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Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
DeltaErgebnis aus 31187 Bewertungen

Flight attends spent all his time playing on his phone, I expect more for first Class 😡

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Flight attends spent all his time playing on his phone, I expect more for first Class 😡

The pasta was not too bad. The cheese sandwich was poor.

Flight was delayed 3 hours


We were confused with our assigned seat.

Hot meals better drink selection newer movies

It was orderly and on time and the staff was friendly.

The flight attendants were very helpful

Airport need better directions and delta needs to be contacts if gate changes

Positiv: "Entertainment on flight."
Negativ: "The boarding crew was not helpful and rude. Traveling is stressful enough, not having a boarding crew be able to answer simple questions made the rest of the experience bad"
Positiv: "Timeliness"
Negativ: "Seating"
Positiv: "Boarding was on time and we arrived early. The staff was also very friendly"
Positiv: "Don’t wait to much"
Negativ: "Ich hatte für meine Mutter und mich das Ticket zusammen gebucht jedoch haben wir keine Sitze nebeneinander bekommen. Nicht schlimm aber schon ärgerlich wenn das nicht von der Airline aus klappt und die Leute nicht Sitze tauschen wollen"
Positiv: "Quick boarding and great with accommodating my request for a window seat."
Negativ: "Offer in flight entertainment."
Positiv: "Toller Service"
Negativ: "Bildschirmgrösse"
Positiv: "Not much. Just a cattle cart to go from here to there. Let's not pretend."
Negativ: "boarding process."
Negativ: "Mehr Verpflegung mit Getränken wäre schön gewesen, aber an sich alles ok."
Positiv: "No major delays and able to make my connection. It was a standard flight without too much to report on"
Negativ: "wish there could be less trash generated on airplanes. I notices that Flight Attendants on this flight separated the plastic cups from the trash, and I hope this got recycled."
Positiv: "Getting to my destination."
Negativ: "Leg room, more room for carry on bags, coats, etc."
Positiv: "No carry on fee, comfortable seat and pitch"
Negativ: "Displays for zone boarding status would be helpful"
Negativ: "90 minutes on the taxiway is not what you want"
Positiv: "The crew was amazing, the seats were medium on the comfort range."
Negativ: "More comfortable seats and more leg room!"
Positiv: "Friendly, efficient crew"
Negativ: "Uncomfortable seat in 1st class. Poor quality video screen, too small, too far away, poor sound."
Positiv: "The short duration of the flight and punctual arrival. Better seating with more leg space in Airbus than in the horrible Boeing 467- 400."
Negativ: "No headsets distributed so I couldn't listen to film program. Crew rather impersonal. I'm dreaming of an airline that uses functioni g loudspeakers during boarding. Nobody understands acoustically which zone is being boarded ( not only a Delta issue)."
Positiv: "Everything went smoothly"
Negativ: "???"
Negativ: "Sat on the tarmac for 20 Minutes, after taking off late. Arrived to my connecting gate 10 Minutes prior to scheduled departure with no delta attendants in sight and watched my plane sit at the gate and pull away with no way to get on board. Now I’m waiting unnecessarily for 4 hours on another flight."
Positiv: "Flight Attendant Precious was just as her name precious and was very impactful in my amazing journey experience."
