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VoloteaErgebnis aus 423 Bewertungen


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Everything was a mess apart from the crew.


We had to wait 1h to register the luggage, then the flight was delayed and arrived 1h15 later than expected

I paid extra money at the Barcelona airport to register and get my boarding pass ! I’ve already register 2 days before but didn’t get my boarding pass by email ! Unacceptable

Use less plastic. Use biofuels. Use solar panels and electric vehicles.

Positiv: "Quick flight, arrived early! That part was great!"
Negativ: "Boarding is a joke. Everyone hoards the gate and there is no organization. Recommend using boarding zones. Italians have no idea how to make lines."
Positiv: "Volotea is a you get what you pay for service. The budgetness of the company can be annoying at times. If I pay for a snack can I get some water?"
Negativ: "Going anywhere but Catania"
Negativ: "We did not arrive on time to the flight because our conection delayed and the airfligt company did nothing to help us."
Negativ: "Charged full fight fee, don't ask customers pay over size luggage penalty minutes before departure"
Negativ: "High baggage and other fees that are not publicized. Web site just says check bags start at 15 euro, actual price was over 50 euro."
Negativ: "Very high baggage and other fees that are not publicized. Web site just says checked bags start at 15 euro, actual price was over 50 euro."
Positiv: "Simplicity and welcome with a smile"
Negativ: "The departure gate was far"
Negativ: "the app is that that great, it gets stook. Also, they don't have any chance to change or re-schedule any flight."
Positiv: "Boarding was like any other boarding, it went fine, but then we had to sit on runway for about 30 minutes or so. Not a huge deal. I keep myself busy on computer so flight went quickly."
Negativ: "Flight crew was not happy and they didn't even pretend to be. Seats were not comfortable at all and mine even had a huge tear in it so it just bugged my back side the entire flight. Food was not good at all! Salad smelled moldy. Oh yeah, and I ended up paying extra for my bags that were exactly the same as my husbands but he was not up charged. Between the c crew and the constant selling and up charges, I would rather pay more for a different company."
Negativ: "Das wir zu spät weg geflogen sind;"
Negativ: "Kreditkartengebühren unverschämt hoch! Standard Handgepäck wird nicht akzeptiert, vor dem Boarding muss der Samsonite Koffer noch eingecheckt werden und wird sofort verrechnet! NIE WIEDER!"
Positiv: "Flug war pünktlich, online Check-in problemlos, Ausdruck funktioniert gut. Personal freundlich."
Negativ: "Ich habe für das AUsdrucken der Boardingpasse von mir und meiner Reisebegleitung bereits vor der Reise via Online System mit Kreditkarte bezahlt. In Nantes war das anscheinend nicht im System und ich musste noch einmal zahlen. Das ist nicht akzeptabel. Der Flug war sonst in ordnung. Nur das Bodenpersonal am Flughafen nantes war schlecht - sie sprachen auch (fast) nur französisch, kein Englisch. Das ist in der heutigen Zeit an einem internationalen Flughafen fast skandalös..."
Positiv: "Not much"
Negativ: "Boarding process stinks. You have 2 groups but board them all at the same time well let's say start to board by having us wait outside for 20 minutes in 90 plus heat. No water then stand on a hot bus for another 15 or 20. If we want a water after heat stroke it's 2.50"
Negativ: "I booked an afternoon flight on Volta. They changed me weeks later to a morning flight. I told them I wanted to cancel my earlier flight and preferred a refund instead. I have never received credit for my cancellation."
Negativ: "Will never fly them again"
Negativ: "Worst airline I've ever experienced, avoid at all costs"
Positiv: "I cancelled the trip because in reading the fine print, I found the cost of checking a single small bag almost as much as the cost of the flight itself. Cancellation was accepted but took some effort to do it."
Positiv: "Der Flug war günstig und pünktlich."
Negativ: "Checkin auf dem Mobilgerät war schwierig, der versehentlich gewählte Platz ließ sich nicht mehr ändern. Mein Sitz war defekt und das Personal schien überfordert."
Positiv: "Convenient straight flight to Bordeaux"
Negativ: "Inappropriate behavior from the crew. One stewardess heavily flirting with a passenger, exchanging phone numbers. 45 minute delay while waiting to take off. Crew just chatted, laughed. Unacceptable to buy your snacks/drinks?!??"
Positiv: "minimum fuss from beginning to end, and no bombarding by emails. their staff all handle carry-on luggage discreetly even when slightly over sized ... Compliments to Volotea."
Positiv: "Staff was friendly"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed, planes are old, no entertainment and boarding process was unorganized"
Negativ: "Due to delays we missed our flight. I emailed and got no response. Tried calling. Office was closed on Saturday. Went to their desk and no one was there. I would like to be reimbursed. I had to then pay for two tickets on Aegean Airline totalling $400.00"
Positiv: "Excellent price and route. Very friendly crew. I didn't need much for a 2hr flight. Met all my expectations."
Positiv: "Flight was fine once we got going but one staff working made for a long long line and a half hour delay. Staff were excellent though."
