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American AirlinesErgebnis aus 48371 Bewertungen

Left Early Arrived Early Great Staff. No complaints.

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Left Early Arrived Early Great Staff. No complaints.

We sat in the plane for a very long time before taking off.

It took a long time to board. The real problem was the flight though. It was a little noisy (not the airlines fault) and incredibly hot.

Baggage claim was very slow

Everything ok

Negativ: "Why do we accept this humiliation from AA, they charge for breading inside the plane, they don't give anything nice to eat or drink, and the tickets are more expensive than others. You know why?, Because we are stupid"
Negativ: "The entertainment app didn’t worked"
Positiv: "The service"
Negativ: "The wait"
Positiv: "The crew was friendly."
Negativ: "I didn't get to Dallas. There was a mechanical failure. We all had to deplane. I was put on the flight for the next day."
Positiv: "Good service and great customer service"
Negativ: "App functionality"
Negativ: "Larger plane. Had to crouch all the way to my seat. Seat was comfortable enough."
Positiv: "Crew overall was very good and attentive."
Negativ: "Seat comfort"
Negativ: "kleines Frühstück für umsonst"
Negativ: "Our extra legroom premium seats didn’t feel like we had much more room. No TVs, WiFi that didn’t work...left a lot to be desired. I know the standards are pretty low in the US compared to other countries, but for a plane that seemed relatively new, the lack of standard technology seemed cheap."
Positiv: "Seat ok, crew was good and flight left right on time"
Negativ: "Just the entertainment need to have options"
Positiv: "Gratis Upgrade in die First bekommen - eigene Suite!"
Negativ: "alles gut"
Positiv: "Included beverage"
Negativ: "No headphones"
Negativ: "Flight was cancelled. Zero accommodations"
Positiv: "Das bordprogramm filmauswahl"
Negativ: "Vom Einchecken übers umsteigen war alles schlecht organisiert Und am Ende ging auch noch mein Gepäck verloren!"
Positiv: "Many movies too choose from."
Negativ: "Not enough space and food was horrible"
Positiv: "Sehr nette crew"
Negativ: "Crew kannte die Maschine nicht, Fluggäste wurden gratis umgesetzt"
Positiv: "Könnten einen früheren Flug finden"
Negativ: "Leider nicht den gleichen Status bekommen"
Negativ: "There were no inflight entertainment. This is the only international flight I have ever taken that didn’t have any. For an 8+ hour flight, it’s ridiculous not to. The food was also worse than typical airline food."
Positiv: "Flugzeug war ein altes Flugzeug meine ich. Durchdas es nicht voll besetzt war hatte ich einen 3er Sitz für mich alleine. Super Besatzung wirkte auf mich gestresst ganzes Team war auch untereinander nicht harmonisch. Bordunterhaltung gabs nur in Oben alle 3 bis Sitzreihen einen TV dort konnte man Film schauen, nicht nach eigener Wahl. Sonst konnte man Film und Unterhaltung im Händy oder schauen Tablet herunterladen.Brauchst einfach gute Batterien dafür es gab keine Auflade Möglichkeiten, nur am Airport."
Negativ: "Besatzung Bordunterhaltung Verpflegung,alles mit Kartongschachteln wurdest nicht gefragt was du willst. Wurde einfach wauf den Klapptisch hingeknallt. Alles in allem sonst ruhig sauber und in Ordnung."
Positiv: "Dass ich sogar einen Kaffe und einkleiner Snack in Form von kleienem Keks bekam. Ich war vorbereitet, dass ich nichts erhalte.Hatte etwas zu Essen dabei. Freundliches Personal Bordunterhaltung nur bezahlbar und übers Laptop oder Handy Hatte Auflade Möglichkeiten beim vorder Sitz.."
Positiv: "Everything on time."
Negativ: "The air conditioner on the plane."
Negativ: "Another delay on second segment of cross country flight — this time for maintenance issues that were never fully explained. took off an hour late from DFW."
Positiv: "Crew was was terrible my salad was rotten and not fit to be eaten with brown runny liquid in bottom and smelled terrible..there was no one to tell as crew more interested in talking to theirselves ..breakfast was all sugary things with very little protein..could not get any water for breakfast and lukewarm coffee only one small cup..then held in terminal 5 where I could not even find a water fountain...."
Negativ: "See above"