Negativ: "They lost my luggage & made me miss my connecting flight"
Positiv: "Short flight"
Negativ: "Flight attendant was not willing to go above and beyond as he stated he would. My husband asked for a coke and the flight attendant told him he could only get water."
Positiv: "Crews were nice"
Negativ: "Wir hatten uns für den teureren Direktflug entschieden - dieser wurde zweimal geändert, letztendlich hatten wir einen Stop in Orlando und sind viel früher losgeflogen als ursprünglich geplant - was zur Folge hatte, dass die Kids quasi nicht geschlafen haben weil wir mitten in der Nacht ankamen und zu allem Überfluss wurden unsere Sitzplätze geändert - in die Reihe vor dem Notausgang, an der sich nicht mal die Lehne zurückstellen lässt... also extrem wenig Platz wenn der Vordermann seine zurückstellt..."
Positiv: "Service was good. Was upgraded for more space."
Negativ: "Intertainment unit was not working correctly. Locked up after movie was over. No offers of any sort from crew about issue."
Positiv: "Alle Flüge pünktlich, nettes Personal an Board, Essen gut, gerne wieder"
Positiv: "Good service and on time."
Positiv: "Flight crew is helpful. We travelled with my 82 year old mother who needed some assistance, especially for our short connection times, and they made sure she and our whole group made it to the connections on time."
Positiv: "Quick flight"
Negativ: "Delta seats in Economy are smaller (narrower) compared to their competitors."
Positiv: "Easy, fast boarding. We arrived early too."
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "I like that I had a window seat with enough space to stretch my legs and look at the view."
Negativ: "I was shy about 45 min of boarding my flight. I didn't want to do self check out because I wanted to make sure my Itinerary was right so I went to a clerk. She did my boarding pass by verifying who I was and by my Id and printed out. I then go to security they asked for my Id and boarding pass. I gave it to them and she was like Ingrad is not your name doesn't match your ID. I said no it doesn't your going to have to go back up and get my boarding pass redone again. I was Furious and frustrated because I didn't want to miss my flight over a mix up from one of your Clerks and at the time she never asked me if I wanted a window seat or not . This made for a bad experience going to Atlanta but I was grateful that I didn't miss my flight."
Positiv: "All on time, the flight attendants were nice and polite."
Negativ: "That I couldn't change my seat (I didn't want in the confort zone) just in an empty row that it was behind me."
Positiv: "Entertainment"
Negativ: "Boarding employee was rude."
Negativ: "Seeing as I’m still waiting for my flight, more than five hours later I am not inclined to rank it highly. This airport is an embarrassment and I will try my best to never fly Delta again. Weather is no excuse for this."
Positiv: "Der Flug fand immerhin statt"
Negativ: "Der Flug startete mit 4 Stunden Verspätung, die sich im halbstündige m Rhythmus ohne Angabe von Gründen aufbauten. Erst nach massiven Beschwerden mehrerer Kunden gab es schließlich ein Fläschchen Wasser."
Negativ: "Langes warten für fliegen , Kamikaze Check in,"
Positiv: "Freundliche Service"
Negativ: "Flugzeug ist über die Jahre gekommen (Alt)"
Negativ: "Delayed"
Negativ: "The plane bathroom was old and junky"
Positiv: "Nothing other than it was over quickly."
Negativ: "Seat did not recline at all."

