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LNZ — Asien
7. Sep — 14. Sep1
Hin- und Rückflug
1 Erwachsene*r
0 Gepäckstücke
Mi 7.9.
Mi 14.9.

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Top 3 Airlines auf der Strecke Linz – Asien

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
ANAErgebnis aus 4723 Bewertungen
Negativ: "There was an uncontrolled child kicking my travel companions seat and screaming for much of the flight. I’m not sure what United could do but relocating us or the passengers with the screaming child would have made the flight more comfortable."
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Negativ: "There was an uncontrolled child kicking my travel companions seat and screaming for much of the flight. I’m not sure what United could do but relocating us or the passengers with the screaming child would have made the flight more comfortable."
Positiv: "The crew is awesome. They’re so polite and helpful."
Negativ: "I think more options that don’t involve seafood would be good, but I’ll also consider selecting a specific meal in the future."
Positiv: "Well maintained plane, nice staff and over very comfortable."
Negativ: "The wifi worked only 1 hr of the 3 hrs I bought"
Positiv: "Some of your reservations staff in Los Angeles needs to be counseled"
Negativ: "Been more polite especially mike in your mileage program."
Positiv: "Great service!"
Negativ: "More comfortable seats and headphone jacks on the end of the arm rest (I kept knocking mine out when I moved in my seat)."
Negativ: "Excellent"
Positiv: "Crew was amazing, food was filling & plentiful."
Negativ: "Overall no complaints but the landing in Tokyo was a little rough. Pilot seemed to descend quickly which hurt my ears but otherwise, smooth flight."
Positiv: "Crew was very friendly and the service was reasonably good."
Negativ: "Seats were not very comfortable."
Positiv: "The crew was very good. The service was fine."
Negativ: "The food could have been better."
Negativ: "Old Aircraft Interior, could be more comfortable"
Positiv: "I was surprise that even it was a short 2/3 hour ride there was still food being served. A very nice Japanese breakfast. - smaller plane, bus that picked us up and dropped us off in front of the airport. As we were doing a 12 hour layover, all our check in luggage was taken care of and sent to van"
Negativ: "At our first checkin from Korea Ana, seems we have to look at a screen for our luggage just to double check that they made it past customs (never had to do that before) - check in was a bit longer compare to yvr their scanner was much smaller so definitely can’t have big carry on"
Positiv: "Crew was excellent, great Japanese culture on display, overall travel seemed much more relaxed and peaceful compared to the typical US airlines."
Negativ: "More western food options, better selection of tv shows for entertainment"
Positiv: "Staff were friendly. Alcohol beverages are free. Good upsated movie selections."
Positiv: "The cabin staff were extremely caring."
Positiv: "Crew was good. The food was good quality."
Negativ: "Boarding took along time and then the plane was delayed, not their fault but it made the trip less enjoyable. Manila is a poor hub."
Positiv: "The crew was amazing! The food was really great! And the entertainment was fantastic! I would absolutely fly with them again the next time I book a trip."
Positiv: "Loved from the booking on kayak and all the services provided by the airline until landing."
Negativ: "Nothing to mention ....but I did not get the &instead tell me where to get my luggage...I had to find out on my own"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal sehr aufmerksam, 2 Gepäckstücke à 23 kg kostenlos, alkoholfreie Getränke kostenlos, WLAN"
Negativ: "kein Essen, keine individuelle Bordunterhaltung, harte Sitze"
Positiv: "Flug bringt dich auf Kurzstrecke von A nach B. Aber ohne Komfort. Crew sehr freundlich aber außer kostenlosen Getränken (alkoholfrei) gibt kaum etwas. WLAN vorhanden. Für 3 Stunden akzeptabel."
Negativ: "Keine Bordunterhaltung, Essen aus der Bentobox nur gegen Bezahlung. Sitze sehr hart und geringe Sitzfläche/Sitzabstand."
Positiv: "gutes essen"
Negativ: "zu wenig wasser etwas kleiner bildschirm"
Negativ: "The food wasn’t very good and the quantity of the snack meager. Worse, the crew refused to give a second roll to our 12 year old even which means that either they only have one for each passenger (and every passenger had theirs) or the crew are parsimonious."
Positiv: "Food and entertainment has to be better."
Negativ: "In Chicago, the flight was delayed for almost 4 hours which in turn made us miss our connecting flight to Jakarta. Then next flight available flight to Jakarta was 24 hours later."
Positiv: "Had the katsudon and it was great, love the little tapas dishes they include with it."
Negativ: "Would have loved to get a hot towel and slippers. 787 got quite cold when sitting in the middle section. Didn’t seem to have any way to control it."
Positiv: "Friendly & helpful stewardesses, watched new release movies, good meals, overall a smooth ride."
Negativ: "Quite a few passengers with young children crying throughout the trip but I can sympathize trying to keep them occupied on such a long flight."
