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Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Ethiopian AirErgebnis aus 2455 Bewertungen
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Entertainment"
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Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Entertainment"
Positiv: "Crew and stewardess were fantastic"
Negativ: "Bathrooms needed cleaning on the long trip from Addis Ababa to Houston! They were nasty because guys can’t seem to hit the hole. So there was urine on seat and on floor."
Positiv: "The efficiency of the whole process"
Negativ: "The cabin attendants need to be warmer and more friendly"
Negativ: "Water to drink during flight."
Negativ: "1 hr delay in departure from Lusaka. Plastic cutlery was difficult to eat with. More frequent water/drinks (or waterbottles instead of little cups) would have been appreciated. Movie options were not as good as other airlines."
Negativ: "Online check in was not possible. The check in and boarding process took more than two hours and there was no order."
Negativ: "Flight delays with no info from staff. Food poorly prepared. No orderly queues - there is aggression with no intervention from staff. There is no need for two security checks when making connections in Addis. Plane loos were all very stinky and dirty. I now remember why I had stopped using ET!"
Positiv: "Crew was very friendly and professional"
Negativ: "45 minutes late departure"
Positiv: "New aircraft with comfortable business seats"
Negativ: "More than 4 hours delay! Not all selection from food menu available"
Positiv: "Fast gate work."
Negativ: "Lost luggage and the food and silent movie option (no headphones provided for overhead movie)"
Positiv: "The arm rest was dismantled and had a sharp edge of metal which sliced my arm and thumb when I sat down. I was promised a new seat and never delivered. Horrendous."
Negativ: "See above"
Negativ: "wasserspülung der Toiletten im Airbus von Addis nach Harare hat nicht funktioniert, Toiletten verschmutzt, Spülen nicht möglich"
Positiv: "Way more leg room than I expected. The crew was very nice, the announcements were made in 3 languages, which was nice for the non-Amharic speakers!"
Negativ: "Boarding in Lomé took a long time, which I believe made us a little later at the airport. Not sure if that is something fixable or not"
Positiv: "The crew was amazing. The crew is an asset to the airline"
Negativ: "Boarding is chaotic."
Negativ: "Auf allen acht Flügen mit Ethiopian waren die Sessel und der Boden schmutzig und dreckig, abgewetzt. Die Crew lässt Dinge dir heruntergefallen sind auch einfach am Boden liegen. Langsam beim serviceablauf. Overhead bins teilweise bei start offen. Katastrophe!"
Negativ: "Auf allen acht Flügen mit Ethiopian waren die Sessel und der Boden schmutzig und dreckig, abgewetzt. Die Crew lässt Dinge dir heruntergefallen sind auch einfach am Boden liegen. Langsam beim serviceablauf. Overhead bins teilweise bei start offen. Katastrophe!"
Negativ: "Bole airport in Addis no place to sit and wait befor you check in"
Positiv: "Es hat alles gut geklappt. Boarding, Team und sitze sind sehr gut. Essen und Board Programm sind vollkommen ausreichend."
Negativ: "Nichts. Es war alles sehr gut. Ethiopian würde ich wieder fliegen."
Positiv: "Es hat alles gut geklappt. Boarding, Team und sitze sind sehr gut. Essen und Board Programm sind vollkommen ausreichend."
Negativ: "Nichts. Es war alles sehr gut. Ethiopian würde ich wieder fliegen."
Positiv: "The staff and flight attendants were pleasant. Good entertainment and comfortable enough seats."
Negativ: "I wasn't looking forward to the 11 hour flight, however the 4+ hour delay was a significant inconvenience. We were on the tarmac in Abidjan for almost an hour, before we were informed that there were some technical issues. We were told it was a minor issue, until clearly it was a large enough issue as a lot of time passed by. Air stopped flowing so many passengers including myself became uncomfortably hot and dehydrated. The flight attendants only came down the aisle once with water, which was not considerate enough given that the air stopped flowing. Finally close to two hours later passengers we instructed to disembark without mention of how long the wait would be. We re-boarded the flight after about an hour and only then were informed that there was not enough power to fly the plane. Once we took off the air flow returned and the flight overall was pleasant. While safety of course is a priority, especially for a long overnight flight, communication could have been much better."