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Having to check our carry ons. We noticed another passenger had placed two carry ons in the overhead. If others are doing that, it forces others to check their carryons."
Negativ: "Keine Boarungerhaltung, unfreundliches Personal, grosse Verspätungen und enge Sitze. Und dies alles für Interkontinentalraketen Flügen. Alles schlecht bei American Airlines. Nie mehr."
Negativ: "Baggage lost."
Positiv: "The non stop flight Guatemala- Chicago"
Negativ: "Just a cookie and drink for international flight(4 hrs +)"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war freundlich und aufmerksam. Leider sind beide Flüge verspätet abgeflogen."
Negativ: "Essen war sehr gut. Sitzplätze gemütlich mit genug Platz für Beine."
Positiv: "Arrived on time despite late departure"
Negativ: "Bumpy ride in CLT but uncontrollable"
Positiv: "Flight was actually operated by American Airlines. LHR was organized. Flight was ontime and arrived almost an hour early. Entertainment on flight was great. Food was OK. Great value for the money."
Negativ: "Airplane food is always marginal. And space is limited, but this flight was OK."
Positiv: "The people I spoke to on the customer service line and then especially at the service desk in Miami were able to help me get a sooner flight so I didn’t have to be driving home until the wee morning. I am VERY grateful to them and American Airlines policies which empower its employees to assist its customers."
Negativ: "I have to say, I’m a medium sized 6 foot guy, but I felt very uncomfortable in the seat with another 6 foot man to my right. I felt like I couldn’t use rest my shoulder, since he was using the armrest. i know this is a calculated decision made by very high ups, but the seats just need more comfort. I was even in an exit row, which has more legroom in comparison, but the actual seat was almost painful."
Positiv: "The staff was great, luckily an pretty empty flight"
Negativ: "The food in coach is a disgrace. It’s terrible a few $$ More and it would actually be have way decent"
Positiv: "Alle waren aufmerksam, auf dem Flug selbst lief alles reibungslos."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte 30 Minuten Verspätung und mein Koffer traf mit einem eheren Flieger ein und stand deshalb relativ unbeaufsichtigt in der Gegend rum."
Positiv: "Flight was pleasant and all the crew members were courteous."
Negativ: "It doesn't have anything to do with AA, but TSA processing at Orlando International is very slow."
Positiv: "Do you really think there is anything to like about flying these days. We are sardines pack on a your planes."
Negativ: "Purchased business class seats, boarded in group 5. Had no where to put my 1 backpack. All the storage up front was gone. Why should I pay extra for a seat if I have to wait for everyone to get off the plane so I can go back 10 seat rows to get my bag. Dirty tray tables."
Negativ: "Im Prinzip war der Flug in time gelandet. Aber dann 40 Minuten gewartet bis ein Gate frei ist. Danach ewiges warten auf den Koffer. Sehr schlechter Service, keine Informationen."
Positiv: "777 plane was awesome in first class."
Negativ: "nothing"
Positiv: "Not much"
Negativ: "The luggage transfer from customs to the Miami LAX flt. was not clearly explained . I had to wait in line to recheck the luggage to LAX, the wait cut the time to lax flt departure forcing me to sprint over to gate 48 all the way across the airport.(about 1 mile.)"
Negativ: "Food in general"
Positiv: "Flug Personal war OK aber für sitze waren sehr klein und musste Arm gegen Arm mit Sitznachbarn fliegen. (Unsere Maschine war ein Boeing 787)."
Negativ: "Essen war auch nicht sehr gut."
Negativ: "How much tighter can they cram us? I'm 5'11" and 185 pounds and was too wide for the seats!"
Positiv: "Entertainment"
Negativ: "Delay"
Positiv: "I am traveling with a friend and our request to seat together was hornored. The crew was fantastic but the seats were cramped. The entertainment was mediocre. I was happy to hear of charging stations, alas, i wasn’t sitting in one of those seats with that option."
Negativ: "The crew and the service."
Positiv: "Loved the fact that the pilot frequently spoke to us during the turbulence. Crew was great."
Negativ: "Lack of entertainment."
Positiv: "sehr gutes Essen und Unterhaltungsprogramm."
Negativ: "Sitze waren ok,"