Positiv: "The food was great. There was a good selection of shows and movies. The stewardesses came around with water and juice often which was really nice. The bathrooms were clean."
Negativ: "The decent into Japan was pretty steep. It made me feel a bit sick and I never get motion sickness. Hardest decent I've ever had and I travel every 2 years. The ascent was excellent though and the flight in general was perfect."
Positiv: "Das Personal war sehr höflich und aufmerksam. Pünktliche Abwicklung. Neues Flugzeug (Boeing 787 Dreamliner). premium Eco hat echten Mehrwert (breite Sitze mit Beinauflagen, Champagner)"
Negativ: "Relativ viele Durchsagen"
Positiv: "Service and crew were good, very kind and accommodating!"
Negativ: "The layover at Narita airport was rather short to do some duty free shopping to bring home to U.S."
Positiv: "I had a headache and I asked for getting aspirin to one flight attendant. Later on, I found out that many attendants were aware of my situation and kindly checked-in regularly if I was OK. Excellent hospitality no matter what kind of class your seat was!"
Positiv: "Service"
Positiv: "Food and service was excellent."
Negativ: "Seats in economy were narrower than other airlines."
Positiv: "Good communication, food and services"
Negativ: "None"
Positiv: "Clean, friendly and the 787 Dreamliner was great, be sleep with 2 different families little ones keeping me awake."
Positiv: "Food was served with metal utensils."
Positiv: "The ANA crew were very sweet and accommodating"
Negativ: "Very unhappy over the first leg. Nothing indicated it was a United Airline flight to be boarded at United Airline terminal in LAX. Seat selected at time of booking was not honored since selection has to be done on United Air's web site. Did not get the meal I ordered for the same reason. Very short time to get from arrival gate to the connecting gate at Haneda."
Positiv: "Seat was good and slept like a baby"
Negativ: "Nothing really, slept the whole way"
Positiv: "Almost everything was good"
Negativ: "Check in was complicated."
Positiv: "Ana crew always excelant This round was a little less sweet n outgoing than in used to. But still did there job well."
Negativ: "Food as with crew as well as movie selection Yoon seemed a touch below the high standards in used to."
Positiv: "Flight was very good - enjoyed meal and entertainment"
Negativ: "Should make it clear to passengers ahead of time that flight departs from international terminal (terminal 1) at Shanghai airport (and also that flight is NOT out of Pudong airport, although we were aware of the latter fact ahead of time)."
Positiv: "The food was really good, service was great, and nothing to complain about"
Negativ: "I don't have any complaints"
Positiv: "Seat"
Negativ: "Food was a bit salty. Bread was so cold."
Negativ: "I did not like the delay of the plane which, instead of taking of at 10pm took off at 7h45 am."
Positiv: "I liked the Service and all. Airline offered me a wheel chair since it was on a record from last flight. They escort me to the plane.and plane to my daughter at the other end."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "The crew"
Negativ: "No food available only drinks"
Positiv: "Cabin crews are efficient and very polite. Film selection is fine."
Negativ: "Food is boring. I always find myself hungry after flight, as I couldn't find much to eat so left a lot. Maybe I should bring my own food from next time..."
Positiv: "Staff are very attentive and helpful; the entertainment system is top class"
Negativ: "On boarding, the markers for "business" and "diamond" class are only distinguished by a (low) signpost at the head of the queue. If you're further back or not so tall s difficult to see which queue is correct... quite a few people (not me fortunately!) got turned away because they don't know ANA's boarding system. Also a problem with boarding at HND where the overhead monitors show BIz but not First/Diamond. As some other reviews pointed out, BBC news just didn't work. CNN worked intermittently."
Positiv: "Delightful service, comfortable seats, delicious food... what a treat! It was a pleasure to fly ANA and I look forward to doing so again."
Positiv: "everything was so smooth!!"
Negativ: "entertainment : wish there were more japanese comedies!!"
Negativ: "Not enough English movies/tv shows"
Positiv: "The plane was new and the seats recline quite a bit. The movie selection was solid (though disorganized)."
Negativ: "The food service was a plastic bag of goodies (bag of chips, water bottle, toblerone, kit kat, pastry) - what?! The turbulence announcement was made once in english and japanese by the auto-plane service followed by the crew announcing it again in both English and Japanese. The same was done with the duty free. The plane pressure also felt very strong and cause discomfort for the wife. The movie selection was solid (but badly organized) and the TV show selection wasn't terrible. It should all be better. Come on ANA! Contact me for recommendations."
Positiv: "ANA service is always great. Always my first choice."
Negativ: "The 777-200 on this route is getting a little old. It would be nice to have one of their newer 787 planes instead. And there is no Premium Economy option."

