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  • Die Hochsaison ist im Jänner, Februar und Dezember. Der günstigste Reisemonat für Flüge nach Österreich ist der Jänner.
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Top-Airline für Flüge nach San Cristobal

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
LATAM AirlinesErgebnis aus 5872 Bewertungen

Latam was very accommodating the crew out of Peru was super helpful and kind

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Latam was very accommodating the crew out of Peru was super helpful and kind

Good could be better. Leg space too

Keine Verpflegung (1450 Km; Flugzeit 2:05 h) für ein Glas Wasser muss man bitten! (wegen Covid oder eher sparen?) Könnte beim Einsteigen bereitgestellt werden, Selbstbedienung. Ist das Business-class?

se economiza sob o pretexto de COVID, tem que "pedir" pra uma água.

itinerary on time

Positiv: "Free flight change."
Negativ: "Meal selection was average."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Nos tienen esperando 40 minutos en el avión sin dejarnos bajar, he perdido mi taxi y ya lo cobraron de mi tarjeta. Es una burla LATAM siempre jugando con mi tiempo... siempre."
Positiv: "The pilots were polite and arrived early at destination."
Negativ: "Could provide a menu card, like every other airline. Instead of listing every single option to everyone on the plane. And maybe use bigger cups that hold more than 3-4 ounces?? Especially when the airport takes away peoples liquids (see below). Ridiculous. Not necessarily with flight, more with Lima airport “security” - they took away ALL bottled liquids more than 3 oz. AT THE GATE. Even bottled water purchased 20 feet from the gate. And they couldn’t explain why. Just got a bunch of shrugs. Why take sealed water purchased at their own airport away before an international 8+ hour flight???"
Positiv: "Great Airplane i felt awesome tha movies the food everything was great with this flight"
Negativ: "nothing, maybe the Airport at Hanga Roa because we wait so much time!"
Positiv: "Nothing much, really."
Negativ: "Baggage handling. They lost one of my baggages and are giving me a hard time to get a refund."
Negativ: "Delay by an hour"
Positiv: "The flight was very comfortable"
Negativ: "The flight should be not delay.. I paid money for been late...45 dollars they don’t appreciate loyalty"
Positiv: "BordUnterhaltung,Personal"
Negativ: "BoarDing waren nicht wirklich gut"
Negativ: "I can’t think of any thing else you could do better. You really provide a customer first service. I will always fly Latam and advise others to as well. Thank you."
Negativ: "More room legs needed."
Positiv: "Normal"
Negativ: "Better food"
Positiv: "Es gab sogar einen Film auf deutsch"
Positiv: "yo tenia comida kosher y no me la dieron"
Negativ: "Your Customer Service"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "In the boarding process one employee very rudemy told me that the cabin wss full a d that I had to send my carry-on as a checked bag, altough I tried to explain her that I had very important personal stuff that I wanted to take with me."
Negativ: "Luggage ruined grease all.over it Service said they could do nothing"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Flug wurde in eine bessere Route getauscht"
Positiv: "Travel time"
Positiv: "latam airlines only wants your money, if you miss your flight they will book your seat to someone else, you will be stranded, and they will not reschedule or refund. i now live in the airpot and I sold my car for this and I just want to die now"
Negativ: "less ignorant/greedy management"
Positiv: "Boarding geordnet und schnell. Service nett."
Negativ: "Komfort eingeschränkt. Kein Entertainment. Verpflegung war Wasser."
Positiv: "There was no one sitting next to me."
Negativ: "Over 5 hours delayed with no explanation, no compensation and no food offered."
Positiv: "Boarding organisiert. Besatzung hilfsbereit."
Negativ: "Klimaanlage zu weit runtergekühlt"
Positiv: "excellent in alla aspects"
Positiv: "Plane was clean, videos worked well. Cabin attendants were gracious and spoke excellent English. Food was good."
Positiv: "Very smooth flight. Good service and food though the items on the food tray were just the meal and a dessert snack. Other airlines have food trays with salad, fruit, the entree and a snack dessert. But as long as we get there safe and sound I am ok."
Negativ: "Boarding process in Miami was chaotic. Started late as the crew reported late to the flight. Nobody knew what's going on until the gate agents made an announcement that the crew was reporting late. We departed almost an hour late."
Positiv: "Wie immer nett. Board-Service gut."
Negativ: "Keine Auflademöglichkeit auf der Langstrecke halte ich für problematisch. Ob das bei einer 767 nicht (mehr) geht?"
Negativ: "Plane broke. Hearded across ramp to another plane. Missed my international connection for a one day delay. I had a 3 hour connection and couldn’t get on the flight. No help from Latam!"
Negativ: "Flight delayed well over an hour, Airport stuff unhelpful, Very below average."
Positiv: "It was my first time flying with LATAM and I loved it! The planes are amazing, such a great taste for everything. Delicious food! Everyone was so nice and helpful! Very attentive and polite. Definitely will be looking forward to travel with then again!"
Positiv: "Nice friendly crew"
Negativ: "Very cramped seating. My knees were jammed against seat in front of me. I am 6' 2""
Positiv: "Cabin crew were excellent Business class seating quite roomy"
Negativ: "Food was ok but not to the standards of Qantas / Emirates or Etihad The cabin seating etc, looked a little tired & dated & the seats mechanical operation was clunky. Toiletries bag provided was quite limited, but was fit for purpose."
Negativ: "I had to pay for everything. only the water was for free. No, of course I had to pay for that on the ticket plane."
Positiv: "Servicio de entretenimiento"
Negativ: "Un vuelo se demoro SIETE VECES mas tiempo, es una tortura estar encerrado siete horas perdiendo el tiempo en un avión PEOR si es que nos dicen que no se puede aterrizar por mal clima y otras aerolíneas si llegan al destino, la verdad ahora si prefiero viajar por LCPeru, Star, AVIANCA, Viva Air porque si no hay diferencia en el servicio pues pago algo menos, no vale la pena seguir trabajando con LATAM"
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Der Flug sehr angenehm und bequem. Es gab genug Beinfreiheit beim Sitzen."
Negativ: "Lost my bags"
Positiv: "Service"
Negativ: "Food too sweet (waffles and yogurt ) diaper changer is too small and tight like for new borns only"
Positiv: "Was cold so requested a blanket, was told we will see ..Blankets were given to passengers in the front seat but I was ignored. I usually carry a warm scarf so do not need airline blankets."
Negativ: "No issues will travel on this airline again."
Negativ: "Impossibly short connection time to get across the whole airport"
Positiv: "The flight was comfortable and enjoyable."
Positiv: "Gate crew was very nice and efficient"
Negativ: "Had to wait 3 hours inside the plane in JFK with no electricity (no AC or lights) before taking off. The crew said it was the airport employees that had caused the problem."
Positiv: "Speed of service, friendly personnel, food"
Negativ: "Flight left one hour late-stressful as I had short connection, but airport didn’t announce that we’d still arrive approx on time due to strong tailwind. Less stress all round if they’d have told us"
Positiv: "Auch für jemanden der 2 Meter misst sehr komfortables Sitzen. 1 getränk und 1 Croissant waren inbegriffen - geschmacklich gut. Personal war nett und hilfsbereit."
Positiv: "Comfortable seats."
Negativ: "Food and drink service not given. There was no turbulence to justify this failure, and flight was over an hour long, allowing sufficient time to provide it. Poor communication of departure delay."
Negativ: "Due to technical problem in the lavatories we have been told."

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