I was stopped at gate to check in luggage. Once I got got onto aircraft there were so many empty overhead bins and some were even empty. There were passengers with much bigger bags than me. I was worried that my bag would get lost but it all worked out

Smooth flight. There was a weather delay but the captain kept us well updated regarding wheels up time. The cabin crew was extremely helpful to passengers who had connections at DFW.

American Airlines is now an airline that will not be my go to. My trip was canceled unbeknownst to me and it took almost a day to get situated. I have never had this experience and I never want to again!

FLight crew was friendly, efficient and informative!

Mechanical issues delayed us 30 minutes and the pilot came on intercom basically bragging for shaving 6 minutes (off of our 45 min delayed arrival time)

The seats were shaped uncomfortably, I needed a blanket behind my back to not be slumped. The stewardess were friendly and exceptionally kind to my kids.

Negativ: "Absolutely full flight with no physical distancing."
Negativ: "No food or beverage service while in COVID mood. Pilates and flight crews were inconsistent with using masks. However overhead announcements by AA constantly stated that face mask were required and that the could prevent you from traveling with AA."
Negativ: "There are too many announcements on the screen before you can start watching entertainment. It takes about 15 minutes."
Positiv: "I was able to sleep through the flight comfortably."
Positiv: "Great Crew"
Negativ: "Was a great flight"
Positiv: "This fly was ok;was yet a litle time 20 minutes late."
Negativ: "Wahington to Orlando was ok.O ly 20 mi utes late."
Positiv: "Seats weren't too uncomfortable, and the crew was friendly."
Negativ: "kleines Frühstück für umsonst"
Positiv: "There were very helpful when we really needed help."
Negativ: "The overall experience. I was so disappointed from when we got delayed to asking for accomodation for my family. I will not use this airline unless I absolutely need too."
Positiv: "I had a good experience, the flight was on time and it was smooth. The boarding process was good."
Negativ: "I know the flight from Miami to La Havana is very short, but I would have liked a glass of wine just to relax during flight."
Negativ: "Popup ad in already terrible gogo inflight media playback site stumped entire plan."
Positiv: "Gratis Upgrade in die First bekommen - eigene Suite!"
Negativ: "alles gut"
Positiv: "Included beverage"
Negativ: "No headphones"
Positiv: "Das bordprogramm filmauswahl"
Negativ: "Vom Einchecken übers umsteigen war alles schlecht organisiert Und am Ende ging auch noch mein Gepäck verloren!"
Positiv: "Super quick, comfy ride"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Sehr nette crew"
Negativ: "Crew kannte die Maschine nicht, Fluggäste wurden gratis umgesetzt"
Positiv: "Könnten einen früheren Flug finden"
Negativ: "Leider nicht den gleichen Status bekommen"
Positiv: "Orderly boarding and on time."
Negativ: "Nothing, all was great."
Positiv: "Flugzeug war ein altes Flugzeug meine ich. Durchdas es nicht voll besetzt war hatte ich einen 3er Sitz für mich alleine. Super Besatzung wirkte auf mich gestresst ganzes Team war auch untereinander nicht harmonisch. Bordunterhaltung gabs nur in Oben alle 3 bis Sitzreihen einen TV dort konnte man Film schauen, nicht nach eigener Wahl. Sonst konnte man Film und Unterhaltung im Händy oder schauen Tablet herunterladen.Brauchst einfach gute Batterien dafür es gab keine Auflade Möglichkeiten, nur am Airport."
Negativ: "Besatzung Bordunterhaltung Verpflegung,alles mit Kartongschachteln wurdest nicht gefragt was du willst. Wurde einfach wauf den Klapptisch hingeknallt. Alles in allem sonst ruhig sauber und in Ordnung."
Positiv: "Dass ich sogar einen Kaffe und einkleiner Snack in Form von kleienem Keks bekam. Ich war vorbereitet, dass ich nichts erhalte.Hatte etwas zu Essen dabei. Freundliches Personal Bordunterhaltung nur bezahlbar und übers Laptop oder Handy Hatte Auflade Möglichkeiten beim vorder Sitz.."
