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Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Lufthansa CityLineErgebnis aus 2490 Bewertungen
Positiv: "Leg room"
Mehr zu Lufthansa CityLine
Positiv: "Leg room"
Negativ: "I did not encounter any negative events"
Negativ: "Everything could be improved. My hand luggage which I checked in came with top ripped. The movies are old. the system is all out dated."
Positiv: "This Eurowings sucks! Terrible. Cheap andvweird!"
Negativ: "No EUROwings for those that book Lufthansa. Like booking a BMW and getting an Oldsmobile!"
Negativ: "Nicht mal Wasser"
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "More comfortable and spacious seat"
Positiv: "Tolles Frühstück, trotz des sehr kurzen Flugs. Gute Sitze."
Negativ: "Das Boarding lief stockend. Wir mussten in FRA in einen Bus einsteigen, aber dann mussten wir bei geöffneten Bus-Türen (bei Außentemperaturen um den Gefrierpunkt) eine halbe Stunde warten, weil es ein technisches Problem mit dem Auftanken des Flugzeugs gab. In der Business-Class gibt es vorne eine 2+2-Sitzanordnung, wobei jeweils ein Sitz durch eine Auflage blockiert ist, so dass links und rechts immer nur ein Passagier sitzen kann. Die Auflage ist vermutlich als Tischchen gedacht, sie ist aber so schräg, dass man darauf keine Getränke abstellen kann. Ein weiterer Nachteil ist, dass man als Paar nicht nebeneinander sitzen kann."
Negativ: "Katastrophe am Gate. Flug von Zagreb nach München hatte 20 Minuten Verspätung, im Flugzeug wurde angekündigt, das man wahrscheinlich die Anschlussflüge erreicht. Daher durchs ganze Terminal gerannt und verschwitzt angekommen... Maschine weg! Umbuchung erst 3h später möglich"
Positiv: "The food is great!"
Negativ: "The boarding procedure is ridiculously long and is always delayed. For short connection flights this can be bad. Lufthansa come on, up your game a little bit more!!!!"
Positiv: "Everything was fine"
Negativ: "Landing a little rough"
Positiv: "Clean airplane , good food , space"
Negativ: "N/A"
Negativ: "lack of ventilation above the heads"
Positiv: "the only thing I liked was the service on board."
Negativ: "the fact that in Pisa Airport the personnel was very confused about the fees for our two small pets and we were shifted from one place to another as there was a malfunction with the wi fi. The fees were doubled because we were told that we didn't make the reservation on line and we couldn't do that because our computer was already packed when we received the notice on line. The departure was so late that an hour later when I decided to get some drinks and food at the bar, while I was paying for it, I hears our names being called and asked to embark immediately, therefore I had to leave the order at the bar to rush to the hate."
Positiv: "Everything was great - The flight experience, the attendands, the food, the entertainment ... Not a single downside. Truly satisfying trip."
Negativ: "Nothing. Many airlines should follow Lufthansa's example"
Positiv: "Smooth and friendly check-in in Lviv airport"
Negativ: "When we arrived to Munich, my 4 y.o. child and I didn't get any assistance walking down with the carry on luggage by shaky stairs out of the plane. Moreover, there were no sight of my daughter's stroller submitted for aircraft delivery. I had to run with the child by the plane and ask all kind of people about our stroller. Finally, one of the airport workers agreed to look for it again and found it still in the plane. All the passengers by that time were already placed to the bus, and the crew members didn't pay any attention to my worries and totally unsafe situation for the child on the field with all of the vehicles around."
Positiv: "The fact that the plane was a 747-400. Also, the plane was clean and pleasant to the eye."
Negativ: "Being Italian, I found the food un-appealing. My companion, who s American, did not like it either. Also we had to wait over 2 hrs. before we were able to retrieve our luggage due to a storm. I find it quite strange that, being in the year 2018, something like this should happen."
Positiv: "Board crew war freundlich, Pilot gab immer Durchsagen"
Negativ: "90 min Verspätung, bin dadurch auch spät zum Geburtstagsfest angekommen. Reisezeit insg. war nicht mehr vorteilhaft."
Negativ: "They cancelled our flight"
Positiv: "Entertainment is great. Great selection of shows and music"
Negativ: "The Frankfurt airport is an embarrassment to Germany. Taking buses to your plane, going up and down stairs to depart or board a plane is archaic. Therefore most Lufthansa flights in and out of this main hub are delayed. There should be some rule that meals will not be served to customers who have their seat reclined. The poor person behind them has no comfortable way to eat."
Positiv: "Not crammed. On time."
Negativ: "Could not change my food selection on the web site. Website sucks need better go"
Negativ: "Wish they would have checked my bag all the way to my final destination. Alaska rescheduled my last leg because the connection was too tight."
Positiv: "Lots of empty seats in back of plane so I took 3 and stretched out to sleep. Friendly fun relaxed crew. Clean aircraft. No lines for toilets."
Negativ: "Seat to close"
Positiv: "flight was delayed and i missed my connecting flight, staffing on service desk was insufficient for amount of passengers in need to be rebooked, food and entertainment was really good, seats and legroom are really tight and a nightmare for a long flight, crew was very good"
Negativ: "Gave bad instructions on where to pick up gate-checked stroller. Wound up with a cranky toddler in a long customs line, and nowhere to put her."
Positiv: "The call made to Lufthansa airline was good--the receptionist was kind and nice. although they can not help me since the ticket was purchased through KAYAK (hence regarded as booked through travel agency)"