Negativ: "Scheduled departure time was 4:00 p.m., but we did not leave until 11:00 p.m. due to a problem with the fuel level indicator. We were kept in the departure gate for 7 hours without a proper explanation in English. When they finally realized they could not repair the plane, they put everyone on another plane. We were given a voucher to use at the snack counter for 10 euros per person, but when we got to the counter there was no food or wine left. Imagine, running out of wine in France! I understand that mechanical issues on planes happen, but it was left far too long to attempt to repair it. A replacement plane should have been supplied after a one hour delay, not 7 hours."
Negativ: "Waited to board for 1 hour- no seat assignments- price to pay for checked baggage increases by the hour as your departure nears. The price for a checked bag was €42 at 10am and when I checked again at 11:30am, price was €55!"
Negativ: "Altes Flugzeug, null Service, null Komfort"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Check in started at 9:05 and boarding was at 9:25, we arrived at the airport (which has 1 gate) at 9:10. There was no one at the check in counter until we asked the security guard for help. At 9:30, the Volotea attendant came back and said we were late and missed boarding and it would cost another 180 euro to get on the plane!! Beware!!! -They have a 20 kg or 44 lb weight limit instead of 50 and will charge you an additional 60 euro per bag of over 44 lbs! -Print your own boarding passes, they charge 20 euro per passenger if they have to print it at check in. -There are fees all over the place, it is a SCAM!"
Positiv: "Seats were OK and overhead storage was good."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed 45 min without explanation."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "The Volotea website was very poorly run and thus, we accidentally booked the flight on the wrong date, due to the way the calendar was loaded on the site. We entered the correct date, but somehow we still received flights for 5 days after the date we needed. We tried to change them at the airport, and after being sent to 2 different ticket counters, we ended up paying an additional $420 to get the flights we needed. Therefore, each flight from Athens to Mykonos was over $400 each. It was ridiculous and I will NEVER fly this airline again."
Positiv: "Too short of a flight for food and entertainment! Smooth flight. No complaints"
Positiv: "Crew was very nice and professional."
Negativ: "Seating is a bit tight. But ours was a short flight."
Negativ: "Hidden fees everywhere with this airline as well as smaller than usual carry-on requirements. My carry-on that fit everywhere else but cost me an extra 40 euros to check with this airline. Also a young women was told at the check-in counter that her carry-on was acceptable but at the gate was told different. They then preceded to demand 60 euros cash as a penalty. Just wasn't right."
Negativ: "The next flight they had to my destination was 3 DAYS later. Therefore, I had to purchase another three tickets with a different carrier and got NO credit for the missed fight with Volotea. BAD Business."
Positiv: "Everything in the plane felt new, crew was friendly, efficient."
Positiv: "Price, direct flight"
Negativ: "No frills, no beverage/snack service, seats very uncomfortable"
Positiv: "We printed the boarding passes a week prior and we were ready to go! However Volotea emailed us 24 hours prior to tell us some information had changed and we had new boarding passes. We were worried that we had to pay extra as we were already traveling and could not print the new boarding passes. It was no problem! We downloaded the app and the crew just scanned the app boarding passes. It was a huge relief."
Positiv: "Nothing, flight was cancelled 6 months ago and I still have not received my refund."
Negativ: "Flight was cancelled 6 months ago and I still have not received my refund."
Positiv: "The cabin crew don't know their job and don't care about security! They separate my husband and I from our children. They changed our seats, because they 2 people previous to us were too elder to seat at emergency exit. So we got stuck seating at emergency exit and away from our children! Who will put the emergency mask on my children now in case of emergency Volotea airline ?! Learn your job as flight attendant!"
Positiv: "price was great for our flight, otherwise it was like any other flight, nice attendants, nice clean plane, on time"
Negativ: "attendant in the check in was horrible. not nice, rood, when we tried to ask questions at the end told us "bye" and called next. prices are high for luggage check in, the standard size of the hand luggage is very small and not fair. plain was very very old. overall, bad experience."
Positiv: "On time"
Negativ: "Extra charge (30 Euros) for printing a boarding pass. Seats are uncomfortable"
Positiv: "I liked how they played music"
Negativ: "My luggage was lost and still has not been located. The bag tag number was entered incorrectly numerous times with different agents over the phone as well as at the airport."

Diesmal ging das Einchecken wesentlich schneller. Ob das damit zu tun hatte, dass die Einreiseanmeldung nicht mehr abgegeben werden musste oder ob es tatsächlich besser organisiert war, kann ich nicht mehr feststellen. Insgesamt aber erheblich reibungsloser als früher.