Boarding war Chaos

Boarding war einfach nur Chaos 😔

The online check-in experience was terrible. I tried over and over but only got confusing error messages and finally had to use the kiosk at the airport. Everything else was quite nice.

We’ll I missed my connecting flight because they were late and that means I missed my carpool ride at the airport I would have flown Into now I have to arrive at midnight and pay for a taxi not happy

improve services on board

Auf die Frage in der Business Class, ob es ein bisschen wärmer gemacht werden könnte, da es von unten kalt zieht, nur die lapidare Antwort, das käme wahrscheinlich von der Aussentür und die Temperatur wurde nicht höher gestellt. Also ein Flugzeug, wo es durch die Tür zieht. Na, ja, schlimmer geht's eigentlich kaum noch.

Für einen Linienflug ok. Hygiene voll in Ordnung. Alles in Allem schon ganz gut.

Kniefreiheit nicht gegeben

Positiv: "Crew war sehr nett und die Sitze ok."
Negativ: "Formulare für Einreise wurden nicht geladen und mussten in der Warteschlage im Stehen ausgefüllt werden"
Positiv: "nicht angetreten"
Negativ: "verfallen lassen - nach Köln war es billiger als nach FRA"
Positiv: "Flug war püntlich"
Negativ: "teuer"
Positiv: "Upgrade von Premium auf C"
Negativ: "alles prima"
Negativ: "SARS-CoV-2 und Abstandsgebot gibt es für LH nicht!? Biz mit nur 1 PAX bis Row 6, Eco bis Row 10 alle Reihen unbesetzt (Trimmung). Dahinter die Rows dicht besetzt, teilweise 2x2 im ohnehin schon eng bestuhlten CRJ. Bei Ankunft Busposition mit nur 1 Bus (Abstand im Bus??)."
Negativ: "Wie kann man in Zeiten von "Corona" das Flugzeug komplett voll belegen und dann mit "Vertrauen" und "We care for your health" werben? So bekommt man verlorene Kunden bestimmt nicht dazu, wieder öfters zu fliegen... :-("
Positiv: "Service super, pünktlich und perfekte Landung/Abflug!"
Positiv: "Die Crew beim Boarding wie immer akkurat und freundlich. Leider gab es in der Eco nur ein Glas Wasser, was diesmal aber nicht kundgetan wurde (oder ich habe geschlafen und hab das nicht gehört). Danach war aber auch keine Motivation mehr vorhanden die ausgegeben Plastikbecher anzusammeln. Man sollte die einfach im Netz des Vordersitzes reinstecken. Naja ...."
Negativ: "Rückflug war 4h Verspätet und WiFi an Board war dann auch noch defekt."
Positiv: "Crew was very attentive and professional."
Negativ: ". The economy seats on the Lufthansa A350 were extremely uncomfortable and seemed excessively narrow as well has having cramped legroom. I could not get comfortable let alone sleep, and my backside felt like I had been sitting on a park bench rather than a long haul coach airline seat."
Positiv: "Ruhiger Flug - in time"
Negativ: "Zu früh :-)"
Positiv: "Food was absolutely terrible. Worst airline food of any trip I‘ve taken. Service was sparse. One beverage for the entire flight"
Positiv: "stewardessen"
Negativ: "das Pathos"
Negativ: "The multiple gate changes & technical delay caused us to miss our connection to Boston"
Negativ: "2 Stunden Wartezeit an der Passkontrolle"
Positiv: "Not and horrible waited for 10hour before we board the last journey"
Negativ: "Is horrible will not use kayak again we want to change the flight we were told not changeable"
Positiv: "Crew war informativ bezogen auf Verspätung. Bremsen in Bremen sehr fragwürdig. Kein Grund in Bremen so stark zu bremsen."
Negativ: "Landung mit Stop übermässig stark gebremst. Bin jahrelang selbst in Bremen gelandet mit viel grösserem Flugzeug. Nie Problem gehabt. Mopedflieger von Cityline brauch so eine Bremsung nicht total unkomfortabel für die Pax"
Positiv: "Gefallen hat mir, dass der Kapitän immer wieder den aktuellen Status zu unserem Aufenthalt in Linz mitgeteilt hat. So war sichergestellt, dass stets die neues Information zur Verfügung stand."
Negativ: "Die Verpflegung, als wir nach Linz umgeleitet wurden. Leider gab es nur Getränke."
Negativ: "The in-flight snack - choice of two disappointing sandwiches."
