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GRZ — Tennessee
18. Sep — 25. Sep1
Hin- und Rückflug
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  • Buche deinen Flug mindestens 2 Wochen vor dem geplanten Abflug, um dir einen guten Preis zu sichern.
  • Die Hochsaison ist im Jänner, Februar und Dezember. Der günstigste Monat für Flüge nach Tennessee ist Februar.

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Top-Airline für Flüge von Graz nach Tennessee

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DeltaErgebnis aus 31227 Bewertungen

Wifi extremely slow. Not worth the money.

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Wifi extremely slow. Not worth the money.

Had a great experience. Very friendly staff

On time, cordial service,

Positiv: "Friendly crew Flight left on time Refreshments were alright Thankful for the free WiFi"
Negativ: "Seats were small Hardly any space below seat to store hand luggage Aisle was tight"
Negativ: "Internet and plane was small and old"
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "Extremely frustrated. Upon booking my ticket, I was told it wouldn’t be a full flight. At no point did u receive any information alerting me that it was going to be a full flight. I was extremely uncomfortable due to COVID."
Negativ: "Seats are tiny"
Positiv: "Almost as soon as we finished taking off, we were landing. A one-hour trip doesn't let you really love or hate anything."
Positiv: "Crew was great, seats were comfy and the entertainment options were good."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed but it happens."
Positiv: "I love all the complementary stuff on flight"
Negativ: "Better ear buds"
Positiv: "Crew was very friendly and efficient. Flight was pretty smooth."
Negativ: "On time departure would have been nice. 2.5 hours late."
Negativ: "Crew was not very friendly or helpful. Not even a drink service on this flight. Atlanta is over crowded and always a problem. Couldn’t avoid it this time."
Positiv: "Flight was short"
Negativ: "My seat didn’t have a window. The woman who booked it told me there was limited recline, THERE WAS NO RECLINE, and she left out there is no window even though she asked me if I wanted window or isle and I chose window. I felt like I was in a closet. Landing was incredibly harsh."
Negativ: "Again, make sure to note conspicuously that luggage price is not included."
Positiv: "The flight crew was great. Very friendly and efficient and there were free snacks with the comfort + seating with Delta. It’s airplane seating so it is what it is but I was not uncomfortable."
Negativ: "I’m not sure everything was really great."
Negativ: "Ich hatte für meine Mutter und mich das Ticket zusammen gebucht jedoch haben wir keine Sitze nebeneinander bekommen. Nicht schlimm aber schon ärgerlich wenn das nicht von der Airline aus klappt und die Leute nicht Sitze tauschen wollen"
Positiv: "Toller Service"
Positiv: "Movies were good, once in flight it was a smooth ride"
Negativ: "Communicate better during the delay"
Positiv: "Ryan was great! Very nice and professional, would love to see him on a future flight."
Positiv: "Great food and service in first class"
Negativ: "Water waiting on table on arrival"
Positiv: "Crew was friendly"
Negativ: "An hour and a half late, terrible communication about scheduling"
Negativ: "Bildschirmgrösse"
Negativ: "Mehr Verpflegung mit Getränken wäre schön gewesen, aber an sich alles ok."
Negativ: "Bigger personal space"
Negativ: "90 minutes on the taxiway is not what you want"
Positiv: "No turbulence"
Negativ: "Cramed plane"
Negativ: "The pplane was two hours late to depart due to technical issues."
Negativ: "Terrible landing"
Positiv: "Wonderful service. Staff was attentive and helpful. Flight was great. I got to watch a couple movies and was able to retrieve my oversized luggage easily and even quickly. Thank you, Delta!"
Negativ: "I’m not a seasoned traveler and packed some needed items for our home out-of-state in an oversized bag. That bag ended up costing me $200 extra at check-in. I could’ve Fed-ex’d for cheaper or put into two separate bags for cheaper. Then, my flight was delayed an hour."
Negativ: "Sat on the runway for over an hour to get the gate. Unacceptable."
Positiv: "Same"
Positiv: "entertainment and leg room on regular seats"
Negativ: "delay, boarding process"
Negativ: "Wir hatten uns für den teureren Direktflug entschieden - dieser wurde zweimal geändert, letztendlich hatten wir einen Stop in Orlando und sind viel früher losgeflogen als ursprünglich geplant - was zur Folge hatte, dass die Kids quasi nicht geschlafen haben weil wir mitten in der Nacht ankamen und zu allem Überfluss wurden unsere Sitzplätze geändert - in die Reihe vor dem Notausgang, an der sich nicht mal die Lehne zurückstellen lässt... also extrem wenig Platz wenn der Vordermann seine zurückstellt..."
Positiv: "Alle Flüge pünktlich, nettes Personal an Board, Essen gut, gerne wieder"
Positiv: "Nice updates"
Negativ: "There was a LOT of turbulence and the landing was a rough one too. Plane was cramped with very little leg room and my seat back was broken."
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "This is the second flight in a row in which Delta has either cancelled or rescheduled my flight at the last minute. Last time I was stranded in the Atlanta airport overnight waiting literally all night for them to return my luggage (which never came, and then was late even to my final destination). I will not be using Delta in the future."
Negativ: "Delta allowed flights with empty seats going to the same destination to take off without trying to fill them w passengers who were delayed on other flights. Our flight was delayed more than three hours, and it’s a shame that some folks could have been accommodated on that flight but were not."
Positiv: "flight attendants"
Negativ: "As soon as we all were boarded we where told there was a mechanical issue. Sat on the boarded cramped flight for 2 hours until issue was fixed. If there was a mechanical issue then the plane should’ve not been boarded until it was fixed. Much rather have waited in lobby for 2 hours than on a plane with no food and water. Or at least alllowed us to deboard while issues where resolved."
Negativ: "delays after delays"
Positiv: "Very comfortable seat and nice boarding and exit."
Negativ: "Not clear at all on what was complimentary, etc. Had a very large man next to me, practically sharing my seat so getting any needed work done was out of the question unfortunately."
Positiv: "Service vey Good. Nice choices. Comfort seating very nice"
Negativ: "WiFi awful. Useless."
Positiv: "The LGA team did great in difficult situation"
Positiv: "Der Flug fand immerhin statt"
Negativ: "Der Flug startete mit 4 Stunden Verspätung, die sich im halbstündige m Rhythmus ohne Angabe von Gründen aufbauten. Erst nach massiven Beschwerden mehrerer Kunden gab es schließlich ein Fläschchen Wasser."
Negativ: "Langes warten für fliegen , Kamikaze Check in,"
Positiv: "Freundliche Service"
Negativ: "Flugzeug ist über die Jahre gekommen (Alt)"
Negativ: "Sat on the plane on the tarmac for over an hour in the cold..."
Negativ: "They lost my bag."
Positiv: "Very efficient boarding; crew had the foresight to ask for travelers to gate-check their bags due to a full flight and that saved a lot of boarding time and hassle."
Negativ: "The seats on this aircraft looked like that had a 2-2 configuration; it's now 3-2 making it pretty cramped in Coach."
Positiv: "Compared to previous flight - this was so much better with upgrade to first class and extra space."

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