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KLU — Florida
18. Sep — 25. Sep1
Hin- und Rückflug
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  • Buche deinen Flug mindestens 3 Wochen vor dem geplanten Abflug, um dir einen guten Preis zu sichern.
  • Die Hochsaison ist im Jänner, November und Dezember. Der günstigste Monat für Flüge nach Florida ist Oktober.

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Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Air CanadaErgebnis aus 25415 Bewertungen

+ Es war ein angenehmer Flug trotz Verspätung. - Die Toiletten waren gehen Ende des Fluges absolut ekelerregend aufgrund von Unfähigkeit mancher Fluggäste anständig auf die Toilette zu gehen.

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+ Es war ein angenehmer Flug trotz Verspätung. - Die Toiletten waren gehen Ende des Fluges absolut ekelerregend aufgrund von Unfähigkeit mancher Fluggäste anständig auf die Toilette zu gehen.

The meal selection was good for me in this flight vs. the competition. The WJ flight to LHR didn’t have great food selection

There was a delete in Toronto of over 3 hours with no reasonable explanation.

The entire flight was amazing and crew were so awesome. Will fly again with Air Canada …!

Negativ: "It was a 767 what was a good surprise at first but very old. Food was not worth eating, crew was fine. The seats like the airplane, old."
Positiv: "Die meisten Crew Mitglieder waren nett"
Negativ: "2-4-2 Sitzreihen"
Positiv: "The flight was okay."
Negativ: "- I had to pay extra for lunch and (alcoholic) drinks. - The pasta was overpriced and tasted like nothing - At the destination we had to wait for 35mins in the plane, before we could get out."
Positiv: "Guter Service"
Negativ: "Pünktlichkeit"
Positiv: "Boarding and experience at terminal was good and smooth for the poor weather outside"
Negativ: "Plane cleaning and confort, old plane and somewhat mean crew director."
Positiv: "The cree was great. Plenty of room in economy plus. Timely boarding."
Negativ: "The food was hard on the edges and too spiced on the salad."
Negativ: "fragte man sich leider auf diesem Flug. Keine Monitore mit den Infos zum Flug (wo sind wir, wie lange dauert es noch, etc...) Kannte ich so noch nicht. Bordpersonal war sagen wir mal nicht unfreundlich, mehr aber auch nicht. Höflich, zuvorkommend und aufmerksam ist anders. Der Flug ging von Berlin. Es lag also auf der Hand, dass sehr viele Fluggäste deutsch als ihre Muttersprache haben. Das störte die Flugbegleiterin aber nicht. Sie sprach ein so schnelles und undeutliches Englisch, dass sie nicht bis gar nicht zu verstehen war."
Positiv: "Nice flight, staff"
Negativ: "Seats are so hard on the but that it's hurts to the bones for a few days...!! I travel a lot, and this is the only airline/aircraft that this occured. Also even checking in online, and gaving your boarding, they managed to get us to go to the counter to tag our carry ons..."
Positiv: "The crew, the smooth safe flight, the cleanliness"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed!! Very inconvenient."
Positiv: "Smooth flight no issues."
Negativ: "Be prepared to pay for food. You do get offeted water or coffee or soft drink. No offer for a refill. No snacks."
Positiv: "Alles gut, wie erwartet. Cool, dass Internet im Angebot war."
Negativ: "Klar, die Flieger werden immer enger... aber für die Umwelt ist es schon besser, wenn dafür weniger Flieger starten also beklage ich mich auch nicht so sehr drüber. Am Besten wäre es, wenn es mehr Züge gäbe für solche kurze Strecken."
Positiv: "The movies on board"
Negativ: "The fact the plane was late"
Positiv: "Well, it did leave on time."
Negativ: "I knew the seat pitch in economy was tight, but nothing prepared me for how truly abysmal it is. I’m 6’1”. My knees were jammed into the seat pocket. The fun continued when the passenger in front of me reclined their seat. I had to angle both my knees to the side. Without a doubt the most uncomfortable flight I’ve ever done. On a side note, AC switched equipment on this flight several times. Each time the ‘system’ would split up our seats. I had to call in five separate times to pick new seats. Also, at the gate they were asking passengers to voluntarily check in carry-on as there may not be enough room on the aircraft. First time I’ve ever heard that."
Negativ: "Lost luggage!"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "I like that we made it safely."
Negativ: "The crew seemed to not like their job and were very short with customers."
Positiv: "Das Boarding und die Durchführung waren super. Das Personal sprach Französisch. Nicht alles wurde auf Englisch wiederholt. Getränke wurden NUR EIN MAL angeboten. Essen hat Geld gekostet - nicht gut. United Airlines hat zwar auch essen Gegen Geld angeboten, aber hat mindestens 3 Mal von sich auch Getränke angeboten. Also von sich aus."
Negativ: "Kaum Beinfreiheit. Essen nur gehen Geld."
Positiv: "business class"
Positiv: "Great food, attentive service and comfortable seating"
Positiv: "comfortable clean and overall a pleasant experience"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed for almost 1hr after everyone got on board to wait for a few passengers who were on their way to the airport. It's unbelievable."
Negativ: "The leg room under the seats is impeded by the seat support structure. This is not such a problem on other planes."