Positiv: "Pilotin war eine Katastrophe. Flug ungleichmäßig und die Landung total schlecht. Das. hintere Teil ist aufgeschlagen."
Negativ: "Landung und Flug"
Positiv: "Checkin, besonders am Flughafen München mit eigenem Außenterminal für die Business Class."
Negativ: "Das Essen auf dem Flug war eine Zumutung. Stewardessen, die einen dauernd anstoßen auf dem Gang sind auch nicht unbedingt das, was sein muss."
Positiv: "The crew was nice."
Negativ: "The infotainment system could have been better. My system was not working for the first 3 hours and the sound went out after 2 hours of use. Also my blanket was not clean."
Positiv: "The flight was on time."
Negativ: "One of the flight attendance made hand gestures indicating eating when I asked him to repeat the dinner choices. That was very rude."
Negativ: "Alles ok"
Positiv: "guter Lufthansa Standard"
Negativ: "KEIN WiFi... 2019... really?"
Positiv: "Grundsätzlich guter Lufthansa Standard"
Negativ: "KEIN WiFi... wir haben 2019, richtig?"
Positiv: "snacks and entertainment"
Negativ: "Food was OK, could have been better."
Positiv: "Gute Verpflegung und Betreuung während des Fluges (Getränke)"
Negativ: "Kabinenpersonal hat sich ständig laut privat unterhalten (mein Sitz war direkt vor dem Service-Bereich...)"
Negativ: "Mehr als 2h Verspätung"
Positiv: "Der Flug war pünktlich und wir hatten Essen und Trinken an Bord."
Negativ: "Es war etwas kalt an Bord und das Flugzeug ziemlich alt und laut."
Negativ: "Unpünktlich, Frankfurt mega unfreundlich Security Check!!!"
Positiv: "Nichts"
Negativ: "Verspätung, schlechte Abfertigung."
Negativ: "Few toilets for two sections and seats too close, if it is not uptight the seat in front of you. You can not enjoy and watch movies."
Positiv: "Crew tried its best to fulfill the needs of the passengers. Flight was overbooked."
Negativ: "No space at all for all the luggage."
Negativ: "Flieger startete zu spät und kam mit noch mehr Verspätung in Frankfurt an. dort wurde keine Treppe ans Flugzeug geschoben. Dann mussten alle in den Bus steigen. Viele versäumte Anschlussflüge, Menscheb sehr unglücklich. System Versagen von Lufthansa und Fraport zusammen"
Negativ: "Delayed boarding for no apparent reason. The plane was sitting on the tarmac for at least 2 hours before scheduled boarding."
Positiv: "the fact that the departure was delayed due to a late connection flight from Pisa."
Negativ: "the extra fees for the tickets of our pets because the reservation was not made on line when that was impossible for us to do when we purchased our tickets, nor when we received the notice on the 31st of August because our computer was already packed in the suit case and didn't see it until September 2nd."
Positiv: "Nachdem der Personalveranwortliche an Bord die Überforderung der einen Flugbegleitung festgestellt hat, ist er sofort mit eingesprungen und es wurde alles besser, schneller, freundlicher und entspannter erledigt."
Negativ: "Im Gegensatz zu meinen bisherigen Flügen mit der Lufthansa in der Business Class war diesmal eine Flugbegleitung für 12 Passagiere alleine zuständig, was bei zwei Kleinkindern und einem "anspruchsvollen" Passagier bereits zu einer ansatzweisen Überforderung geführt hat (Essen und Getränke wurden äußerst zeitverzögert gebracht, Schwimmweste und Anschnallgurt für Kleinkind wurde in zwei Gängen gebracht und der Gurt erst kurz vor der Startbahn der Mutter übergeben. Eine Whiskey Sorte war nur für ein Glas vorhanden und war bei einem rund neunstündigen Flug binnen 15 Minuten vergeben. Äußerst ärgerlich, wenn die gebotenen Alternativen keine sind."
Negativ: "Von drei Flügen auf der Strecke Bali-FRA war einer von Lufthansa ausgeführt und der einzige verspätete gewesen. Leistung - OK, mehr kann ich nicht sagen."
Positiv: "I'm 86 years old. They took me in a wheel chair past security and allowed me to preboard. The staff is very helful."
Positiv: "Toller Service, gute Käseschnitte mit Warsteiner. Was will man mehr?"

