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Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
NorwegianErgebnis aus 4468 Bewertungen
Positiv: "Premium seats and service make flying so much more comfortable."
Negativ: "Boarding and leaving on time."
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Positiv: "Premium seats and service make flying so much more comfortable."
Negativ: "Boarding and leaving on time."
Negativ: "Verspätung um 3,20Std,,,"
Positiv: "Ich habe winter schnellsten Flug. Dankeschön"
Negativ: "Letting me check in after my connecting flight on Iberia. I was there 1 hour before take off and the flight was closed for check ins. You cost me $500 extra dollars. It’s unacceptable and should have never been sold the flight on kiwi if your rules didn’t support me boarding the flight. I feel robed"
Positiv: "Seat was comfortable, crew was attentive, entertainment was sufficient."
Negativ: "I was not even offered a beverage. On a 10 hour flight, one should at least be given a beverage or snack."
Positiv: "Everything was efficient and punctual. Crew were friendly."
Negativ: "Like all Norwegian flights, no free water or drinks or snack on the flight. No pillow provided. In short, there is no free service of any kind."
Positiv: "crew was polict"
Negativ: "4 hour delay. First class boarded first - good. Then it is a free-for-all for everyone to load all at once. Norwegian needs to implement "Boarding groups" for loading the aircraft to have a smoother process."
Positiv: "I liked nothing."
Negativ: "The flight was cancelled 22 hours before take off. There was an email sent to notify me. No text message or phone call; has I not checked my email I would have shown up at the airport with no flight. I tried to call their customer service and was out in hold for over an hour with no resolution."
Negativ: "Canceled at one day before flight incurring much cost due to non refundable reservations."
Negativ: "Tickets showed checked in luggage only on one way not when flying back. Felt like I was tricked into buying these tickets."
Negativ: "I paid for a seat and not given a seat assignment. Then because of that I was almost bumped off the flight. If I had not been traveling in a group I would have been bumped off my flight. In addition no food or drink was offered. Everything had to be paid have ahead of time. Not good at all"
Negativ: "Trying to get info about the flight in advance was difficult and confusing."
Positiv: "This flight was also delayed. Our bags never made the connection and waited 2 hours at the baggage terminalwith no support or answers."
Negativ: "Friendliness of the staff. Plane is outdated and small. It flies. But I felt unsafe and claustrophobic"
Positiv: "Since I'm short, I had enough leg room but the chairs could recline just a bit more"
Negativ: "Many things could have been better. When everyone was at the gate and the staff was making announcements, no one could understand them. Was muffled. Even my friend who speaks fluent Spanish couldnt understand the announcements. The second problem was that it took so long to board. We had to take a"
Positiv: "Nothing, unfortunately. Crazy boarding and deplaning process. Definitely not worth the ticket price discount. Wouldn’t ever do it again. Really horrible."
Negativ: "Boarding, deplaning, and onboard service."
Positiv: "Reasonable price for premium class seats."
Negativ: "Checking 1 bag was a 1 hour wait. Would be a more efficient process if you could check in at a kiask and just drop off the bag instead of the entire process happening at the desk."
Positiv: "Not much beyond getting to my destination. Likely the last time I’ll book with you and certainly the last time I’ll fly with Norwegian."
Negativ: "Flight was 5 hours delayed. Crew was unapologetic about it. Due to the delay I missed my connection. Customer service rep said there’s nothing they can do. Your team was also incredibly unhelpful.The aircraft was the most uncomfortable I’d ridden in ages. The on board staff was unfriendly."
Negativ: "We were charged a luggage fee even though when we reserved the flight they were included. This is completely a ripoff!! I will definitely begin the process of taking this to my attorney."
Negativ: "Boarding was a bit chaotic as the finger got packed"
Positiv: "The premium seating and premium meal"
Positiv: "The crew the attention while on my flight.. overall I can’t wait to fly with Norwegian airlines again"
Negativ: "Keep up with the great work"
Negativ: "25 Minuten Verspätung..."
Negativ: "Flug war 2,5h zu spät, daraufhin habe ich an Weihnachten 2 Züge verpasst und war erst spät nachts bei meiner Familie"
Positiv: "Der Flug war einwandfrei ohne größere Verzögerung."
Negativ: "Berlin Schönefeld Flughafen ist ziemlich in die Jahre gekommen"
Positiv: "Ich habe eigentlich keine Ansprüche für so einen kurzen Flug und somit alles okay, bequeme Sitze!"
Negativ: "Nichts spezielles zu bemängeln. War alles in Ordnung"
Positiv: "Sehr bequemes Flugzeug (Dreamliner) mit moderner Unterhaltungsanlage. Gute Auswahl an filmen."
Negativ: "Zu wenig gratis Wasser wurde verteilt. Mahlzeiten überteuert aber dafür das Ticket günstig"
Positiv: "Alles reibungslos abgelaufen von Anfang bis Ende wie man sich es vorstellt"
Positiv: "nichts besonderes Gratis Internet (langsam)"
Negativ: "Die Gepäckregelung. Wir hatten 6 x 20 kg, aber jeder Koffer musste unter 20 kg sein. D.h. wir durften nicht 6 Stück mit insgesamt 120 kg mitnehmen. Das ist sehr lästig, so umzupacken."
Positiv: "Hätte man nicht noch ein Gepäckstück im bereits fertig belandenen Flugzeug wieder rausfischen müssen, wäre alles bestens gewesen. Einchecken, Gepäckaufgabe schnell und problemlos in Oslo am Automaten, rechtzeitiges Boarding, Service wie bei einer Low-Cost-Airline zu erwarten. Sitzabstände gut."