Negativ: "The flight route was different from IND to PSA. the return part involved with transferring through Toronto which require me to apply for eTA. But i was not aware of this. Hence I was rejected even to be checked-in at PSA airport. The travel agency should have informed me when they provide transfer through a country that require an eTA. When flyus company was contacted for changing of flights, they were not helpful at all. after over an hour wait, they could not do anything but to tell me my ticket was invalid anymore due to no show...i was at the airport! So i have buy a new ticket to fly back at the last moment. Flyus sucks really bad!"
Positiv: "They gave me, as I had requested, gluten free meal and snacks"
Positiv: "Second flight was re-routed to Turin because of weather and received prompt and appropriate solution on buses."
Negativ: "Very limited leg room."
Positiv: "Alles wie gewohnt - Nichts besonderes"
Negativ: "Der Flug war 90 Mnuten verspätet!!! Gibt es noch Flüge in Deutschland, die auch zur angegebenen Zeit starten?"
Negativ: "Over an hour late boarding-then sat on plane for over an hour before pushing back--little information provided. Got skipped for drinks, our row and the one next to us--pushed the call button and it took over ten minutes to get a response--then the steward brought tea instead of coffee--its just the little things that add up"
Positiv: "Breakfast was good. Crew friendly and helpful"
Positiv: "Der Check-in, sowie das Boarding lief problemlos, schnell und einwandfrei. Die Besatzung war überaus freundlich und pünktlich war der FLug auch! Kann ein Urlaub besser starten?"
Negativ: "Ich sehe keine negativen Eigenschaften von diesem Flug!"
Positiv: "I got there"
Negativ: "First flight cancelled without explanation"
Positiv: "very friendly and professional staff. a decent lufthansa flight"
Negativ: "european sh means blocked middle seat only. but food was nice"
Positiv: "food"
Positiv: "NOTHING"
Positiv: "Short flight, courteous flight attendants"
Negativ: "Sandwich was dry and bland"
Positiv: "everything"
Positiv: ". Was soll man da schreiben, geht schnell, macht Spaß"
Negativ: "Wir sind zu früh angekommen, trotz leichter Verspätung."
Positiv: "I liked everything, planes were great, Bombardier from krakow, and Airbus from Munich, the crew was super nice, the screen touch system and the movie selection, boarding process, everything on time, in one word: wunderbar! :) Thank you, Marcin Kaliski"
Negativ: "None."
Positiv: "Der Sitz am Notausgang hat viel Beinfreiheit geboten, zudem, war die Crew sehr gut gelaunt und dementsprechend war der Service gut, man konnte sogar 3 Getränke und 2 Snacks bestellen. Auch das Personal von Aviapartner in Schiphol war sehr gut gelaunt und machte den Flug sehr angenehm."
Negativ: "Hätte ich keinen Vielfliegerstatus, hätte ich 30 Minuten vor der Sicherheitskontrolle warten müssen. Dafür kann die LH aber wenig, da das am Schiphol liegt."
Negativ: "Several hours prior to my trip from Philadelphia to Rome, via Frankfurt, I received an e-mail saying my flight was cancelled. I called and a Lufthansa representative said there was an available seat on an American flight leaving several hours later. But, I had to call American and then book my flight on-line. Lufthansa did transfer my money to American, but I had to pay an additional $30 something. I had paid for extra legroom and for a diabetic meal, but due to the last minute change, American was not able to accommodate my requests. I was scheduled to fly out of Florence with a layover in Frankfurt, then on to Philadelphia. I left my hotel at 2:30 am to get to the airport, only to find out my flights had been cancelled and I was rebooked for a flight several hours later on Air France. I then went to Paris and then switched planes and landed in DC. I missed my connecting flight on United because of the time to get my luggage and then re-check the bag, plus go tot he counter to get my ticket. The next flight was hours later. As a result, I didn't home till early the next day. I also did not have a diabetic meal and I had no leg room that I had paid Lufthansa for. Lufthansa did refund my $100+ for the extra legroom for my flight to Italy, but as of a week later, they have not refunded my $100+ for the return flight. Due to this fiasco, I will never book on Lufthansa again! Also, I think friends and family will re-think their options when booking flights and not consider Lufthansa anymore."
Positiv: "easy to board with on time departure and arrival. Smooth landing."
Negativ: "The crew was courteous but the smiles were visibly forced. Curt and unfriendly answers to legitimate questions. I had a prior bad experience with Lufthansa flights. Will try to avoid that carrier in the future."
Positiv: "Der Flug startete mit 2,5h Verspätung. Die Maschine mußte getauscht werden. Leider blieben dadurch einige Sachen auf der Strecke. So fehlte z.B. beim Catering das Salz auf allen Tablets. Für Crew war nett und versuchte, aus der Situation das Beste zu machen."
Negativ: "In der Economy Klasse war das vegetarische Essen (Nudeln) nach ca. 25% des Services alle. Pech, wer nicht auf Fleisch stand."
Positiv: "Der Flug startete mit 2,5h Verspätung. Die Maschine mußte getauscht werden. Leider blieben dadurch einige Sachen auf der Strecke. So fehlte z.B. beim Catering das Salz auf allen Tablets. Für Crew war nett und versuchte, aus der Situation das Beste zu machen."
Negativ: "In der Economy Klasse war das vegetarische Essen (Nudeln) nach ca. 25% des Services alle. Pech, wer nicht auf Fleisch stand."
Positiv: "Very lovely and friendly crew, handing everyone a piece of chocolate added a nice touch to the friendly atmosphere!"
Positiv: "Same as above One hour delay"
Negativ: "No forwarding crew or assistance on or off of the plane"
Positiv: "Finally being able to get out of the uncomfortable seats."
Negativ: "Never in all of our many many flights all over the world have we had more uncomfortable seats!!"
Positiv: "Flug und Personal war gut und nett. Mangelhaft war der Einstig und Ausstieg des Flugzeugs, kleine steile Treppe nicht sicher und Behindertengerecht."
Negativ: "Toller Sandwich und gute Getränke zur Auswahl."
Positiv: "Kurzflug, zufrieden."
Negativ: "Gebäck und Getränke für den kurzen Flug war ausreichend ."