Obwohl der Flieger Verspätung hat, lässt man die Leute nach dem Einchecken in der Kälte auf der Terrasse stehen. Da löst sich dann der Unterschied zwischen Priority und Nich-Priority in Wohlgefallen auf. Das könnte man auch anders organisieren, jedoch wird aus Kostengründen scheinbar immer darauf verzichtet.

Das Einchecken in Kiev eine Katastrophe. Das Personal völlig überlastet und ohne Wissen um die erforderlichen Dokumente. Einige Passagiere sind deswegen nicht mehr rechtzeitig in den Flieger gekommen. Das muss unbedingt besser werden!

Beim Einchecken eIne Minute zu spät online eingecheckt und pro Person 40 EURO zahlen müsssen. Ganz mieser Service. Nie mehr WIZZ Air. Auch Der Bergamo Airport ist eine Abzocke. 3 Tage Parking für 53 EURO

Die Pünktlichkeit von Wizzair ist überragend.

Verspätung von 3h...

Too many hours of delay ( 4)

Positiv: "Direkter Flug und freundliches Personal!"
Negativ: "Das Priority boarding klappt von Memmingen aus nie. Alle werden durcheinander eingecheckt und geboarded. Das Gepäck kommt dann auch nie unter Priority Gesichtspunkten. Lohnt sich also nicht, den Aufpreis zu bezahlen."
Positiv: "I did not fly"
Negativ: "Very very bad."
Positiv: "The flight was fine"
Negativ: "Let me know by mail to check in before I got to the airport and save me 35 euro"
Positiv: "The offert of 5 euro discount on Duty Free products when you buy some food over 6 euros."
Positiv: "The food options were amazing and the wine was very nice!"
Negativ: "Larger leg room"
Negativ: "The food"
Positiv: "Nothing. Horrible experience overall, but what you pay is what you get."
Negativ: "Pretty much everything..."
Positiv: "Is a case of what didn’t I like. When you fly low budget just expect surprises. The small prints are terrible clauses and you will never know when they will get you. Today I was charged £25 on the spot by WIZZ AIR at the boarding gate, even if I disagreed with the charges, I wasn’t prepared to miss my flight W61301 from Warsaw to Luton. There is a degree of unfairness with these impromptu and extra charges. I came on the same flight with the same bag and there was no hassle. I was a soft target and whilst I had no problem with the flight and the service provided, I will not recommend @wizzair. I felt the extra charge was a con."
Negativ: "WIZZ Air need to be sensible. I travelled from London to Warsaw without any problem and they made a problem on my way back.!"
Positiv: "I was at the gate. Before the door to enter the airplane. The Hungarian crew wasn’t telling me that they are closing the gate or going to close it. They completely ignore me and let me stand there and at the end I see the door close in front of me, 2 meter from me and they told me I mised flight."
Negativ: "I lost my money and I had to buy new flight with other company. Wizzair crew at budapest was very rude and didn’t take responsibility for the mistake they did. They could just say they are closing the door but nobody did. 2 meters from me and after I passed all security they ignored me completely."
Negativ: "Ein gekaufter und bezahlter Sitz für unser Kind wurde trotz Bestätigung auch noch an einen anderen Passagier verkauft. Erst unsere Forderung, die Stewardess solle uns dann eine schriftliche Bestätigung geben, dass unser bezahlter Sitzplatz nicht zur Verfügung gestellt wurde, führte dann dazu, dass f"
Positiv: "Die Crew war nett, war aber ein Billigflug und von daher echt top."
Positiv: "One of the very rare on-time, efficient and smooth flights with Wizzair. Check-in was fairly quick and incident-free, despite some of the other passengers reporting problems with the procedures and the staff. Boarding was quick and the flight actually arrived 10 minutes earlier than scheduled."
Negativ: "As usual, the cabin crew is adequately polite, but not overly friendly, the food & beverage range is mediocre and overpriced at best and the entertainment is virtually non-existent."
Negativ: "Flight was late abolutnie 1 hour"
Positiv: "I liked that we were not late and that the late coming priority guests were told to pay attention next time. Take off and landing were both nice."
Negativ: "Boarding was a little slow and we were somewhat late."
Positiv: "Nichts"
Negativ: "Die Crew hätte andere Passagiere an lauten, ständigen Gesängen hindern können"
Positiv: "die Sitze waren recht komfortabel.. das Flugzeit war neu & dementsprechend sauber.."
Negativ: "bei jedem Flug gab es Verspätung.. das bedeutet zusätzliche Wartezeiten und anschließende Verspätungen.. beim Boarding war das Personal gestresst und gereizt.. wir wurden durch das Gate gelassen und musste. dann im Gang zwischen Gate und Flugzeug ALLE 20-30 min warten.. absolut unlogisch und chaotisch.."
Negativ: "Der online Check in war im Vorfeld nicht möglich. Daher MUSSTE ich vor Ort einchecken. Das hat nochmal 43chf extra gekostet. Die langen Wartezeiten beim Sicherheitscheck waren unnötig und 2separate Schlangen für priority Fluggäste und regulär auch völlig unnötig und nervig. Die Infos dazu nicht gut."