+ Es war ein angenehmer Flug trotz Verspätung. - Die Toiletten waren gehen Ende des Fluges absolut ekelerregend aufgrund von Unfähigkeit mancher Fluggäste anständig auf die Toilette zu gehen.

Positiv: "Die meisten Crew Mitglieder waren nett"
Negativ: "2-4-2 Sitzreihen"
Positiv: "The flight was okay."
Negativ: "- I had to pay extra for lunch and (alcoholic) drinks. - The pasta was overpriced and tasted like nothing - At the destination we had to wait for 35mins in the plane, before we could get out."
Positiv: "Guter Service"
Negativ: "Pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "fragte man sich leider auf diesem Flug. Keine Monitore mit den Infos zum Flug (wo sind wir, wie lange dauert es noch, etc...) Kannte ich so noch nicht. Bordpersonal war sagen wir mal nicht unfreundlich, mehr aber auch nicht. Höflich, zuvorkommend und aufmerksam ist anders. Der Flug ging von Berlin. Es lag also auf der Hand, dass sehr viele Fluggäste deutsch als ihre Muttersprache haben. Das störte die Flugbegleiterin aber nicht. Sie sprach ein so schnelles und undeutliches Englisch, dass sie nicht bis gar nicht zu verstehen war."
Positiv: "Alles gut, wie erwartet. Cool, dass Internet im Angebot war."
Negativ: "Klar, die Flieger werden immer enger... aber für die Umwelt ist es schon besser, wenn dafür weniger Flieger starten also beklage ich mich auch nicht so sehr drüber. Am Besten wäre es, wenn es mehr Züge gäbe für solche kurze Strecken."
Positiv: "The movie selection was very good."
Negativ: "The seat was kind of tight."
Negativ: "Didn't have a whole lot of movie options relative to other airlines Food was basic but ok Zone boarding was not a good idea"
Positiv: "Love it"
Negativ: "Nothing to report."
Positiv: "I liked the selection of movies and entertainment. I had brought a book, podcasts, and games, but I ended up just watching movies."
Negativ: "The seats recline so far that the headrest screen ended up way too close to comfortably watch movies or effectively use the tray. The people in front of my wife and I kept their seats fully reclined, even during the meals, and it was very uncomfortable. One of the meals had a pepper sauce that had such a strong smell that I was nauseous until the end of the flight. While the chicken meal I ate was fine, there wasn't much chicken at all."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Loved how the ride was dead so I was able to get a whole row to myself and stretch out. Food was excellent! Flight attendants were very nice!"
Negativ: "Crazy uncomfortable seats, esp for such a long flight. I’m 5,7 and my knees were jammed into the seat in front of me for the whole flight. Spent 45 minutes trying to land because of weather was very inconvenient. Other than the free dinner/breakfast we were never given the option to buy food."
Positiv: "Food was pretty good."
Negativ: "Taller so hard to get comfortable."
Positiv: "Friendly crew"
Negativ: "Cramped seats"
Positiv: "Das Boarding und die Durchführung waren super. Das Personal sprach Französisch. Nicht alles wurde auf Englisch wiederholt. Getränke wurden NUR EIN MAL angeboten. Essen hat Geld gekostet - nicht gut. United Airlines hat zwar auch essen Gegen Geld angeboten, aber hat mindestens 3 Mal von sich auch Getränke angeboten. Also von sich aus."
Negativ: "Kaum Beinfreiheit. Essen nur gehen Geld."
Positiv: "The attendants were friendly. The air conditioning was on point. Good music. I listened to the new slowdive for the whole flight."
Negativ: "There wasn't anything I remember not liking. It was great."
Positiv: "Major kudos to the flight attendants on our flight! They really helped is by provinding plant based food despite not pre-ordering it. GreAt job!"