The cabin crew was excellent, efficient and professional. Some were knowledgeable in the passengers mother tongue, and addressed them in that language, a nice extra touch. Entertainment good, the plane kept clean. The food is the weak point: I have been flying Lufthansa quite a bit, and notice that their meals across the Atlantic invariably default to pasta. This summer, I flew both Air Canada and Lufthansa on different overseas flights. The food in Air Canada was better! That did not used to be the case a few years ago.

Everything was fine. This time, even though I didn't need it, my seat back reclined.


On time and even earlier arrival!! The food is poor and really a downer, LH was never a great but now they hit a new low point…

I expected a better flight. The food was very poor. The aircraft was too warm

Angenehmer Flug, sympathische Crew

Complaint about food. Business class. Lufthansa was out of three options that I requested. No effort was made to manage a viable option so I was given no main course by the gentleman who came to serve me. Very disappointing. Mrs.Livleen Kahlon Passenger Buisness class, Flt Frankfurt to Delhi . 8th of December 2021

Zunächst wird bei der Lufthansa eine gegenderte Drohung ausgesprochen, nämlich, wenn die Gäste die Maske abnehmen sollten und sich den Anweisungen der Crew widersetzen sollten, würden die polizeilichen Organe am Bestimmungsort informiert. Das bringt schon mal "gute Laune" in die trotz 9 Mrd. Steuerzahlerstütze unveränderte Kabine. Die sieht dann auch so aus, als ob sie seit der letzten Stilllegung wegen Corona aus Kostengründen nicht mehr gereinigt wurde. Die Businessclass ist ohnehin eine Zumutung, nämlich die gleiche Bestuhlung, wie in Economy, nur mit einem leeren Sitzplatz dazwischen. Lufthansa sollte sich einmal ein Beispiel an Turkish Airlines nehmen, die die Zeit des Lockdowns genutzt hat, um für die Gäste ein Upgrade in Ausstattung und Verpflegung zu organisieren, die ihresgleichen sucht, aber bei der Lufthansa sicher nicht findet.

