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Top 3 Airlines für Flüge nach Lille

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Aegean AirlinesErgebnis aus 3077 Bewertungen

Clean airplane and very efficient and courteous flight attendants. Traveled with a ageist adult and there assistance was excellent

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Clean airplane and very efficient and courteous flight attendants. Traveled with a ageist adult and there assistance was excellent

War alles in Ordnung

Positiv: "Food and drinks!"
Negativ: "Nothing, it was great"
Negativ: "The check in gate wouldn't let us board and we lost all our money! :)"
Positiv: "Modern, clean airplane with spacious seating and attentive crew."
Positiv: "The crew were nice"
Negativ: "Everything else Check in Seat assignments My seat kept going back it was so uncomfortable there was zero over head space even for my small bag"
Positiv: "Crew sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit, Platz großzügig (wahrscheinlich durch Flugzeugtausch - wir saßen auf unseren reservierten Plätzen, aber in größerem Flugzeug, die Reihen wären bei normaler Planung wohl Bussiness Class gewesen)"
Positiv: "Crew nett und sehr hilfsbereit, Platz war ok"
Negativ: "I had no idea that the flight you booked me on require extra 40 euro fees for check-in luggage. To add insult to injury, the Aegean flight required check-in at a Lufthansa counter which would not accept payment for the luggage fee. I had to wait in a long line of 30+ passengers at the Aegean counter"
Positiv: "The crew was very nice and helpful, the plane left on time and landed on time"
Negativ: "Check in was chaotic and unfair with people cutting in line and inefficient lengthy waits. The baggage policy was confusing and a pain to pay the extra cost because you had to go to another counter and wait in line yet again."
Negativ: "The staff at the airport did not know how to validate my travel documents which were emergency documents issued as the originals were stolen in Greece. Apparently a common issue according to the police so I would think the airline would have standard procedures in place for these circumstance."
Positiv: "Pilot kept us well informed."
Negativ: "Flight attendants were rude and impatient with anyone not speaking greek."
Positiv: "Gute Bedingung"
Negativ: "Es gibt immer Verspätungen. Essen ohne Geschmack."
Positiv: "Smooth journey"
Positiv: "The extra service and help was lovely and unexpected"
Negativ: "Boarding on and off faster/ more efficiently"
Negativ: "15 min late and at Athens airport took me 40min to get my luggage."
Positiv: "Nice and efficient crew, clean plane and sits, sat in Exit row so quite comfortable"
Negativ: "No delays!!"
Positiv: "All was good- crew, logistics, food."
Negativ: "Some champagne."
Positiv: "Crew war sehr freundlich. Eine Mahlzeit und Getränke waren inklusive."
Negativ: "Sehr geringer Sitzabstand."
Positiv: "Sehr sauber, pünktlicher Abflug, ruhiger Flug, Beinfreiheit und das beste: eine leckere warme Mahlzeit"
Negativ: "Flughafen Athen ist für Umsteiger unzumutbar!!!!"
Positiv: "Aegean ist immer super. Es gibt warmes Essen, Bonbons, man hat Beinfreiheit und liebe Flugbegleiter"
Negativ: ""
Positiv: "Pünktlich gestartet und pünktlich gelandet"
Negativ: "Das Essen war ok und die Sitze bequem"
Positiv: "everybody was very friendly and professional, from the minute we checked in to the minute we arrived to Athens"
