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Top-Airline für Flüge nach Tokushima

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Japan AirlinesErgebnis aus 4774 Bewertungen

It was perfect. Thank you so much!

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It was perfect. Thank you so much!

Seats are too small

It would have been better if I received the right ticket for my flight as I was sold a ticket for a flight that did not existed. Had to wait 3 hours for new ticket to be issued and then to find out they messed up my return flight I'm still trying to get it corrected. Totally F**ked up trip!!!!!!

Premium economy is so nice.

Short flight between hnd and tks. Pleasing flight although there was no service.

Overall experience from checking in to boarding off - everything was painless and comfortable. Nice treatment. Special meals was good. Nothing to complain about. The seats were quite comfortable and had ample leg room. Will fly again with them,

Flight was delayed. Food is not good. Crew are confuse and it’s not Japan airlines that I know of.

plane air was too hot with mask on hard to breath with mask!!!

Negativ: "American airlines, No entartainment, no hi hello from the crew, no food, not even water... Funny guys, why the have flight people inside the plane :) domestic airlines are always joke compared to the world domestic or overseas...."
Negativ: "More variety of movies"
Negativ: "The flight was fantastic. It was a long flight but the flight attendants took excellent care to keep us comfortable."
Positiv: "Professional and friendly crew"
Negativ: "Food quality from Jakarta is bad"
Negativ: "More movie choices. More substantial second meal."
Negativ: "Movie selection"
Positiv: "I had a nice exit row seat so that was nice"
Negativ: "The food was not good and there also wasn’t enough of it which is really bizarre for an international flight that’s 14 hours long"
Positiv: "Everything. I always enjoy my flights with JAL."
Positiv: "Flight attendants are so courteous and professional!"
Negativ: "Great flight!"
Negativ: "Kiosk, bag service, One World Integration"
Positiv: "Very comfortable and nice atmosphere"
Positiv: "Crew was very pleasant"
Negativ: "Missed my flight due to Customs. But AA took good care of me and got me on next flight. Wish layover was a little longer. Missed flight by 10 min"
Positiv: "Kind and courteous staff"
Negativ: "A family with 2 kids making noisy and crying nonstop during the flight the father was playing Japanese video games with headphones on and very careless but once in a wile started yelling at Kiks because they distracted him from his entertainment. Grandma next to them was careless too,mother left the kids to father and was sitting 2 rows in the back and they never came at least to try to make them quiet even when the kids started to kik everywhere licluding the food tray and almost breaks it. Unfortunately the staff never came and try to talk to them about this issue Most of the people including several senior citizens looked angry and frustrated."
Positiv: "Very nice flight attendants providing perfect service. Very nice food, exceptional for economy class. Huge leg room and wide seats (only 8 seats per row in a B777, other airlines usually have 9 or even 10 seat per row, this parity to some eco plus seats) Good entertaining system with good choice of new movies."
Negativ: "The boarding process was a bit unfortunate. But this might have something to do with Oneworld and not only JAL. Sapphire and Ruby members board at the same time, making the boarding process a bit crowded for a elite member. But apart from that he boarding was well organized."
Positiv: "Cabin crew were very nice. Food was okay, while the legroom was good too."
Negativ: "Delayed flight, but the email notification from JL was lacking the most important detail... The new take off time! It was 70 minutes later than advertised, but then delayed by another five minutes on top after a late take off."
Positiv: "I have flied to and from Japan many times with many different airlines. This flight was my favorite."
Positiv: "Flight attendants were incredibly nice. Seats were comfortable enough. I appreciated the complementary items. Bathroom was spacious and had extra options I normally wouldn’t receive from an American flight."
Positiv: "The flight from Chicago to Tokyo was delayed, which made me worried that I would miss the connection to Taipei. I was very happy to discover that an airline staff person was waiting for me when I got off the plane, having already changed me to another Taipei flight. She explained things and guided me to the right place. She was able to walk amazingly fast for a woman wearing high heels!"
Positiv: "Everything was excellent crew was very helpful"
Positiv: "Very family friendly. Good entertainment system."
Positiv: "I enjoyed everything! My first flight was a little over 10 hours, but it didn't feel that way. I was very comfortable and the crew took very good care of all of the passengers. Japan Airlines is Ichi Ban!!!"
Positiv: "Jenny was the most wonderful flight attendant in Business Class! She checked on me constantly and made sure I had everything I needed."
Positiv: "Their customer service is excellent! when I left my card (fell out of my pursue while in transit), they called me immediately! After a long vacation, exploring. I was extremely tired and and left my phone completely on silent for 4 days, and within those 4 days they called and left me messages. Lucky I live here in Hawaii, can you imagine being a tourist and you lost your card? Excellent customer service."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Excellent customer service"
Positiv: "Excellent service overall"
Negativ: "Nothing particular"
Positiv: "Crew service responsive and helpful."
Negativ: "Poor vegetarian meal (mostly vegan rather than vegetarian and without condiments). Problems using entertainment screen, which would get stuck and also have to go through many steps (confirmation screen, language) to see maps each time."
Positiv: "The flight was smooth and the seating was comfortable."
Negativ: "It was an evening flight, but the cabin lights were never dimmed, so it was difficult to rest."
Negativ: "Seat was too hard"
Positiv: "Ich habe den Flug sehr genossen. Die Filmauswahl war hervorragend, das Personal sehr freundlich, und das Essen geniessbar."
Positiv: "Food"
Positiv: "Food was great, plenty of room, lots of movies"
Positiv: "Very comfortable, good movie/entertainment choices, great crew"
Positiv: "Service from cabin attendants was excellent, specially the crew announcing up coming turbulence, foods, landing. Price is good as well."
Negativ: "No big deal, I don't care some of the food, smells fishy. Like I said no big deal, still using Japan Airlines."
Positiv: "The food (Japanese) clearly was a league of its own. Service was prompt, attentive yet discreet."
Negativ: "Selection of video entertainment could be increased and improved."
Negativ: "I never like flying into Narita - each time I have to have my boarding pass reissued and baggage rechecked. I like the YVR process where you just put your bags on a conveyor after clearing customs."
Positiv: "Direct flights from San Diego to Narita. Easy connections for other countries. Good food. Luggage allowance."
Negativ: "Seats are a bit hard and do not recline enough. Would trade legroom for more angle on the seats."
Positiv: "Plenty of leg room, which as a tall person I truly appreciate. They give you slippers, blanket, pillow on every (international?) flight. I flew Korea to Japan and Japan to Hawaii. Got free meals on all flights, even my short two hr flight between Korea and Japan. Free booze too! Super nice check in agent as well."
Negativ: "Nothing!"
Positiv: "Service was wonderful! Domo arigato gozaimasu. Aloha, Cary"
Positiv: "New aircraft and diligent crew; the food was frequent and tasted great. No complaints; would gladly fly JAL any time, anywhere."
Positiv: "Friendly staff"
Negativ: "Only a small bread í offered for breakfast for a 7 night flight. Expectation is to have a standard flight breakfast."
Positiv: "On the flight home they upgraded me to business class while apologizing my original economy seat was not available. Amazing. I had a rather unsettled stomach so when the food service came I wasn't hungry. I told the flight attendant, and she brought me some very bland easy to eat food without me even asking. She then checked on me constantly to see how I was feeling, and suggested sparkling water. When I deplaned, she checked one more time with me, if they could do anything. I was feeling much better, and give this airline my highest endorsement."

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