Positiv: "Flight left on time and arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule, staff was polite"
Positiv: "The flight was on time, even though it left with almost 30 mins' delay (despite the fact that boarding was complete with a few minutes before the schedule take off time)."
Negativ: "Seat comfort - the seats are tied with Ryanair for worst comfort (rigid and very cramped). Worst of all, though, as with Ryanair - seat allocation. Please, stop this "even though you're travelling together, you may be seated separately unless you pay to choose your seats" nonsense. It's ridiculous!"
Positiv: "Clean"
Negativ: "Claustrophobic"
Positiv: "On time without any delay"
Negativ: "Satisfied"
Positiv: "Schnell und unkompliziert mit freundlichem Personal"
Positiv: "Kar nichts"
Negativ: "Stehlen Sie die Tasche und den Laptop und zahlen Sie den Lohn der Tasche und die war richtig 40 x 30 x 20 cm und die Tehme war unfreundlich Scheiße Firma"
Negativ: "1. The check in was delayed and very chaotic. 2. The landing was horrible 3. The plane was not comfortable ."
Negativ: "With WizzAir no more in my life it’s even worse than Easyget or Raynair even if you have a cabin suitcase you still have to check in you can’t take it on a plain anymore. Really disappointing and they are not that cheap as they think. £90 one way from Kiev to Luton it’s a bit too much"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed and there was even no information about it. Gate number was changed after boarding time and we didn’t hear any appologize not even receive some meal vouchers or food on board. We arrived more then 1 hour later- I can not evalute this as a good service."
Negativ: "Lost luggage. 3 days since and still no luggage.And they don't have a customer service phone number that I can call. Very dissapointed. I guess that's what you should expect from a low cost flight company. I will never book a flight with them again."
Positiv: "i was able to use their app to download my boarding pass so didn't need to look for somewhere to print my boarding pass while abroad, boarding went well, flight was good and crew was good, seat was comfortable, so overall i was pleased with everything. Thank you for a good experience."
Negativ: "Everything was good"
Negativ: "No air conditioned 2 hours late Poor ground service"
Positiv: "Freundliches Personal."
Negativ: "Auf einigen Flügen gab es bisher Verspätungen."
Negativ: "Had to stand in the sun for about 30 mins waiting to board. Had to buy a bottle of water for £2.5 why can’t they just pour a glass of water or even sell at a reasonable price."
Positiv: "Personal freuundlich aber überfordert nachdem am checkin einige passagiere saier wirden.....flug gut zeiten pünktlich.. Sitze eng und alt, kein inkl. Sandwich wie bei anderen billugfliegern.. aber ist ok. Handgepäck musste in frachter, an bord war aber noch genug platz."
Negativ: "Oline Check-in reine abzockfalle, bin ein jahrelanger billigfug user,ständig fehlermeldung beim tagelangen versuch am laptop oder mobil, war nicht möglich.., auch andere passagiere hatten das problem. Mussten dann exzra zahlen!!!"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war sehr freundlich und das Flugzeug sauber."
Negativ: "Flug hatte Verspätung - sehr häufug bei WizzAir. Sitze sehr unbequem und wenig Beinfreiheit"
Negativ: "Obwohl recht zeitig mit dem Boarding begonnen wurde, konnte erst mit 55 minütiger Verspätung gestartet werden. Begründung gab es glaub keine. Etwas zu trinken auch nicht."
Positiv: "Staff"
Negativ: "Extra charges. £35 to check bags in"
Positiv: "War alles okay. Preis der beste"
Positiv: "War alles für diesen Preis komplett gut"
Positiv: "I asked for a cup of water for my child and they gave me a bottled water. Then they charged me 2.50 euros. Their credit card processing machine was not working properly, which was frustrating: the flight attendant got frustrated and had to come back again until she can process my payment."
Positiv: "Flight was delayed. I missed my train home to Ipswich. Long journey home ver late at night"
Positiv: "2 hours delay. Not much one can do about this. The flight was good in general, 3* only due to the delay."
Negativ: "2 hours delay. Not much one can do about this. The flight was good in general, 3* only due to the delay."
Positiv: "das personal war nicht serviceorientiert"
Negativ: "sitze zu eng"

like easyjet low cost airline, good deal for what you pay.

The plane was clean. They did not tell us until we were boarding that masks were required. Most places don't require it anymore so everyone had to take time to dig for a mask. This made boarding rather long. They also started boarding earlier than was advertised. Not sure if it was because of the mask issue. It was a short flight so I wouldn't expect any entertainment. However they charged for drinks or snacks and wanted contactless.

