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FAQ - Flugbuchungen nach Livingstone

Top-Airline für Flüge nach Livingstone

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Kenya AirwaysErgebnis aus 1263 Bewertungen
Positiv: "Hospitable crew. Good food options.Clean space."
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Positiv: "Hospitable crew. Good food options.Clean space."
Positiv: "Crew was very professional and helpful"
Negativ: "Everything met or exceeded my expectations."
Negativ: "Flight take off was delayed aprox 40mnts & pilot’s language and message was not clear why we are still grounding !"
Negativ: "Movie selection"
Negativ: "Die Bestuhlung der Business Class ist bei Oman Air besser, da hat jeder Sitz Zugang zum Gang. Bei der KLM ist der Fensterplatz im Nachteil, weil er über den Gangplatz klettern muss. Ich wollte auch lieber den Gangplatz, bekam ich aber nicht."
Positiv: "Nothing - we were stuck at the airport for over 10 hours due to a strike. Missed all connecting flights. They didn’t even offer accommodation or reimbursement on air tickets for our next destination."
Negativ: "I really do not care. I am never flying with Kenya airways again."
Positiv: "Everything was Amazing. This is one of the best Airline out there and they need more recognition."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Negativ: "I’m really disappointed by Kenya airways, the flight was delayed for 4 hours, my luggage didn’t come along with. And the worst is i haven’t received it so far. I swear this is my last time to travel with Kenya airways, seriously I’m disappointed."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "You cancelled my trip without informing me and I need to be rembushed Me transportation to Logan airport and going back for six people and 16 bags please"
Negativ: "Der Flug wurde bereits einmal zu unseren Ungunsten nach hinten verschoben und heute kurze Zeit vor Abflug erneut um unglaubliche 80 min! So saßen wir insgesamt knapp 5 std. aus Kisumu kommend in Nairobi am Airport! Unangenehm!!!"
Positiv: "Comfortable seats and spacious leg room."
Negativ: "Good ride and smooth landing."
Positiv: "The plane is quite comfortable"
Negativ: "Boarding and keeping time."
Positiv: "Lie Flat beds in Business Class."
Negativ: "Meal service was very slow, and food was uninspiring. Essentially economy meals placed on proper plates."
Negativ: "According to the KQ App the flight was direct to Cape Town but when we got to the airport we found the plane was stopping in Livingston’s. The result was we were an hour late. Most annoying. Surely the App can be amended to alert us of such changes"
Positiv: "Kenya Airways changed their flight schedule 48 before our departure. The change meant an extra night before departure and an 11 hour layover in Nairobi before our connecting flight. The KA booking agent provided us with accommodation for the delay and the long layover. We appreciated that."
Negativ: "We lost 24 hours in our travel. It was reasonable of the airline to provide accommodation during the delay but the night in Nairobi was at a very dismal hotel where the food quality was terrible."
Negativ: "I was very disappointed with Kenya Airways on my recent round trip from Kigali to New York to visit family for Christmas. Due to a delay on my connecting flight from Kigali to Nairobi, I missed my flight to JFK and had to stay in Kenya for a full day, shortening my already brief trip. I do not know what caused this delay other than Kenya Airways staff having seemingly no urgency to get us off the ground. On my return flight to Kigali a delay attributed to “operations” increased my layover from 8 hours to 12 hours. On top of the scheduled delay we were delayed an additional hour because boarding did not begin when it should have. I was also less than impressed with the movie selection on the plane. I will not be flying with Kenya Airways again and now understand why they were the cheapest option!"
Positiv: "Kenya airways theme song"
Positiv: "moderne Flugzeuge erstklassiger Service lokale Speisen"
Negativ: "nicht die allerneusten Filme beim Unterhalltungsprogramm"
Positiv: "Enjoyed this flight; smooth and no problems."
Negativ: "The flight was small, so they didn't have a large entertainment selection."
Positiv: "Wow tj about a new airplane! I camt say enough about this flight it was spacious, enough entretainment to last the 4 hr flight no problem. Letrines galore!!"