Negativ: "Nothing, the experience was great."
Positiv: "Flug war absolut okay. Sitzabstand beim Notausgang gut insbesondere für große Personen"
Negativ: "I booked for baggage through kayak and had to pay again. What a scam"
Positiv: "Flug pünktlich gelandet, essen war sehr gut. Service schnell."
Negativ: "Take off was 30 min late waiting for 2 passengers"
Negativ: "Our first flight out of Mykonos was delayed by a little so we had to run to our connection in Athens and my bag didn’t make it onto the plane. So now I’m in London, missing a dinner because I don’t have dress acceptable clothes, can’t go out and buy any because it’s too late on a Sunday. I am also going to miss my plans which were the only reason we came to London. as I do not have acceptable clothing to go out in tonight. So it was a waste of paying the flight to London, and our Airbnb in London."
Negativ: "Grosse Probleme beim Einchecken wgen Mitnhame einer Kohlensäurepatrrone für Segler Rettungsweste. Dies, obwohl eine Woche vorher telefonisch alles mit Ergebnis OK mit Aegaen Airline abgeklärt war."
Positiv: "Crew and boarding were good."
Negativ: "40 minutes late. Zero entertainment, not even headers for music."
Positiv: "Mal wieder bestätigt: AEGEAN ist eine der besten europäischen Airlines! Angenehmer Flug, stets hilfsbereites Personal, leckeres Essen!"
Negativ: "I lose my bag"
Positiv: "Alless"
Negativ: "Nichts"
Positiv: "The food, crew was nice and polite."
Negativ: "Didn't have any entertainment"
Negativ: "Sitzabstand könnte um ein paar cm grösser sein"
Positiv: "Info per App perfekt. Personal sehr nett."
Negativ: "Sitzabstand ist ab 1.85 cm etwas knapp"
Positiv: "I would tell the boarding man (C. G..?..) that I know that TIME IS MONEY, and for that I pay my money to the air lines to help in doing my stuff (like boarding) GENTLY and respectfully. Actually, when I noticed this from you twice, I had an embression that the passport nationality harms you.... Any way, thank you."
Negativ: "Food was good. Chairs were clean and relatevly good. Thank you"
Positiv: "Pünktlich"
Negativ: "Ryanair"
Positiv: "Alle waren nett und freundlich wie immer"
Positiv: "Very nice crew and service on board"
Positiv: "We enjoy flying with Aegean, very good treatment for families with kids."
Positiv: "Flugpersonal hat versucht wünsche zu erfüllen. Sehr auf Kinder eingegangen"
Positiv: "Im Vergleich zu Billigfluglinien sticht die Star Alliance, zu der auch Aegean gehört, einfach durch ihren Service und Comfort hervor. Auf jeden Fall eine gute Wahl."
Negativ: "Negatives gibt es eigentlich nicht zu sagen. Einzig das Boardprogramm auf den Bildschirmen war etwas eintönig (kurze Eindrücke über Reiseziele von Aegean), allerdings ist das Kritik auf hohem Niveau."
Positiv: "Clean modern aircraft."
Negativ: "Both flights were late. Cabin crew arrived at plane at the last minute. The person next to me asked repeatedly for a glass of water for his child but was not accommodated. Staff seemed stressed."
Positiv: "Laut App hatten wir eine Minute Verspätung, also absolut prima durchgekommen. Der Check in ging schnell, das Warten bis zum Boarding war schnell vorbei. Das Boardpersonal war einfach sehr nett. Das Essen wahnsinnig lecker, lange nicht mehr einen so tollen Flug gehabt."
Positiv: "Der Flug war absolut pünktlich, Check in war easy und schnell, Besatzung unheimlich freundlich und das Essen wirklich super lecker inkl. Kaltgetränk, 2x Kaffee, die Zeit verging in null komma nix, immer wieder gerne!!!!"