Die Flugbegleiter waren so hübsch und nett 😍

Negativ: "Die Kommunikation mit Mundschutz leider sehr kompliziert ,, das Boardpersonal sollte einfach viel langsamer aber dafür lauter sprechen ,, nicht schön aber dafür effizient"
Positiv: "The flight arrived ahead of schedule."
Positiv: "The flight experience was pleasant!"
Positiv: "The crew seemed very nice."
Negativ: "The flight could have been on time."
Positiv: "The price was cheap"
Negativ: "Barcelona airport was a mess. They lost my bag with half of the plane bags and they didn’t even update the bag status online or call me when it arrived"
Negativ: "A mechanical malfuntion caused our takeoff to be over 2 3/4 hours late. I had a scheduled 4 hour layover which wasn't enough and missed my USA connection. Had to pay another $2500 x 2 for return flight to make a wedding Same happened on arrival. 2hr delay Going back in 2 weeks. Trying Europa Air"
Negativ: "Boarding process"
Negativ: "Air conditioning at the gate"
Negativ: "Was an hour late."
Positiv: "The person I was sitting next to."
Negativ: "Everything. Horrible experience at Gatwick and witnessed one staff member being very condescending towards a guest and made her get off the plane for Vuelung’s mistake. Will never fly this airline again."
Negativ: "Our connecting flight was late and we missed our flighr"
Positiv: "plane was quit new and seats were comfy."
Negativ: "check in was a bit slow."
Negativ: "The boarding process was very unorganized. The flight was delayed almost 2 hours due to baggage issues while we sat on the plane."
Negativ: "Entertainment options."
Positiv: "Good timing, efficiency"
Positiv: "The crew was amazing. They makes sure that we will be comfortable with a baby"
Negativ: "Not even free water for guests. On a two hours flight bot very comfy."
Positiv: "Plane looks new and clean."
Negativ: "Boarding process, included checked in luggage and limit hand carry to 15 kg."
Positiv: "Amazing and helpful crew"
Negativ: "Long delay and inefficient boarding for people with digital boarding pass"
Positiv: "Everything is good"
Positiv: "QUICK ON TIME"
Positiv: "The airline was terrific, despite being delayed we really did board and arrive at our destination in quite good time. The Italian stewardesses were absolutely charming and offered their services extensively."
Negativ: "Loved that me and my travel conpanion go to sit beside one another, and somehow we’re at the very front of the plane together in seats 1B & 1C Prime location. Overall had a very pleasant experience with Vueling 10/10 would fly with again."
Negativ: "Flug war verspätet"
Negativ: "Beide Flüge waren verspätet"
Negativ: "Unkoordiniertes Boarding und 1,5h Verspätung."
Positiv: "Alles hat geklappt, war angenehm. Immer informiert über Verspätung."
Negativ: "Langes Koffer Drop off und Flug Verspätung von 9 Minuten +- verhindern das Punktemaximum. Für die schreienden Babies kann ja die Fluggesellschaft nichts."
Positiv: "When check-in online I was given 1st row seats, as a result I was treated as an excellence customer. Great service."
Negativ: "Delayed again to depart, and over 30 minutes to show reclaim belt to get the luggage"
Negativ: "Late flight. Delay not announced. Late luggage too"