Decent movie selection. Price for the tickets were very expensive. Paid a lot extra for specific seats so my wife and I could sit together. When we checked in my reserved seat had been also sold to someone else so I was bumped back 20 rows and to the other side of the plane with no explanation and no refund. I asked the staff at the gate and she was very rude and short with me saying they had to cancel a flight and prioritize families (parents with dependants). In the end the woman that took my reserved seat was travelling alone and also had paid to reserve that seat so was not willing to swap with me. Air Canada sold the same seat to two customers earning double the seat selection revenue. They have yet to acknowledge this or refund me so now I have to spend my time calling them to complain in an effort to get my ~$75 refund for the seat selection they charged for but failed to deliver. I’m very disappointed in this service.

+ Es war ein angenehmer Flug trotz Verspätung. - Die Toiletten waren gehen Ende des Fluges absolut ekelerregend aufgrund von Unfähigkeit mancher Fluggäste anständig auf die Toilette zu gehen.

We boarded 20 minutes before the actual boarding time. The plane left on time and arrived a little early. Air Canada's crew served 1 drink service during a 4.5 hour flight, with no snacks. It's a good thing that I have access to lounge service.

Negativ: "Prefer YUL to PBI FLL is in case that there is no flight available to or from PBI"
Positiv: "Die meisten Crew Mitglieder waren nett"
Negativ: "2-4-2 Sitzreihen"
Positiv: "The flight was okay."
Negativ: "- I had to pay extra for lunch and (alcoholic) drinks. - The pasta was overpriced and tasted like nothing - At the destination we had to wait for 35mins in the plane, before we could get out."
Negativ: "Cramped seats. No IFE. Chaotic boarding. Luggage missed flight."
Positiv: "Everything was perfect! The crew always ready to serve us!"
Negativ: "Perhaps, update media features! A small corner for children to keep them "busy"."
Negativ: "Power outlet didn’t work in 34G so couldn’t get work done."
Negativ: "Entertainment screen in my seat didn’t work. Old plane."
Positiv: "The food was excellent, jet airways was Rocking. Airfrance had excellent service."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "On time, great cabin crew"
Negativ: "Q400 is cramped, noisy and awful overhead storage"
Positiv: "Guter Service"
Negativ: "Pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "fragte man sich leider auf diesem Flug. Keine Monitore mit den Infos zum Flug (wo sind wir, wie lange dauert es noch, etc...) Kannte ich so noch nicht. Bordpersonal war sagen wir mal nicht unfreundlich, mehr aber auch nicht. Höflich, zuvorkommend und aufmerksam ist anders. Der Flug ging von Berlin. Es lag also auf der Hand, dass sehr viele Fluggäste deutsch als ihre Muttersprache haben. Das störte die Flugbegleiterin aber nicht. Sie sprach ein so schnelles und undeutliches Englisch, dass sie nicht bis gar nicht zu verstehen war."
Positiv: "Flight nearly on time. Good legroom."
Negativ: "Food was so-so. Don’t like having to pay for a drink on an international flight costing $1000."
Positiv: "Boarding very fast"
Negativ: "Very small plane. No snacks offered."
Positiv: "they had top movies, which helped me get through. The staff were friendly enough to not be rude and to do what they were suppose to on the flight. the food was good for the first meal, real chicken. second meal only had pork so luckily I had bought a burger in the airport before boarding since I do not eat pork. All my layover flights were on time with on time boarding/ departure which i Highly appreciated."