Positiv: "Brand new aircraft"
Negativ: "Not gourmet not even fast food. A lot of area for improvement."
Positiv: "Nice plane, solid food."
Negativ: "Waaaay too hot."
Negativ: "While booking the tickets I was told that my luggage will be checked in till my final destination but I had to collect them at Narita airport. I had to cancel my plans of sight seeing at Tokyo downtown due to this."
Positiv: "Crew was great"
Negativ: "Seats were to close together"
Positiv: "I was concerned the length of travel. The flight and staff were very enjoyable. The meals were tasty. Will definitely book again."
Negativ: "Food was terrible Flight was not full and I tried to get bettuer seating but I was told there is none available. Then after boarding they had someone else with the same seat number. Very strange"
Positiv: "The flight attendants were very professional and accommodating."
Negativ: "Our flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours at Narita and then again in Toronto for another 2 hours. Plus my family and I were tired from the 11 1/2 hour flight and when we get to check in the attendants were very rude, almost like it was a bother to them when we asked for help, it was probably because I interrupted their conversation. Every airports kiosks are different and that was our first time going through there so we just wanted to make sure that we did it right. Then when we get to the gate where we're suppose to leave out from, I asl the attendant there who I can talk to about forgotten bag on board. She then goes to tell me that I need to call the 800 #, Abd I said but I'm here at the airport can't they just bring it to this gate and she then got an attitude and said that they couldn't do that and I would just have to go to the lost and found which was downstairs. I was on the line with lost and found before I went to ask her any questions, and I mentioned to her that I had been on hold for 30 minutes, and she said they weren't going to answer. So I then asked hire am I suppose to get my bag then? She repeated about calling the 800 #, and at this time a lady runs up the counter thinking that she missed her flight. She shows the attendant her phone and is hysterical thinking that she missed her flight and the flight attendant told her just go sit down it's not here yet you didn't miss it. The customer then starts yelling in another language and the flight attendant just tells your just go sit down calm down and go sit down. She's doing all of this while I'm standing there she pulls out her phone and then told her co-worker I should put her on YouTube the way they do us. All the while I'm standing there because I still have more questions and she just ignored me like I wasn't even standing there. I more than likely will never fly this airline again, I'm paying for their services and to get treated like this, no thanks!!"
Positiv: "Overall air cabin crew service was great. Food was average. Seat was comfortable. Entertainment was great!"
Negativ: "My elbow keeps pressing on the light button on the remote on the right arm rest which was slightly irritating. But nothing major"
Positiv: "On time departure Food was good"
Negativ: "Flight attendant should be friendlier"
Positiv: "Dieser kurze Flug verlief schnell und komfortabel. Es gab Internetzugang am Board, der gut funktionierte."
Positiv: "The seats were unbelievably squishy. And the crew was quite rough."
Positiv: "der sessel ist wie ein altes economy-sessel, das essen ist schöner angerichtet, und es gibt mehr platz"
