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Airlines, die nach Präfektur Hokkaido fliegen

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EVA AirErgebnis aus 6199 Bewertungen
Positiv: "Friendly staff great food and customer service very comfortable seating wonderful atmosphere. Thank you much for taking care of me"
Negativ: "Everything was perfect"
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Positiv: "Friendly staff great food and customer service very comfortable seating wonderful atmosphere. Thank you much for taking care of me"
Negativ: "Everything was perfect"
Positiv: "Eva does a nice job keeping you fed and happy!"
Negativ: "If you are a big guy, tall or broad or both, you should absolutely get either an exit row or upgrade to plus. This is an airline made for smaller folks from Asia."
Positiv: "Clean and spacious seat"
Negativ: "Lot of Chinese passengers and they are no lousy and rode."
Positiv: "Organize"
Negativ: "Customer service"
Negativ: "The food was terrible. Only one option and I didn't like it."
Positiv: "Was amazed because of the Hello Kitty theme in the plane , very friendly staff very worth trip"
Negativ: "Nothing everything went well"
Positiv: "Good food and friendly crew."
Positiv: "The food, service, & video entertainment were both very good!!!"
Negativ: "Lay down seats for sleeping!! ))"
Positiv: "The entertainment, lots of movies and TV dramas to choose from."
Negativ: "Better communication about delays. We didn't taxi into terminal for close to hour and half after landing. Flight attendants insisted passengers must unplug headphone once landed. Some passengers (those in the back) weren't allow to use the bathroom though plane was stationery for 1 1/2 hr."
Negativ: "plane was 2 hours late, which sucks. they don't tell you it is going to be 2 hours late. you couldn't enter the boarding area (in Taiwan airport) until one hour before departure. if you you are familiar with Taiwan airport, then you know the a then they tell you the plane will be another hour late."
Negativ: "Provide water service more often during long flights."
Positiv: "schlafgelegenheit flaches Bett mit Auflage und Privacy in der BusClass"
Negativ: "die EVA App ist unterentwickelt....ich konnte keine Sitze andern...sass ohne Fenster vor der geruchsintensive Küche (7k) obwohl viele Alternativen noch verfügbar waren. Personal ist sehr bemüht, aber man spürt dass die Freundlichkeit aufgesetzt ist und die Kompetenz übertünchen soll. ca 20% qualität m Vergleich zum Flug vom 2.2. von Wien nach Taipeh"
Positiv: "durch den Flug von Wien nach Taipeh war ich verwöhnt. aber die Verpflegung war noch immer sehr gut"
Negativ: "die Lounge am Flughafen ist schlecht beschildert und der Service ist ebenso schlecht wie bei Thai."
Positiv: "Alles hat mir gefallen. Treatment als BusinessClass Passagier spürbar SUPER"
Positiv: "Seat was ok"
Negativ: "Everything could have been better"
Positiv: "Bathroom and food good. Boarding was fast. And so was disembarking."
Positiv: "The people at EVA Air looked professional"
Negativ: "Extorted for money from people who were not familiar with the travel tax law (I happen to carry a copy of the travel tax law). The people of influence were unethical."
Positiv: "I have food allergies - and though I did not get around to notifying the airlines prior to the trip they did their best to accommodate me - even making sure that my return flight would include this request. The crew were top notch making sure that even the economy travelers like myself were very well taken care of, comforted and if asleep leaving notes to contact them for a meal set aside. I cannot say enough good things about EVA. Every airline could learn from EVA's attention to customer needs."
Positiv: "Everything normal except food"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Flight attendants courteous and efficient. Seat comfortable, flight smooth"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "I enjoy the friendly flight attendants and the overall flight experience. I love the fact they leave at 1am and arrive in Manila around noon. I always tell my friends to fly EVA."
Negativ: "n/a"
Negativ: "No clothes to change. My fruits were expired because off the luggages not come to the destination."
