Finde günstige Flüge nach Eureka Springs

Finde günstige Flüge nach Eureka Springs

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Washington, D.C. (WAS)
Eureka Springs
Do. 17.06.
Do. 24.06.
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  • Es gibt keinen großen Flughafen in Eureka Springs. Der Flughafen von Bentonville wird stattdessen genutzt.
  • Suchst du ein günstiges Ticket nach Eureka Springs? 25 % unserer Nutzer haben Tickets nach Eureka Springs für die folgenden Preise oder weniger gefunden: Von Wien € 610 für Hin- und Rückflug
  • Die Hochsaison ist im Jänner, Februar und Dezember. Der günstigste Reisemonat für Flüge nach Eureka Springs ist Jänner.
  • Gib deinen bevorzugten Abflughafen und deine Reisedaten in die Suchmaske ein und sieh dir die aktuellen Angebote für Flüge nach Eureka Springs an.

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Top-Airlines für Flüge nach Eureka Springs

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern

American Airlines
Ergebnis aus 45 727 Bewertungen

Positiv: "Fast quick flight. Bags out quickly."
Negativ: "Seats are far too cramped for someone who is 6,2."

Positiv: "Everything went as expected. Overall a smooth flight and friendly service."
Negativ: "Well, it's never comfortable to try to sleep in economy class, right? But I knew that going in, and that's what I chose."

Negativ: "Keine Boarungerhaltung, unfreundliches Personal, grosse Verspätungen und enge Sitze. Und dies alles für Interkontinentalraketen Flügen. Alles schlecht bei American Airlines. Nie mehr."

Positiv: "Flugpersonal war freundlich und aufmerksam. Leider sind beide Flüge verspätet abgeflogen."
Negativ: "Essen war sehr gut. Sitzplätze gemütlich mit genug Platz für Beine."

Positiv: "Nothing!"
Negativ: "Kayak scheduled my flights too close together, with airlines that wouldn’t handle my checked baggage. When my first flight was late, I missed my connection and had to buy a new ticket, as the airline couldn’t or wouldn’t change my itinerary. As I was in a foreign country without a phone or computer and with very limited time to fix the problem, I just had to buy a new ticket."

Positiv: "Had row to ourselves."
Negativ: "Entertainment arm rest did not work, flight attendants we're not very attentive to used items left on tray s to pick up. Empy cans ad wrapper s say for 3 hours before being picked up. Middle rest room was left very dirty due to bad hygene of passengers."

Positiv: "Ease of travel. Seamless boarding process."

Positiv: "Flt attendent was really nice, friendly, courteous"
Negativ: "Flt not on time. A/C did not work properly."

Positiv: "The staff was great, luckily an pretty empty flight"
Negativ: "The food in coach is a disgrace. It’s terrible a few $$ More and it would actually be have way decent"

Positiv: "Alle waren aufmerksam, auf dem Flug selbst lief alles reibungslos."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte 30 Minuten Verspätung und mein Koffer traf mit einem eheren Flieger ein und stand deshalb relativ unbeaufsichtigt in der Gegend rum."

Negativ: "Cancelled flight"

Negativ: "Delay"

Positiv: "How fast they had us in the air (5 min early)."
Negativ: "In their rush to leave, they didn't communicate with the on board crew about overhead bins and I was forced to check a priceless item that I purposely wanted with me in the cabin. The overheads were empty above my own seat. I wasn't allowed to go back and reclaim my bag because they had already taken it. And they were completely indifferent to my situation, which isn't surprising given they didn't understand the value of my item. Thus, I had a full blown panic attack for my entire 2 hour flight, my medicine being one of the items also in my now checked bag. It was too late, my bag was taken and thrown under the plane by the time it struck. And the flight attendants also had on perfume that brought on a tension headache due to my sensitivity to scents. Considering they work in a recycled air tube, this seems like a vast oversight on their part and should consider that not everyone can handle even the faintest of perfumes. It may not seem like a big deal to them, because mental illness is still seen as a made up thing, but it was enough of a trigger that I will not fly American Airlines again."

Positiv: "Late..."

Negativ: "Im Prinzip war der Flug in time gelandet. Aber dann 40 Minuten gewartet bis ein Gate frei ist. Danach ewiges warten auf den Koffer. Sehr schlechter Service, keine Informationen."

Positiv: "Very comfortable. Each seat had its own monitor with lots of entertainment options."