Negativ: "Worst experience I've ever had. I've been traveling for years but never experienced an airlines this unprofessional. I have received 4 emails which all said my flight had a 3 hour delay but did not notify me it will be on time until 20 minutes before departure from Barcelona. Of course, I Went to the information desk to see if they can still board me on the flight but they said no although it still didn't leave. They charged me 115 Euros a ticket but ONLY accepted cash. I was not flying alone and it didn't carry hundreds of euros with me. I had to wait hours just for the exchange to open. The crew at the information thought this was hilarious by the way, particularly the supervisor who had an extremely cheap red hair dye who refused to give me her name then put a scarf over her name tag to hide it. After I thanked the man who was helping me, she naturally yelled from across the information desk "HE SHOULDNT DO THIS!!!!" ... I said thank you? NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINES! I hope they get their act together before this airlines goes out of business!"
Negativ: "Flights notoriously late Staff useless Service inexistant No information provided Avoid Vueling"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Plane late Check in late What a joke first time flying with this joke company"
Positiv: "Staff and smooth fligfht"
Negativ: "Really long delay with hardly any information of when takeoff will be"
Negativ: "They delayed our first flight - and forced us onto our connection even though we knew our bags wouldn’t make it - and were completely unhelpful to us once we got there as to where our bags may be."
Negativ: "Mehr als eine Stunde Verspaetung .."
Positiv: "Bei der Gepäckaufgabe wurde uns durch den Mitarbeiter statt der letzten Sitzreihe ein Platz in Reihe 4 "ausnahmsweise" zur Verfügung gestellt. Die vorderen Sitzreihen waren nicht belegt bzw. das Flugzeug nicht voll belegt."
Negativ: "Nach rd. 3 Std. Verspätung beim Start erfolgte keinerlei Entschuldigung der Kabinencrew. Üblicherweise gibt es dafür zumindest kostenloses Mineralwasser. Statt dessen hat die Kabinencrew zuerst gemütlich gegessen und getrunken und das vordere WC gesperrt. Um die Passagiere würde sich die ersten 45 Minuten nicht gekümmert. Somit Schlangenbildung am hinteren WC. Gewisse Lustlosigkeit erkennbar. Ähnliches Verhalten die letzten 45 Minuten vor der Landung. Statt dessen mit dem I-Pad gespielt. Es stellt sich die Frage, ob nochmals mit Vueling gebucht wird, wenn es eine Alternative gibt."
Negativ: "Hinflug Verspätung wegen Streik in Barcelona, Rückflug verspätet wegen notwendigen Radwechsel, der noch im Gange war als der Einstieg vom Bus in den Flieger erfolgte."
Negativ: "Essen: bitte auch ohne Käse/Milch/Fleisch = vegan anbieten!"
Negativ: "Delayed again and again"
Negativ: "App info and service poor. Gate closed more than 30 mins before flight while flight was delayed according to the AP status. Would not fly with Vueling again."
Negativ: "Crew"
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte zwei Stunden Verspätung, es gab keine Entschädigung."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist pünktlich gestartet. Sitzplatz am Notausgang hatte mehr Beinfreiheit"
Negativ: "Der Komfort und Service waren für einen Billigflieger in Ordnung"
Positiv: "Well organized boarding."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist pünktlich gestartet, es war alles (boarding, etc.) gut geregelt."
Negativ: "Getränke und Essen kann man nur gegen Bezahlung erhalten (wir wurden darüber noch davor informiert), aber das auch Wasser nicht kostenlos angeboten wird finde ich seltsam, insb. wenn es zu unerwarteter Verlängerung des Flugs kommt (in unserem Fall statt 2 sollten wir 3 Std. wegen massives Flight Traffics von Barcelona nach Wien fliegen) und trotzdem haben wir kein Wasser erhalten. Ist überhaupt nicht in Ordnung!!!"
Positiv: "cabin crew was friendly"
Negativ: "ground staff was so trained to brush problems to the customers that never again Vueling, so bad experience compared to Ryanair..."
Positiv: "Flug hatte fast 7 Stunden Verspätung. Keine Verpflegung in dieser Zeit. Erst nach dem Start DURFTEN wir der Airline Geld in die Kasse spülen und ihr ESsen und Getränke abkaufen!!!"
Negativ: "Flug ist leider unpünktlich gestartet."