Habe flug verpasst, Anschluss von Brest war zu knapp (30') mit 10' Verspätung v Start

The de-planing process could have been better in Buenos Aires - it took a long time before the aero bridge was connected - not the fault of Air France..

Positiv: "The crew is nice"
Negativ: "No respect of distancing the seats ; all the seats were occupied. No wifi"
Positiv: "Punctual"
Negativ: "They forced me to ceck my trolley because i had a suit with me!!! And the airplane wasn’t even full. Even worst they allowed some pieces of “hand luggage” that were double the maximum allowed size"
Positiv: "Nette Crew, Privatsphäre und leckeres Catering"
Negativ: "Boarding"
Positiv: "Great and friendly crew"
Negativ: "In-flight system had some problems and seats seemed a bit uncomfortable"
Positiv: "Pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "Nur süße Snacks, nichts salziges"
Positiv: "Freundlichkeit des Personals"
Negativ: "I was almost forced to stow my luggage in the hold despite me telling the check-in people tjat I had my meds and cpap in the carryon. I spoke to multiple people. Not sensitive."
Positiv: "The gentleman at the check out his name was Omar went over and above the call of duty for Customer Service me being an American he walked me through each step of using flybe via air France and paying for checking my bags and even the carry on luggage and getting me through security etc."
Positiv: "The seats were spacious and the crew was wonderful. The crew actually made the long flight more tolerable. Will seek out Delta/Air France for further international flights."
Negativ: "Die Bestuhlung der Business Class in der Boeing 777 ist unbequem. Es gibt wenig Ablagemöglichkeiten. Die Anordnung ist 2-3-2, und die Fensterplätze und der mittlere Sitz hat keinen Zugang zum Gang. Man muss bei diesen Sitzen die Nachbarn belästigen. Finde ich gelinde gesagt suboptimal."
Negativ: "I dint like the way you guys sold me the tickets with only one bag to check in with when I went to the airport I’ve got to pay 58 pounds extra I was not happy with you guys so next time you have to tell your customers before they buy the tickets that’ it’s one bag check"
Positiv: "More space in business class (777-300) than many other airlines."
Negativ: "Entertainment very limited. No adjustable air vents in this aircraft"
Positiv: "Mit einer Ausnahme war die Crew wenig motiviert"
Negativ: "Boarding clusterf..."
Negativ: "Sehr laut! Eng gestuhlt"
Positiv: "The cue lines per zone are a brilliant idea!"
Negativ: "More water provided during the flight. Also, the second meal was not very good."
Positiv: "The gate reps from CDG to MSP were professionals. The cabin crew on the Delta flight were exceptional! This was not my experience in Copenhagen with the Air France staff, they seemed to be self centered and rude."
Negativ: "Delta please make excellence a priority in all areas of customer service. Set high standards for staff so customers know that you appreciate them and are ready for business. The world is at the customer's fingertips, let their first choice be Delta. When their are bad days, customers will understand"
Positiv: "Plane was new, and seatback screen responsive and functional."
Negativ: "Economy seats not very comfortable, very tightly packed together"
Negativ: "4 Stunden Wartezeit am Flughafen leider zu lang:("
Positiv: "Great seat. Comfortable. Quick boarding."
Negativ: "Asked flight attendant to wake me for breakfast....forgot. Long wait for bathroom,"
Negativ: "I have never been in a situation were a flight has been delayed due to the co-pilot suffering a knee injury prior to take off. A request for a doctor on board after an hour or so and then having to leave the plane and then re-board after about 40 minutes was quite bizarre."
Negativ: "Flug kommt Mitten in der Nacht in Paris an. Da die Verbindung zum Anschlussgate noch geschlossen war, mussten wir formal nach Frankreich einreisen um zum Gate nach München zu kommen. Dort darf man sich im ungeheiztem Gate noch mindestens 2 Stunden die Zeit vetreiben."
Positiv: "Die Crew war nett"
Negativ: "Sitze waren sehr verschlissen, bzw. funtionierten teilweise nicht. Bordunterhaltung war nur auf einem Monitor möglich der andere Monitor funktionierte nicht."
Positiv: "Nette Besatzung, Kleiigjeit zum Essen und Trinken"
Negativ: "Sehr wenig Platz, wenig zum Essen"
Negativ: "Verspätung"
Negativ: "Air France delayed our JFK to CDG flight. That caused us to miss our connection flight afterwards from CDG to MUC. We got a later flight luckily but one of our bags got lost and is still currently lost!!!"
Positiv: "Flug war kurz, dennoch gab es Getränke. Das war super!"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war außerordentlich aufmerksam und freundlich. Der Flug mehr als entspannt. Auch das Essen war super!"
