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Qantas AirwaysErgebnis aus 4958 Bewertungen

Jammed full flights

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Jammed full flights

Positiv: "Pretty much self serving at the back of the plane ( like it)"
Negativ: "Those seats were not comfortable; each row was too narrow, felt like a Sardine fish packed in the can. After back home, swear not fly with Qantas again."
Positiv: "On time. Very efficient staff. More of this please!"
Negativ: "Not a lot!"
Positiv: "Not confortable at all! I was in the middle seat in the center of the plane and hD to get up every time people had to use the restroom. I could not sleep at all in the 14 hour flight - not to mention after a 6 hour delay - with poor communication on what the delays were all about. 4 different times the flight was delayed with no explanation. I liked nothing about this overpriced, under served flight."
Negativ: "6 hours delayed in Sydney and nobody was telling us what was going on. I got sick while waiting, and was in a lot of pain all the way home. Also i had to pay $304 change fee to change my flight to Sydney to SFO from the original Melbourne to LAX To SFO thinking since I was coming home from Sydney I could change to a direct flight to SFO and get home early, but it took about 6 hours later because of the delay and I lost $304 in change fees even though I booked the fight via reward mileage and gave up 80,000 miles for this flight, and on top of that, when I changed the Sydney to SFO flight the system would not let me change my seat and I was booked in the middle of the plane in the middle in a 4 person row with 3 seats on the right and 3 on the left. I always fly in the window seat to help me sleep easier and not have to get up every time someone had to use the restroom. This was a 14 hour flight and I got no sleep at all and the 6 hour delay killed me. This was an awful experience and I don’t believe the $304 charge was worth it considering I paid 80,000 miles + taxes. I am complaining to executive management all the way to the top about this terrible expensive poor experience."
Positiv: "Great flight, service, food and crew."
Negativ: "0"
Positiv: "The departure was on time and arrival before time. The comfortable headphone The menu with possibility choose a dish before hand."
Negativ: "Passport control in San Francisco took a very long time."
Positiv: "Same as previous answer!"
Negativ: "The food was disgusting..."
Positiv: "Very smooth, on time boarding. Food quality"
Negativ: "The food is served on a tiny tray that only has room for the hot dish. Other items are piled on top. Recipe for items being dropped, getting crumbs everywhere and generally less comfortable eating experirnce. And stop using plastic cutlery!"
Positiv: "The friendly crew, space for my legs and the food."
Negativ: "The entertainment gadget was faulty."
Positiv: "Entertainment inbegriffen"
Negativ: "Geringer Sitzabstand"
Positiv: "Everything went well. boarding and check in."
Negativ: "Seat spacing: way too close in economy. When person in front puts seat back, could not stand up to get out of seat. Got leg cramps trying to shuffle out sideways stooped over row of seats in front and rear hitting faces of occupants in my row. Refuse to fly on this airline any more until reasonable seat spacing is provided for price paid. Don't like standing up the whole flight because one cannot get into or out of seat."
Positiv: "Alles normal. Guter Flieger"
Negativ: "Software scheinbar inkompatibel mit anderen codesharing linien... dh online checkin etc funktioniert nicht. Genausowenig wie Bestellung von Spezialmahlzeiten."
Positiv: "Crew was friendly and helpful even the flight was nearly fully booked Choices of entertainment is good"
Negativ: "Unfortunately they ran out of the main menu Seats are old Entertaining system is also old, small screens with low quality"
Positiv: "Food wasn’t that bad Crew tried their best to serve everyone fast and and fullfield the extra wishes Entertainment system is good and choice is large"
Negativ: "Unfortunately there was a delay in boarding, would have been nice if they announced that earlier as they knew that the plane arrived late... Also plane was fully booked and I only got a middle seat, but luck? This older Boeing 737 is quite noisy and it makes it difficult to understand the announcements Old screens for entertainment with bad quality"
Positiv: "Crew was very professional and willing to help"
Negativ: "Selection of movies not that great when you spend 14 hours sitting on a chair for that long you expect at least to have some good movies to watch ... that was a let down. Also everytime they served us food it seemed lime yhey didnt have enough of the choices we were given as the crew had run out of our choices all the time making choose things we didnt lie"
Positiv: "Quick boarding and friendly staff"
Negativ: "Could not eat the in flight breakfast as both contained wheat (I’m coeliac)"
Negativ: "7 hrs late leaving, with postponements drip fed in 1 hr increments resulting in lots of hanging around and day completely wasted"
Positiv: "Staff was wonderful. Food and cleanliness was good. Pilots communication was accurate and helpful."
Negativ: "We were travelling with an infant. Although we had requested for crib/bassinet we didn’t get one. To add to the anxiety, we noticed that none of the bassinet seats were allocated to parents with infants. There were at least 3 families with infants and lots of children due to school holidays. But we all had to make do with our cramped seats. Maybe Qantas can plan this better. It isn’t so difficult as they usually know how many infants are travelling, in advance."