Flight delayed for almost three hours

No confort

Flight delay, to be on time!


Cheap price ticket and understandable that they charge extra for everything including choosing seats but for 99.5% of all other airlines that default to assigning you a free seat if you don’t pay… they always seat you with you together if you’re a pair. Ryanair literally played musical chairs with everyone. Everyone was spending time moving around and asking if people were willing to switch so they could sit next to their friend. Wow way to make a point that you must pay or else.

Positiv: "Friendly ground staff at Alicante airport."
Negativ: "Airplane was dirty, floor covered in food from previous flight."
Negativ: "Abflugszeit"
Negativ: "Nachdem ich über Swoodoo gebucht habe, hat mich Ryanair nicht online einchecken lassen und ich musste 2 Stunden Früher am Flughafen sein1 es gab auch keine Information darüber und die Seite gibt auch keine Information! Das ist eine Frechheit und gibt es sonst bei keine anderen Airline! Ryanair versucht mit allem extra Geld zu machen. Wäre ich später am FLughafen gewesen hätten sie mich 55 Euro zahlen lassen."
Negativ: "Wir waren 3,5 Stunden vor Abflug am Flughafen. Da wir kein Internet hatten konnten wir die Boardkarten nicht online beantragen. Der Check-In Schalter war noch nicht offen. Als wir endlich dran kamen wurden wir wo anders hingeschickt und durften 126€ (!) zahlen, damit unsere Boardkarten ausgedruckt werden. Was für ein Scam!!! Frechheit!"
Negativ: "The flight was okay but 40 minutes late due to issues at Hamburg Airport. I.e. the problem was not with the actual flight or with Ryanair."
Negativ: "Wir hätten in Frankfurt landen können, statt Frankfurt Hahn."
Positiv: "Alles schnell geklappt. Perfekt. Flug gut. Nettes Personal."
Negativ: "Es war sehr unsauber. Der Sitz total versaut und der Tisch genauso. Man konnte nichts darauf abstellen weil vom Vorgänger noch alles darauf versaut war. Nicht so schön."
Positiv: "Comfortable flight"
Negativ: "Delayed, big queue to board plane"
Negativ: "More entertainment would've made the flight much better and less wait for getting on and off the plane"
Positiv: "Grundsätzlich erstmal billig, nicht günstig. Gefallen eigentlich nichts wirklich."
Negativ: "Diskussion beim Check in. Plötzlich geht das bezahlte Gepäck nicht in die Kabine. Wird aber wohl nur als Stichprobe gemacht. Andere dürfen mitnehmen. Wir durften extra zahlen. Dann war es plötzlich kein Problem mehr. Komfort im Flieger Fehlanzeige. Freundlichkeit Fehlanzeige. Nur Diskussionen um noch ein paar Euro zu bekommen. So schnell nicht wieder!!!"
Positiv: "getting off"
Negativ: "filthy plane, confused staff, cattle truck class. I bet people got comfier rides to aushvits. if only there were national carrier flying my route"
Negativ: "Der Mitflug wurde uns auf Grund von Unwissenheit der Check In Dame über Einreisebestimmungen untersagt. Diverse Telefonate zu Momondo sowie Ryanair konnten uns in der Kürze Vorort nicht weiterhelfen!"
Positiv: "We like to thank Gavin one of the crew member he did a good job and take care about my wife condition during the flight"
Positiv: "Seat not too cramped. We didn't get lost - as BA flight did recently!"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed! Info re delay was limited."
Negativ: "Airport was too far and the facilities are shite. The waiting for embark is way too long and no one informs you about anything."
Positiv: "Service and comfort means ryanair"
Positiv: "Crew war sehr nett und die Sitze könnten etwas bequemer sein"
Positiv: "Das Heineken war sehr schmackhaft!"
Negativ: "Günstigeres Bier!"
Positiv: "Nette Besatzung, schnelles Boarding, komfortabler Flug."
Negativ: "Wasser sollte es immer! Umsonst geben. Ist aber ein allgemeines Problem und bei keiner Airline der Fall."
Positiv: "On time great service"
Positiv: "Schlichtweg nichts!"
Negativ: "Schreckliche Erfahrung, wie immer mit Ryanair! Flug natürlich total verspätet, es wird über Lautsprecher angekündigt das das Gate schließt, obwohl noch lange kein Flugzeug kommt, keinerlei Informationen durch das vollkommen überforderte und inkompetente lustlose Personal. Keinesfalls empfehlenswert, lieber etwas mehr ausgeben und eine anständige Airline nehmen"
Negativ: "Die Kabine war während des Fluges kaum behitzt. Das im Winter bei Minustemperaturen kann sehr unangenehm sein, besonders bei Flugdauer länger als 3 Stunden. Im Mantel stundenlang zu sitzen ist keine komfortable Möglichkeit."
Positiv: "Flug war pünktlich"
Negativ: "Etwas wenig Platz, aber sonst nichts zu beanstanden"
Negativ: "Also, das hat war ein etwas länger Flug, sollte mann mindestens Wässer bekommen. Wir müssten für alles zählen Getränke oder Essen und es gab keine echt fair Preis."
Positiv: "Priority boarding."
Negativ: "Crammed airport shuttle buses and a delayed flight home."
Positiv: "Crew was perfect! Very nice."
Negativ: "Staff at Riga Airport was very unfriendly"
Positiv: "Preis ok"
Negativ: "Flugzeit war nicht sauber, Boarding 45 min verspätet, danach weitere Verzögerungen bei Maschinenstart und langes Warten auf Flugfreigabe, weitere Verzögerungen nach der Landung,"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Seating uncomfortable, don’t even serve water, charge money to check in 3 days early and for some strange reason they charged 100€ for standard carry ones manufactured by Samsonite for international travel because it didn’t fit in their standard cubby ... the same carry ones they allowed from London to Stansted became a tad too big on return . They remind me of US traffic police that start giving tickets on tiny issues st the end of the month to make their quota . Also many people in the line had bags exactly our size"
Negativ: "The guy at the boarding did not know the procedures for a non EU passport and kept me waiting for so long because he had not sure if my visa was real. He did not even check my passport if I had a visa. I paid for priority and ended as a lat person in the queue. Then a woman came and checked my passport and saw the visa and could not see any problem with it. I want to know why did a pay for priority services if the person at the boarding does not even know anything. Is the company going to reimburse the company for the time waiting and bring the last one?"
Positiv: "Sauberes Flugzeug, freundliche Kapitänsansagen"
Negativ: "Flugpersonal leicht unfreundlich, 1,5 Stunden Verspätung"
Positiv: "The delay was long and they dont tell u or update u well"
Positiv: "Nothing, even the €5 voucher barely got a cup of coffee at a Starbucks that had us waiting 45 minutes in a line to order"