Negativ: "Our flight was delayed so we could not make out connecting flight. We had to wait 6 hours get another flight to Atlanta and then fly to Boston the next day, longest flight ever was horrible I called out sick from work too."
Positiv: "Very quiet"
Negativ: "We were in the last few rows on a turbulent route. The yaw damper constantly overcorrected, resulting in lots of side to side motion for the passengers"
Positiv: "Alle ok, Personal freundlich zuvorkommend"
Negativ: "kleiner Snack mit Kaffee, alles gut für den kurzen Flug."
Positiv: "It was on time"
Negativ: "Hard seats Boarding was 35 min delayed"
Negativ: "Entertainment screen did not work; in neighboring seat it could not be switched off when we wanted to sleep; sourly employees everywhere (re-booking counter an exception); food close not being edible and cold; I forgot my watch on when going through security in the Air France terminal; when I started to say "sorry" I was yelled at by the screener who said that she will do the talking; she sent me back through the scanner twice without my watch, then once more with the carry-on and made sure that I went to the end of a very long line to wait for another screening rather than having me just go through the scanner without my watch. Needless to say, there was nothing else suspicious about me once the watch was removed. Eager to exercise her power, the security person did not seem to consider that she slowed down a long line of people waiting to be screened. I should add that I am 73 yrs old grey haired female who has traveled a lot both for pleasure and business during my entire life, often to some difficult places and that I do not argue with or provoke those in power in a situation like this. The yelling and the sending me repeatedly through the scanner, which did not beep once the watch was removed, was beyond anything I had experienced anywhere else. The sending me to the very end of the line seemed outright spiteful. (I did miss the plane connection.)"
Positiv: "Crew and boarding were very good. Very helpful to foreigners. Thank you Coffe was really good didn’t eat food. Sleeping."
Negativ: "Business class seats weren’t comfortable and too narrow no entertainment."
Positiv: "The food was okay and the staff were friendly."
Negativ: "My seat and several others around me were broken so that they would fall all the way back if we leaned back at all. The entertainment system kept crashing and forgetting what shows everyone on board we’re watching. There were no air vents to control. The games crashed constantly. The usb hubs didn’t work."
Positiv: "Good seat width Great movie selection Great food and drinks Nice and large A380"
Negativ: "The interface of the screens seemed old Need to anticipate the needs of the customer better For example, they brought me my special meal first, but I had to wait 30 minutes later to get a drink to accompany it. The food was getting old. Did not see any newspaper/periodical selection. That would have been nice."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed by 1h30min, so we arrived very late"
Positiv: "Direct flight from Indy to CDG is great. The plane was not so full, so I hope business improves so we can keep it going. Very smooth flight, with good and friendly crew."
Positiv: "If the flight would have leave in time we would receive our luggage in time"
Positiv: "Food, service, comfort"
Negativ: "Staff where so unhelpful that I missed my flight and then refused to offer any assistance as to how I could remedy this situation. This cost me over €180 which is a weeks food and stay for me. Don't fly with these guys or with air Croatia."
Positiv: "Boarding for BUsiness class was fine. Seating was cramped."
Negativ: "As I said in my rating, seating was cramped. Food was mediocre. Crew was pleasant."
Negativ: "CDG is a monster. The distances are long . The signage is poor and when I asked for directions the diirections I got were wrong."
Positiv: "Flight landed 15min ahead of schedule. Good seating (29C in 777-300 ER), Good choice on entertainment program, also in german language."
Negativ: "Ordered meal not available (ok, AF staff was on strike)"
Positiv: "Während des Nachtflugs war es ziemlich kalt in der Kabine. Aber es gab eine Decke und ein Kissen. Das war gut! Leider wenig Deutsche Inhalte auf den Entertainment Bildschirmen am Vordersitz. Sonst alles super!"
Positiv: "Courteous crew"
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal, alle nette französische Damen, mit viel Charm und Erfahrung, könnten uns überzeugen, Air France hat das gewisse etwas!"
Negativ: "Fast eine Stunde Verspätung..."