Positiv: "The comfort seats"
Negativ: "Flight was oversold and that caused a delay of over 1 1/2hr."

Negativ: "The airport Jorge Chavez in Lima sucks. Don't spend anymore time than you have to there unless you are prepared to spend a ton on food and water. $9 for a large bottle of water!!"

Positiv: "Flug Personal war OK aber für sitze waren sehr klein und musste Arm gegen Arm mit Sitznachbarn fliegen. (Unsere Maschine war ein Boeing 787)."
Negativ: "Essen war auch nicht sehr gut."

Positiv: "The food was fabulous!"

Positiv: "Quick smooth flight"
Negativ: "Everything went well with this flight."

Positiv: "sehr gutes Essen und Unterhaltungsprogramm."
Negativ: "Sitze waren ok,"

Negativ: "Eine uralte Maschine mit wenigen zentralen Monitoren für die Bordunterhaltung"

Positiv: "Flight only half full. Had both seats near window so could almost lay down to sleep. Crew was very helpful."

Positiv: "Crew was amazing, kind, caring & helpful"
Negativ: "Same for boarding .....same for entertainment but I enjoyed the music"

Positiv: "Sad to say nothing"
Negativ: "- boarding is poor in NY - service in plane extremely bad. Need to train their flight agents -they stole perfumes ((4) bottles and my watch Overall the worst airline I flew so far"

Positiv: "Flugpersonal war super. Es gab häufig Essen und Trinken"
Negativ: "Leider ist das Flugzeug mit einer Verspätung von knapp einer Stunde losgeflogen."

Positiv: "Liked that one of the flights ha a usb connection to charge my phone"
Negativ: "It was slightly more cramped in the seating and it was very warm for the duration of the flight"

Positiv: "Nothing!"
Negativ: "I was upset with overall customer service"

Positiv: "Very timely. Boarding, take off, landing - all on time"
Negativ: "Their restrictions for carry on size... had to check my small suitcase because it was over their size limit. I was able to carry it on on my trip going (fits perfectly in the overhead bin) but on the way back it was too big.."

Positiv: "Food on time. Good Food. Good Entertainment like watching movies. Top priority for Diabetes or any other patients."
Negativ: "Little guidelines for new comers especially while changing the flights."

Negativ: "Only a few options as far as tv and movies"

Positiv: "Arriving early"
Negativ: "Having to pay for the wine."

Positiv: "Von boarding bis zum abholen der Koffer, alles top Freundliches Personal"
Negativ: "Nichts zu beanstanden"

Positiv: "Von boarding bis zum abholen der Koffer, alles top Freundliches Personal"
Negativ: "Nichts zu beanstanden"

Positiv: "Nice employee's"
Negativ: "Plane seat were cramped and worn out. Over priced food"

Positiv: "Short flight."
Negativ: "3.5 hour delay because I believed they double booked a gate and there was no plane. Didn't offer beverage service( they did on the departure flight) on returning flight to miami"

Positiv: "Pilot info/smooth flight."

Positiv: "Once we got around to actually boarding and being on the plane, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the plane and company were. Every experience up to that point had led me to believe we were on the budget airline with the delays and the way everything was handled (getting us into the bus to go to the plane, waiting 15 minutes, getting us off to wait in lobby 40 minutes, boarding again)."
Negativ: "Lots of delay with little explanation. All in all, it was nearly 3 hours later by the time we took off for an otherwise very short flight."

Negativ: "I arrived at the airport 2 hours before my flight as suggested (especially during busy summer travel), boarded the plane, and waited on the plane for about 55 minutes for 4 people who were late to make the flight. This was announced to us as we sat down. I've only ever been late once on a flight (as a teenager) and the plane was still at the terminal but the gate was closed.... I was told there was no way they were opening the doors for me. Since then, I make it a point to be early and if necessary, have plenty of time between connections because of delays. I was shocked waiting almost the same time as the length of the flight for a few people who were late. They could have been placed on a later flight (I saw there were plenty of flights). Also, why trouble the majority of travelers for a small minority? I haven't flown American in a while because of other past experiences and spent a lot of time looking at delay history for this particular flight before giving AA another try. I am once again reminded of why I avoid traveling AA and why other people speak poorly of it. PS In the future, give travelers timely, honest updates so that people aren't siting in their seats staring at the door for an hour waiting for someone to walk in so we can take off. I don't know who these people were, how they were connected, and what kind of money they paid you guys but it was all around unprofessional. I know I wasn't the only unhappy traveler. Please get your act together American, you used to be great."

