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LuxairErgebnis aus 153 Bewertungen

Flight info on time

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Flight info on time

even with delay upon departure, the crew managed to get us on time to Lux, nice relaxing and generous service.. Classic good quality products. The opening time for the drop off was a bit late.. long queue of passengers waiting already before desk opened.

Everything was very good. Thank you Luxair, you are The Best.


Negativ: "bigger seat"
Negativ: "The crew. Half of them didn't seem to care about the passengers requests. I asked for a glass of water and didn't get it. After 5 minutes I had to ask again to another crew member. I noticed that it happen to other passengers as well."
Positiv: "Every think"
Negativ: "My friends"
Positiv: "the chairs were comfortable and there was enough space for legs."
Negativ: "have vegan options"
Positiv: "One customer services agent in London was at least sympathetic- she tried, but Reservations wasn’t having it!"
Negativ: "Airport staff are, thanks to a policy change, unable to change passengers to other flights, even if there are open seats. The bureaucrats in Reservations have to approve, which they are disinclined to do. I wanted an earlier flight which had space and was told if would be £400 (for a one-way, one hour flight to Luxembourg from London. And that was only IF the almighty Reservations people decided to do it. LuxAir has completely disempowered it’s staff in the airports (the ones who have ALL of the customer contact). I’m going to fly BA from now on."
Positiv: "Almost everything"
Negativ: "Almost nothing"
Positiv: "The comfort. Once the plane was here everything went smooth"
Negativ: "The plane was one hour late"
Positiv: "Exceptionally incompetent customer service!!!"
Positiv: "/"
Negativ: "Drinks: more choices"
Positiv: "/"
Negativ: "The flight (propeller) was very noisy."
Negativ: "Staff that speak English well"
Negativ: "Delayed unloading upon arrival."
Positiv: "Trotz kurzer Flugzeit eine leckere Verpflegung und die Crew sehr freundlich"
Positiv: "Left on time, clean aircraft"
Negativ: "6pm flight but no food service; longish wait for hold luggage to be retrieved before any passengers (luggage or not) could deplane; Luxair has no gates in Luxembourg so every trip involves a bus ride to/from the aircraft."
Positiv: "The crew was nice and helpfull. The food and the drinks were excellent and the pilots did a great job as well. :)"
Positiv: "Left on time"
Negativ: "Prop plane too slow. Jet should take no more than 2 hours. This flight is 3 hrs.."
Negativ: "Delayed and further delayed . Both outbound and inbound!"
Positiv: "Crew pleasant"
Negativ: "Flight left 15 minutes late; return journey cost over €600 euros, later (more convenient) flights were even more costly, so I went hours earlier than I needed to; breakfast was a cold, waxy chocolate croissant; on return journey I had choice of 17.50 or 21.30 - nothing in between. Given that they are charging SOOO much for so little, I am going to try Ryanair. I detest their “charge for everything” approach, but tickets can be 90% cheaper (less than £60 return), and I’m going to be making this trip weekly."
Positiv: "Alles hat super geklappt, aber..."
Negativ: "...aber uns hat überrascht und verunsichert, dass niemals (nicht beim Buchen über Internet, beim Check-in, beim Boarding, etc.) unsere Identität geprüft wurde. Es war zwar ein Schengen-Flug, d.h. keine Identitätsprüfung wg. Landesgrenzen oder Zoll. Aber die Identitätsprüfung (ist der Passagier tatsächlich der, der er vorgibt zu sein) ist u.E. notwendig. Wurde aber offenbar übersehen..."
Negativ: "When a one hour flight is 2 hour’s late, management know there’s going to be a delay. The Luxair app was useless; no staff around; info boards showed a 20-minute delay"
Positiv: "Smooth trip. Good crew"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Crew was wonderful."
Negativ: "Breakfast roll was not fresh"
Positiv: "London City Airport is super convenient to fly from. The flight was on time at both ends, and the plane very clean. The aircraft is small but perfectly formed."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Positiv: "The staff and crew were very nice. The food and drinks were also good."
Positiv: "Flug war pünktlich, sehr aufmerksames Personal, sehr schneller Check-in"
Negativ: "Sehr spärliches Essen"
Positiv: "The flight left on time, to the minute. The crew quickly delivered snacks and water to the passengers, which is impressive for 30 minutes in the air. They were welcoming and efficient, and seemed glad to both see us arrive and happy to with us a safe departure. Luggage arrived at the same time we entered the baggage claim area, probably because of the passenger delay on board the flight for hand baggage to be offloaded."