No confort

It was planned to be a transit in Manchester, so no need of passport. Ryanair changed the terminal of the flight so, i needed a passport in the end, so impossible for me to take the plane. I had to buy another for the same day very espensive. So very stressful experience and really pissed about this kind of behaviour

Flight was delayed 2 hours no information given at boarding gate,

This company for nobody sending the invoice.This is tottaly wrong

Smooth and on time. All perfect!

There were some individuals not using face masks properly (being almost all the time without them) and the cabin crew did not alert them at all.

Negativ: "Nachdem ich über Swoodoo gebucht habe, hat mich Ryanair nicht online einchecken lassen und ich musste 2 Stunden Früher am Flughafen sein1 es gab auch keine Information darüber und die Seite gibt auch keine Information! Das ist eine Frechheit und gibt es sonst bei keine anderen Airline! Ryanair versucht mit allem extra Geld zu machen. Wäre ich später am FLughafen gewesen hätten sie mich 55 Euro zahlen lassen."
Negativ: "Food and drinks for free"
Negativ: "check in online hat über 2 tage hinweg nicht funktioniert ... beim check in am ryan air schalter wollte uns der mitarbeiter 55€ gebühr pro person verrechnen ... nach längerer diskussion hat eine nette kollegin eine kostenlose möglichkeit für uns gefunden."
Positiv: "On time no depay. Peacefully flight"
Negativ: "Price of ticket"
Positiv: "Crew unfreundlich, Boarding chaotisch, Verspätung."
Negativ: "Alles"
Negativ: "Weil meine Email adresse falsch aufgenommen wurde und ich keine E-mail bekommen habe musste ich 55€ extra zahlen damit sie mich einchecken. Sowas finde ich nicht korrekt also wäre eine Mindestkulanz von der Rückerstattung das mindeste!"
Positiv: "Nicht viel"
Negativ: "Die Landung, sehr stark aufgesetzt beim Landen"
Positiv: "The crew was efficient in everything it did."
Negativ: "THe seats are cramped and we spent the entire two hour flight listening to the flight crew trying to sell: alcohol, cigarettes, scratch off tickets, and duty free items. I’m not taking a plane to go shopping, and the fact that we were asked to buy 4 different types of items in 2 hours was excessive."
Positiv: "The flight was smooth."
Negativ: "Seats very hard and uncomfortable. No food or water provided unless paid for. No entertainment onboard, not even a magazine."
Positiv: "Fast and easy on time flight from PMO to FCO"
Positiv: "Flight was on time"
Negativ: "Boarding should have been smoother."
Negativ: "Delayed flight should have been 9.30pm 2hr delay!!!"
Positiv: " ist halt ein Billigflieger. Da darf man die Erwartungen nicht zu hoch ansetzen."
Negativ: "Die unbequemsten Sitze die ich bisher kenne. Getränke an Board überteuert. Über 1 Stunde Verspätung beim Start und im Flugzeug gewartet."
Negativ: "More space, better air condition as way to hot on the plane. better drink service. Leaving on time and not 45 minutes later"
Positiv: "angenehmer Flug, freundliches Personal, pünktlicher Abflug"
Negativ: "Sitzplatzregelung ohne Sitzplatzreservierung, obwohl der Platz neben meinem Partner frei war, wurde ich aufgefordert meinen alten Platz wegen der Gewichtsverteilung einzunehmen"
Positiv: "Getting here safe"
Negativ: "Waiting to broad"
Negativ: "Dirty aircraft"
Positiv: "Summa summarum alles okay. Das man für jede Kleinigkeit extra zählt sollte bekannt sein von daher alles gut. War nicht meine letzte Tour mit Ryanair :)"
Negativ: "Ein wenig Kritik gibt's dennoch.. wozu priority buchen wenn 80% der Passagiere es auch tun? Völlig unnötig und rausgeschmissenes Geld ;) spart auch die Kohle. Fast lane ist in Weeze übrigens auch so sinnvoll wie ein zweites **Loch ;) auch ohne den Zusatz wäre ich sofort durch das Boarding gekommen. Fazit: ohne priority und fast lane kann man viel Geld sparen und kommt genauso schnell durch die Kontrollen :)"
Positiv: "Kompfort Sitzplätzen"
Negativ: "Landing"
Negativ: "They lost my stroller"
Positiv: "Easy trip. Crew relaxed, short flight."
Negativ: "The process of getting on the flight is the most exhausting part: distance to Terminal 1, multiple screenings and checks, then another long bus ride to the plane. The flight itself was is the easiest part at this airport."
Positiv: "Das war alles super....auch zu sehr kleinen Kindern guten,spaßigen Kontakt"
Negativ: "Keinen Losverkauf!!! Kam mir vor, wie auf einer Kaffeefahrt"
Positiv: "Der Preis"
Negativ: "Der Rest."
Positiv: "Ich bin mit Sondergepäck (Fahrrad) gereist, das wurde klaglos eingecheckt und ist unversehrt angekommen."
