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LOTErgebnis aus 5536 Bewertungen

Service is better and friendly natures

Mehr zu LOT

Service is better and friendly natures

The food offered is subpar.

The Business is not up to the standard. No comfort… Also- long waiting time leaving from Warsaw with poir information and updates. Thanks!

Negativ: "Very bad seats"
Positiv: "Die Crew war aufmerksam, trotz der kurzen Flugzeit."
Negativ: "Die Sitze waren sehr eng..."
Positiv: "Crew war aufmerksam, trotz kurzer Flugdauer"
Negativ: "Die Sitze waren sehr eng..."
Positiv: "OnBoard Personal war extrem freundlich - angenehmer Flug - Essen war nicht gerade das beste aber für Flugzeug Essen war es OK"
Negativ: "Die unerwartete Verzögerung in Warschau von fast 4 Stunden ohne Erklärungen wann und ob der Flug nach Chicago stattfindet war absolut unangenehm und NICHT OK"
Positiv: "OnBoard Personal war extrem freundlich - angenehmer Flug - Essen war nicht gerade das beste aber für Flugzeug Essen war es OK"
Negativ: "Daß nach der Ankunft in Warschau weder Information über die Verzögerung es Weiterflugs nach Chicago gegeben wurden noch den Grund noch irgendeine Indikation wann der Verbindungsflug statt findet"
Positiv: "crew tried to help"
Negativ: "missed connecting flight to szczecin"
Negativ: "Deleyed. I got stranded in Warsaw with no possible connection. Transfer desk doesn’t work. 1 person for 67 people in the queue. Welcome to Poland a Third World Country"
Positiv: "The aircraft and crew were professional and courteous. The food was ok."
Negativ: "1st, neither seat that I selected when checking in were given to me. 2nd both aircraft took off late for no apparent reason. 3rd When waiting to board in Warsaw, I was almost bitten by a large pit pull that a passenger was bringing into the cabin as a comfort animal. When I and several other passengers question the desk at the gate about the bringing a large vicious dog into the plane, we were told they were to busy to deal with us even though they were just standing there doing nothing. I have never seen such rudeness towards passengers as I did at that gate. I will take a ship across the Atlantic before I go through Warclaw again."
Negativ: "Bathrooms smelled and dirty and not functioning"
Negativ: "My entertainment stopped working mid flight. There was someone sitting behind me who was heavier and I was asked not to let my seat back. I was provided no compensation for this discomfort."
Positiv: "Very friendly crew , free beer"
Negativ: "being 100% on time with take off"
Positiv: "The crew was fine and polite, the plane made on time despite 40min delays on the tarmac"
Negativ: "going through Warsaw border control took forever, long lines, bad set up for transit passengers."
Positiv: "Angenehme Atmosphera, guter Flug, hervorragendere Landung!"
Negativ: "Sowas habe ich nicht!"
Negativ: "Pünktlichkeit"
Positiv: "The seat was nice compared to other planes I have been on. The crew was very friendly and even tried to help passengers open a dressing pack."
Negativ: "My checked baggage could’ve not been lost, boarding could be organized better."
Negativ: "Poor quality of announcements in Warsaw for boarding times."
Positiv: "Quick Flight"
Negativ: "Faster service"
Positiv: "I had no issues at all. Checkin was easy and friendly. I had payed for my checked bag online. Boarding was simple and LOT held the flight about 5 minutes so that some connecting passengers could make it. Service onboard was friendly and efficient."
Negativ: "Honestly, everything was just fine. Security at Warsaw is a disaster and a nightmare so give yourself a good amount of time. It took 30+ minutes for me to clear and there were only 8 people ahead of me."
Negativ: "I was traveling with 2 little kids. Plane was delayed but it happens. However crew and airport staff completely ignored requests for help. It started when they directed everyone to 3 flights of stairs, including people with strollers. It became worse after that."
Positiv: "Yes"
Negativ: "Seat layout"
Positiv: "Roomy"
Positiv: "Crew, boarding."