Negativ: "The airline needs a way to make the boarding both more efficient and orginized. It felt as if i was boarding a mini bus in any of the small towns, i was for sure waiting for someone to show up with a goat pushing people out of their way"
Positiv: "Nice flight on 787. Nice crew"
Negativ: "Chicken served twice. Only other choice was vegitation"
Positiv: "Stewards polite and mindful"
Negativ: "Weather"
Positiv: "Punctuality"
Positiv: "On schedule"
Negativ: "Food Sitting Staff - one of the crew members was particularly rude to another passenger on my row."
Positiv: "The crew is laid back and not fake-polite while not dismissive."
Negativ: "No major complaints except punctuality."
Positiv: "Food was not bad at all. Nice selction of indie African films."
Negativ: "Seat couldnt recline. crew didnt answer to call. somewhat chaotic.not enough time between meal and coffee. Blanket was scant. No butter with breadroll"
Positiv: "The crew was professional and friendly."
Negativ: "My flight was delayed. The gate changed at least four times with no clear announcement."
Positiv: "Trip on the Dreamliner to/from Nairobi/Joburg went very smoothly. Entertainment was limited but worked and was fine for a 4 hour trip. Food was nothing great but nothing disastrous, booze was handed out willingly, staff were efficient, plane was on time - I rate it higher than SAA for the same leg and would choose KA again."
Negativ: "Expensive at $800 but limited choice in Africa so what can you do?"
Positiv: "They no take care of my bag"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Friendly crew, modern plane, good seats"
Negativ: "hospitality"
Negativ: "Boarding procedures took too long consequently missed connecting flight. Crew seemed overwhelmed, chicken dinner was half cooked, entertainment system didn't work."
Negativ: "Poor Service. Did not care attitude."
Negativ: "No seat assignments honored, handwritten boarding passes, lost luggage, extremely old plane with no entertainment and bad air quality. No lounge for sky priority with Kenya airways at Abidjan airport."
Negativ: "Kenya Airways ground staff in Nairobi was late to open the desk, creating a large line"
Positiv: "Pilot updating passengers on the geographical features along the route and keeping them informed at all times together with client oriented crew."
Negativ: "food"
Negativ: "The airline doesn't accept payments for changing flights over the phone. I arrived at Lilongwe airport and they said I couldn't pay them there and that I should pay in Nairobi. The plane was of course late leaving Malawi and when I arrived in Nairobi, the plane was getting ready to leave. The customer service line had +20 people in it. I waited my turn then the agent said it was my fault that I missed the flight and the next flight would be $243 USD instead of $90 like the gate agent stated. Then they told me I had to pay the $243 in cash and they didn't accept credit cards. All of the ATMs were broken there. I returned to the agent and they did accept credit cards, they just didn't want to go to the office to swipe it. The entire ordeal took +4 hours. Worst customer service ever."
Positiv: "Flight was ok"
Negativ: "I got my items stolen . My bag was opened and pilfered I have made a report to the airline but still haven't heard anything"
Positiv: "Everything is ok"
Positiv: "Good crew. Flight not fully booked so had some extra space. Efficient transfer desk"
Negativ: "Food - just horrible Nairobi airport not much to do and annoying additional security checks between sub-terminals in terminal 1."
Positiv: "The flight worked."
Negativ: "Looking for my bags for a week."
Negativ: "The food was so-so. The flight was delayed. The crew was friendly, but nothing outstanding."
Positiv: "Friendly staff Good food"
Negativ: "The movies were not working"
Positiv: "Business passengers still served snacks even with such a short flight. Great view of Mount Kilimanjaro"
Positiv: "Der sitzabstand, freundliche Besatzung"
Negativ: "IFE funktionierte nicht, wenig GetränkeAuswahl, nur einen snack zum essen"
Negativ: "The planes on this route are also very old with manual screens,unnecessary delays. I mean KQ needs to style up. Another airline will soon sweep them off business"
Positiv: "The service was great. From the time I boarded I was treated very well. The staff was friendly and it made traveling an ease."
Positiv: "Crew and food"
Negativ: "Hour late even though we had a late arrival of 1:35 am. Made us miss our airport transfer so it took over 2.5 hours to get to hotel"

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