Negativ: "rude people. yelling to passengers"
Positiv: "People were lovely and efficient"
Negativ: "Seats were pretty ordinary"
Negativ: "The crew were not very friendly, they went about their tasks but did not engage with the customers in a friendly manner. It was very much as though they were doing the minimum for the job/flight. For instance, when you board and sit down the first thing they give you is the menu and then the landing card. But I've just sat down I don't need these two extra pieces of paper immediately. I sat on an aisle and must have been knocked 5-6 times by the carts. After I was bumped then I hear the 'excuse us, carts coming through'."
Positiv: "Well apointed aircraft, good food, individual games and movies made for a seemingly short flight."
Negativ: "Both travellers are 6 feet. A litle morleg room would be nice. But there was more than any US domestic flight."
Negativ: "Baggage rules on itinerary didn’t match reality. Baggage 7kg was enforced, check in bags almost empty as documents & computers weigh a lot, and cant be trusted to “check-in”. If I had know we could check in four bags free it would have made a big difference. The itinerary says one each, plus one for Premier status, which adds up to three in our case. Not a happy camper. Will avoid EVA when there are other good choices. My wife had advised against EVA to begin with, check-in confirmed her advice. Crew didn’t come by much with water or juice, but they were courteous. Seat belt sign was put on when bumpy, but not turned off for the next hour or two of smooth sailing. “I told you so” was here reaction . . . ."
Positiv: "plenty of movies to watch."
Negativ: "the second meal options were not to my liking. I chose Pasta, but i did NOT like the pasta meal: Too much pasta, not enough chicken."
Positiv: "Everything’s is good"
Positiv: "Food, service was great."
Positiv: "Terrible experience"
Negativ: "I was refused permission to board the plane"
Positiv: "The food was delicious and a majority of the staff members were nice and help full"
Negativ: "Whenever I️ was sleep on my 16 hour flight nobody woke me up so I️ missed out on my meal. They have snacks to make up for I‎t but I️ wish someone would have woken me up because I️ was really hungry."
Positiv: "The vegan meals were tasty."
Negativ: "Not enough leg room. Seating not wide enough."
Positiv: "Fantastic cabin crew as always with Eva air"
Negativ: "Uncomfortable tight narrow seats"
Positiv: "Me & my wife were on Premium Economy. This was a connecting flight to Manila from Vancouver Canada. The food served was not visually appealing and very lacking in taste. The food can be improved for this sector. The food was a very far cry from EVA Air flight also on Premium Economy. Before this flight we took we took BR9 from Vancouver Canada. The Ground Agent at the boarding gate wanted us to check-in our carry-on baggage which was well within the measurements specified in the EVA Air website (23x36x56cm). My wife and I had only one carry-on each. The reason given the flight was full. I did not understand this since I could see there were lots of passengers who had carry-on baggage larger than the 23x36x56cm and more than one piece carry-on. Not sure why this female Ground Agent picked on us when there were lots more violations within her sight. Also, she was rude when we refused. Once inside the aircraft with all passengers boarded, there were lots of empty bins for carry-on baggage. The more I was not happy about this Ground Agent picking on our carry-on baggage. The more I did not understand why!"
Negativ: "This is my wife & I flying with EVA Air. My wife and I have travelled with many international and domestic airlines for 38 years now since we started travelling. I’d recommend EVA Air’s Premium Economy. The seats were wider and leg room was excellent. The amenities were great especially the entertainment part. TV Screen in front of the passenger (installed behind the seat in front) was very clear. it was the same as if watching movie on an iPad."
Positiv: "Seat is wide enough"
Negativ: "Some crews are stress as I could see it in their facial expression"
Positiv: "We lucked out on a sparsely filled flight so nearly everyone had a row to themselves, even in Economy class. Food was tasty, and the crew provided many opportunities for drinks. Crew was friendly and even volunteered some drawing packs for our 19-month old!"
Negativ: "Snacks available limited to dry crackers and cookies primarily. Entertainment options - easy to use though limited selection (for US-based films at least)."
Positiv: "Good service."
Positiv: "Very good service."