Negativ: "Comfort, food, delays. Second leg had a 1 hour delay in boarding and once in the plane there was 2 hour+ delay to take off. Spent about 6 hours in a plane for a 3 hour flight. Only coffee and water were available free of charge. Sodad, juices and food has to be purchased."
Negativ: "Only chocolate Snack"
Positiv: "On time, stable flight without surprises"
Negativ: "Bus takes you to and from the plane."
Negativ: "They lost my checked bag"
Positiv: "Das Personal war freundlich und aufmerksam, was allerdings selbstverständlich sein sollte."
Negativ: "Möglicherweise war die Zeit zu kurz, aber das Flugzeug war nicht ordentlich gereinigt. Es klemmte noch der eine oder andere Becher im Zeitungsfach und auch auf dem Boden konnte man erkennen, etwa welche Schokoriegel verteilt wurden..."
Positiv: "Das Flugzeug war sehr sauber (anders als beim Hinflug)"
Negativ: "Die Gepäckfächer waren hoffnungslos überfüllt. Das Personal hielt es nicht für nötig, hier ordnend einzugreifen..."
Positiv: "All stuff members spoke good English."
Negativ: "I was in the business class. Food was too salti Cabin stuff were clumsy Plates and glasses fell of their hands on the pasengers Many times dueing the flights. Chairs wrre stuck and a stuff member need to come every time i needed to change position."
Positiv: "The Dreamliner is new and shiny, and the bulkhead seat I happened to get had a lot of leg room."
Negativ: "The in-flight entertainment monitor was not working half the time, apparently because of some faulty wiring in the joint that connects the monitor to the seat. And guess what, when it does not work, the reading light and passenger assistance do not work either. Morale: only get bulkhead seats if you plan to sleep through most of the flight."
Negativ: "The crew barely spoke English, only polish and didn’t care about you if you didn’t speak polish. The food was horrible and tasteless. And my suitcase was broken into and my packet of cigarettes was ripped apart and half was stolen"
Positiv: "In Warschau waren alle idioten die dort arbeiten verstehen kein Englisch und tun so ob die alles wissen"
Negativ: "Service ging"
Negativ: "Every time Lot plane delayed!!!"
Positiv: "Everything overall"
Negativ: "Nothing in specific"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed and I lost my connection to NY, I had to get rescheduled flight for day after so I didn't arrive to NY on Sunday but on Monday."
Positiv: "Alles (bis auf eine kleine Verspätung auf dem Rückflug) lief reibungslos ab."
Negativ: "Diese billige Schokowaffel hätten sie sich sparen können. Die Plastikbecher für's Wasser auch. Lademöglichkeiten für Elektronik an den Plätzen wären toll."
Positiv: "Nette Geste: Kaffee und Wasser plus Schokoriegel gratis"
Negativ: "Sitzgurt 1 cm zu kurz, daher Verlängerung erforderlich. Durch Motorgeräusche Ansagen kaum zu verstehen."
Positiv: "Kaffee und Wasser kostenlos. Kein aufdringlicher Bordverkauf."
Positiv: "Business class was very roomy. There was easy access to storage. The flight crew was extremely courteous and did their very best to see to the needs of the passengers."
Negativ: "The seats, when in reclining position, could have been a bit more comfortable."
Negativ: "Flug 2 mal verspätet aber trotzdem muss man für die Getränke zahlen."
Positiv: "Friendliness"
Positiv: "Crew was great."
Negativ: "No on-board entertainment."
Positiv: "Sehr gutes Flugzeug"
Positiv: "Es gibt nichts, was sich massiv bemängeln oder zu loben zu wäre. Es war ein normaler Flug, wie er auf einer Kurzstrecke mit einer Durchschnittsairline zu erwarten ist."
Positiv: "Flight was an hour and a half delayed. Usually I love LOT, but the delay made everything worse when I just wanted to get home"
Positiv: "No water was served between the first and last meal. Some people were dehydrated and had developed a headache. One person have been calling the flight attendant five times and no one responded. Very sad."
Positiv: "Crew was fine."
Negativ: "Not a comfortable seat, no food and no entertainment."
Positiv: "Excellent service better than expected accommodations. On time."