Positiv: "The pilot and his crew helped me off the air craft"
Negativ: "No help was available to me and I need a wheelchair when traveling now just simple no help"

Negativ: "Terminal was changed and they didn't know to where no communication between agents and towers. Then when we got on plane no apologies or compensation for major delay which was changed twice."

Negativ: "The airport is not organized well and a handful of us passengers had to take a shuttle over to the other side of the airport. This by the way, was not written on the boards or announced so we were confused for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out where to go and what was happening."

Positiv: "Arriving at destination"
Negativ: "The airlines have made the aisles and seats so narrow their is no comfort or personal space. Reminds me of the trailers packed with pigs headed to slaughtered. Except we pay. And when fuel prices fell out tickets did not. TSA lines taking two hours due to total incompetency of the Fed government."

Positiv: "The pilots, agents & flight attendants all seemed to be in a good mood. The flights were on time. Boarding went smoothly. The newer planes had more leg room.There was a sandwich available for purchase."
Negativ: "Felt packed like a sardine on the flight from San Juan to Charlotte. Food for purchase was expensive. Would have been nice to have either had a free movie or free wifi for that long flight."

Positiv: "well it did get us to our destination eventually"
Negativ: "The flight was over and over delayed due to no captain would be available. In the end the flight was leaving 4 hours late and no compensation like free food voucher would be offered. We were hungry and they let us wait the last 40min in the plane until the finally could find a co-pilot. No information was offered to the passenger as to when we would be leaving"

Positiv: "Even though late landing, they tried to keep the departure time"
Negativ: "Food selection is skimpy"

Positiv: "Delayed on the tarmack but the pilot made up the lost time."

Positiv: "Boarding was quick and no long line"
Negativ: "Food only if you pay extra around 5-10usd. Service pretty old"

Positiv: "They dimmed the cabin lights so we could view a beautiful lightning storm. Polite and helpful crew kept us informed and comfortable."

Negativ: "Bumped from two flights due to weather and delayed due to pilots coming in late"

Positiv: "Wir waren sehr knapp dran. Wir erreichten den Flieger nur, weil uns Airline Angestellte geholfen haben und wir durch den Flughafen gespurtet sind."

Positiv: "Quick, smooth"

Positiv: "We got there on time!"
Negativ: "In flight entertainment worked fine at first but then, halfway through my movie, it just kept stopping and trying to buffer. I tried to reboot my device, reset internet connections, restart the app, but nothing worked. Even though I had 40 minutes left in the movie and 90 minutes left on my flight, I couldn't finish the movie."

Positiv: "Personal war sehr nett, das Boarding ging zügig vonstatten, Sitze gemütlich(für Kurzstreckenflug)"
Negativ: "Flug hatte 1 h Verspätung, keine Auswahl beim angebotenen Snack"

Positiv: "Boarding sehr zügig, Carry-on wurde unkompliziert in Frachtraum verbracht da sehr kleines Flugzeug"
Negativ: "Sitze eher sparsam bemessen, keine Auswahl bei Snack"

Positiv: "Everything was perfect!"

Positiv: "All was good. Crew was nice to everyone."
Negativ: "Two large people had carry on bags that did fit in the overhead. They kept trying different areas and delaying boarding for other passagers."

Positiv: "I didn't like anything"
Negativ: "The fact that they over sell their flights but when you order them they say there are 3 seats left. So you show up to the airport and your flight lands with way more then enough time to get to work that day and younprint your ticket to find out you have no seat. That's because they sold more seats than they have incase someone didn't show up. But everyone did show up. So of course they find you another flight in LA which is a good 3+ hours away so you can spend another 3 hours to get to your gate to wait 2 more hours to go to take of so you can reach your destination making you late for work and making you call out. Just because they wanted to make sure every single seat was filled."

Negativ: "Service"

Negativ: "It was more of a United experience....they canceled the flight 30 minutes before take off and scheduled me for the morning. It seemed they knew the that this flight would not take off because they sent my bags ahead on the earlier flight but left me waiting for 5 hours. before the cancellation. This was not a Kayak issue but a United"

Negativ: "The personal entertainment was not working."

Positiv: "Everything went well and we didn't crash. 10/10"

Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "I missed my connecting flight from Newark to Ft. Lauderdale due to a 30 minute weather delay, and then an hour long delay imposed by Newark Airport due to air traffic volume. I had to sleep (barely due to all of the nighttime maintenance going on) on the damn floor by my standby gate because I couldn't afford a hotel and United refused to pay for one."