Negativ: "leider ist die standard-economy-klasse viel enger geworden"
Positiv: "On time"
Negativ: "Food not so good and far in between"
Positiv: "Nicely managed and well served."
Negativ: "None. The food and entertainment were rated 3 stars as there wasn't any for this flight."
Positiv: "they had many movies. I enjoyed watching two of them."
Negativ: "Food was just okay."
Positiv: "I liked that I was switched to Japan airlines. Things went smoother from there"
Negativ: "Didn't get to fly the day I was supposed to"
Positiv: "Seat number was displayed on the monitor of the sheet."
Negativ: "Japanese movies, TV was small."
Positiv: "Great airplane service, people and amenities"
Positiv: "Food and crew were awesome, very attentive to details."
Negativ: "Got delayed for almost two hours so rush hour in Japan was my welcome party and it was horrible, when you are on a tight schedule two hours is two much, lost my flight connection to Hiroshima, had to go on bullet train which added 4 more hours instead of 1:25 on a plane."
Positiv: "NIL"
Negativ: "Missed it due to our first flight being delayed- ended up with ANA air. SCORE!"
Positiv: "Fairly quick! Staff were really nice and helpful."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed one hour. Very uncomfortable seating arrangements for a long-distance flight."
Positiv: "I appreciated the timing of when they fed us. It was almost like they read my mind each time I thought... Hmm I'm getting hungry. The movie/tv selection was excellent."
Negativ: "I felt cramp, which it's economy class so of course. But in the back there were tons of open rows and I wish they had spread us out."
Positiv: "I had never flown before the day I flew with Air Canada, and the flight I had with them was an international flight to boot- about 13 hours. I was very comfortable in my seat, and caught a fair amount of sleep on the plane. The food was pretty good for "airplane food" reputation, and Air Canada's in flight entertainment is abundant."
Positiv: "Although I had to walk quite a way to get to my seat, once I got there, I had a very comfortable and enjoyable flight. The food was good, the bathrooms were close and easy to get to, the crew were friendly and helpful."
Negativ: "I wish there were more wholesome movies or audio books to choose from."
Negativ: "Not a single flight during my entire trip, including flying back home, departed on time."
Positiv: "Dreamliner was airy and pleasant. Large screens. Electric outlets"
Negativ: "Need more E books and audio podcasts."
Positiv: "Decent movie and game selections."
Negativ: "The flight attendants seemed unhappy, sassy and got frustrated easily."
Negativ: "Small seat, cold food, main dish was not good, poor selection of movies"
Positiv: "Not much. Maybe the boarding is not bad and the flight is on time"
Negativ: "The crew is rude and unprofessional. Really low efficient and the seats are uncomfortable. Too tide for a 14 hours flight"
Positiv: "Awful"
Negativ: "They stole some of my property of my checked bag. Bunch of thieves. Arrogant people like Sue from Vancouver. She is also nasty ugly."
Negativ: "We waited nearly two hours AFTER WE BOARDED THE PLANE for a flat tire to be changed, or so we were told. In typical airline fashion, we were told several times that the delay would probably take about 15 minutes, turning into nearly 2 hours. In combination with the change I described above and the 9.5 hour flight to Tokyo, we were completely done in for 2-3 days after we got to Tokyo."
Positiv: "It was better fright than expected. We didn't enough time to enjoy Canada airport . We made a onetime fright but took long wait at customs."