No confort

It was planned to be a transit in Manchester, so no need of passport. Ryanair changed the terminal of the flight so, i needed a passport in the end, so impossible for me to take the plane. I had to buy another for the same day very espensive. So very stressful experience and really pissed about this kind of behaviour

Flight was delayed 2 hours no information given at boarding gate,

Plane was late, boarding was cumbersome, luggage missing and no communication. Waited 1 h for luggage and no one to tell passengers the luggage was missing. After one hour we were told that Ryan Air captain knew all along that luggage was missing and decided not to tell us. Priceless

Liebe leute von Kayak, senden Sie bitte nicht an Kunden E-Mails, dass sie einchecken sollen ( Ryanair ). Das geht gar nicht. Das hat mich viel Nerven gekostet, bis mir endlich geantwortet hat, daß sie mir die Bordkarten 24h vom Flug per email senden.

This company for nobody sending the invoice.This is tottaly wrong

Smooth and on time. All perfect!

There were some individuals not using face masks properly (being almost all the time without them) and the cabin crew did not alert them at all.

Negativ: "Abflugszeit"
Negativ: "Food and drinks for free"
Negativ: "Be honest"
Positiv: "crew war gut Sitz bequem Vorteil ist reservierung"
Negativ: "check in online hat über 2 tage hinweg nicht funktioniert ... beim check in am ryan air schalter wollte uns der mitarbeiter 55€ gebühr pro person verrechnen ... nach längerer diskussion hat eine nette kollegin eine kostenlose möglichkeit für uns gefunden."
Positiv: "On time no depay. Peacefully flight"
Negativ: "Price of ticket"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed because of meteorological issues, and the time we had to wait on the plane could be minimized with some food and water"
Positiv: "Nette Besatzung, einigermaßen aufmerksamer Service"
Negativ: "Deutliche Verspätung ohne Info. Holpriger Flug"
Positiv: "All cood and grow its fantastic"
Negativ: "Keine über 24 Stunden Verspätung! Bessere Kommunikation seitens Ryanair über den Verlauf."
Negativ: "Every thing was perfect . Thanks"
Negativ: "45 Minuten Verspätung, nicht ausreichend Sitzgelegenheiten im Boarding Bereich"
Positiv: "It is the worst airline on Earth. They barred me from flight, removed my name from the system so that I can't board because they say that I can't travel with EU residence card with which I travelled to all Schengen countries with other airlines. They lied to me and didn't return my money too."
Negativ: "They must obey EU laws!"
Positiv: "Sicherer Start und Landung"
Negativ: "Langes Boarding, klapprige Treppe bei Regen um im Bus zum Terminal zu kommen, unfreundliches Personal, Sitze sehr unbequem"
Negativ: "1,5 Stunden Verspätung, ansonsten war alles jin Ordnung"
Positiv: "the fly is cheap, landed before schedule, priority arrangements allow to have baggage at hand and leave the airport quickly, enough personal to take care of the passangers"
Negativ: "not much space to stretch legs"
Positiv: "Crew nett Sitze zu eng und unbequem....gibt nicht mal ein Zeitungsnetz vor einem an der Sitzrückseite!!!"
Negativ: "Check in was horrific. We weren’t able to print our boarding passes earlier. Not easy to do in Morocco. We were hassled at Marrakech airport. Had to wait in separate line for boarding pass-backed up for a half hour. They HAND WROTE BOARDING PASS. And charged us an additional 100 Euros. Inappropriate"
Positiv: "The aircraft seats were really comfortable."
Negativ: "We could have been boarded on time instead of early so we could sit a bit more to wait"
Positiv: "Schnelles einfaches Boarding"
Negativ: "1 Stunde Verspätung"
Positiv: "Cheerful staff."
Negativ: "Being allocated when we booked seats apart to make us pay £11 to sit together. All we can take from this is that it was another money grabbing exercise by Ryanair as there were plenty of empty seats available when we boarded!"
Positiv: "Punctuality"
Negativ: "Airport personal seems to pick and target few people only to force the new bag policy on whilst others go through unquestioned. I wasn’t involved but could how some people from a different national background seemed targeted by ground staff"
Positiv: "Nil"
Negativ: "Nil"
Positiv: "Schlichtweg nichts!"
Negativ: "Schreckliche Erfahrung, wie immer mit Ryanair! Flug natürlich total verspätet, es wird über Lautsprecher angekündigt das das Gate schließt, obwohl noch lange kein Flugzeug kommt, keinerlei Informationen durch das vollkommen überforderte und inkompetente lustlose Personal. Keinesfalls empfehlenswert, lieber etwas mehr ausgeben und eine anständige Airline nehmen"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything. AND missed flight to Athens!!"