Positiv: "The crew The time of the flights"
Negativ: "Food options were narrow Online seat selection wqs not allowed"
Negativ: "We nearly dehydrated during the trip. We're EXTREMELY skimpy on drinks. Had to ask 3x before I'd get something"
Positiv: "the cabin crew was polite, accomodating and friendly. the blankets were warm."
Negativ: "the seats are uncomfortable and the food was not good. but this is not unique to eva air. most airlines are like this."
Positiv: "Gutes Preis Leistung für Premium Eco"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Sitting for 15 hrs"
Positiv: "Flight crew was very good. Service was great. Flight took off and landed safely...... most importantly."
Negativ: "Hated being told at checkin that my regulation size carry on bags were slightly over weight and my only option was to go over on the floor and open them up to redistribute the weight. I was reluctantly fine with checking one of the bags, however not with being treated so carelessly and disrespectfully. I am not the kind of person that is ok with being put in that situation. As an airline I understand you need to have rules and guidelines to function, however sending me over to open my luggage on the floor in front of 1000's of other people is just humiliating!! If that is such a strict policy you really should have a space with some kind of privacy available and set up for customers to prepare to make things meet your standards. Then he changed my seat assignment for some reason and put me in an exit row..... not explaining that there is NO SPACE AT ALL for ANY carry on bags. That means no pills nearby that I needed, or headphones, magazines, iPads etc. I was really mad when I sat down and immediately asked to be moved. Luckily someone was willing to trade. Needed more to eat on a 14 hour flight also. Was really hungry."
Positiv: "Seat, service and food were excellent"
Negativ: "No negatives on this flight"
Positiv: "The entertainment options were really nice. The airfare I felt was good value for the money."
Negativ: "This was on the flight from Taipei to Chicago: The woman next to me had an injured foot which she rested on the tray table. She should have been seated where there was an empty seat next to her as there were seats available and it would presumably have been more comfortable. It turned out the outlet for plugging in the headphones for my seat was broken so I moved to an empty seat. I would not have wanted to look at her foot (no sock on) throughout the flight plus she was constantly fidgeting and poking me with her arm Ashe adjusted her foot while I was seated next to her. Unpleasant."
Negativ: "Eva is great airline , better then a lot of the competitors. However during the lag between Taipei and SFO we did not receive any drinking water unless requested - on any other airlines they always provide small bottled water , For the long lag of the flight liquid is essantation."
Positiv: "I ordered a vegetarian option meal just to be safe because you never know hat you will get with airplane food. I got on the plane and saw another option I would rather have and the crew didn't hesitate making the change for me."
Negativ: "The major downside is carry on luggage . If you like to carry on your suitcase if has to stay at a max of 15 pounds or so. If it exceeds that weight you will have to check it. I checked my bag both ways with transfers and didnt have a problem gettng my luggage. Overall good experience. I will definitely fly EVA again."
Positiv: "Comfy,nice foods, helpful crew"
Negativ: "So far my flight with eva air was awesome!"

More helpful staff.

Positiv: "The crew was very friendly & movie choices were excellent"
Negativ: "Neither my USB or electrical plug worked (this happened on my flight out as well), the loud music was terrible and played too long interrupting movie, headrests were literally so hard they were painful. I had a headache afterwards for hours."
Negativ: "The entertainment system constantly plays media you can't control during the full takeoff and landing times, you can't even turn off the screen. This was particularly annoying during a nighttime landing. Also most of the movies had their content edited."
Positiv: "The food was great and the service was good as well."
Negativ: "They did not give us instant noodle when we asked for it and the seats in Economy did not have foot rest in front like Singapore Airline."
Negativ: "Leg room in economy is just tight"
Positiv: "Nice flight, nice crew, night food and nice on board equipment."
Negativ: "No air bridge from Gate 213, It takes transfer bus to Gate 554. It is uncomfort under such hot and humid weather condition."
Positiv: "Food was the worse"
Negativ: "Improve food that will be suitable for human beings"
Negativ: "The food could have been more tasty and warm."
