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Air CanadaErgebnis aus 25388 Bewertungen

Flight left over an hour late.

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Flight left over an hour late.

Delayed 4 time once in gate area Delays would be announced after the boarding times posted on the gate screen. So poor communication. No nearby food and very limited food in the F gates. So had been in airport terminals from 8 am to 9 pm when we finally boarded without being able to get food. (We hurried from customs to the gates with out stopping because we were told our flight would board in 30 minutes). Then once on the plane… sat at the gate for 30 or more minutes without an explanation. Just glad the flight was not canceled.

Everything about the flight from online checkin to boarding to the flight itself was very good. Upon landing we lost all good feelings while waiting for an hour and a half for our luggage.

+ Es war ein angenehmer Flug trotz Verspätung. - Die Toiletten waren gehen Ende des Fluges absolut ekelerregend aufgrund von Unfähigkeit mancher Fluggäste anständig auf die Toilette zu gehen.

I really appreciate the extra care and support with my elderly mom who has Alzheimer’s… and the personal attention and arranging special wheelchair care right inside the plane to her seat. Both in YVR and YYC. Thank you.

Positiv: "Die meisten Crew Mitglieder waren nett"
Negativ: "2-4-2 Sitzreihen"
Positiv: "There was enough leg room and boarding was done reasonably quickly."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed by 15 minutes without explanation."
Positiv: "The flight was okay."
Negativ: "- I had to pay extra for lunch and (alcoholic) drinks. - The pasta was overpriced and tasted like nothing - At the destination we had to wait for 35mins in the plane, before we could get out."
Positiv: "The crew was amazing. The economic seat (I always prefer to select aisle seat) was OK for me."
Negativ: "I often prefer to take Air Canada flight for the departure to any international cities, because it hardly happened to have any cancelled AC flights during my Air flight dates in my past years trips."
Negativ: "Took 45 minutes to get through Calgary security, long line ups"
Positiv: "The set was super comfortable"
Negativ: "Everything was excellent"
Negativ: "Good food. Best airline I’ve traveled besides Southwest. First international flight and the crew was so nice and professional!"
Positiv: "Guter Service"
Negativ: "Pünktlichkeit"
Positiv: "One flight attendant in particular. Wish I knew her name to commend her. Also, had a bassinet for my grandson!! Frequent beverages offered, especially water. Allowed to move seats once in the air!! Able to help my daughter with her baby. Chicken dish was actually really good."
Negativ: "No movie screens at all!? Odd; especially for an International flight. Check bathroom paper supplies more frequently. Ran out of paper towels two bathrooms. No fault of yours, but the Venice airport was a nightmare. I am use to airports in the US and was shocked how long the line was to get through to our gate. We couldn’t even find the end because it wrapped around like an “S”. Surprised we had to print our boarding pass (but was never asked for it); couldn’t do a mobile boarding pass."
Negativ: "fragte man sich leider auf diesem Flug. Keine Monitore mit den Infos zum Flug (wo sind wir, wie lange dauert es noch, etc...) Kannte ich so noch nicht. Bordpersonal war sagen wir mal nicht unfreundlich, mehr aber auch nicht. Höflich, zuvorkommend und aufmerksam ist anders. Der Flug ging von Berlin. Es lag also auf der Hand, dass sehr viele Fluggäste deutsch als ihre Muttersprache haben. Das störte die Flugbegleiterin aber nicht. Sie sprach ein so schnelles und undeutliches Englisch, dass sie nicht bis gar nicht zu verstehen war."
Positiv: "Good transfer of bags through Toronto to Vancouver."
Negativ: "Lax schedule, poor seating and comfort, poor food, charging for wine. Flight provided by Air Canada Rouge."
Positiv: "Once on the flight, everything went well."
Negativ: "Real nightmare as I had booked YUL-LYS-BRU with Brussels Airlines (SN). YUL-LYS was operated with Air Canada. Came within 4 minutes of missing flight despite being at airport 3 hrs early. SN had not released ticket to Air Canada so they could not check me in. Had to call SN customer service after AC could not check me in, then wait and wait as they had to try to correct the mistake 3x before AC counter could issue boarding passes. Terrible experience going through this with 2 small kids waiting. It’s as if the two airlines’ systems don’t communicate but passenger is responsible for resolving."
Negativ: "24 hour delay due to mechanical issues"
Positiv: "Crew gets excellent makes for friendliness."
Negativ: "Coffee not served with meals. Coffee came after meal was eaten."
Negativ: "My 5-hour flight was delayed 5 hours. Missed all my scheduled events. I had planned for up to 3 hours of issues (delays, traffic, luggage issues, etc.) and it was still not enough to allow me to make my meeting on time. Additionally, the in-flight entertainment system linked to my seat was defective and only provided sound in one ear."
Positiv: "Alles gut, wie erwartet. Cool, dass Internet im Angebot war."
Negativ: "Klar, die Flieger werden immer enger... aber für die Umwelt ist es schon besser, wenn dafür weniger Flieger starten also beklage ich mich auch nicht so sehr drüber. Am Besten wäre es, wenn es mehr Züge gäbe für solche kurze Strecken."
Positiv: "Plane was nice Crew was great"
Positiv: "Das Boarding und die Durchführung waren super. Das Personal sprach Französisch. Nicht alles wurde auf Englisch wiederholt. Getränke wurden NUR EIN MAL angeboten. Essen hat Geld gekostet - nicht gut. United Airlines hat zwar auch essen Gegen Geld angeboten, aber hat mindestens 3 Mal von sich auch Getränke angeboten. Also von sich aus."
Negativ: "Kaum Beinfreiheit. Essen nur gehen Geld."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Everything- packed tight like sardines"