Negativ: "Der Flug wurde um 6-7 Stunden verschoben, so dass ich keinen Anschluss Flug mehr hatte um nach Hause zu kommen. Der Service vor Ort war sehr schlecht, es hatte viel zu wenig Personal. Ich hatte einen freundlichen Helfer am Schalter, aber sein Supervisor hat mich dann ohne zu Fragen einfach irgendwie umgebucht, z.B. ein Tag später, dann mit Übernachtung irgendwo. Die Flüge am selben Tag wurden zuerst gar nicht berücksichtigt, bis ich dann online selber gesucht habe. Schlussendlich hat mir ein Mitarbeiter der Lufthansa geholfen noch einen Flug am gleichen tag zu bekommen. Mein Gepäck ist bis jetzt 48h später noch nicht aufgetaucht. Gesamthaft für United ein sehr schlechter Service!!!"

Positiv: "4 hours 40 mins delay."

Positiv: "The staff was great."
Negativ: "Not necessarily their fault, but there was a lot of turbulence and at one point I hit my head pretty hard. Puddle jumpers are never for tall people. I do wish they made them just a bit more comfortable to walk through."

Negativ: "I coudnt make an on line checked in, and i called i asked for aisle seats the gurl said yes and its checked in but when i recieved the boarding pass it was middle seat and the worst seat ever at the emergency seat, it was really small the food was terrible service was so bad ! No more united airlines for long flights."

Negativ: "Entertainment System war defekt und es gab keine Entschädigung."

Negativ: "A passenger had to move because of an allergy to the "emotional support dog" in the seat next to her. They moved her before the rest of the flight had boarded, so the seating got messed up and took quite a bit of time to sort out. The flight crew seemed to be extremely put off by the whole scenario and couldn't seem to keep their displeasure professionally under control. I ended up volunteering to move because the passengers who caused the problem refused to bend. For all the crew's displeasure, they didn't handle the passengers, the passengers handled them."

Negativ: "Cancelled and automatically booked with no option for a refund unless I waited seven hours in line at 1 AM. Ridiculous especially given demver's proximity to the springs. WEBSITE NEEDS A STREAMLINED REFUND OPTION FOR AUTOMATICALLY REBOOKED FLIGHTS."

Positiv: "Loved that the crew was attentive."
Negativ: "I wanted to charge my device, no outlets available. No TV screen available for movies, just makes the time go by faster when I'm distracted."

Negativ: "The sits where very uncomfortable. And the snack is awful."

Positiv: "Die Sitze sind ausreichend gross, am Platz gibt es Kissen, Decke und Kopfhörer. Das Essen schmeckt und die Crew ist freundlich. Auf dem Langstreckenflug gab es aktuelle Filme noch Wochen vor DVD Start."
Negativ: "Das Video System hatte sehr viele Aussetzer, Touchscreen sehr ungenau."

Positiv: "Sympathische Crew, der Flug war äußerst pünktlich. Informationen über WLAN waren informativ."
Negativ: "Das Video System in den Sitzen hat leider versagt, war aber auf dem kurzen Flug zu verschmerzen."

Positiv: "I had long waiting time for my flight from ORD and asked at stall if i can get early flight and the person at desk checked the system and get me early flight with no charge in cooperative and helpful manner with smiley gesture ."

Positiv: "I loved that I got to the counter to check in and get my tickets and the lady behind the counter ( can't remember her name) asked me if I wanted to keep my flight or take a nonstop flight to Milwaukee. I obviously took the nonstop flight."
Negativ: "Nothing bad to say."

Positiv: "That I got a refund, although that should be a given"
Negativ: "Had to purchase new flight day of, as I was told of flight cancellation 5 hours before leaving to the airport. I then had to spend $500 on a new flight, and one of the connections refused to let me on the plane. Stil not home."

Positiv: "Pilot helped with luggage. I was using a cane and c sm very v short"

Positiv: "Two out of three pieces of luggage lost. You fall out of love after that. No matter what they do."

Negativ: "Air quality"

Positiv: "On time"

Negativ: "Everything"

Positiv: "The flight attendant was super."
Negativ: "Nothing really. I would like it if pilots would be more interactive. Tell passengers landmarks and cities/states they pass over. Seems no one does that."