Negativ: "Bereitstellung von Einreiseformulare Mexiko (Nutung der Flugzeit für das Ausfüllen)"
Positiv: "preiswert"
Negativ: "unkkomfortable C Class"
Positiv: "Desinfektionstuch an Board erhalten."
Negativ: "Freundlichkeit einzelner Crew-Mitgliwder."
Negativ: "Essen wurde nicht ausgeteilt"
Positiv: "The crew was very helpful, gong out of their way as even bringing me camomile tea. It was lukewarm, it it’s the thought that counts."
Negativ: "The seats were way too tiny on this giant airbus, even for me and my daughter-in-law who are both under 5 feet and under 100 lbs. te flight was torture. Food also was not as good as previous Lufthansa fare."
Positiv: "Crew war nett"
Negativ: "Passagiere wurden umgesetzt"
Positiv: "stewardessen"
Negativ: "das Pathos"
Positiv: "Crew war nett!"
Negativ: "War eigentlich alles in Ordnung!"
Positiv: "The seat was comfortable, the crew were good and supportive but seemed a bit too busy when called upon. Especially with travelling with twins, I had a bit of trouble getting their attention for my own meals as when serving was done I was feeding the kids."
Negativ: "Give more attention to travellers with infants as they really need your support. Had twins and whenever meals were served, I couldn’t take them but whenever I buzzed, was asked to wait but then nothing came through. At the end of the flight, I had missed all my meals, no hot water for kids milk"
Negativ: "2 Stunden Wartezeit an der Passkontrolle"
Negativ: "MUC >> CPH wurde durch SAS durchgeführt, jegliche Versorgung kostet extra. Nicht was man erwartet, wenn man durch Lufthansa bucht!"
Negativ: "Getränkeauswahl sehr klein"
Positiv: "Seat is small"
Negativ: "On time boarding"
Positiv: "Spacious seating, easy access to charging plug and good movies."
Negativ: "Boarding is never fun, why not do back first?"
Negativ: "• Die Zwangsbelüftung verteilte einen ungewohnt starken und eiskalten Wind, und diese Einstellung wurde nicht abgemildert! • Die Freundlichkeit der Stewardess. • Der Klapptisch war einseitig abgebrochen, sodass nichts darauf liegen konnte."
Positiv: "Friendly and professional staff, comfortable and on-time flight."
Negativ: "Clear up-front notification about first checked bag not being included in ticket price. This info did not appear at the time the booking was made. Very frustrating."
Positiv: "professioneller Empfang am Gate trotz Verspätung infolge Verspätung des vorausgehenden Fluges..."
Negativ: "Entertainment didn’t work"
Positiv: "Neues Flugzeug, gutes Angebot an Bordunterhaltung, sehr freundlicher und angenehmer Service"
Negativ: "Nichts zu beanstanden"
Positiv: "nette crew"
Negativ: "obwohl wir über 5 stunden im Flieger waren, war es ein Kurzstreckenflieger ohne jeden Komfort und wir bezahlten aber Business Class Preise! Da lobe ich mir British Airways!"
Positiv: "die crew"
Negativ: "platz,bestelltes veganes essen nicht bekommen ! , beinfreiheit , qualitaet des essens !"
Negativ: "Unpünktlich, Frankfurt mega unfreundlich Security Check!!!"
Positiv: "Personal an Bord war trotz Verspätung aufmerksam- der Pilot liess sich sogar zu ein paar spassigen Bemerkungen hinreissen."
Negativ: "Der Flug ging 1 Stunde verspätet, weil die Maschine schon verspätet aus München kam. Am Gate gab es zunächst überhaupt keine Info/keine Ansage. Über die Verzögerung wurden die Gäste erst durch eine SMS informiert. Es dauerte dann ca. 30 Minuten bis die Dame am Gate sich eine erste kurze Ansage abgerungen hat. Das Boarding dauert schließlich auch unendlich lange/ Maschine war komplett ausgebucht. Besser wäre gewesen, von hinten nach vorne die Maschine zu füllen, nicht kreuz und quer durcheinander, bis jeder dann sein Gepäck verstaut hat - das kostete zusätzlich Zeit."
Positiv: "Sehr freundliches Personal. Moderne Maschine."
Negativ: "Boarding dauerte lang"
Positiv: "Sonst ok"
Negativ: "15 min Verspätung"
Negativ: "When I booked with kayak I was not given the option for a vegetarian meal, so I was not able to eat a meal. I was sat next to a five year old invading my personal space. When I developed a migraine from lack of sleep, it took 15 minutes before my ring was answered for water."
