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Egypt AirErgebnis aus 2098 Bewertungen
Negativ: "It was really nice and comfortable trip"
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Negativ: "It was really nice and comfortable trip"
Positiv: "The crew was okay but seat comfort on the A330 not so good."
Positiv: "The airplane was specious and comfortable and the crew are extremely nice people"
Negativ: "We took off later than the expected time wäbut we and that‘s not I‘m used to from egyptair but eventually we reached our destination in the mean expected time, also the landing was a bit harsh and we felt it all"
Positiv: "The crew was friendly"
Negativ: "The comfort, the plan was old and seat were not comfortable"
Positiv: "The flight was on time, the crew was fine"
Negativ: "The business class lounge was closed, they gave us $25 per person voucher, but no one store in the airport wanted to accept them. There were not enough seats available when we were waiting for boarding. Business class entertainment needs significant improvement."
Negativ: "Take of was 1:30 minutes delayed. Entertainment was so bad and boring. Crew were super rude."
Negativ: "Entertainment"
Negativ: "It was all great"
Positiv: "Rapidity for delivering the luggage"
Negativ: "Verification of visa"
Positiv: "The plane was clean and cool with good legroom in the exit row."
Negativ: "It was TERRIBLE that at check-in when i found out that the only one piece of baggage was allowed. I have ALWAYS had two bags on this flight."
Negativ: "2 Deutsche Filme waren etwas wenig unter 30. der Flug hätte 3 Stunden Verspätung und im Internet hat man mehr erfahren als man von Personal an Auskunft bekam . Traurige Angelegenheit"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Flight v delayed"
Positiv: "Perfect"
Negativ: "Perfect"
Positiv: "Food was good."
Negativ: "The plane was old, the seats were uncomfortable with no adjustable headrest or flaps to hold your head from flopping. There was no personal entertainment screens on the back of the seats, only the small community one mounted on the roof. The sound for this was terribly unclear. 8 hour boring flight."
Negativ: "3 hours delay !"
Positiv: "We had front seats which made the journey comfortable"
Positiv: "Service not bad, other then that not good"
Negativ: "Straight flight is better then connecting"
Negativ: "better food"
Positiv: "Nice experience with EgyptAir. The desk people and crew were so friendly except for one flight attendant (a lady) in the plane."
Negativ: "everything was ok."
Positiv: "Timely take off"
Negativ: "No individual movies"
Positiv: "The pilot"
Negativ: "Everything"
Positiv: "Ich finde, Egypt Air nach GVA ist ein angenehmer Flug. Gute Piloten."
Negativ: "Musikauswahl und Tonqualität ist nicht gut. Das Gepäck ist nicht angekommen. Überlege mir, ob ich nicht doch wieder mit Swiss fliegen will ..."
Positiv: "Fast and efficient."
Negativ: "Chaotic boarding. Rude crew. Cramped seating in n outdated plane."
Positiv: "Beinfreiheit und ein Mindestmaß an Komfort ist in dem Egypt Air Business Class Produkt vorhanden aber mehr auch nicht. In keine Fall vergleichbar mit den Produkten z.B. von Lufthansa, SAS oder auch nur BA"
Negativ: "Keine vollständigen Liegesitze, veraltete Maschinen, dreckige und verbrauchte WCs, mangelnder Service"
Positiv: "Food is good. Staff excellent. Trip was smooth"
Positiv: "Everything"
Positiv: "Didn't like anything"
Negativ: "Old aircraft, rude crew, terrible food and by far the worst in-flight entertainment"
Negativ: "The aircondition was not working since the very begining for 4 hours and even after was not fully cooling. It was hot"
Positiv: "Good meals, and plenty of beverages."
Negativ: "The aeroplanes and Cairo airport are a bit outdated, compared to other airlines"
Positiv: "Flight was on time and I appreciate that."
Positiv: "This flight was on time and the in-flight service was really nice. I really appreciate it when Egypt Air flights are on time. Thank you."
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Excellent staff clean plane ."
Negativ: "Trip was delayed for one hour ."
Negativ: "45 minutes to get my bag!"
Negativ: "when issues electronic boarding pass it was mentioned I have to leave from terminal 3 .. when went there they said it is wrong & changed to seasonal terminal which is 30 mnts drive by the terminals bus.. very frustrating experience"
Positiv: "Entertainment selection was decent, I was especially impressed by the very wide variety of music to listen to. The crew were very friendly, helpful and attentive. The plane was clean and presentable, especially the lavatories. The seats were comfortable and the blankets provided worked well too."
Negativ: "Food was bland and the chicken dish was dry and difficult to chew. Movie selection on the entertainment system was mediocre, with limited variety of films in general and especially limited variety in languages other than English and Arabic. A problem which I encountered on board was a big gap between the ventilation panel at the base of the wall and the flooring, through which the dessert of my meal fell and which presented the risk of losing further items. I hope this is fixed promptly."
Positiv: "Personnel was great. Delicious and frequent food and drinks."
Negativ: "I asked for wheelchair service but I never received it."
Positiv: "every thing thank you"
Positiv: "Crew was very polite"
Negativ: "Checkin was disorganised"
Positiv: "Thanks EGYPTAIR"
Negativ: "Chair wasnt confortable atall"
Negativ: "Ran out of chicken meal"
Positiv: "Food was okay and it's commendable that the airline offered hotel rooms for passengers with long layover."
Negativ: "The plane should be at least clean. Sat close to the window twice and it was dirty with some weird stuff. The seat beat was also dirty."
Positiv: "Very friendly efficient crew"
Positiv: "The food was good."
Negativ: "Too tight aircraft, noisy and not stable at the sky."
Negativ: "I overpaid my flight by up to 50 per cent more than my fellow passengers yet they were allowed 2 bags each while I only got 1 . The flight attendants don't offer drinks except with meals . They took for ever to remove the trays after the meals that passengers were trying to take them out by themselves . They don't pass by with big bags to collect any garbage ."
Positiv: "Crew was super nice and helpful. Flight schedule was on time."
Negativ: "Boarding on desk was so bad , they forced ne to put my handbag on bagage and prevent my to take on board ,, also to pay lot of money"
Negativ: "Boarding was a little slow, but the crew was nice and courteous Seating was comfortable and roomy. The food was good."