Negativ: "I am almost always cold. Not so on this flight. The temperature on the plane was so miserably hot that I had sweat pouring down my face. Everyone around me was trying to open their air vents to get more cool air and/or fanning themselves. I asked the flight attendant about it and he said that the plane was just old and it would cool off eventually. It did, about 20 minutes before they cut the air down again for landing. By the time I got off the plane I was nauseated from the heat and stale air. It will be a long time before I fly United again if this is any indication of the condition of their planes."

Positiv: "It"

Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "I would never fly United again! The employees are rude and condescending"

Positiv: "The space in between the row in front was above average. The extra space is appreciated. Gate agents were kind and helpful during the boarding process."
Negativ: "Sat on tarmac for 1 hour after landing. I know that wasn't the crews fault. But they could have given more frequent updates and at least told us what gate we were at so we could have a better idea when trying to frantically make our connections. Also the entertainment was pricey for a 5 hour flight that I paid good money for. I thinK basic movies should just be included in the fees"

Positiv: "Extra space so I could stretch my legs"
Negativ: "No ice"

Negativ: "Effizienz beginnt beim Check-in/Baggage drop off: Check-in nur per Automat. Man muss selber den Gepäcktag ausdrucken und am Gepäck befestigen. Veraltete Sitze die zwar breit aber unbequem sind. Völlig veraltetes Entertainment System, mit gerade einmal acht Filmen, keine Pausefunktion, keine Möglichkeit zurückzuspulen, Bildschirm ist schlanke 12 Zoll groß. Bordtoilette war alt und schlecht gepflegt."

Positiv: "The flight was good and with very little turbulance. Pilot did good with avoiding it!"
Negativ: "Boarding is ridiculous! Why don't they load the last rows first so there are not people standing in the way and holding things up. I don't want to sit on a plane for 20-30 minutes with a child waiting to "go up in the air" its just more confusion. The lines to board were so long it was going into the next boarding area."

Negativ: "flight delayed, entertainment system only working after 1 hour, baggage was delivered in wrong terminal"

Negativ: "The in-flight DirecTV wasn't functioning"

Negativ: "WLAN did not work"

Positiv: "The best part was the empty seat next to mine. A little extra room is a great thing."
Negativ: "Very long lines for the bathroom. Seems that they should have more bathrooms available for economy. Very turbulent ride. Not just landing, but the whole way was fairly bumpy."

Negativ: "The food was lousy"

Negativ: "The flight was delayed fourteen and a half hours out of Delhi. I missed my connections in the US. Had to stay an extra night in Delhi and overnight in Newark."

Negativ: "My luggage got left in Houston. Their was also a flight later that night from Houston to Bentonville and my luggage didn't make that flight either."

Positiv: "Sehr effizientes und schnelles Boarding. Pünktlich"
Negativ: "Effizienz beginnt beim Check-in/Baggage drop off: Check-in nur per Automat. Man muss selber den Gepäcktag ausdrucken und am Gepäck befestigen. Gepäck kostet 25$. Außer einem Getränk ist keine Verpflegung an Bord vorhanden. Bei einem 3,5-4 Stunden Flug nicht so prickelnd. Entertainment-System – zumindest auf dem Hinweg – musste man zahlen. Keine Serien etc. for free. Mein Fazit: Fliegen in den USA ist für den Europäer gewöhnungsbedürftig. Dabei sind die Preise für die Flüge nun nicht ungewöhnlich günstig, als dass das die ganzen zahlungspflichtigen Services rechtfertien würde..."

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Sicherheitsmaßnahmen von Fluggesellschaften, die nach Eureka Springs fliegen

Fluggesellschaften, die nach Eureka Springs fliegen, haben zusätzliche Sicherheitsmaßnahmen ergriffen und ihre Richtlinien angepasst, um Reisende in der aktuellen Situation besser zu befördern. Die Richtlinien variieren je nach Fluggesellschaft.

Erhöhte Hygienemaßnahmen

Das Flugzeug wird täglich gereinigt. HEPA-Filter wurden auf Flügen nach Eureka Springs in der Kabine installiert.


n Bord muss ein Mund- und Nasenschutz getragen werden. Masken werden auf Flügen nach Eureka Springs bereitgestellt

Abstandsregeln für Sitzplätze

Sitzplätze in der Mitte auf Flügen nach Eureka Springs nicht verfügbar

Tests vor dem Flug

Antikörpertest, Test auf Symptome auf Flügen nach Eureka Springs

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