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Top-Airline für Flüge von Graz nach Antananarivo

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Kenya AirwaysErgebnis aus 1266 Bewertungen
Positiv: "It was comfortable"
Negativ: "They should start giving out snacks"
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Positiv: "It was comfortable"
Negativ: "They should start giving out snacks"
Positiv: "Nothing because I wasn’t able to make the flight service."
Negativ: "Have customer service respond in a timely manner. I know you can’t control other agency have been trying 4 days prior to flight schedule to cancel due to positive Covid-19 results and still no response so don’t know if I will lose my ticket price if so won’t deal with you again"
Positiv: "Crew was very professional and helpful"
Negativ: "Everything met or exceeded my expectations."
Negativ: "Better variety of latest movies,"
Positiv: "Same things as mentioned for the NBO-EBB leg"
Negativ: "Food"
Negativ: "Movie selection wasn't great"
Positiv: "Boarding and comfort"
Negativ: "Should be more food/drink selections Probably better to fly Jambo Jet as it has more on offer (even if I have to pay)"
Positiv: "Nothing check in counter take good two hours flight delay 7 hour return 4 hour rude staff no communication no more traveling in Kenya Airways."
Negativ: "Very Very poor service unskilled staff not enough knowledge rude"
Negativ: "Die Bestuhlung der Business Class ist bei Oman Air besser, da hat jeder Sitz Zugang zum Gang. Bei der KLM ist der Fensterplatz im Nachteil, weil er über den Gangplatz klettern muss. Ich wollte auch lieber den Gangplatz, bekam ich aber nicht."
Negativ: "Der Flug wurde bereits einmal zu unseren Ungunsten nach hinten verschoben und heute kurze Zeit vor Abflug erneut um unglaubliche 80 min! So saßen wir insgesamt knapp 5 std. aus Kisumu kommend in Nairobi am Airport! Unangenehm!!!"
Positiv: "No delay."
Negativ: "N/A"
Negativ: "The worst airline I’ve ever flown with! We missed our connection from Nairobi because they set off early and didn’t wait for us. The staff in all airports we rude (one swore at me!) they charged us obsense amounts for luggage we were under weight with all in all an awful experience. NEVER fly kenyan"
Negativ: "As our first flight was late, we missed our connecting flight in Nairobi. They had us wait for nearly 2 hours to finally get our VISA and take us to a hotel to wait for the next flight. However, after waiting for 2 hours (with a 1-year old child), they took us to a hotel which didn't have any room"
Negativ: "Too many onboard announcements"
Negativ: "It was really great flying with them"
Positiv: "Smooth and comfortable flight!"
Negativ: "Crew should take diversity training, they tend to treat white people better than people of color. Also this flight was delayed and communication was poor, no crew were on sight during the time on ground! The selection of movies was so poor. KQ is really a stingy airline, 15 hrs flight and no amenity kit! Smh"
Positiv: "Fairly comfortable, good food. Good service, friendly boarding crew."
Negativ: "My luggage was moved from the overhead compartment to another compartment much further from where I was seated. I was not informed of this and was not aware. I had to wait for all the passengers to leave while the cabin crew searched for the back. This was most unpleasant and stressful."
Positiv: "Service and flight tines"
Negativ: "Asked for a non middle seat and got stuck both legs"
Positiv: "moderne Flugzeuge erstklassiger Service lokale Speisen"
Negativ: "nicht die allerneusten Filme beim Unterhalltungsprogramm"
Positiv: "Very quick, smooth flight"
Positiv: "professional KLM flights"
Negativ: "headphone audio quality not as good as had hoped"
Positiv: "Great staff"
Negativ: "Didn’t get a blanket at night"
Positiv: "Nice staff"
Negativ: "N/A"
Positiv: "On board movie selection is good, however could be a bit larger."
Positiv: "The best flight attendants who met my needs with prompt, positive, politeness. Again, my highest regards for Kenya Airways!"
Positiv: "The flight services were good but with two major horrible issues:"
Negativ: "1. It took almost one week after my arrival to trace my checked-in baggage. Horrible indeed. Moreover, the baggage contained my medications and other valuables which I needed on ongoing basis! Very disappointing! 2. Despite being charged for the full fare as indicated online, Kenya Airways charged my debit card an additional fee of $31.19. I thought the amount that I had paid to KAYAK was final? I will NEVER dare use such a travel agent engine again in future!"
Positiv: "Kind people"
Negativ: "na"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "None"
Positiv: "We were connecting on a delta flight. The agent offered to connect our bags all the way through. We checked with delta. The bags were there but if we didn't ask about them I'm not sure they would have made it."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Made it to the airport 1hour and 15 min before the flight and was denied boarding. Airport would not allow me to see the ticket agent. Terrible experience."
Positiv: "I liked the alerts from crew about the journey.They kept time about the journey."
Negativ: "The space between one row and another in economy class was too small as compared to other flights I have had. I did not like the lay over time."