Flight delay, to be on time!

Liebe Leute von Kayak, warum haben sie mir einen E-Mail gesendet, dass ich selbst einchecken soll bei Ryanair? Ich habe mich 3 Stunden am PC die Haare ausgerissen, da es gar nicht möglich war. Ich musste sehr mühsam Kiwi .com kontaktieren, bis sie mir erklärt haben, dass sie für mich einchecken und mir die Bord Karten senden. Dazu den Ausdruck von den Bordkarten ging nicht zu lesen am scan automatico am Flughafen, musste am Ryanair Schalter nochmals sie ausdrucken lassen. Dann hatte der erste Flug 7O min. Verspätung und ich habe in letzter Minute die Verbindung erwischt. Aber Ende gut, alles gut

The landing was awful and the plane wasn't ready when we arrived so there was a lot of waiting around on the tarmac outside the plane.


Cheap price ticket and understandable that they charge extra for everything including choosing seats but for 99.5% of all other airlines that default to assigning you a free seat if you don’t pay… they always seat you with you together if you’re a pair. Ryanair literally played musical chairs with everyone. Everyone was spending time moving around and asking if people were willing to switch so they could sit next to their friend. Wow way to make a point that you must pay or else.

Negativ: "Abflugszeit"
Negativ: "Nachdem ich über Swoodoo gebucht habe, hat mich Ryanair nicht online einchecken lassen und ich musste 2 Stunden Früher am Flughafen sein1 es gab auch keine Information darüber und die Seite gibt auch keine Information! Das ist eine Frechheit und gibt es sonst bei keine anderen Airline! Ryanair versucht mit allem extra Geld zu machen. Wäre ich später am FLughafen gewesen hätten sie mich 55 Euro zahlen lassen."
Negativ: "Lead turblence"
Positiv: "flight late so crew dismissive wanting to get people on board, during flight was ok"
Negativ: "smile it helps"
Negativ: "Wir waren 3,5 Stunden vor Abflug am Flughafen. Da wir kein Internet hatten konnten wir die Boardkarten nicht online beantragen. Der Check-In Schalter war noch nicht offen. Als wir endlich dran kamen wurden wir wo anders hingeschickt und durften 126€ (!) zahlen, damit unsere Boardkarten ausgedruckt werden. Was für ein Scam!!! Frechheit!"
Positiv: "Sitze sehr klein obwohl ich nicht fett bin. Crew nett. Ansonsten nichts besonderes.aber ok"
Negativ: "Größere sitz Plätze."
Positiv: "Cheap! And fast"
Negativ: "No everything was perfect"
Positiv: "The price"
Negativ: "Stop the incessant advertising and selling over loud speaker when most people are trying to sleep through a flight ."
Negativ: "Delayed."
Negativ: "45 Minuten Verspätung, nicht ausreichend Sitzgelegenheiten im Boarding Bereich"
Positiv: "Flug war gut und Flugbegleiter sehr nett. Pilot war witzig :D"
Negativ: "The"
Positiv: "Crew war sehr nett."
Negativ: "Bessere Sitze"
Positiv: "The crew were friendly"
Negativ: "Entertainment but it was a short flight"
Positiv: "Gute und schnelle Abwicklung. Pünktlichkeit"
Negativ: "Wenig Beinfreiheit Keinerlei Unterhaltung (zeitschriften) Keine Ablagemöglichkeiten in der Rückenlehne des Vordersitzes."
Negativ: "The staff are snappy with the passengers - she tried to take my coffee away from me - this was my 4th flight in 36 hours so I needed to finish it so took it back quickly !!"
Negativ: "I don't mined the flights it is the long walk to the plane."
Positiv: "Crew was nice and professional."