Positiv: "We have now been on both TAIWAN based carriers in the past six months. CI aircraft interiors were more visually appealing- I remember BR being too dark..."
Negativ: "The temperature fluctuations of the aircraft. This is really for all airlines, usually too hot upon boarding & too cold 3hrs in... Also, no coach class amenity kit. I think BR gave us "sleeping" face masks for a similar length trip..."
Positiv: "Large screen, plenty toilets, good leg room, kind stewardess, great handicap assistants"
Negativ: "Food can be better"
Positiv: "Crew excellent"
Negativ: "Cramped."
Positiv: "Impressed with the quick boarding time. Flight delayed 45 min but still made connecting flight. Good inflight entertainment options"
Negativ: "Bad food"
Positiv: "Quick boarding, staff english is good. Good movie selection."
Negativ: "seat not very cushioned, food is okay. Low TV documentary selection."
Positiv: "The staff was very friendly and accommodating"
Negativ: "Food was nothing special"
Negativ: "Essen ist super und ich bin noch mit einer 747-400 geflogen und das Flugzeug ist sehr gut"
Positiv: "Checking in from Manila was excellent. The staff was nice and accommodating. The food was good. The flight was on time."
Negativ: "My ears were painful the whole time probably because it was a small aircraft."
Positiv: "Good overall flight with good service."
Negativ: "No complaints."
Positiv: "Staff, food, and entertainment."
Positiv: "People"
Negativ: "Lack of movie selection"
Positiv: "Music celection is awesome"
Positiv: "Great service, and attendant is very nice and answers all request promptly. Food is ok."
Negativ: "Overall it's a great trip and smooth. The seat of economy class is a little bit tight, but that's probably the standard size of all carriers..."
Positiv: "It was very organized ."
Negativ: "Nothing ."
Positiv: "Over all it was a great experience. I dropped my boarding pass from tapi to bkk while I was at SFO the crew trade me down and gave me my boarding pass , saving me lots of hassle . I was impressed for over all service."
Negativ: "The boarding wasn’t done according to seating manner at SFO . Didn’t look he that ."
Positiv: "Nothing, flight got cancelled"
Negativ: "My experience with china airlines was the worst. I travel with surfboards. I called a head of time and got quoted a price and when I showed up they tried to charge me quadruple. They said I needed to pay 460 dollars! After arguing with them for 1 hr. They told us the flight was cancelled. Went to Singapore air& they were the best. Free for surfboards. And staff was very helpful. China air is unprofessional, and disrespectful. I will never fly with them again, nor will I recommend them to any of my friends, family, or colleagues."
Negativ: "Food seemed rehydrated"
Positiv: "If you're seated on a row with collapsible monitor that stows like a tray as opposed to a monitor on the back of the seat in front of you, then you must end your entertainment or whatever movie you're watching earlier as the plane descends. The other monitors are played right up until the plane comes to a complete stop."
Negativ: "My luggage was unlocked but the combination was locked when it landed; therefore I couldn't open the luggage."
Negativ: "Seat assignments are not given until you check in at the desk. I bought this flight many months in advance and could not choose my seat at that time. I then tried to get a seat when I was sent an email saying "check into your flight and reserve your seat". Websight would not let me do either so I went to check into my flight earlier then normal only to find out that my only option was middle seat. Tried to change the seat and was given the run around to go to different gates, which I did and the attendant just kept telling me to go to a different gate. Very frustrating and very uncaring and unfriendly attendants. This was a super long flight and very uncomfortable. I will consider another airline when making my next travel booking."
Positiv: "We were lucky to have an exit row. The flight was smooth and pleasant."
Negativ: "The food was not great but got the job done. Could use a wider movie selection."
Positiv: "Excellent service"
Negativ: "I could not get mineral water in a bottle"
Positiv: "No issues, no delays, food and services on par."
Positiv: "Friendly staffs, decent leg room, boarding process was smooth"
Negativ: "A little limited movie selections & food was ok"
Positiv: "Very nice short trip."
Negativ: "nothing."