Positiv: "Nachdem der Personalveranwortliche an Bord die Überforderung der einen Flugbegleitung festgestellt hat, ist er sofort mit eingesprungen und es wurde alles besser, schneller, freundlicher und entspannter erledigt."
Negativ: "Im Gegensatz zu meinen bisherigen Flügen mit der Lufthansa in der Business Class war diesmal eine Flugbegleitung für 12 Passagiere alleine zuständig, was bei zwei Kleinkindern und einem "anspruchsvollen" Passagier bereits zu einer ansatzweisen Überforderung geführt hat (Essen und Getränke wurden äußerst zeitverzögert gebracht, Schwimmweste und Anschnallgurt für Kleinkind wurde in zwei Gängen gebracht und der Gurt erst kurz vor der Startbahn der Mutter übergeben. Eine Whiskey Sorte war nur für ein Glas vorhanden und war bei einem rund neunstündigen Flug binnen 15 Minuten vergeben. Äußerst ärgerlich, wenn die gebotenen Alternativen keine sind."
Positiv: "Angenehmes Personal. Abwicklung wie gewohnt."
Negativ: "Der vorausgehende Flug war verspätet lautes Rauschen in der Kabine offenbar durch Hilfsaggregat."
Positiv: "Toller Service, gute Käseschnitte mit Warsteiner. Was will man mehr?"
Positiv: "Crew. Courteous, engaging and supportive, of-course with a smile."
Negativ: "Nothing on this flight"
Positiv: "The crew were friendly and helpful. This plane was bigger and had more space for our legs and our carry on bags. It was nice to be offered a free sandwich and drink. Everything was clean."
Negativ: "We didn't like the sandwich and our flight was about 30 minutes late. The magazines in the seat are just shopping and not interesting."
Positiv: "Great movie choices . Flight on time, comfortable. No turbulence, smooth."
Negativ: "I did not like the food … I’m allergic to dairy so I can’t have cheese or cream in pasta or milk in polenta with beef stew. So there wasn’t anything for me to eat. Plus the crew should tell you what kind of pasta you’re getting! I got the pasta but I didn’t know it was filled with cheese and cream but by the time they came back to me I told them that I can’t have this they didn’t have anymore left of anything so I didn’t have anything to eat. And the breakfast the next day was awful. And by the way I saw that the crew had a really good meal. I should be able to pick up meal ahead of time… When you’re booking. It was a long day with no hot meal."
Negativ: "Sehr unaufmerksames Personal. Essen wurde vergessen, Amenity Kit fehlte"
Positiv: "Check in was swift and efficient. Boarding was organised and flight attendants were friendly and efficient."
Positiv: "I boarded despite being very late from connection"
Negativ: "Very stressful to make the late connection. Lost bags due to short connection expected but not well enabled. No communication until I initiated call following day despite submitting lost baggage form. Seats are too close together - when reclined in front I could not use my laptop as not enough space to open my screen. Was able to move to a different seat to ok."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war sehr freundlich, das Essen war in Ordnung, die Filmauswahl war sehr gut."
Negativ: "Leider war es sehr eng in der Economy Class und relativ laut aufgrund einiger Kinder."
Negativ: "Missed so there was none Spent night in Minic"
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war freundlich und verbindlich. Die einzige Ansage aus dem Cockpit war eine Kurzansage: 20 Sek und zwar 20 Minuten vor Landung. Das hat sich überheblich angefühlt. Ist Piloten und Copiloten bewusst, wer deren Gehalt zahlt?!"
Positiv: "Boarding war super schnell. Die Stewardessen waren wie immer sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit."
Negativ: "Die Bordansagen waren in gebrochenem deutsch und teilweise sehr wirr. Die Stewardess hat beim Austeilen des Essens/der Getränke ständig Leute vergessen. Ich kam mir vor wie auf einer Kaffeefahrt, ständig Werbung für irgendwas, was man kaufen soll: FlyNet, Boardshop, irgendein Hilfsprojekt."
Positiv: "Flying premier economy. Flight was on crying babies. Very friendly crew"
Negativ: "Long lines to get through boarding"
Positiv: "Alles war zu meiner Zufriedenheit"
Positiv: "Crew nice. Plenty of food"
Negativ: "Boarding was very chaotic. Very long lines and not managed well"