Positiv: "great food, entertainment was good. host and hostess were friendly and professional"
Positiv: "Pilot updating passengers on the geographical features along the route and keeping them informed at all times together with client oriented crew."
Negativ: "food"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed."
Positiv: "Nothing. I wasn't on this flight"
Negativ: "I still need to be re-booked!"
Positiv: "All in all was good -"
Negativ: "three of us were travelling together with 3 bags. Two bags didn't come - they were left in Nairobi. We were in Nairobi more than 3 hours so it should have been enough to get the bags on the plane. This is super frustrating - also can Kenya Airways not deliver bags in nairobi if they left them. I do understand when flight connections are tight etc, but this wasn't."
Negativ: "We only had 30 minutes to catch this connecting flight due to our incredibly delayed PrecisionAir flight. We got to the service desk to get our boarding passes and there was only one person to service a multitude of people. Of course they knew that a flight was coming in, why there was only one personnel is still a mystery to me. The person who served us, Victor K., was probably the least helpful customer service personnel I've come across. He was very slow, considering that he knows there's a lot of us trying to get to our next flight. We ended up missing our connecting flight. And for some reason, the plane left earlier than the time it was supposed to leave. Another mystery to me. Shouldn't their system have told them that there were a few passengers on the previous flight that was supposed to board this connecting flight?! They did give us a free hotel for the night, or so they call a hotel. The food served was just horrendous. They just served whatever is enough to be considered "food". I will never fly with Kenya airways ever again. They are so unreliable, irresponsible, and have very little regard to customer service."
Positiv: "The arrival to Monrovia."
Negativ: "Losing baggage for a week."
Negativ: "I didn't like the fact that i couldn't reach out to a representative at the airport at 1am thus missing my flight. When their offices opened trying to get them to book me on the next flight, i was told to pay full price. Their customer service is a complete joke. They should stay out of business."
Negativ: "Flight cancelled streessed up"
Positiv: "I liked the food and actual service on the flight"
Negativ: "Notorious for flight delays! How can you cancel an entire flight the day before?! Horrible! The delays are very annoying! Kenya Airways you're fired! Kayak, you guys should remove their crappy service from your options!! I only found out about the delay from their online service. The actual people suck! And do not even try to get through on their customer service line!"
Positiv: "That we eventually left"
Negativ: "Our flight was delayed because the airport shut down. When the airport opened again. They gave us a departure time 4 hours after our original departure time (1:20 am). 1:20 came and went without any more communication or information. 1:40 am arrived and someone from KQ showed up at our gate and said they do not have any additional information. We said there are children here and hungry, tired, frustrated people. We suggested they distribute waters or snacks, but that never happened. They just kept telling us they didnt know when the flight would take off (or if it would) nor when they would have any additional information. An hour later they made one announcement over the speaker at our gate that our flight was boarding at another gate. However, many people had fallen asleep on the floor as I had and I would have missed it if one of my fellow passengers hadnt woken me up to say that we were boarding. We then sat on the tarmac a while longer for reasons that were not explained and finally landed 7 hours later than scheduled. Very little effort was put into communicating to us, making our wait comfortable nor apologizing for the inconvenience. It was a very frustrating experience."
Positiv: "Der sitzabstand, freundliche Besatzung"
Negativ: "IFE funktionierte nicht, wenig GetränkeAuswahl, nur einen snack zum essen"
Positiv: "Even though the flight was delayed, I still made it to the airport in a reasonable time."
Negativ: "The headphone jack in my seat had a broken jack in it and I wasn't able to enjoy the in flight entertainment"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Poor organization regarding flight cancellation - I was stuck in the CDG airport all day long to find out more information and get a hotel voucher. And then next morning, there was no clear announcement regarding a rescheduled flight; the flight was delayed AGAIN. This trip caused so much problem in my work."
Positiv: "Crew Communications every. Inbound Captain Landings and Take off"
Negativ: "Captains Landing outbound Fugi Airport Siera Leone and Landing in Accra. The Pilot caused Panic, he is inexperienced. Captain flight 5595 to Accra from Monrovia on Sep 2,2016. Disaster awaiting"
Positiv: "Evertthing"
Negativ: "Nithing"
Positiv: "All 4 of us were upgraded to business class on this 5 hour flight on the KQ Dreamliner 787. Very good seat, service and pre departure lounge in NBO."
Positiv: "Service with smile"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Always treated with respect, economy seats were comfortable. Attendants always managed to accommodate. In the morning, i asked for a diet coke and she said, I just have juices and water. So I changed my order. Then when she got a chance brought me a can of diet coke with ice. So nice!! I'll definitely fly with Kenya Airways again."
Negativ: "IN Bangkok while waiting to board the flight, the gate attendants stopped making announcements and just held up cards. I was trying to follow instructions and not crowd the gate and missed my time to board. It's totally a minor thing but at the end of the trip at 1am it was just frustrating."

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