Positiv: "Elegantes Boarding wie immer. Personal sehr zuvorkommend"
Negativ: "Leider verspätet, wifi ging nicht und wir landeten am internationalen Terminal. Unnötig."
Negativ: "My biggest concern was the service onboard. We experienced a flight with the systems for orders for snacks and drinks etc. down. We waited almost 2 hours to receive a bottle of water and headphones, as the system made it look like the items were delivered when they were not. The staff was clearly confused and stressed, and we had to call for attention 2 times to talk to someone who looked at our order and told us the system wasn't working. Two hours after the order we got our merchandise, still charged at full price."
Positiv: "The fact that we didn’t crash"
Negativ: "The plane was hot old and the crew needed to step it up. Very inefficient!"
Positiv: "Flug war pünktlich, Boden- und Kabinenpersonal vorbildlich"
Negativ: "Fast Track funktionierte erst nicht, aber Personal war freundlich und ich musste nicht mit 200 Urlaubern durch den Scanner"
Negativ: "My flight from Oakland to Barcelona ( DY7076) was canceled on August 2 and I had to rebook a new flight for the next day, August 3. It means that I had to spend my time and my money in the US one more day and miss all the personal stuff I had to do in Barcelona on August 3. According to my rights, I might have my money back for this flight."
Positiv: "Crew, airplane,"
Negativ: "Late"
Positiv: "The flight attendants were nice."
Negativ: "There is not business class even though you pay business class fares. Their seats are not comfortable. The food was okay. The clincher for me was that they charge by the kilo for excess baggage. I had just gotten married and we were moving my wife to Asia to live with me. We had 1 extra bag and they would not even listen to our situation. They charged me $600 for an extra bag. I will never fly Norwegian Airways again. No consideration for their passengers. The bottom line - do not fly Norwegian Airlines..."
Positiv: "Price!"
Negativ: "Other passengers keeping their lights on the duration of the flight. This international flight left at 11:30pm and it would have been helpful to beat the jet lag by being able to sleep."
Positiv: "After reading other reviews of Norwegian Air, we expected indifferent flight crew, strict carry-on restrictions and low cabin temps. So we came “prepared” for our overnight long haul flight, but it turned out the cabin was fairly warm and the young flight crew from Norway, US, France and Spain were even warmer. They were all merry, super responsive, and went out of their way to offer assistance. Although we hadn’t pre-ordered food, they gave a sandwich to my ten-year-old, and then when they had a few left over, they gave them to us (the parents) and others. They are either a new crop or they’ve gotten re-training since previous poor reviews. Also turned out layered clothing was enough and we wasted carry-on space bringing small blankets, not that they cared very much that we brought a regulation size carry-on plus a slightly-too-large personal item each (never measured), PLUS a paper grocery bag half-filled with snacks. So we went over our limit but there were no issues, and the overhead bins in the Dreamliner were NOT full. Maybe on other planes, or if you’re among the last to board, it might be different. Also, on-board blankets were only $5 to purchase (not “expensive” as we’d previously read.). Seats were certainly tight, but all coach seating is these days, and overall... a great flight experience. ALSO... they have a handicap accessible bathroom on board, and provide crew to push the aisle chair as needed. Awesome."
Positiv: "Price"
Negativ: "Crew did not even offer a glass of water. Cabin crew was rude. An hour and a half delay at Newark AFTER we landed due to "not available gate" Lost luggage. Took over 25 minutes for a rep to get to Baagage Claim. Next morning and still waiting for a claim number."
Positiv: "Good leg room"
Negativ: "Very expensive baggage. Don’t like the food policy"
Negativ: "Not a very large entertainment selection and food didn't look too appetizing, but nothing out of the ordinary for an airline."
Positiv: "Barcelona didn't tell us our flight was delayed until an hour after we were supposed to take off. At least have the decency to let us know in case we have to make other plans."
Positiv: "There was enough footroom that I could straighten my legs in coach. Most comfotable overseas flight I have ever had. Great selection of movies."
Negativ: "LAX going through rennovations. Had to take the bus to the airplane. They tried to cram too many people on one bus and had to offload some because they couldnt shut the doors. No free plain water offered on the flight. Had to buy all beverages."
Positiv: "The lighting, and USB port at every seat."
Negativ: "Departure delay of almost two hours then another delay for passengers with security issues. Why weren’t the security issues cleared up during the other two hour delay? There is no food. Not even an offer of water or coffee."
Negativ: "They don't give you ANYTHING onboard. Literally NOTHING but a glass of water. You pay for everything. Horrible!!"
Positiv: "I LOVED the entire journey and embrace the pay as you go model for economical long haul travel!"
Negativ: "I was running late for my flight home to Dublin I had 40 minutes until the flight was due to take off. The guy on check in was extremely rude and sent me off in an awful panic to my gate. It was an emotional parting with my partner as I won't see him again for a few months and this very rude employee didn't help at all This was my second flight with Norwegian in the space of a few weeks and I could very well be a regular flyer as my partner is in Sweden for the foreseeable future. This guy gave an awful representation of your airline. People get delayed these things happen he wasnt one bit nice about it and I was very unhappy how I was treated"
Positiv: "The crew was lovely. The seats were comfy. Broad movie selections. The overhead space was probably the best part."
Negativ: "The single thing that made me never want to fly this airline again was that we were not offered a single drink. Not even water. The only people allowed to have a drink were those that preordered food. I wasn't aware I needed to do that and have no problem ordering food onboard (which I did) but to be completely over looked for even a cup of WATER? It was quite humiliating to not even be looked at unless I was someone that preordered food. I just don't understand that at all. Even on a 30 min flight to Akron I get a water or soda or coffee. This was an 8 hour flight!"

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