (understandable as it was late and they were probably tired)."
Negativ: "We flew from Toronto - Abbotsford with a stop in Edmonton. There was a 1 hour layover in Edmonton before the Edmonton - Abbotsford flight left. Unfortunately, the plane arrived in Edmonton 30 minutes late, and rather than wait 5 minutes for the passengers to disembark from the Toronto plane and board the Abbotsford plane, WestJet decided to leave all those passengers behind. There were no other flights available until the evening, and we were stuck for 8 hours at the Edmonton Airport before we were finally given a flight to Abbotsford. Never again will I book with WestJet."
Positiv: "Comfortable seat with lots of leg room"
Positiv: "Decent selection of movies."
Negativ: "No meal included in 7hrs oversea trip. They had 3 services - two snacks and one coffee only.othereise, food was for purchase only. No checked luggage included."
Positiv: "Nice crew"
Positiv: "Crew was cheery, in-flight entertainment innovation evident, plenty of opportunity for water/snacks"
Negativ: "We were heckled by gate crew about whether my dog’s carrier was too small for him. Many suggestions were made that we were subjecting him to animal cruelty, and that we were abusive to him. He’s 7lbs, so he can’t be much smaller a dog, and his carrier it turns out, doesn’t fit under WestJet seats, despite being within carry-on luggage dimension limits (their life jackets take up most of the legroom), and thus could not be any bigger. Did they want me to have a smaller dog, or a Euclidean space-defying carrier? I suppose they were suggesting that taking a dog aboard WestJet is abusive, because they certainly don’t provide adequate space for anything larger than a hamster, they hassle you about it, and they charge you $50 for the fun of it. One agent had the nerve to reach into his carrier without permission, unannounced, and invade his personal space, him being a rescue and very anxious."
Positiv: "I flew through the air in a metal container across the country in the time it would have taken me to drive 400 km, so that's pretty neat."
Negativ: "Provide complimentary movies West Jet. Parading around tablets to rent for $6 is a bad look."
Positiv: "The crew and staff were great on the plane. Could use more staff at the checked bags area but overall good experience"
Negativ: "More agents at the check in desk"
Positiv: "Crew was very pleasant and attentive. They still give away snacks too which was a nice surprise."
Negativ: "There was nothing I disliked about the flight other than the discomfort of the seats, but there is nothing they could have really done to change that!"
Positiv: "Crew was excellent especially Taylor"
Negativ: "I was able to download the WestJet Connect app on my phone which gives you access to tv shows and movies to watch on your own device during the flight. The app was free and easy to use and there was a decent selection. However, the wifi on board is not free so even though you could watch the tv show/movie - the sound did not work unless you paid for it. There are many other airlines that offers everything for free - it would have been a more pleasant if we were able to actually utilize the service."
Positiv: "Great crew, West jet connect worked fabulously"
Negativ: "Cramped space and airplane food"

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