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "Ryan Air have changed their online check in system with flights.Basically i was forced to pay for a seat spot on my return flight because they only allow 48 hour check in before flight if you dont purchase a seat. Because of the risk of not having access to print out my boarding pass when in Hungary while checking in there for the return part and that the app may not have worked on my phone it resulted in me paying additional fees or pay a larger sum to check in at Hungary airport. .Online check in should not be locked behind a paywell.This is dishonest business. The flight on the way delayed with no explanation and the company didnt bother to notify the airport of this and update the times on the boards or atleast a delayed notification at the airport. They tried to rush the boarding because of the fact they were delayed and boarded all passengers at same time in both priority and non priority queues which kind of defeats part of the purpose of those people paying the extra for priority boarding. Also this return journey of the flight was delayed too with no communication of a delayed take off. Despite the fact that Ryan Air claim to have the highest percentage of flights arrive on time i have yet to witness a single flight of theirs arrive on time which has me to believe the company is falsifying information on this record."
Positiv: "Wie soll ich etwas bewerten, das nicht gab? (Bordunterhaltung, Verpflegung)"
Positiv: "Der Flugkapitän informierte zeitnah. Der Flug war ruhig und ohne größere Vorkommnisse."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte leider mehr als 2 Stunden Verspätung und man erhielt vom Bodenpersonal hierzu keine Info (ohne Aufforderung)"
Positiv: "Sehr freundliches und hilfsbereites Personal. Pünktliche Ankunft."
Negativ: "Staff were quite rude and didn't spend time explaining the delay we were having in English"
Positiv: "Alles reibungslos geklappt. Sehr freundliche Flugbegleiter. Pünktlich gestartet. Werde Ryanair weiterhin empfehlen"
Positiv: "Flug bisschen verspätet aber Zeit gut reingeholt"
Negativ: "Gab kein Essen, aber war auch Ryanair also normal"
Positiv: "Unpünktlicher Start beim Hinflug. Rückflug - alles gut."
Negativ: "Teure Getränke, kein Essen."
Positiv: "Smooth boarding Friendly staff"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hrs Dalayed at the gate 1 hr Waiting at the baggage claim 1.5 hrs Very disappointing"
Positiv: "angekommen"
Negativ: "verspäteter abflug, wartezeit in der maschine ohne klimaanlage unklare zeitangaben, widersprüchlich und unzuverlässig. unfreundliches personal (scheinbar selbst genervt) nach der landung kein ausstieg ohne grund. erneutes warten"
Positiv: "Nice crew"
Negativ: "Take off delayed by over 3 hours, poor communication,noisy boisterous passengers."
Positiv: "Ich hatte immense Halsschmerzen und erhielt auf Nachfrage sofort eine Schmerztablette."
Positiv: "Das Personal und der Pilot haben sich Mühe gegeben."
Negativ: "Wir sind fast 2std. später gestartet."
Positiv: "60 Minuten Verspätung wurde bis auf 25 Minuten wieder eingeholt. Personal sehr freundlich"
Negativ: "Der Flug war overbooked also wurde mir gesagt dass er Storniert ist."
Positiv: "Im Gegensatz zum Flughafen Berlin/Schönefeld sehr gute Informationen zum Boarding am Flughafen Köln/Bonn. Auch im Flieger wurden Informationen auf Deutsch gut verständlich vermittelt. Dies geschah auf dem Hinflug nicht! Ansonsten waren die Ansprachen vom Flugkapitän bzw. Crew über die Lautsprecher schwer zu verstehen. Die Rückenlehne der Sitze ist nicht verstellbar und damit ist der Sitzkomfort unbequem."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist punktlich gestartet"

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€ 204
1 StoppRyanair
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1 StoppRyanair
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€ 206
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
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€ 235
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5:00 Std.VIE-SZZ
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23:10 Std.SZZ-VIE
€ 240
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
8:05 Std.VIE-SZZ
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11:40 Std.SZZ-VIE
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€ 250

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16:15 Std.VIE-SZZ
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