Es gab einen Snack und gute Getränke. Besser Service als bei manch anderer Airline

Problems with the in-flight wi-fi (none) and the flight info (none). However, movies worked fine and the selection is exceptional.


I love KLM, its very spacious and clean and the landing is always very soft. Great Airline!

Baggage drop-off könnte schneller sein, die FlugbegleiterInnen könnten freundlicher sein

Positiv: "Crew was great, on time flight, clean plane."
Negativ: "Entertainments options were shockingly few. Honestly have not been on a plane recently with so few and limited options of TV series and movies. I was extremely surprised. Wish I had know and I would’ve had more options for my family."
Negativ: "I paid for the preferred seat .and i found that people beside me didnt pay anything when i asked them ,"
Negativ: "Flight got cancelled"
Negativ: "Das ich jetzt noch nicht in nRennes bin sondern in Amsterdam hängen geblieben bin."
Positiv: "Top sympathische Crew"
Positiv: "Crew helpful. Food good."
Negativ: "Better range of movies please"
Positiv: "Die Crew war nett."
Negativ: "Die Kabinenklimatisierung hat man nicht in den Griff gekriegt. In dem Bereich wo wir saßen war es sehr kalt und zügig, so dass wir und trotz mehrerer Decken erkältet haben. In anderen Bereichen haben sich die Gäste über zu hohe Temperaturen beschwert."
Positiv: "Friendly crew"
Negativ: "Can’t think of anything"
Positiv: "Unkompliziert"
Negativ: "Die Lauf Wege sind zu lang aus Amsterdam."
Positiv: "Very professional"
Negativ: "Lost luggage"
Positiv: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Negativ: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Positiv: "Freundliche und aufmerksame Crew."
Negativ: "Sitze in der Business Class etwas durchgesessen."
Negativ: "Too hot inside the aircraft"
Positiv: "Service, entertainment and comfort - all very good. Really enjoyed the extra legroom in comparison with other airlines."
Negativ: "Just the AC was way too cold and they are not providing any blankets nor pillows"
Positiv: "The service crew was very nice"
Negativ: "Entertainment was broken so no movies etc. No pillows and no blankets because they ran out. Freaking cold during the flight. No vegetarian meal nor snacks."
Positiv: "Crew was amazing. They adjusted the seating arrangements so there was an empty seat in every row to give passengers more space. Very thoughtful and much appreciated. They served delicious meals, snacks, and water. They provided headphones, blankets and pillows. They took very good care of us."
Negativ: "pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "Es war gute service im Flug. Ich fliege wieder mit KLM."
Positiv: "Nichts"
Negativ: "Stornieren des Flugs. Keiner fühlt sich zuständig und der Kunde wird mit Arbeit und Kosten allein gelassen"
Positiv: "Crew was great and professional."
Negativ: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."
Negativ: "It was a connection flight from Manchester via AMS to HAJ. Transfer time in Amsterdam (offered by KLM) just 1 hr - so my baggage hasn't arrived in HAJ, at least one day delay! At airport HAJ I've heard that's usual that baggage can't arrive in one our! So I didn't understand why this flight was offered by KLM!"
Positiv: "was a standard flight, in a standard quality - nothing bad"
Positiv: "Nice aircraft"
Negativ: "Unexpected refueling stop. 2 hr delay Lost connection Reached destination after 18 hr delay"
Positiv: "Crew was amazing, seats were comfortable with enough leg space even without choosing extra space seats. It was my childhood dream come true to fly with KLM. It was really an exciting trip for me, just that it was short."
Negativ: "Well, for me everything was on point. Those who have never travelled with KLM, I would encourage them to do so and I’m sure they will not regret."
Negativ: "I called for a crew member 5 times and waited 25 minutes for anyone to help me with just some water. I had to get up and go to the very back of the plane to ask for some water. The plane was hot and no air to be found. This was all after we had to get back off the plane before takeoff. It was terrib"
Positiv: "super"
Negativ: "alles gut"
Positiv: "Alles ok"
Positiv: "pünktlicher Flug Sehr nettes Personal Gute Verpflegung"
Positiv: "Unterhaltungsprogramm guter Service"
Negativ: "schon besser im Flieger gegessen"
Positiv: "Good comfortable seat with extra leg room. Pleasant crew."
Positiv: "And i got it 2 days later. I had to buy a lot of items which were in my suitcase The returning of the suitcase was awfull. In tge end after many phone calls I received it On the 18/12 evening, 2 days after my landing"
Positiv: "Flight duration"
Negativ: "Very stingy with the drinks Cramped seats"
Positiv: "Last year I flew Lufthansa which was my worst experience flying ever. I thought the new standard was so low I would never fly to Europe again. I had heard KLM was good but I felt this was as good as could be expected actually much better. The food was even good."
Negativ: "I would have to dream something up."
Positiv: "MCR airport Mert & Greet parking was smooth and efficient."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed 2 hours due to bad weather. Additional baggage payment to Air Baltic did not show up on the KLM system and we had to pay again. Nowhere to address this with Air Baltic even in Tallin. Handlers seem uninterested and refer us to ‘the website to address the issue.....’"
Positiv: "Landing"
Negativ: "I’ve traveled a lot internationally and this was the WORST flight I’ve ever had to endure. I felt like I was being tortured and didn’t sleep at all and so slept when getting into Amsterdam rather than being able to explore the city. I was out $200 for the Airbnb (could’ve stayed in the airport cheaper) and $200 for a dinner cruise I slept through. NEVER AGAIN"
Positiv: "Seat 39A did not recline. The gentleman next to me spread his arms out a bit as he typed on his computer the entire way. So I did not get ANY sleep. Plus he got up at least four times."
Negativ: "Except for the man next to me - great!"
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war freundlich, sehr aufmerksam und fürsorglich. Es gab genug zu trinken und gute Auswahl. Über eine Kleinigkeit zu essen freute ich mich auch sehr. Es war ein entspannter, angenehmer Flug. Danke vielmals."
Negativ: "Dass der Flug sich verspätet hat, hat mich persönlich nicht sehr gestört. Wenn aber jemand danach weiter fahren muss, oder einen Termin deshalb verpasst, könnte etwas nervig sein."
Positiv: "Everything was clean and well organized."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours."
Positiv: "Board-Crew war sehr nett und das Essen + Getränke war natürlich auch sehr gut."
Negativ: "Leider muss man sagen dass das Boarding zu lange gedauert hat und manche Probleme mit dem Anschlussflug hatten. Noch dazu kummt dass mindestens 5 oder 6 Personen ihren Koffer nicht mehr bekommen haben unteranderem auch eine Freundin von mir was natürlich sehr ärgerlich ist."
Positiv: "Comfort was better than on the previous Dash-8. Food was OK."
Negativ: "Despised the cold temperature and cold draft in world business even with all vents shut off...gave me a head cold. Boarding was disorganized. There was no sense of direction; ergo, everyone was jumping in."
Positiv: "Good service onboard, good food. On time."
Positiv: "Friendly staff, good service and on time departure/arrival."
Positiv: "Due to lightening bolt strike our pre-Y2K era plane got switched out with a newer plane with modern media delivery at the seats."
Negativ: "This caused a two hour delay in boarding and another 30 minutes on the JFK T4 tarmac. Same crappy headphones so it wasn’t the"
Negativ: "Handgepäck konnte nicht untergebracht werden."
Positiv: "The staff was very helpful and professional. Promp response to calling for attention."
Negativ: "Wish there was better lumbar support for the seats. The food could be a bit more exciting with simple addition of lime pickles. Overall can not complain for economy standard!"

Good flight.

Same as before. We got beef. Never flying with your incompetent airline again. Y’all make Spirit look good. I hope you all get diabetes from the maple syrup and poutine y’all consume. How y’all speak French and still have the shittiest food. In conclusion, it was bad.

Nothing was good - flight was late/delayed/no communication from crew/had to sit in economy seat although we booked business classs

+ Es war ein angenehmer Flug trotz Verspätung. - Die Toiletten waren gehen Ende des Fluges absolut ekelerregend aufgrund von Unfähigkeit mancher Fluggäste anständig auf die Toilette zu gehen.

having gate crews there to open the door and let us off.