Negativ: "Boarding took a LONG time, relative to other airlines. The gate agent had to enter each seat assignment into the computer as he checked our boarding passes -- he had no way to scan and automatically record each passenger's arrival. First class passengers universally arrived later than the rest of us -- with one gate agent, economy class passengers frequently stopped and waited until the agent verified the first-class passengers' phone-based boarding passes against their passports and entered their seats into the computer. The flight was rough. We spent 5-8 minutes taxiing from our tarmac "gate" to the air strip -- and it was a very rough, bumpy, uncomfortable ride. The landing was atrocious. The weather was apparently calm, and there were no apparent crosswinds; we landed hard, and both bounced and shook. The aircraft (Bombadier Q400), a turbo-prop, was roomy enough for us -- we're average-height people who aren't very big -- I saw taller people scraping the overhead (ceiling) when they stood in the passageway/aisle. I've ridden in much smoother turbo-props in the past. We had to wait an extra 5 minutes on the ground so that hand-carried luggage could be off-loaded before passengers. We had no "checked" hand-luggage, so it felt like a nonessential delay for us. We aren't terribly upset with Luxair, as this was a "local" commuter flight -- we won't be traveling on this aircraft again if we can help it."
Positiv: "Friendly attentive crew, great service. Very easy to use app for check-in, boarding pass display, seat selection including changing seats. Also worth downloading so you can use the luggage drop-off desk and avoid potential long check-in lines."
Negativ: "Leg-room marginal for taller people although not much different from other airlines. If you are 1m85/6'1" or above just hope the passenger in front of you doesn't want to recline their seat."
Positiv: "cancelled"
Negativ: "cancelled"
Negativ: "They were very professional and friendly! Flight was smooth."
Negativ: "Slightly delayed. Food and entertainment are N/A. Overall, the flight was OK."
Negativ: "As I was sleeping, food and entertainment is N/A. But flight was ok overall. Thanks."
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "1 hour late"
Positiv: "Ease of check in and friendliness of staff and security. Clean and comfortable gate area. Appreciated the sandwich and beverage service."
Negativ: "Seats a little crowded and plane shakes quite bit as we taxi."
Positiv: "Direct flight and convenient"
Negativ: "Above"
Positiv: "Very professional. Have flown this airline several times and never any problems."
Negativ: "delayed"
Positiv: "Just everything. The warm crew, the croissant+drinks, the timing. Looking forward to our next flight. Thanks, Luxair."
Negativ: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Positiv: "Will fly alain n'est month on the some flight."
Positiv: "Organisation, Lux-Airport"
Negativ: "Bus fahren"
Negativ: "I fly Luxair a lot. They pretty much do what it says on the tin: fly you from A to B, on time, almost always with your luggage. But there's no pleasure in it. Boarding is by bus, onto small noisy airplanes. Surly ground staff take away bags at the aircraft steps unless they're very small hand bags. The crew are usually pretty nice, and they do serve drinks and a sandwich"
Positiv: "Hallo,also ich fliege und reise vill und bei der luxair wahr einfach alles gutt,ich hab mich die ganze zeit während des fluges wohl gefühlt"
Negativ: "Also ich ich muss sagen bei der luxair gibt es keine Kritik"
Negativ: "Ayant fait le check in online pour un vol GVA-LUX la veille, l'ordinateur m'avait attribué la place 4A. À lembarquement on mappelle pour me dire quon mavait attribué une autre place, la 18C. Je voyage toujours côté hublot, jamais couloir. lorsque je demandai pourquoi on m'avait changé de place la préposée me dit, sèchement , que l'avion devait être équilibré car tout me monde "était assis à l'avant. Insatisfaite de sa réponse, je lui dit que le systeme m'avait attribué cette place et que je ne voulais pas être à l'arrière de l'appareil . Peut lui importait puisque de toute façon elle me remit mon billet avec le 4A biffé et remplacé par 18C au stylo, en me disant que je pourrais changer de place apres le décollage. Or il sest trouve que ma place initiale, 4A avait simplement ete réatribuée a une autre passager! J'étais furieuse de m'être fait mentir de façon aussi effrontée, car de toute évidence la préposée à l'embarquement savait très bien la vraie raison de cette réaffectation a un nouveau siege. J'organise des concerts et jai souvent à acheter des billets pour des musiciens qui viennent au Luxembourg. Je n'ai franchement plus l'envie , après m'être fait prendre pour une idiote, de les faire voler sur luxair."
Positiv: "Sandwich and drinks on board; nice flight attendants; quick boarding; smooth flight."