Negativ: "Delayed, missed connection"
Positiv: "Spacious seating. Attentive Stewardesses. Bathroom located close to seating area but was separated by the galley. That was a plus - no odor, no long lines by your seat."
Negativ: "Use of ipads for entertainment rather than installed screens"
Positiv: "Service flight on time food"
Negativ: "No movies for 7 hour flight"
Positiv: "airline hostess were friendly and positive"
Negativ: "food - seats tight"
Positiv: "Business class seats and the overall service"
Negativ: "Flight was late and the movie selection in English is pretty old."
Positiv: "Entertainment,"
Negativ: "Seats"
Positiv: "None stop flight"
Negativ: "Made me and other passengers stand in line for an hour with no one in the counter to help and none of the employees knows anything,almost missed the flight."
Positiv: "Dieser kurze Flug verlief schnell und komfortabel. Es gab Internetzugang am Board, der gut funktionierte."
Positiv: "Nice staff ...diverse too ..all good"
Positiv: "Staff was very accomodating"
Negativ: "No snacks, and that on a long flight and a flight over the Christmas holidays. Although I was lucky to get a good price to fly to Maui with my adult daughter,, as a senior citizen and a person on GIS, a little snack goes a long way."
Positiv: "der sessel ist wie ein altes economy-sessel, das essen ist schöner angerichtet, und es gibt mehr platz"
Negativ: "leider ist die standard-economy-klasse viel enger geworden"
Positiv: "Crew met all the neccessary requirements at check-in counter and in- flight.."
Negativ: "Seating was not comfortable and didn't want to pay extra to secure the appropriate seating.. Ihave travelled with Air Canada Jumbo jet in the past and found it was much better..."
Negativ: "We missed our flight. OK, our fault. Any attempts to contact the airline were unsuccessful. They did not have an office in the airport and the numbers we were given at the information desk to US, Canada, or the local representative were not responsive. We ended up buying tickets for another airline. We were lucky to get the last minute fares for $630 one way. Air Canada's price was over $6,000. An e-mail from the airline reminding of the check-in time would have prevented all this."
Positiv: "Quick operation OK for the small aircraft we had but this was a long journey from Venice, Italy to Toronto. Uncomfortable and boring. Was offered water frequently :-) at least didn't have to ask or pay for it."
Negativ: "Food was not good at all. Snacks are bad and only sugar-laden cookies. No entertainment available unless you have Air Canada app. How were you supposed to know? It was too late by the time you were on board! Otherwise pay $10 to rent their iPads for it LOL"
Negativ: "They didn't even let me check in. Spent 12 extra hours at the airports to get home."
Positiv: "I flew Seattle to Vancouver to Montrail to Nice. Sept 2 2016 on the way home I flew Nice, Frankfort, Calgary to Seattle Sept 12, 2016"
Positiv: "Size of plane allowing for aisle seating."
Negativ: "Delay with boarding for about hour without a good explanation. All monitors in airport shows plane on time when it actually was not. Boarding process also took a bit of time perhaps due to many elderly on the flight. Seating was also confusing as the middle seats did not correspond with aisle seating. This caused delays as passengers had to figure out where they were sitting. Checked in luggage at gate since flight was full and we were asked to volunteer to check-in luggage. At baggage claim, bag delay to retrieve luggage after already hour delay in departure. Bags was not labeled or categorized correctly causing an extra half hour delay to claim bags."
Positiv: "The fact that the plane landed safely"
Negativ: "The service was horrible. They kept changing boarding gates on us. Luggage didn't arrive. A little delay. The service was poor as well"
Positiv: "It was okay."
Negativ: "No food. Pretzels or cookies."
Positiv: "The flight attendants were lovely and the flight itself was fine and comfortable."
Negativ: "As there were no screens on the seats, there were limited entertainment options. I was unable to download the Air Canada app before the flight due to very weak airport internet, and then was unable to rent an iPad because only credit cards were accepted: not cash or debit, or even VISA debit cards. As for boarding, the departing gate kept changing and being removed from the screen before the flight; also there was a 30 min boarding delay."
Positiv: "The boarding process was extremely fast."
Negativ: "Total lack of entertainment, out dated plane"
Positiv: "The food was good"
Negativ: "I was put in overbooking, and was concerned about not being able to get on the flight. Everything worked out fine in the end, but still did not appreciate this. Given the risk of not being able to board, I will likely not use this airline in the future."
Positiv: "I got a larger than normal seat,"
Negativ: "The idiots lost my luggage, and it took two full days and about 20 phone calls to get it back."
Positiv: "The crew was really nice."
Negativ: "The didn't include a meal or any wine/beer as most international flights do."
Negativ: "The fight itself was fine. Not great. Not terrible. But the airline lost my son's suitcase and has been entirely unhelpful ever since then. Now we have been stuck in a foreign country without clothes and toiletries for 36 hours and Air Canada's "helpline" has been anything but helpful. They can not find any information on the location of the suitcase and hope that they will find it in another 48 hours. Rediculous!! I will never fly them again and suggest that you save your money, effort and vacation by flying with another airline."
Positiv: "Very soft seat and it have a thing kind of a iPad is very fun."
Negativ: "It has nothing to eat when you are getting a fly is 1:00 to 2:00"

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