Negativ: "I did not understand why they would use the same seat design they used for a 2-5 hour flight for a 11Hour Flight!! I had never experienced being that uncomfortable in my seat. I am used to flying 13hours straight but with comfortable and Padded! seats with room to move. the seats were not padded and there was little to no space to put your legs in a comfortable position. My back and neck were killing me in the last 2 hours."
Negativ: "so late. no explanation... something about the weather bad in Boston? but that wouldn't explain every flight being late. And as usual Kayak did a better job of giving delay info than Air Canada!"
Positiv: "Flight was delayed 1.7 hours."
Positiv: "Great service"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "This was a terrible flight. We were delayed and rerouted to Toronto but not given enough information. We spent an average for an hour waiting for take off each time."
Positiv: "Alles gut, wie erwartet. Cool, dass Internet im Angebot war."
Negativ: "Klar, die Flieger werden immer enger... aber für die Umwelt ist es schon besser, wenn dafür weniger Flieger starten also beklage ich mich auch nicht so sehr drüber. Am Besten wäre es, wenn es mehr Züge gäbe für solche kurze Strecken."
Positiv: "The vegan meal was tasty"
Negativ: "Boarding was chaos. My partner’s entertainment screen would not work so I was not in a position to use mine. Air Canada doesn’t understand vegan. Offered us egg and cheese for a snack. Typical air travel. Long live the train."
Positiv: "Good meals and services with beverages"
Negativ: "None"
Positiv: "I liked the exit row leg room. Not a big fan of the dreamliner layout, but they were very affordable."
Negativ: "There was a 12-year-old seated next to the exit door. They tried to exchange his seat with other people in the exit row, but no one agreed to it. However, there were various open seats in other rows, some with 2 empty seats side-by-side. It baffles me that he could not move to another row."
Negativ: "5h travel at noon, no meal, this is a bit cheap."
Negativ: "Flight was more than hour delayed. When it hit the turbulence zone it was insanely scary. I know it's nobody's fault but leaves bad felling about the flight."
Positiv: "Das Boarding und die Durchführung waren super. Das Personal sprach Französisch. Nicht alles wurde auf Englisch wiederholt. Getränke wurden NUR EIN MAL angeboten. Essen hat Geld gekostet - nicht gut. United Airlines hat zwar auch essen Gegen Geld angeboten, aber hat mindestens 3 Mal von sich auch Getränke angeboten. Also von sich aus."
Negativ: "Kaum Beinfreiheit. Essen nur gehen Geld."
Positiv: "Efficient crew as with the first flight I had, consistent service."
Negativ: "I don’t know if it’s the Vancouver-Mexico route or if it’s the seats but there’s just something difficult about it. First time I flew into Vancouver I was exhausted which makes sense as I had to fall out of bed at 3am, but this time I was awake and well rested and it still felt draining (which generally doesn’t happen to me with flights). Maybe it’s the leg space and the seats? Not sure. Could also be the odd time zone crossing."
Negativ: "The entertainment system was down for 45 minutes on the flight from toronto to vancouver, and the air crew didn't seem to be bothered by it until many people complained / asked to move."
Negativ: "Air Canada cancelled the flght without notification. Sat in the airport from 10:45 in the morning until boarding call at 13:30! There were 8 cancelled flights to NYC because of Toronto return scheduling conflicts resulting from runway repair work. Air Canada customer service desk was horrible."
Positiv: "Plane was clean and entertainment was great. Crew was good."