Boarding war einfach nur Chaos 😔

Flug hatte Verspätung, nächste Flug verpasst

Thanks for the best service


Leider wurde unser Gepäck vom Mumbai Flug nicht auf den Basel Flug gebracht, so dass wir ohne Gepäck in Basel ankamen. Auch wurde diese Information wohl erst spät nach Basel gebracht,da wir dort ewig auf unser Gepäck gewartet haben bis wir informiert wurden. Das trübt den ansonsten sehr guten Flug.

Wenn man schon genug für den Flug bezahlt kann man auch wenigstens umsonst Unterhaltung haben wie z.B. die Filme. Finde ich etwas unverschämt, dafür zu bezahlen müssen.

Leider hatte die Lufthansa nicht genug Verpflegung an Board. Dies war schon auf dem Hinflug der Fall. Bereits ab Reihe 19 konnten die vegetarischen Speisewünsche nicht mehr bedient werden. Sehr schade bei einem 3,5 Stunden Flug, wenn man das Essen gedanklich eingeplant hat.

Frankfurt - Paris ist der Business Class lohnt sich nicht - es gibt kaum einen Unterschied!

enge Business Class - wenn nicht als Zubringer mitgebucht, unnötig

Kniefreiheit nicht gegeben

Verspätung ca. 1 Stunde

Worst airlines ever !