Positiv: "nothing"
Negativ: "stuck in the plane with no AC for 2h serve twice the same chicken hot hot hot plane arrived in the middle of the night travelling with a baby"
Positiv: "I liked the services of the air hostess: they were very polite. The flight was also very comfortable and enjoyable."
Negativ: "The person who gives information should speak the English language portion slowly and clearly for better understanding of passengers"
Positiv: "luggage take time to receive , over 1 h"
Negativ: "luggage tale long time to receive"
Positiv: "On time. Service and culture"
Negativ: "N/A"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Very comfortable airline with enough leg room.The crew were very professional and nice."
Positiv: "Crew were nice"
Negativ: "Always delaying, catastrophic food."
Negativ: "2 separate incidents. One, a fight between passengers at ththe check in desk that spilled over before staff could resolve incident. Then at security, after immigration, no cues. Minimal staff overseeing the process. No organization. Early"
Negativ: "Plane didn’t hold, even though I would have made it if they waited 10 minutes, and surely they knew I was coming from a delayed flight caused by Ethiopian and left anyways. Now have to take 3 extra flights and will miss a train at my final destination."
Positiv: "New plane fantastic cabin"
Negativ: "There was a fight but nothibg to do with the flight crew just some passenger with mental issues"
Negativ: "The crew on the ground could be more friendly and could improve their communication. Improvement needed on the food."
Positiv: "Plane was spacious and flight crew were nice"
Negativ: "The fact that they confirmed that my luggage would make it to my final destination, and now that I arrived in dakar with no luggage it’s no longer there responsability"
Positiv: "Sehr schmackhaftes essen"
Negativ: "1 h Verspätung beim Abflug (im Flugzeug sitzend) wegen Gewichtsverteilung der Ladung."
Positiv: "Boarding was superb"
Positiv: "The crew members are very friendly, always smiling and attentive."
Negativ: "The entertainment system needs an upgrade. Touch screens unresponsive."
Positiv: "Vom Boarding bis hin zur Betreuung in den Maschinen war alles gut!"
Negativ: "Der Online Check-in hat nicht so besonders gut funktioniert. Da gibt es bei der star alliance klares Verbesserungspotential."
Negativ: "Did not provide special meal although I called ahead to request it."
Positiv: "The plane is spacious lost of leg room"
Negativ: "can improve on the food"
Negativ: "flight got delayed"
Negativ: "I had to purchase the upgrade to business class at the airport. On your site business class was not available."
Positiv: "Cabin crew were all charming."
Negativ: "Unfortunately, I had to request earphones (which were not supplied in the seat pocket in front of me) five times from three different attendants over the course of an hour and a quarter before I was given them. This was not just so I could watch a movie but because the quality of the plane's public address system made it very difficult to listen to the announcements from the captain and the crew. Listening on earphones I was able to hear everything clearly. Why it had to take so long just to give me earphones I don't know."
Negativ: "The entire flight was fully booked and plane full of people with bad hygiene whose smell was so offensive that I was nauseous. My friend and I were the only two Western people on the plane and forced to sit in the last row of the plane next to the toilets. Passengers were rude and pushed us during boarding, on the bus, and when leaving the plane. It was disgusting."
Negativ: "At Addis airport, they announced first that the trip got cancelled and postponed for another 7 hours. Then while lining up to change my ticket, I overheard people saying that the boarding is starting in 30 minutes and we have to rush to the gate. Then the gate number changed 3 times and the boarding time got delayed few times as well. It was a 5 stars chaos that trip!"
Positiv: "Customer service was great and the restrooms were cleaned regularly unlike some long haul flights where it's not the case."
Positiv: "Great service! Friendly and on time!"
Negativ: "A mother was put off the plane with her infant because she didn't carry a ticket. Was brought back on at some point we must have a heart no excuses"
Positiv: "New aircraft 777 from Boeing"
Negativ: "Food was so poor. Only option was chiken"
Negativ: "I was suppose to stay on the flight in Hong Kong to continue to Ethiopia and they never made an announcement. I had a seat with a TV that did not work and it took over 30 mins for a flight attendant to respond."
Positiv: "The food. And the on board entertainment. Staff was also nice but a little bit sloppy and slow."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed. No information was given on this. Also,Addis adaba is not a tier 1 Airport. I'd rather pay the same. Money to go through Qatar or dubai."

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