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Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Japan AirlinesErgebnis aus 4787 Bewertungen

Like Japan Airiline food good flight attendants the best take good care of customer

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Like Japan Airiline food good flight attendants the best take good care of customer

Really like it Japan airline taking care of good customer

When the flight arrived with a delay at HND, international transit pass angered were allowed to off board. We were nearly late for the domestic transient though… then when we off board, we were advised that we won’t be able to transit on time but we were not offered a hotel but hotel search help. Not a joke regardless the reason. 2,800$ ticket but hotel of 80$ can’t be paid by the airlines? It’s the government policy staffs told us kidding! I won’t fly with Japan airlines from now on although my wife is a Japanese. Cheap flag carrier of Japan. Shame on them.

Very nice crew.

The crew at the check-in counter was super-helpful and exceptionally kind.

Negativ: "Is easy to book from your even I don’t really understand English and Japan airlines was wonderful service. Thank you 😊"
Negativ: "American airlines, No entartainment, no hi hello from the crew, no food, not even water... Funny guys, why the have flight people inside the plane :) domestic airlines are always joke compared to the world domestic or overseas...."
Negativ: "More movie choices. More substantial second meal."
Positiv: "Crew was attentive and food was great. Japan air was a much better buy than any American company. I will look for Japan air for any flights I take in the future."
Negativ: "Nothing. The experience for international economy was perfect."
Positiv: "Crew and service were outstanding!"
Negativ: "I would have liked the ebooks section of the entertainment options expanded. I love to read and that would have greatly distracted from the discomfort of having to sit so long in such cramped quarters."
Positiv: "The crew always smiles and very accomodating."
Negativ: "The main course could have been better or improve. I wasn’t satisfied with the taste."
Positiv: "friendliness"
Negativ: "food"
Negativ: "Wider arm rests"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "No service. No drink, no snack, flight delayed. Missed last bus from airport to station at base where stationed. No happy"
Negativ: "Please contact me immediately!"
Positiv: "Very nice flight attendants providing perfect service. Very nice food, exceptional for economy class. Huge leg room and wide seats (only 8 seats per row in a B777, other airlines usually have 9 or even 10 seat per row, this parity to some eco plus seats) Good entertaining system with good choice of new movies."
Negativ: "The boarding process was a bit unfortunate. But this might have something to do with Oneworld and not only JAL. Sapphire and Ruby members board at the same time, making the boarding process a bit crowded for a elite member. But apart from that he boarding was well organized."
Positiv: "It was impossible to breathe throughout the 13-hour flight. It was very hot and humid. Several people asked for the temperature to be adjusted but they never really took care of it. The food was really cheap and stale--quite a disappointment for an expensive flight Tokyo-New York."
Negativ: "no 1st class offered. I wanted to use my system wide upgrade but can't get a flight that offers 1st class anymore"
Positiv: "Everything was excellent crew was very helpful"
Positiv: "They were every where all the time! No sitting around in the back like most airlines. Movies Hallie and many first run and Oscar nominated."
Positiv: "Great flying on JAL...such great service and sweet attendants. US carriers could learn a lot from the Japanese carriers...they actually make it enjoyable and easy"
Positiv: "Great airline, roomy seats and they don't nickle and dime you like other airlines."
Positiv: "Service was excellent."
Negativ: "The food could have been a little more mainstream"
Positiv: "Able to accommodate many dietary requirements and friendly crew"
Negativ: "Our flight was delayed for two hours. We have a connecting flight from Osaka to Los Angeles, which we were worried we couldn't make it. They told me the flight will wait for us because there were 20 plus people also need to get on that plane. When the time of boarding we heard they were calling us to the front and explained the flight we were suppose to be connecting already took off. They had to booked us to another airline. We were extremely disappointed! We asked if we could took another Japanese airline but they said our luggages were already transferred to that airline and the tickets were printed! Mosf importantly we have already waited in airport 5 hours and they needed us to wait for another 3 hours! Very bad experience with how they dealing with this situation!"