Positiv: "Quick boarding, service was excellent and quick."
Negativ: "Don't like the Eouge entertainment system. Fortunately there was iPad a price."
Positiv: "No screen creates a longer feeling flight."
Negativ: "No good food."
Positiv: "Dieser kurze Flug verlief schnell und komfortabel. Es gab Internetzugang am Board, der gut funktionierte."
Positiv: "Flight was on time, crew courteous."
Positiv: "It was not a completely full flight. The Boarding process was done by mainline Air Canada employees and it was perfectly good and the flight left on time. The aircraft's interior was not clean. The carpet the seats and the tray tables all dirty and discussing. The seats are undiscribly substandard and uncomfortable. The bilingual announcement was done incoherintkyin both languages absolutely not professional Crew was nice except an Asian/Canadian flight attendent. It's a less than adequate experience even for a officially second tier airline. Why does Canada put out an embarrassing product like this airline ? Shame on them !"
Positiv: "Friendliness of stewardship."
Negativ: "In flight entertainment didn't work in laptop and steward was not familiar enough with the app to troubleshoot the problem. Limited variety of entertainment. Bumpy flight even at landing. The airplane was making weird noises since the engine started. Food variety is also limited and very expensive for what you get"
Negativ: "I was refused boarding after being told I could fly. A horrible experience--rebooking for my wife and I cost us 1,000 dollars."
Positiv: "There was nothing to like about that flight."
Negativ: "Even though I was at the airport on time , checked in and waiting to board; at the last minute I was told that the plane has left and the sooner I could fly would be the next day; without providing hotel arrangement nor meals and or at least money for taxi. Air Canada management personel has not been cordial to me and to the other travelers."
Positiv: "The experience was par for the course. No frills, no pleasantries, only water and juice on offer, but the A330 was great."
Positiv: "I didn't go. They wouldn't allow me to make a change in my ticket so I flew a different airline. I will never fly with them again."
Positiv: "I didn't like anything about the flight except that it was a smooth one."
Negativ: "I didn't like that it was delayed by four hours. The food was bad."
Positiv: "Food was fair, and the pilot was great, all the rest was very bad"
Negativ: "-The seat was super uncomfortable (I paid for a bulkhead seat, I had a regular seat. I'm tall, I didn't fit in the seat) -The flight attendant was rude, not nice, she crashed with the cart like 3 times, and she did not even apologize for hitting me. -We had a 4 hours delay at Montreal because of the weather, the one of AA wasn't delayed. -The entertainment was movies from 10+ years. -You have to pay for everything, so when you buy a ticket for ex. 250$, you have to pay for the seat, even if is not a bulkhead seat, or the first suitcase."
Positiv: "der sessel ist wie ein altes economy-sessel, das essen ist schöner angerichtet, und es gibt mehr platz"
Negativ: "leider ist die standard-economy-klasse viel enger geworden"
Positiv: "Decent seats, crew was nice"
Negativ: "Delays. Both on my outgoing and return trips. Air Canada was also extremely unorganized at Laguardia."
Positiv: "The crew was very friendly and pleasant on this flight!"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed, entertainment choices need more variety. The overhead bins ran out of space very quickly."
Positiv: "On time. Comfortable plane"
Negativ: "Extra security and customs checks changing planes in Canada"
Positiv: "Flight attendants were nice."
Negativ: "In all my years of flying, I've never felt so cramped in a seat- almost to the point of claustrophobic"
Positiv: "Seats were much more comfortably shaped than on my Air Can flight from Toronto to BRU. More legroom! Food for BRU to Montreal was decent."
Negativ: "No snacks for Montreal to SF. Pretty brutal for people who didn't buy a dinner in the terminal. If you're only going to sell meals on the Montreal-SF flight, make them a little less expensive. Otherwise, people will just eat nothing and dislike their Air Can experience..."
Positiv: "the mounties rock, seriously"
Positiv: "The Crew was the best people ever"
Negativ: "Not about the flight but about the Kayak service, I bought the ensurance but it didnt let me change my flight anyway"
Negativ: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours. After boarding, it was another hour before the flight took off. I was seated next to a family with 2 cranky children. I chose this flight just because it was supposed to arrive in Miami at a decent time. Ended up sleep deprived at work the next day."
Positiv: "At least it was fast.."
Negativ: "No space, no tv, no food, no music, no blanket, no water, nothing. Pack everything you need or bring your credit card"
Negativ: "After boarding the flight, having to sit and wait long in the plane....flight delay before take off. no meal without having to pay for it offered only a small cup of juice/tea/coffee to sip on. Not even a light snack or a can of juice is too much to ask for, considering the cost and comfort cut backs to fly with Air Canada"
Positiv: "All of the staff were upbeat, helpful and patient"
Negativ: "Nothing"

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