Positiv: "preiswert"
Negativ: "unkkomfortable C Class"
Positiv: "Flug war püntlich"
Negativ: "teuer"
Negativ: "A snack"
Positiv: "Desinfektionstuch an Board erhalten."
Negativ: "Freundlichkeit einzelner Crew-Mitgliwder."
Positiv: "I had a connection flight which would not be for another 11 hours so I left the airport to get some sleep coming back the same carry-on I have with me now cannot come with me they want me to pay 40euro. In the meantime the flight is 40% empty and plenty of over head and yes is the same size of plane I came in the first place. However the agent was nice after I explain my situation she not charges me."
Negativ: "Same airline coming from one place have different methods it’s a bit confusing."
Positiv: "Very helpful crew. Quick boarding process."
Negativ: "Not much leg room, or space in seats."
Positiv: "Service super, pünktlich und perfekte Landung/Abflug!"
Negativ: "Verspätetes Boarding früher ansagen."
Negativ: "Entertainment was mediocre food was poor and boarding process.can be better and faster."
Positiv: "The seats were very comfortable"
Negativ: "The entertainment"
Positiv: "Crew was amazing."
Negativ: "Seats were very uncomfortable, no air controller and the TV screen with the flight information was right in front of us. Even the flight attendants couldn’t turn it off and it was so bright making it difficult to sleep."
Positiv: "-"
Negativ: "I could not make it for the 1st part of my journey due to personal circumstances. There was no notification from Lufthansa that my return journey would be been cancelled as well. I found out 1 hour before the actual flight. Was offered a replacement ticket for over £900. Bought a new one with BA."
Negativ: "Passenger in next seat was so big that his fst hung over the armrest and he took up 3 to 4 inches of my space. Lufthansa should not let passengers this big fly in economy class. I appreciate my space in economy will be limited but I should be able to use all of my allotted space."
Negativ: "Better organized boarding"
Negativ: "2 Stunden Wartezeit an der Passkontrolle"
Positiv: "Crew war informativ bezogen auf Verspätung. Bremsen in Bremen sehr fragwürdig. Kein Grund in Bremen so stark zu bremsen."
Negativ: "Landung mit Stop übermässig stark gebremst. Bin jahrelang selbst in Bremen gelandet mit viel grösserem Flugzeug. Nie Problem gehabt. Mopedflieger von Cityline brauch so eine Bremsung nicht total unkomfortabel für die Pax"
Positiv: "Gefallen hat mir, dass der Kapitän immer wieder den aktuellen Status zu unserem Aufenthalt in Linz mitgeteilt hat. So war sichergestellt, dass stets die neues Information zur Verfügung stand."
Negativ: "Die Verpflegung, als wir nach Linz umgeleitet wurden. Leider gab es nur Getränke."
Negativ: "MUC >> CPH wurde durch SAS durchgeführt, jegliche Versorgung kostet extra. Nicht was man erwartet, wenn man durch Lufthansa bucht!"
Negativ: "The people sitting beside me was very loud and they didn’t stop talking the whole time."
Negativ: "• Die Zwangsbelüftung verteilte einen ungewohnt starken und eiskalten Wind, und diese Einstellung wurde nicht abgemildert! • Die Freundlichkeit der Stewardess. • Der Klapptisch war einseitig abgebrochen, sodass nichts darauf liegen konnte."
Positiv: "Nice to have breakfast on board"
Negativ: "Arrival was a little tardy"
Positiv: "Grundsätzlich guter Lufthansa Standard"
Negativ: "KEIN WiFi... wir haben 2019, richtig?"
Positiv: "Crew and flight were great. overall excellent experience."
Positiv: "Gute Verpflegung und Betreuung während des Fluges (Getränke)"
Negativ: "Kabinenpersonal hat sich ständig laut privat unterhalten (mein Sitz war direkt vor dem Service-Bereich...)"
Positiv: "Tv screens, free beverages, frequent service"
Negativ: "The single most cramped and uncomfortable flying experience of my life. The chair in front of me recliner lined to 4 inches in front of my nose. Couldn’t move legs or arms for 10 hours because it was so tightly packed. I couldn’t believe it was legal to fit that many people that closely together."
Negativ: "Big and unjustified dekay"
Positiv: "Great staff and food"
Negativ: "Comfort was not great and no entertainment options whatsoever"
Positiv: "Maschine war ganz leer, Crew super nett Frühstück in MUC Lounge gut"
Negativ: "LH typisch keinen Komfort, Internet zum bezahlen, Catering mies"
Negativ: "Die Koffer wurden einfach nicht verladen, da kein Platz mehr war. Und das zu Weihnachten."
Positiv: "Staff were ok, did all they could"
Negativ: "Not enough information especially for people with connecting flights"
Positiv: "Es gab gutes Essen und außerdem mehrfach etwas zu trinken Das Personal war sehr zuvorkommend"
Negativ: "Flug war verspätet"
Positiv: "Boarding ist schnell erfolgt"
Negativ: "- Der Flug war 20min zu spät - Als Verpflegung gab es nur ein crosaint aus der Tüte - der Sitz war so durch gesessen das ich ein Metallgestell im Rücken hatte - Das Flugzeug war schon vom älteren Semester"
Positiv: "Crew tried its best to fulfill the needs of the passengers. Flight was overbooked."
Negativ: "No space at all for all the luggage."
Positiv: "Alles war sehr gut. Besatzung war sehr freundlich und der Flug verlief komplett problemlos und pünktlich."
Negativ: "Natürlich war nicht viel Verpflegung an Bord, aber für einen Kurzstreckenflug und zu diesem Preis ist das auch absolut in Ordnung."
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "The airplane was full, and I suggest Lufthansa use a larger craft for this route."
Negativ: "Von drei Flügen auf der Strecke Bali-FRA war einer von Lufthansa ausgeführt und der einzige verspätete gewesen. Leistung - OK, mehr kann ich nicht sagen."
Positiv: "Angenehmes Personal. Abwicklung wie gewohnt."
Negativ: "Der vorausgehende Flug war verspätet lautes Rauschen in der Kabine offenbar durch Hilfsaggregat."

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