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38:15 Std.LNZ-DPS
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20:45 Std.DPS-LNZ
€ 839
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24:40 Std.LNZ-HKT
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€ 932
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15:15 Std.LNZ-MLE
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16:20 Std.MLE-LNZ
€ 942
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15:15 Std.LNZ-MLE
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15:00 Std.MLE-LNZ
€ 949
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24:05 Std.LNZ-BKK
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21:55 Std.BKK-LNZ
€ 961
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22:45 Std.LNZ-HKT
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25:50 Std.HKT-LNZ
€ 966
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19:45 Std.LNZ-ICN
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
25:50 Std.ICN-LNZ
€ 975
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
24:05 Std.LNZ-BKK
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
28:00 Std.BKK-LNZ
€ 980
1 StoppANA
20:05 Std.LNZ-HND
1 StoppANA
18:45 Std.HND-LNZ
€ 1 103
1 StoppLufthansa
16:30 Std.LNZ-HND
1 StoppLufthansa
17:10 Std.HND-LNZ
€ 1 127
1 StoppLufthansa
17:40 Std.LNZ-HND
2 StoppsLufthansa
28:45 Std.HND-LNZ
€ 1 149
2 StoppsLufthansa
27:15 Std.LNZ-BKK
2 StoppsLufthansa
25:40 Std.BKK-LNZ
€ 1 155
1 StoppLufthansa
20:05 Std.LNZ-HND
1 StoppLufthansa
21:00 Std.HND-LNZ
€ 1 163
1 StoppLufthansa
16:30 Std.LNZ-HND
2 StoppsLufthansa
25:55 Std.HND-LNZ
€ 1 201
2 StoppsLufthansa
18:20 Std.LNZ-HND
2 StoppsLufthansa
27:15 Std.HND-LNZ
€ 1 220
1 StoppLufthansa
17:00 Std.LNZ-ICN
1 StoppLufthansa
17:30 Std.ICN-LNZ
€ 1 299
2 StoppsANA
37:30 Std.LNZ-GMP
2 StoppsANA
51:35 Std.GMP-LNZ
€ 2 259

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€ 577
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38:00 Std.LNZ-BKK
€ 636
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17:00 Std.LNZ-BKK
€ 745
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26:50 Std.LNZ-DPS
€ 849
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43:50 Std.LNZ-DPS
€ 906
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€ 908
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26:50 Std.LNZ-DPS
€ 1 092

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Linz - Asien

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Asien - Linz

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€ 710

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€ 981
€ 1 795
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€ 988
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€ 827
€ 947
€ 949
€ 1 559
€ 1 089
€ 901
€ 844
€ 975
€ 827
€ 2 833
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