Negativ: "Beginnend ca. 10 Tage vor dem Abflug schickt RyanAir ca. täglich Emails, in denen auf die Gepäcksbeschränkungen hingewiesen wird und Zusatzleistungen (weitere Koffer, Sitzplatzreservierung...) angeboten werden. Das nervt. RyanAir installiert dann beim Boardig eine 2-Klassen-Gesellschaft, Leute die reserviert haben, eine Extra Kabinengepäckstück (zahlungspflichtig) mitführen etc. werden bevorzugt behandelt. Wenn schon Kafeefahrt, dann mit dem Bus, das ist ökologischer. So wirkt Billigfliegen verkrampft"
Positiv: "Der Moment als mir gesagte wurde dass ich am falschen Flughafen bin"
Negativ: "Es sollte klar gemacht werden zu welchem flughafen man muss) - :<"
Negativ: "Que no hablen en español las instrucciones de vuelo y demás solo en español e inglés"
Positiv: "Cheap"
Negativ: "Boarding was a mess and we landed very roughly"
Positiv: "Der Flug ist wetterbedingt etwas verspätet gestartet, aber der Pilot hat den Zeit verlust fast wieder eingeholt. Reibungsloser Ablauf, zufrieden."
Negativ: "Der Bewegungsfreiraum ist bei Ryan Air leider stark eingeschränkt. Etwas mehr Beinfreiheit wäre zu begrüßen"
Positiv: "Easy of checking in bag and the person working the counter was extremely nice and personable. They flight crew was very pleasant. Decent leg room. More than some other airlines."
Negativ: "Dirty cabin. Being 1.5 hours delayed on a nice day. God forbid there was an actual storm lol. Why was our luggage in a completely different terminal and NO ONE told us how to get to it? Seemed like there was confusion about the gates when we landed and sat in the plane an extra 15/20 mins trying to get some one to bring over the bridge."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist pünktlich gestartet. Die Bordkarten gab es 4 Tage vorher nur gegen Aufpreis. Die Gebühren für Aufgabegepäck sind so hoch, dass man nicht von einer "Billigfluggesellschaft" sprechen kann: Bei je 1 Aufgabegepäckstück für zwei Personen werden für Hin-und Rückflug wegen des Umstiegs in Bergamo acht Gepäckstücke berechnet!"
Negativ: "Bordverpflegung gab es nur gegen Gebühr."
Negativ: "I came to the airport on 17:30 but The Checkin counter were open too late, after 1800. There was only 1 staff member in the counter. The lines were long and crouded . After we finished our check in and sent the luggage we went to the gate. There they realized that some of the printed bourding passes are not o k. The attendant in the counter did not checked it and sent us to the gate. We had to go back to the counter but the flight was closed already. We called the staff and after all we had to pay 100 euro to the counter to print the correct bourding passes and then to rush to the aircraft. If Ryan air put enough staff in the counters it wouldn’t happen. We almost miss the flight and it caused us a big inconvenous."
Negativ: "Streik von Ryanair war nicht absehbar ob der Flug geht oder nicht ...meidet diese airline"
Negativ: "There was a 2.5h delay!!!"
Negativ: "Kein Essen"
Positiv: "Nothing but the price."
Negativ: "Customer service is not existent! Ryan Air rep actually said to me that helping me was not her job! Closed the ticket counter before all flights were done and wouldn’t help me print my boarding pass. The flight was two hours delayed.Then the boarding was so hectic- sitting on a crowded floor in the airport waiting the board the plane. Gave no reason why the flight was delayed so long. No apology. Nothing for our troubles. Terrible attitudes and no organization."
Positiv: "Der Flug hatte 40 min Verspätung, was nicht weiter schlimm war, das Personal war freundlich."
Negativ: "Die Sitzplätze sind, halt dem Preis entsprechend sehr sehr ungemütlich. Ich hatte danach Rückenweh."
Positiv: "3 hour delay due to an Italian air traffic control strike. Not the crews fault but they handled it well, especially the captain who spoke to everyone face to face"
Negativ: "The selection of food was dismal and expensive, glad ok didn't buy as the quality looked poor"
Negativ: "Der Flug war overbooked also wurde mir gesagt dass er Storniert ist."
Positiv: "Enjoyed the lasagna that I ordered, surprisingly good!"
Negativ: "Under the circumstances, the staff coped well with certain difficult passengers. Noisy passengers are my pet hate especially when the safety drill is being read out."
Negativ: "Enge Sitze mit wenig Beinfreiheit und ohne Möglichkeit sie zurückzuklappen."
Positiv: "Relativ pünktlich und vor allem hat der Pilot trotz unwirtlicher Verhältnisse die Maschine gut gelandet."
Negativ: "Wenn aufgrund eines Gewitters der Landeanflug einer Achterbahnfahrt gleicht, wäre es ganz nett, wenn das personal den verängstigten Reisenden mal ein paar aufmunternde Worte zusprechen würde. Ob das wohl auch beim Billigflieger möglich ist?"
Positiv: "Crew: cheerful, kind Smooth flight"
Negativ: "Very crowded conditions at the gate and on board"
Positiv: "Pünktlich gestartet, schnelles Boarding,sanfter Flug."
Negativ: "- Wartebereich in Ciampino viel zu klein. - Mussten die Rucksäcke abgeben, obwohl sehr kompakt."