Positiv: "Friendly, funny and personable staff. Make you feel very welcome."
Negativ: "A couple of the stewards had really strong cologne."
Negativ: "Took forever to disembark from plane"
Positiv: "Das gesamte Flugerlebnis blieb mir in Positiver Erinnerung. Die Crew war hilfsbereit, freundlich und zuvorkommend."
Negativ: "Leider war das Frühstück auf diesem Flug ein wenig dürftig."
Positiv: "Flight was late 30 mins"
Positiv: "I was very surprised that a short domestic flight offered a free drink and dinner service."
Negativ: "My only fault was that they didn’t offer a non meat option on their selection."
Positiv: "Just about everything was perfect. Friendly and most accommodating staff. Very good meals. Nice seats. Also great entertainment selections. This was our first time flying with Qantas Airline. Overall, this was the best flying experience we have had. Oher airline companies should learn from Qantas Airline!"
Negativ: "Nothing!"
Negativ: "They only offered pretzels."
Positiv: "Personality and communication with passengers by Asian-featured cabin crew team member in my area was excellent Movies selection very good"
Negativ: "Quality of food seems to have dropped."
Positiv: "You have a good airline. It was clean and everyone was friendly all communication was good EXCEPT before I got to the airport I forgot my visa and thought all I’d have to do is call Qantas and they’d advise me."
Negativ: "Every time I’d call an 800 number I’d get someone in South Africa who was sooooo unhelpful. I’m sure she had her script but for heavensake all I needed to do was to go online and get a visa. And I saw someone in San Francisco at the ticket counter get a visa and yet I was told I wouldn’t be flying that night as I had forgotten to get a visa. No help at all !! I know I wasn’t the only person that ever got a visa. I was told to call my consulate. Clearly there was a simple way to get a visa and I was so freaked out until I figured it out myself. Made it so unpleasant."
Positiv: "Staff were friendly, boarding was efficient, and in-flight service was unobtrusive."
Negativ: "To be honest, I really wish Qantas would include Bejewelled in their games offerings."
Positiv: "Kind, kept us fed."
Positiv: "Friendly flight attendants"
Negativ: "Leg room is tight in economy"
Positiv: "Economy seats were comfy."
Negativ: "Food was terrible! Literally inedible."
Positiv: "Great flight. Staff very friendly. Good food too!"
Negativ: "N/a"
Positiv: "Entertainment"
Negativ: "Flight being delayed so I missed a meeting"
Positiv: "Clean plane and polite crew"
Negativ: "Left late and food was just average"
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "I was not able to board the plane and was told that I needed to apply for ETA. I did and was not able to do it online. Then I needed to call the embassy about a required visa as a visitor. None of this was presented before. I have not traveled to Australia before, so I had no idea this needed to be done. As of now I am still at home trying to find a solution to this requirement."
Positiv: "Service was good"
Negativ: "Delays are too often"
Positiv: "Great at all."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Positiv: "Boarding was quick and the crew was very pleasant."
Negativ: "I noticed duct tape repairs on the chair in front of me. Also the armrest between my partner and my chair was broken and wouldn't stay up. The food was average. I've noticed a huge decline in food quality from 4 years ago. Also the airline's choice to serve stinky fish on a plane was questionable."
Positiv: "on time friendly team comfy seats"
Negativ: "Coach food is typically not good, but I've had a few coach experiences that were impressive. GOOD is a good rating for their good for coach."
Positiv: "Quick boarding process, good food, and good entertainment selection"
Negativ: "My headphone didn't work properly. The left ea side didn't have any sounds and the right side sometimes scrambles."
Positiv: "The flight attendants we're really fun and the food is great!"
Negativ: "Boarding was delayed and there wasn't a lot of communication about it."
Positiv: "Crew was friendly and lots of entertainment choices on the flight"
Negativ: "I checked the flight prior to going to Auckland airport and all showed on time, by the time we cleared immigration and were in the airport we were notified of a six hour delay due to mechanical issues. I realize these things happen, but earlier notification would have prevented an 8 hour stay in the airport. The seats are pretty close together for a 3.5 hour flight. After hearing a lot of positive comments about Qantas, this was not a great first impression"
Positiv: "Food"
Positiv: "The interior of the seats a very nice. QANTAS blankets and cushions are comfortable. I also like the little drop down net under the seat for you feet to rest in. The QANTAS flight staff are great. I also like that they don't go down the aisle with trolleys a lot (just for the meals) and that they just come around with jug and cup for drinks."
Positiv: "It was on time and very good service."
Positiv: "Good cabin crew"
Negativ: "Late again"
Positiv: "Everything, the crew, the service, the amenities."
Negativ: "Nothing to complain about, it was a great flight."
Positiv: "Qantas Launge"
Negativ: "Nothing"

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