Negativ: "Boarding at SFO was confusing since attendance gave wrong information so that we kept sitting to wait for our turn. And it ended up kind of disordering. Airline needs to improve this small process while customers waited for so long to board."
Positiv: "Boarding went smoothly. Aircraft was on time."
Negativ: "No beverage service before meal. No Western choices for meals."
Positiv: "It really was a fine flight. The complaints are minor."
Negativ: "The seat-back entertainment systems were more annoying than the usual ones. Hard to read words on the display. The drink service used quite small cups, smaller than the ones that seem to be universal otherwise, and she only filled it 2/3 of the way!"
Positiv: "The staff immediately address we have kids on board. They gave my boys the drawing pad and stuff to play with. They manage to serve meal within a 2 hours flight and that was amazing."
Negativ: "The plane is a bit outdated, the remote on the side needs hard pressing in order to work. Seats are tight for flight over 8 hours, need to consider changing plane size. The flight delayed for an hour. boo! We already experienced delay when flying from Honolulu to Taipei. Not sure why their flights keep delaying."
Positiv: "Overall, polite service staff"
Negativ: "Only few open counters for check in unlike at San francisco"
Positiv: "Airplanes are fairly new. Everything seemed fairly clean. Movie choices were good. The staff was really accommodating and friendly."
Negativ: "Narrow seats in Economy. With every move, I had to be careful not to disturb the person next to me. I am a fairly skinny guy. This was quite challenging when I tried to eat. It was too easy to trigger the flight-attendant call button by accident with the touch screen. The icon is not really obvious and it is close to the screen on and off icon."
Positiv: "F"
Positiv: "The middle seat was empty on my flight, I appreciated the extra room."
Negativ: "The movie selection was not super up to date."
Positiv: "Lay over too long"
Positiv: "Entertainment like new movies are great to watch"
Negativ: "Crew must be aware that some passengers only speak & understand English."
Positiv: "good entertainment options."
Negativ: "food was not very good. The hot towels were cold. There was no one from China Airlines to help the 50 minute delayed passengers from the BKK to Teipei flight get through security and transfer to Teipei to SFO flight. It was very hectic with large crowds at security gates."
Positiv: "everything was good including leg room"
Positiv: "I liked the large selection of movies and TV shows."
Negativ: "The headphone jack on the chair wasn't working as well as it could have so it was hard to hear the movies I was trying to watch. I didn't like how the meals and lights being dimmed seemed to correspond to (and keep us on) the time zone of the place we were leaving instead of adjusting us to the time zone of the place we were going."
Positiv: "Had a newer plane which was very nice with a cool wooden wall look."
Negativ: "Maybe some more current movies."
Positiv: "the one they call pork noodles was excellent lavatory at the back was clean even at the end of 12 hour flight"
Negativ: "assigned seats 71 D & E had my head shaking when turbulence hit the plane. poor leg room as expected. i will continue to complain about this however fruitless, helpless & frustrating it is"
Positiv: "Space was good. Seats were just right space from one another"
Negativ: "We were assigned seats apart from my companion"
Positiv: "Flight landing delayed 30min, cutting into transfer time. China Airlines was amazing in making sure I didn't miss it. They moved me up towards the front of the plane and had personnel at jetway to escort me through baggage claim and customs. Thank you for the great customer service!"
Positiv: "Friendly and helpful service at Kaohsiung airport. Overall service on the flight was excellent,too."
Negativ: "Food was poor on this flight."

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€ 838
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35:25 Std.VIE-CTS
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€ 1 139
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€ 1 413
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18:10 Std.VIE-CTS
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€ 1 556
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35:40 Std.VIE-CTS
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26:25 Std.CTS-VIE
€ 1 999
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
30:45 Std.VIE-CTS
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
26:25 Std.CTS-VIE
€ 2 796
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
30:45 Std.VIE-CTS
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
18:40 Std.CTS-VIE
€ 3 314
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19:05 Std.VIE-CTS
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23:10 Std.CTS-VIE
€ 4 758

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