Great comfort and entertainment in business class Food was fine but it seemed like eating dinner at 10 in the morning

Positiv: "Die meisten Crew Mitglieder waren nett"
Negativ: "2-4-2 Sitzreihen"
Positiv: "The flight was okay."
Negativ: "- I had to pay extra for lunch and (alcoholic) drinks. - The pasta was overpriced and tasted like nothing - At the destination we had to wait for 35mins in the plane, before we could get out."
Positiv: "Nostalgic plane ride"
Negativ: "Use more modern plane for these short trips. No drinks offered due to turbulence. Old Bombardier plane had no way of storing carry-ons other than beneath seat, thus limiting leg space"
Positiv: "Crew was amazing"
Negativ: "Seats are too close together"
Positiv: "I was only a few minutes late and was not allowed to check in my bag or to board the flight."
Negativ: "They could have let me board!!"
Positiv: "compliance in the boarding"
Negativ: "in general the male flight attendant was very disinterested in resolving nonconformities such as that the light of the chair did not turn on or request for support in completing Customs form and uncomfortable seat"
Positiv: "Guter Service"
Negativ: "Pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "Stuck in the last row with no recline. Seat should be discounted."
Negativ: "fragte man sich leider auf diesem Flug. Keine Monitore mit den Infos zum Flug (wo sind wir, wie lange dauert es noch, etc...) Kannte ich so noch nicht. Bordpersonal war sagen wir mal nicht unfreundlich, mehr aber auch nicht. Höflich, zuvorkommend und aufmerksam ist anders. Der Flug ging von Berlin. Es lag also auf der Hand, dass sehr viele Fluggäste deutsch als ihre Muttersprache haben. Das störte die Flugbegleiterin aber nicht. Sie sprach ein so schnelles und undeutliches Englisch, dass sie nicht bis gar nicht zu verstehen war."
Positiv: "Customer service was great"
Negativ: "No food at all. Good to have a snack or something to eat!"
Positiv: "The flight attendants were polite but didn’t go out of their way to help out."
Negativ: "No room to store carry on and nobody seemed to care that all space was taken close to our seats. We felt penalized because others abused the system while we were trying to follow the rules."
Positiv: "Flights left at the scheduled time"
Negativ: "Planes are very uncomfortable. There is no entertainment in the cabin (tv, music)"
Positiv: "Not much"
Negativ: "We are people, just be kind. Asking to be treated in a friendly respectful manner seems to be impossible for Air Canada! I thought Canada was known to be friendly and polite, if that’s true, Air Canada should change its name! They are experts at treating people unnecessarily badly. It’s shocking to witness and harsh and rude shouldnt be descriptors of any company’s customer service agents, especially one who represents a country!!"
Positiv: "Alles gut, wie erwartet. Cool, dass Internet im Angebot war."
Negativ: "Klar, die Flieger werden immer enger... aber für die Umwelt ist es schon besser, wenn dafür weniger Flieger starten also beklage ich mich auch nicht so sehr drüber. Am Besten wäre es, wenn es mehr Züge gäbe für solche kurze Strecken."
Negativ: "...because Air Canada screwed each of them up. Truly my worst flying experience in every way possible, and it isn't even close."
Negativ: "Food was hilariously repulsive. Shared photos far and wide on social media."
Positiv: "Nice friendly crew"
Negativ: "Limited entertainment; no wifi"
Positiv: "Coming home"
Negativ: "price of Air Canada Rouge not worth it, they should put this flight back to the regular air Canada flight. I can go with United and have a much more comfortable flight home"
Positiv: "Crew was nice"
Negativ: "No food, no entertainment. Very uncomfortable plane"
Positiv: "I got where I was going and it was cheap. Flight was fine. Attendants where all friendly."
Negativ: "Rescheduled to increase my layover in Toronto by a few hours. Layover was long enough that I had to get baggage from carousal and couldn't pass back through security until 4h before my flight. This broke up night even more and the outside of Pearson airport security is not the nicest place to wile away hours."
Positiv: "Nothing, the flight was missed"
Negativ: "Missing my flight"
Positiv: "Das Boarding und die Durchführung waren super. Das Personal sprach Französisch. Nicht alles wurde auf Englisch wiederholt. Getränke wurden NUR EIN MAL angeboten. Essen hat Geld gekostet - nicht gut. United Airlines hat zwar auch essen Gegen Geld angeboten, aber hat mindestens 3 Mal von sich auch Getränke angeboten. Also von sich aus."
Negativ: "Kaum Beinfreiheit. Essen nur gehen Geld."
Negativ: "Gates changes a lot and no announcement is made"
Positiv: "My taxi driver comments that " Air Canada is terrible; I'm sorry you fly them!""
Negativ: "Nobody ever around to help you; your anxiety is through the roof just trying to get help or any glimmer of kindness! And forget the bastards refunding you!"
Negativ: "Delay getting to gate in Toronto. Entertainment system is not top notch. No blockbusters of any kind. Cheesy airline"
Positiv: "Boarding on time"
Negativ: "Problems with entertainment"
Positiv: "For some reason the seats didn't seem as cramped as usual. There were no long delays."
Negativ: "We didn't get aisle seats. We didn't expect the food offerings to be great, and we weren't disappointed. We would have preferred that Trump not be president on our arrival. Maybe next time."
Positiv: "courteous, helpful cabin crew on-flight entertainment gave abundant options"
Negativ: "flight delayed because departure gate usurped by a Virgin America flight. inadequate seating area; too few seats; passengers boarding VA flight entered through seating area instead of directly."
Positiv: "Once again, being on time was important to me. Crew members were nice."
Negativ: "I wish they would've offered free snacks on this flight given how long it was. It would've also been to nice to have been forewarned about needing to go through security again, as I had a U.S. connection from Toronto. That takes a lot of time, even with a bit of a layover."
Negativ: "Delayed for more than two hours on both the trips to and from Canada. This is a common thing with Air Canada i heard. Flights always get delayed."
Positiv: "Overall it was a quick and painless flight. The crew was friendly and we had no problems!"
Positiv: "Check in and out is very smooth."
Negativ: "The long layover."
Positiv: "Dieser kurze Flug verlief schnell und komfortabel. Es gab Internetzugang am Board, der gut funktionierte."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hours but no one was in much of a rush to get it going"
Positiv: "I didn't go. They wouldn't allow me to make a change in my ticket so I flew a different airline. I will never fly with them again."
Positiv: "The crew tried to be nice."
Negativ: "Boarding was completely disorganized. The flight was meant to depart at 3:30, we didn't start boarding until 4 and we didn't take off until 6. The flight was too full and the plane too heavy so extra fuel needed to get be left behind, which meant we had to land in Jamaica refuel and then head to Toronto. Arrival time was meant to Be 10:30pm and we arrived around 1:30am."
Positiv: "der sessel ist wie ein altes economy-sessel, das essen ist schöner angerichtet, und es gibt mehr platz"
Negativ: "leider ist die standard-economy-klasse viel enger geworden"
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "Everything. Crowded. Cramped. The curtain between First Class and Economy was archaic and insulting. On my departure flight, I had the unfortunate row that divided the elite from the peasants. IIt enabled me to see how the staff fawned over the Elite while we waited for minimal attention."
Negativ: "The entertainment consisted of an IPad that you had to rent, and the attendants were not cheerful not helpful.... Just in a constant hurry."
Positiv: "The boarding staff and flight attendants were friendly and helpful."
Negativ: "The seats were so small it was impossible to get the seatbelt without disturbing the people on either side. I am not a large person and I still filled the entire seat. The food was not good either. They served what was supposed to be a warm chicken wrap but after two bites I set it aside as mystery food."
Negativ: "Flight delay"
Positiv: "crew was awesome"
Negativ: "that people can recline their seats in coach. very uncomfortable and there's really not enough room to do this."
Positiv: "Great boarding options...Zone 2. I love that."
Negativ: "No issues on this flight....took a bit long to board, but overall it was fine. Nice crew. Your entertainment system suck!"
Negativ: "The food was not fantastic."