Positiv: "The people working for Avianca were especially helpful and curious. We need extra help with wheelchair assistance for my wife."
Negativ: "We delayed one day do to rescheduling"
Positiv: "None"
Negativ: "The flight delayed several times, and the gate was changed. The plane is very old and no service at all (not even water during the 2 hours flight)!"
Positiv: "Good flight overall"
Negativ: "Keine Boarungerhaltung, unfreundliches Personal, grosse Verspätungen und enge Sitze. Und dies alles für Interkontinentalraketen Flügen. Alles schlecht bei American Airlines. Nie mehr."
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war freundlich und aufmerksam. Leider sind beide Flüge verspätet abgeflogen."
Negativ: "Essen war sehr gut. Sitzplätze gemütlich mit genug Platz für Beine."
Positiv: "The only good thing about this flight was the free plastic cup of water they gave us right before we landed. Thanks!"
Negativ: "The stewardess was outright mean! I am disabled and showed up in a wheelchair. The woman had the nerve to ask me if I was really disabled or if I was using it to cut the line. It was really horrible!"
Positiv: "The staff was great, luckily an pretty empty flight"
Negativ: "The food in coach is a disgrace. It’s terrible a few $$ More and it would actually be have way decent"
Positiv: "Alle waren aufmerksam, auf dem Flug selbst lief alles reibungslos."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte 30 Minuten Verspätung und mein Koffer traf mit einem eheren Flieger ein und stand deshalb relativ unbeaufsichtigt in der Gegend rum."
Positiv: "The crew was friendly, the seats were comfortable, the lav was large enough to turn around in, and we arrived in plenty of time to catch our train out of Frankfurt."
Negativ: "The movie selection didn't have anything interesting."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Delayed for 3 hours in SJU, no notice until after departure time had passed. Missed my connection , offered only option if 4 hours lay over. waist of time x whole day"
Negativ: "Check in process was an overbooked disaster Plane was very old Staff at gate and onboard were very rude"
Negativ: "Im Prinzip war der Flug in time gelandet. Aber dann 40 Minuten gewartet bis ein Gate frei ist. Danach ewiges warten auf den Koffer. Sehr schlechter Service, keine Informationen."
Positiv: "Excelent!!!!"
Negativ: "All except the food."
Positiv: "Flug Personal war OK aber für sitze waren sehr klein und musste Arm gegen Arm mit Sitznachbarn fliegen. (Unsere Maschine war ein Boeing 787)."
Negativ: "Essen war auch nicht sehr gut."
Positiv: "This is a modern airplane with great features"
Negativ: "The seats are way to narrow"
Positiv: "Absolutely nothing"
Negativ: "Everything about the flight was awful. Food pathetic, my monitor didn’t work, smooshed between 2 overweight passengers. Flight crew lacked simple etiquette."
Positiv: "Good flight overall"
Negativ: "The experience at DFW was terrible- long lines to get out of baggage claim because of too few agents to process 1000 people waiting. Also long lines for TSA screening to get to gate."
Positiv: "sehr gutes Essen und Unterhaltungsprogramm."
Negativ: "Sitze waren ok,"
Negativ: "Eine uralte Maschine mit wenigen zentralen Monitoren für die Bordunterhaltung"
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "1, Crew are very attentive 2. Great seat"
Negativ: "N/A"
Negativ: "Staff were so rude"
Positiv: "Cabin baggage allowance."
Negativ: "No food, only purchasable snacks payable only with a card not cash. That incurs charges for those that are not US card holders! And extortionate prices. Wifi based entertainment so you need your own tablet/phone. Great if the wifi works - it didn't. Neither on the outward or return journeys."
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war super. Es gab häufig Essen und Trinken"
Negativ: "Leider ist das Flugzeug mit einer Verspätung von knapp einer Stunde losgeflogen."