Negativ: "Boarding process has more than 50 people in line to attend all flights and I almost loose mine. Need to run to the gate because of lack of organization."
Positiv: "We didnt crash"
Negativ: "We didn't crash"
Negativ: "I would like to see planes getting boarded from the back to the front. That way there are less people holding up traffic and you are not bumping someone who is already seated as you are going by."
Positiv: "Dieser kurze Flug verlief schnell und komfortabel. Es gab Internetzugang am Board, der gut funktionierte."
Positiv: "Quick, cheap, great service"
Negativ: "Nothing bad, really"
Positiv: "der sessel ist wie ein altes economy-sessel, das essen ist schöner angerichtet, und es gibt mehr platz"
Negativ: "leider ist die standard-economy-klasse viel enger geworden"
Positiv: "Smooth sailing across the board."
Positiv: "Getting me from point A to point B in one piece is most important, so top marks there."
Negativ: "- was told to switch gates twice for the same flight (while lugging my stuff along with me) - both flights were late - flight tracker didn't work from LAX to Vancouver - just a note: on flight from Vancouver to LAX, passenger behind us was talking 5X louder then literally anyone else on the plane. I bought headphones just to drown out his life story."
Negativ: "7 hours flight delay"
Positiv: "The cabin attendants did a fine job and the aircraft was clean."
Negativ: "I didn't like the in flight entertainment system. Some of the monitors did not work for some passengers and the crew had to reset the system several times which disrupted all passengers."
Positiv: "Crew was super nice. Free entertainment even though the flight was only three hours."
Negativ: "Small, cramped plane with no free snacks."
Positiv: "There was nothing redeeming about this flight."
Negativ: "Delay caused us to almost miss our flight to Dublin. Rude staff, and overall disappointing. I will not be flying on Air Canada again."
Negativ: "Delays on every leg of our flight. Missed our evening flight to USA and had to spend the night in Canada to fly out the next day. Desk agent service was atrocious!"
Negativ: "Small, older plane = not much room and very little comfort Arrived late because?!?!?!?"
Positiv: "I honestly can't think of anything I liked, other than the plane arriving and leaving on time."
Negativ: "The in flight entertainment is a joke, it's a 14 hour flight so why are there only 3 episodes of any tv show? The food was inedible, and beverages were limited to 3 choices coffee, water or juice. I was trying to sleep on the plane but every time a flight attendant would walk past me they would run into me (and I was very much within my seat) and wake me up. They also woke me up to ask if I wanted food twice. The seats were so uncomfortable. I'm an able bodied 20 something and if I am in this much physical pain from flying I can't imagine what an elderly person must feel like after flying Air Canada. The pillow that was provided gave me no comfort what so ever, it wasn't think enough to even offer some back support."
Positiv: "The flight attendants were awesome. Specifically the black lady with short hair, I don't remember her name but she was fantastic and super down to earth."
Positiv: "None"
Negativ: "The two meals served on board were cheap. Very small portions and cheap containers were used."
Positiv: "The pilots did an amazing job navigating around a passing storm."
Negativ: "Flight boarded late and then was delayed on the tarmac for an hour to unload baggage for passengers that did not make the flight due to security/customs. Minimal legroom"
Positiv: "Crew accommodated me with extra water."
Negativ: "Only unhealthy expensive food purchases on 5 hour flight! Not even a complimentary snack!"