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12:10 Std.VIE-LIL
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7:50 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 175
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
12:25 Std.VIE-LIL
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
5:45 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 255
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
8:40 Std.VIE-LIL
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
7:50 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 355
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
13:05 Std.VIE-LIL
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
4:55 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 363
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
10:20 Std.VIE-LIL
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
9:00 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 374
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
10:15 Std.VIE-LIL
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
4:55 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 395
2 StoppsAir France
11:45 Std.VIE-LIL
2 StoppsAir France
16:40 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 436
2 StoppsAir France
13:15 Std.VIE-LIL
2 StoppsAir France
22:55 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 473
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
17:05 Std.VIE-LIL
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
21:15 Std.LIL-VIE
€ 532

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Aktuelle Angebote - Nur Hinflug

1 StoppRyanair
24:10 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 40
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
17:00 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 90
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
17:00 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 97
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
25:00 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 118
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
9:55 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 122
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
10:15 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 135
1 StoppRyanair
19:20 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 158
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
13:15 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 168
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
20:10 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 195
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
20:10 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 209
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
12:40 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 246
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
12:40 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 253
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
33:35 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 310
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
18:00 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 328
2 StoppsAegean Airlines
15:00 Std.VIE-LIL
€ 529

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Aktuelle Angebote - Inlandsflüge

1:10 Std.NTE-LIL
1:10 Std.LIL-NTE
€ 26
1:25 Std.BOD-LIL
1:25 Std.LIL-BOD
€ 26
1:35 Std.TLS-LIL
1:35 Std.LIL-TLS
€ 26
1:35 Std.MRS-LIL
1:35 Std.LIL-MRS
€ 30
1:30 Std.BOD-LIL
1:25 Std.LIL-BOD
€ 31

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Flüge nach Lille

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Lille - Österreich

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€ 170