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2 StoppsAir Canada
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€ 930
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€ 1 043
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
18:40 Std.BOG-GRZ
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
24:35 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 101
2 StoppsAir Canada
18:40 Std.BOG-GRZ
2 StoppsAir Canada
28:40 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 115
2 StoppsKLM
15:30 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppKLM
30:25 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 116
2 StoppsAir Canada
22:05 Std.BOG-GRZ
2 StoppsAir Canada
43:40 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 143
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
28:35 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppMehrere Fluglinien
30:25 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 176
1 StoppLufthansa
13:55 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppLufthansa
15:34 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 410
2 StoppsLufthansa CityLine
28:00 Std.BOG-GRZ
2 StoppsLufthansa CityLine
45:44 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 512
1 StoppLufthansa
13:55 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppLufthansa
15:34 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 573
1 StoppLufthansa
13:55 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppLufthansa
15:34 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 577
2 StoppsKLM
29:20 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppKLM
33:15 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 578
2 StoppsKLM
29:20 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppKLM
32:20 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 604
1 StoppLufthansa
19:55 Std.BOG-GRZ
1 StoppLufthansa
15:10 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 637
2 StoppsAir Canada
18:40 Std.BOG-GRZ
2 StoppsAir Canada
28:40 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 649
2 StoppsKLM
29:20 Std.BOG-GRZ
2 StoppsKLM
37:35 Std.GRZ-BOG
€ 1 755

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2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
15:50 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 174
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
16:18 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 218
1 StoppLufthansa
19:55 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 331
2 StoppsAir Canada
22:35 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 375
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
26:36 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 619
2 StoppsKLM
31:40 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 659
2 StoppsAir Canada
22:35 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 742
1 StoppLufthansa
15:00 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 1 843
1 StoppLufthansa
19:55 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 2 505
1 StoppLufthansa
15:00 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 2 577
1 StoppLufthansa
19:55 Std.BOG-GRZ
€ 2 640

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Graz - Kolumbien

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