Enjoyed it

Flight delayed. Crew excellent. Airlines are struggling amid shortages of staff. Be prepared to have flights canceled or delayed.

Flights kept changing right up to the day before leaving—-finally requiring two connecting flights instead of one with all of us traveling alone to connect through a different city. The connecting flight changes were scheduled too close to the arriving flight time—-requiring another phone call and extremely long wait times to United. In all, we had to call United 6 times with flight changes THEY made. United and their partner companies (in our case Lufthansa) continually blamed the other provider for the scheduling problems. All flights we took on this trip were delayed. The flight staff was always good. The arrangements for the trip a nightmare.

This is best airline ever, the service was amazing l love United airline...everything was great and nice

The food could be better

The planes are so small and cramped. I am not a big guy but feel like it as my knees are against the seat in front of me

Late due to crew not controlling passengers. Wifi and entertainment did not work well. No food option.

The food was not good. It used to be much better quality years ago

Negativ: "The boarding and social distancing being funny with the process"
Positiv: "The crew were dope"
Negativ: "The flight was completely full and uncomfortable"
Positiv: "Sehr positiv dass man der Person neben mir einen freien Platz anbot und wir dadurch mehr Platz hatten. Sitzplatz hatte ausreichend Platz und das Unterhaltungsprogramm war sehr gut."
Negativ: "Frühstück hätte besser sein können"
Positiv: "Poor"
Positiv: "Just another 4 hour delay featuring United. By the time we took off the storm in Toronto had started and it completely ruined my plans."
Negativ: "Be on time"
Positiv: "The crew"
Negativ: "Bigger seats and warmer cabin"
Positiv: "The seats are very comfortable."
Negativ: "The Newark security people were ridiculously rude. The flight was delayed due to mismanagement of the gates, and yet they yelled as us, the folks standing in line (and not making a ruckus). The flight attendants seemed bored and were inattentive."
Negativ: "Pünktlich"
Negativ: "Seats very uncomfortable Planes tatty Toilets very dirty"
Negativ: "bei einem 45 min Flug kann man nicht viel anders machen"
Positiv: "eingentlich war gar nichts wirklich gut. sondern max mässig"
Negativ: "Es gibt 2x auf einem über 11 Stunden non-stop Flug was zum essen:Nach dem Start und einmal 1,5 Stunden vor der Landung. 9 Std. nichts. Wenn dann eine Stewardess helfen will mit einem kleinen Snack aber von einem Kollegin gebremst wird, dann finde ich das unverschämt!! "Wir machen keine Ausnahmen!""
Positiv: "Great crew"
Negativ: "More legroom"
Positiv: "Personal freundlich und in dem Fall war der Punkt 20 Minuten überpünktlich"
Negativ: "Wie üblich auf diesen kurzen Flügen keine Bordunterhaltung. Relativ wenig Sitzabstand wie sonst aber auch üblich (bei knappe 1,90m) wenn kein spezieller Sitz mehr frei ist."
Negativ: "I missed having the navigation map when traveling such a long distance."
Positiv: "Really professional. Nice service."
Negativ: "Lost a bag."
Positiv: "Leider verspätet"
Negativ: "Entertainment während des Fluges nur gegen Aufpreis mittels Kreditkartenzahlung möglich"
Negativ: "- knapp unter 6 Std Flugzeit und nur ein Mini-sackerl bretzen zum Essen - für jedes Gepäckstück wird kassiert"
Negativ: "Took off an hour late from a gate all the way across the terminal from the assigned gate. Promised "free" Direct TV did not work and the Wi-Fi didn't either."
Negativ: "Here we go again - bought an air canada ticket and one leg is operated by United. Kayak tells me that the second flight is going to be late and I am at the airport very early - but neither airline can help - United says "Im sorry that is an Air Canada Ticket" and Air Canad people say "Im sorry you are booked on a United flight" and we can't help you. GGRRRRRRRR so into the mess I fly instead of being changed to another route."
Positiv: "Flug hat Minimumkriterien erfuellt. Puenklichkeit und Sicherheit. Getraenke wurden offeriert."
Negativ: "Ich bin klein und fand es beengend. Das überraschendste war aber das komplett fehlende Unterhaltungsprogramm. Nicht mal ein gemeinschaftlicher Monitor. Dies bei einem 4h Flug. Info über vorhandene Service( entertainment und food ) im Flug wäre wünschenswert."
Positiv: "Captain and crew were brilliant, kept passengers informed throughout as to the delays, as a result all passengers were patient and understanding. Not much more could have been done to improve the experience as the snow and conditions at Dublin airport were out of their hands."
Negativ: "When boarding, the agent said we had to check our rollaboards because they were our of overhead bin space. Hen we entered the plane, we saw that the entire back half of the plane had empty bins, but by that time it was too last to retrieve our bags."
Negativ: "Literally took 60 min from the time the airplane got to the gate in Honolulu to when I got my luggage. The gate agent in San Francisco was not at all helpful. The United booking agent on the phone wasn’t helpful either."
Positiv: "Business Class entsprach voll den Erwartungen, nur das erste Mal war der Flug rückwärts"
Positiv: "Prinzipiell ok aber nicht First Class Standard, wie gebucht"
Positiv: "Crew. Entertainment. Food. Leg room was a bit longer than usual."
Negativ: "I was unable to pre-order a kosher meal through the web site. Customer service could barely write in legible English and in essence told me to take a hike. Flight was bumpy both ways for quite a while. What's the point of giving me a boarding pass in Tel Aviv if I need to go to the United transfer counter in Brussels and go through the process again, including a TSA (friendly) interrogation?"