Negativ: "The flight was listed as delayed with about an hour before it was due to arrive. It landed 3 hours and 45 minutes late. Up until 2 hours, in other words when it left Stansted for Nice, there was no explanation as to why. The Stansted Express tickets we paid for an hour before the scheduled take off had to be forfeited Upon arrival at Stansted Airport, we were made wait for our plan to taxi to its gate, wait to get off and then wait for our bags to arrive which took well over an hour. Between Stansted Airport, hailed as one of the worst airports and Ryanair, who’s cabin manager was a clown, the whole experience start to finish as a fiasco!"
Negativ: "Check in was chaos"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal warsehr aufmerksam und fürsorglich. Der pilot ist sehr schön geflogen und hat eine klasse Landung hingelegt :D"
Negativ: "Essen war sehr teuer und die Klimaanlage war viiiel zu leicht es war kaum auszuhalten :/"
Positiv: "Just a pleasant flight with pleasant crew. Couldn't ask for more!!"
Positiv: "Das Flugzeug ist pünktlich gestartet und auch pünktlich gelandet."
Negativ: "Die Sitze sind eng, unbequem und steif. Es gibt keine Sitz Verstellung. Die Verpflegung an Bord kann nur gekauft werden (die Qualität eines Sandwiches lässt extrem zu wünschen übrig). Das Boarding und der die Gepäckaufgabe wird von mürrischen und unmotivierten Mitarbeitern durchgeführt. Das Personal an Board spricht relativ schlechtes Englisch. Ryanair versucht „priority check in und Boarding zu verkaufen sowie priority security’s control. Absoluter Schwachsinn und reine abzocke. Security control: nicht beeinflussbar durch eine Airline. Priority boarding? Es gibt bei Ryanair lediglich eine Schlange in die sich alle zur gleichen Zeit einreihen. Kein Aufruf dass ausschließlich priority Leute zu erst an Board dürfen oder ähnliches."
Positiv: "On time departure and arrival Cheap low fares Effiencent helpful staff"
Negativ: "Expensive water on board"
Positiv: "Der Flug ist punktlich gestartet"
Positiv: "Günstiger Flug, durch Unterbuchung auch genügend Platz. Fußraum ausreichend für 1,80cm und innereuropäischen Flug."
Negativ: "Alles exklusive. Leider nervt die Dauerverkaufs-Show bei Ryan Air massiv. Noise cancelling rettet."
Positiv: "Trotz Verspätung Zeit aufgeholt, freundliche Crew"
Negativ: "Abflug verspätet, Sitze unkomfortabel, Landung holprig, schlechter Druckausgleich -> starke Ohrenschmerzen"
Positiv: "Pünktlich, schnelle Abfertigung"
Negativ: "Hätte was von Kaffeefahrt... Getränke, loose, Duty Free, alles Zack Zack"
Positiv: "Abflug in Dublin mit +15 / an HH +5"
Negativ: "Maschine für kurze Flüge ok, bei längeren Flügen wäre ein höherer Sitzabstand besser."
Positiv: "Personal war freundlich und bemüht."
Negativ: "Durch hohe Sitzplatzanzahl geringer Sitzplatzabstand. Unverständlich: Sitzgurtlänge kürzer als bei anderen Fluggesellschaften, daher bei mehreren Fluggäste Gurtverlängerungen erforderlich. Was soll damit gespart werden? Durchsagen zu leise und in der Regel unverständlich, auch dann, wenn man Englisch sonst gut versteht.."
Positiv: "Der Fug ist pünktlich gestartet.Nette Stewardessen."
Negativ: "Sitze super ungemütlich."
Negativ: "Eineinhalb Stunden verspätet :/"

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NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 49
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 53
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 54
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 59
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 60
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 62
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
14:10 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 63
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 65
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
23:10 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 68
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
23:10 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 69
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 70
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
4:30 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 71
1 StoppWizz Air
14:20 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 72
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 73
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopWizz Air
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 74
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
26:45 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 75
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
9:40 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 77
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
9:40 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 78
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
4:50 Std.NCE-VIE
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:50 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 79
NonstopMehrere Fluglinien
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
22:05 Std.VIE-NCE
€ 81

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NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 24
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 25
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 26
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 27
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 28
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 29
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 30
1 StoppVolotea
22:35 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 31
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 32
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 33
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 34
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 37
NonstopWizz Air
1:45 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 38
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
16:35 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 44
2 StoppsRyanair
24:15 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 46
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
29:20 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 48
1 StoppVueling
17:50 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 50
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
14:05 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 57
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
20:50 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 61
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
37:10 Std.NCE-VIE
€ 63

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Nizza - Wien

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Wien - Nizza

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€ 49

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€ 49