nul I am satisfied because Jewish people were very noisy during the flight I AM NOT RACIST but they were extremely noisy and what impressed me was that the food served them at the beginning and the rest 1 hour late. The biggest problem was during the trip I was very scared the plane started shaking tremendously for a long time, this terrifies me a lot and I do not have to choose with this and I do not have to recommend it to anyone

The best

Change airline

Negativ: "kayak geat flighthub the worse ROBERS"
Positiv: "Sehr positiv dass man der Person neben mir einen freien Platz anbot und wir dadurch mehr Platz hatten. Sitzplatz hatte ausreichend Platz und das Unterhaltungsprogramm war sehr gut."
Negativ: "Frühstück hätte besser sein können"
Positiv: "Economy seating for such a small plane was great."
Negativ: "This flight- one of the crew (female) had a miserable attitude. Like we were an inconvenience."
Positiv: "Amazing crew and comfortable seats"
Negativ: "Food, movies"
Positiv: "Poor"
Positiv: "staff was nice"
Negativ: "it was late as always, so instead of getting home tonight, I am in a crapy hotel in Houston ...."
Positiv: "business class seats at the time of the sleep was very uneven and uncomfortable, foods and coffees were cold."
Negativ: "Everythings ........"
Negativ: "food"
Negativ: "Pünktlich"
Negativ: "Seats very uncomfortable Planes tatty Toilets very dirty"
Negativ: "bei einem 45 min Flug kann man nicht viel anders machen"
Positiv: "eingentlich war gar nichts wirklich gut. sondern max mässig"
Negativ: "Es gibt 2x auf einem über 11 Stunden non-stop Flug was zum essen:Nach dem Start und einmal 1,5 Stunden vor der Landung. 9 Std. nichts. Wenn dann eine Stewardess helfen will mit einem kleinen Snack aber von einem Kollegin gebremst wird, dann finde ich das unverschämt!! "Wir machen keine Ausnahmen!""
Positiv: "Crew was great"
Negativ: "Airbus seats comfortable but not the same on the Boeing 747"
Positiv: "Personal freundlich und in dem Fall war der Punkt 20 Minuten überpünktlich"
Negativ: "Wie üblich auf diesen kurzen Flügen keine Bordunterhaltung. Relativ wenig Sitzabstand wie sonst aber auch üblich (bei knappe 1,90m) wenn kein spezieller Sitz mehr frei ist."
Positiv: "Losding procedure orderly, staff helpful."
Negativ: "Pretzels are getting old, anything new out there?"
Positiv: "Leider verspätet"
Positiv: "Me gusto que el vuelo fue puntual y la cortesía de la señora que nos atendió. Viaje en Business Class y no hubo nada excepcional que me gustara"
Negativ: "La película que pusieron fue realmente mala"
Negativ: "Entertainment während des Fluges nur gegen Aufpreis mittels Kreditkartenzahlung möglich"
Negativ: "- knapp unter 6 Std Flugzeit und nur ein Mini-sackerl bretzen zum Essen - für jedes Gepäckstück wird kassiert"
Positiv: "Flug hat Minimumkriterien erfuellt. Puenklichkeit und Sicherheit. Getraenke wurden offeriert."
Negativ: "Ich bin klein und fand es beengend. Das überraschendste war aber das komplett fehlende Unterhaltungsprogramm. Nicht mal ein gemeinschaftlicher Monitor. Dies bei einem 4h Flug. Info über vorhandene Service( entertainment und food ) im Flug wäre wünschenswert."
Positiv: "On time"
Positiv: "Everything was fast"
Negativ: "emtertinment screens in the front Row couldn’t turn Iran’s it was a midnight flight."
Positiv: "nice plane. good service good job of getting our missing bags to us."
Negativ: "delays on both ends. luggage did not arrive with us on either end"
Positiv: "United is an OK airline, but their planes are old and not comfortable, entertainment is inexistent since it has old and bad screens and everything is paid, better to have your own tablet."
Negativ: "Seats aren't comfortable, airplanes too old, food is bad, crew members don't have the service as Asian or Middle east airlines."
Positiv: "Left on time"
Negativ: "No screens nor outlets for charging. Outlets available only for higher tier tickets (for additional price). Surprised they dod not charge for air based on ticket price, but they might have for all I know. Sitting on the runway waiting for a gate, our section was filled with exhaust from the engines, which feeled like assisted suicide, almost lost consciousness."
Negativ: "Waiting in the airport for 8 hours."
Positiv: "Business Class entsprach voll den Erwartungen, nur das erste Mal war der Flug rückwärts"
Positiv: "Prinzipiell ok aber nicht First Class Standard, wie gebucht"
Positiv: "The flight was full. I was upgraded to an exit row seat which was wonderful."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Was excellent i like thank you"
Negativ: "Nothing al contrario all excellent"
Positiv: "Smiling attendants."
Negativ: "After buying alcohol in Guatemala, at the duty free shop, the workers at the shop taped the small boxed jars in bubble wrap - not, I discovered in an official duty free bag. So security stopped me in Houston, I went back to the United counter where they were going to charge me $15 to send it to Sacramento. I didn't spend the money. Dissapointing."
Positiv: "Flights on time"