Positiv: "Aisle seat was convenient"
Negativ: "Stewards never smiled, acted like they didn’t care about passengers, spilled food in isle next to my seat and very slow to clean up Just not the friendly skies advertised. Will consider different airlines next time."
Positiv: "Flight was on time."
Negativ: "Food has become terrible on United flights. Lots of room for improvement."
Positiv: "Absolutely nothing! It was there that I found out my plane was delayed and I would miss my baby’s ceremony. Things went downhill from there."
Negativ: "The fact that I’d depart an entire day later. Was given a complimentary hotel but my luggage had already made it to Honolulu. No clothes and my medicine was in my luggage. I can’t explain the disappointment I feel simply because I know United Airlines doesn’t care about their customers. Like I’ve been told it’s corporate America and all that matters is the money. So sad because it’s the customers that have to suffer!"
Positiv: "Flights on time"
Negativ: "Luggage arrived 2 hours late on separate flight"
Positiv: "Siehe Bewertung in den Kategorien. Essen ok, Boarding entspannt und ein guter Flug für den Preis (sehr günstig)"
Negativ: "Nicht sehr viel Platz, zu wenige Getränke über den Flugzeitraum, Personal nur mäßig freundlich, kein Boardentertainment am Platz nur über zentrale Lautsprecher aller 4-5 Reihen (Flug durchgeführt von United)"
Positiv: "Guter Komfort und gute Beinfreiheit zu den Vordersitzen so dass man auch nach einem Langstreckenflug von München nach San Francisco entspannt ankommt."
Negativ: "... und alles kostet extra: Bordunterhaltung, Essen, Bier."
Positiv: "Wir waren sehr knapp dran. Wir erreichten den Flieger nur, weil uns Airline Angestellte geholfen haben und wir durch den Flughafen gespurtet sind."
Positiv: "Missed flight but had no problem rebooking."
Negativ: "Cancellation without compensation or care got customer"
Positiv: "Clear communication on gate change. Received a text message before the gate personal were even aware."
Negativ: "Wish the plane had an outlet for charging. My previous United flight did."
Positiv: "Personal war sehr nett, das Boarding ging zügig vonstatten, Sitze gemütlich(für Kurzstreckenflug)"
Negativ: "Flug hatte 1 h Verspätung, keine Auswahl beim angebotenen Snack"
Positiv: "Boarding sehr zügig, Carry-on wurde unkompliziert in Frachtraum verbracht da sehr kleines Flugzeug"
Negativ: "Sitze eher sparsam bemessen, keine Auswahl bei Snack"
Positiv: "The attendant on this flight was very nice. many times and to get on a flight with United the attendants seem like they don't want to be there and they don't want you to be there. But this man was genuinely joyful to each customer."
Negativ: "The boarding process was ridiculous having five flights leaving out of one gate in five minute increments is very confusing this could definitely be better organized"

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€ 741
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
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2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
17:34 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 870
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
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€ 922
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2 StoppsUnited Airlines
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€ 997
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
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2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
21:21 Std.RTB-VIE
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2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
56:20 Std.VIE-RTB
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
21:21 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 1 054
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
52:05 Std.VIE-RTB
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
21:14 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 1 089
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
37:29 Std.VIE-RTB
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
21:24 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 1 254
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
36:44 Std.VIE-RTB
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
21:14 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 1 427
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
56:09 Std.VIE-RTB
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
38:01 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 1 477
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
36:46 Std.VIE-RTB
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
39:39 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 1 737
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
36:48 Std.VIE-RTB
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
21:14 Std.RTB-VIE
€ 2 133
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
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2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
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€ 2 253

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53:30 Std.VIE-RTB
€ 869
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
32:55 Std.VIE-RTB
€ 1 116
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
33:07 Std.VIE-RTB
€ 1 182
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
56:47 Std.VIE-RTB
€ 1 674
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
38:13 Std.VIE-RTB
€ 1 945

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