Positiv: "Everything. Was just outstanding."
Negativ: "No complaints"
Positiv: "Superb services!"
Negativ: "I don't think there's anything I didn't like during my journey"
Positiv: "service was excellent. Seating was OK in spite of it being economy."
Negativ: "One meal was sufficient in quantity, mediocre in quality. Other meals and snacks were skimpy in frequency and quantity."
Positiv: "Clean and nice staff"
Negativ: "Seats separated from my friend for 14hrs."
Positiv: "Ich habe den Flug sehr genossen. Die Filmauswahl war hervorragend, das Personal sehr freundlich, und das Essen geniessbar."
Positiv: "super comfortable seats, great food, huge monitor, non stop service for the 13 hours plus JFK-hnd new flight"
Negativ: "Aisle seats not very private, remote control not intuitive to use"
Negativ: "服务态度非常好"
Positiv: "Japan Airline is a notch above the rest. The services was constant and consistent, the food was delicious and abundant, and the seats were comfortable. I was surprised at how often they would go up and down the aisles checking on passengers, picking up trash, and serving small food items. To top it off towards the end of the trip they put toothbrushes in the bathroom so you can leave fresh, awesome."
Negativ: "I really dont have a negative things to say, I was really happy with the service. Especially since I hate flying this make the trip so bearable."
Positiv: "Curteous and pleasant."
Negativ: "All packed the plane. Tight."
Positiv: "Staff- the ladies in flight were very friendly and courteous."
Positiv: "Great service and comfort. Great food. On time."
Negativ: "Outgoing plane was older and had stains on the chairs, walls, etc. But still comfortable."
Positiv: "The hospitality of the crew"
Positiv: "Seat was very comfortable and had many games and movies to keep me preoccupied during the flight."
Negativ: "I didn't like that the crew at check-in and the crew on the plane told me different things. The crew at check-in told me I could keep my purse with me, and the crew on the airline told me I had to put it overhead. Please be consistent! Flying is very stressful for me, and I want the staff to make it as stress-free as possible. As for boarding, I wasn't allowed into the gate until an hour before. What really bothered me was that they had already let some people into the gate and shut some other people out. Either let people in or don't. Don't follow the rules halfway because then they won't mean anything. I was very shocked by this and have never experienced this at any airline before. All I wanted to do was sit down and relax at the gate before boarding. If this ever happened to me again, I would not fly with the same airlines. To think that this was a JAL flight, with such a high reputation of customer service, makes me even more wary of booking a flight with JAL. I didn't appreciate being treated that way, and I will not tolerate it if it happens again."
Positiv: "Very good"
Positiv: "Service"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Everything from delicious Japanese cuisine to attentive and courteous customer service from ground crew to flight crew greatly impressed our family. Being able to fly to Haneda is even better. We plan to fly JAL from now on."
Negativ: "None"
Negativ: "being moved"
Positiv: "Flight was on time. Staff was very friendly and courteous."
Negativ: "The seats were horrific. We flew economy because anything of an upgrade is ridiculously expensive. The seats were so tiny with NO leg room at all. I couldn't even fit my purse under the seat in front of me. I have had more space on Southwest flights. My husband, who is 6'1" could barely get his knees in front of him. This is insane for a 10 hr flight...worse on the way to Japan for a 13 hr flight. Also, not a whole lot of drink service. i was dying for water but it is very difficult to get out of the middle seat to find it. Would NOT book again on this airline."
Positiv: "The bathroom is super clean."
Negativ: "Maybe you can make some alterations with your meal offerings."
Positiv: "Dreamliner 787! Great staff. Efficient. Good food."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Since I had back pain,I really like that I could checked in two luggages. Thank you so much!!"
Positiv: "Service & seats are great."
Negativ: "The connections were a bit late, making the long trip longer!"
Positiv: "This airline is the most professional I have seen so far. They are extremely accommodating, very helpful, and very attentive. I didn't realize how orderly the Japanese culture is. We took off immediately. The ground crew actually waves bye and bows! No one in the sloppy US does that! They were very professional and juse down right respectful. Food and snacks were served often. Even good coffee!"
Positiv: "Almost everything"
Negativ: "Can't say because I was satisfied w/ my flight"

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