Negativ: "Luggage arrived 2 hours late on separate flight"
Positiv: "Siehe Bewertung in den Kategorien. Essen ok, Boarding entspannt und ein guter Flug für den Preis (sehr günstig)"
Negativ: "Nicht sehr viel Platz, zu wenige Getränke über den Flugzeitraum, Personal nur mäßig freundlich, kein Boardentertainment am Platz nur über zentrale Lautsprecher aller 4-5 Reihen (Flug durchgeführt von United)"
Positiv: "The crew was attentive and professional"
Negativ: "The seats were very uncomfortable"
Positiv: "Guter Komfort und gute Beinfreiheit zu den Vordersitzen so dass man auch nach einem Langstreckenflug von München nach San Francisco entspannt ankommt."
Negativ: "No one notified me that my trip was cancelled I found out myself and then had to rebook after waiting two and a half hours on hold for someone at United for assistance no one ever answered"
Negativ: "... und alles kostet extra: Bordunterhaltung, Essen, Bier."
Positiv: "Wir waren sehr knapp dran. Wir erreichten den Flieger nur, weil uns Airline Angestellte geholfen haben und wir durch den Flughafen gespurtet sind."
Negativ: "2 hours delay"
Positiv: "Flight attendant service was great."
Negativ: "I'm tall and the seats are cramped."
Positiv: "No layover and the guy was nice to sit all 3 of us together."
Negativ: "Unorganized for boarding, unorganized for check in, no snacks, no meals available on flight or at the airport due to it being a late flight."
Negativ: "Everything was good"
Positiv: "Arriving in the states"
Negativ: "Charging 28$ to check one bag on an international flight? When did that change and why? I will fly somebody else from now on. What greed!"
Negativ: "I had to wait 16 hours, it was a serious delay"
Positiv: "Flight was on time. This shouldn't have to be a "positive" aspect of the trip but unfortunately was the only flight during my trip that was on time."
Negativ: "Delayed getting on our way I think because they were late getting in and had to do all the plane checking. Captain said safety checks. Seat space felt tight and I am short."
Positiv: "Personal war sehr nett, das Boarding ging zügig vonstatten, Sitze gemütlich(für Kurzstreckenflug)"
Negativ: "Flug hatte 1 h Verspätung, keine Auswahl beim angebotenen Snack"

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20:16 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
30:50 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 861
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
39:30 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
60:25 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 887
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
50:50 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
60:25 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 926
2 StoppsAir Canada
18:05 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsAir Canada
43:30 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 958
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
27:50 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
39:29 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 964
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
24:10 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
43:49 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 041
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
20:40 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
43:49 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 056
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
22:35 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsUnited Airlines
41:59 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 096
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
34:39 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
38:50 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 137
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
34:39 Std.GUA-VIE
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
43:26 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 146
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
34:39 Std.GUA-VIE
3 StoppsMehrere Fluglinien
42:41 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 200
2 StoppsAir Canada
42:05 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsAir Canada
43:30 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 205
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
20:10 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
38:23 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 314
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
24:00 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
38:23 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 323
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
32:35 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
43:43 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 324
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
24:00 Std.GUA-VIE
2 StoppsAmerican Airlines
62:15 Std.VIE-GUA
€ 1 356

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