Negativ: "Boarding is always late and take long time. Maybe come with some better system to make it quicker. I'm not happy with prices for suitcases but that kinda doable."
Positiv: "Nix"
Negativ: "Alles"
Positiv: "The aircraft seats were really comfortable."
Negativ: "We could have been boarded on time instead of early so we could sit a bit more to wait"
Positiv: "Garnichts"
Negativ: "Größte Abzocke was ich gesehen habe so was muss angeklagt werden"
Positiv: "Nette Besatzung, schnelles Boarding, komfortabler Flug."
Negativ: "Wasser sollte es immer! Umsonst geben. Ist aber ein allgemeines Problem und bei keiner Airline der Fall."
Positiv: "The crew and the timeliness of the flight."
Negativ: "The level of comfort. Pretty terrible airplane seats, but are tolerable if you’re doing a short flight."
Negativ: "It would be an impressive feat, seeing that in regular flights is already annoying, with little sleep and no explanation for the delay whatsoever it would be nice."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist wetterbedingt etwas verspätet gestartet, aber der Pilot hat den Zeit verlust fast wieder eingeholt. Reibungsloser Ablauf, zufrieden."
Negativ: "Der Bewegungsfreiraum ist bei Ryan Air leider stark eingeschränkt. Etwas mehr Beinfreiheit wäre zu begrüßen"
Positiv: "Flug war pünktlich"
Negativ: "Etwas wenig Platz, aber sonst nichts zu beanstanden"
Positiv: "Wie soll ich etwas bewerten, das nicht gab? (Bordunterhaltung, Verpflegung)"
Positiv: "Der Flugkapitän informierte zeitnah. Der Flug war ruhig und ohne größere Vorkommnisse."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte leider mehr als 2 Stunden Verspätung und man erhielt vom Bodenpersonal hierzu keine Info (ohne Aufforderung)"
Positiv: "The crew was taking care of us and understood our disappointment although they don’t have any responsibility about it"
Negativ: "The company delays those flights every time between 2 to 5 hours and I’m getting really annoyed about it. I’m thinking to use another company for my next trip"
Positiv: "3 stunden. Verspätet. Keinen Grund. Nie wieder Ryanair"
Negativ: "We were traveling across Europe with no access to internet. We trued to check in night before from hotel, we had a week connection. Thought we will do it from airport just like the United States. However, due to long line, wemissed tbe two hour window and were charged 55 euro per person. There was 5 of us. Therewere 5 of us. We felt cheTed and scorged."
Negativ: "Streik von Ryanair war nicht absehbar ob der Flug geht oder nicht ...meidet diese airline"
Negativ: "der Flug startete mit einer Verspätung von 65Min."
Positiv: "The staff was good and attentive even under difficult circumstances."
Negativ: "I took two flights today. Both were late. Ryanair also lost my baggage."
Positiv: "They were professional and efficient"
Negativ: "It was required to check in prior to arrival to airport to avoid a fee. I did not have internet access still I arrived. I had to pay 55 euro for a simple check in. Not fair to folks who do not use data for internet nor WiFi. A email could be sent 72 hours but that does not mean people check all emails or they even have access to the web. It’s not a fair or smart business move, I will not book with them again."
Positiv: "freundliches Personal, der Flug war pünktlich, großzügiger"
Negativ: "etwas langes Warten in der Fluggastbrücke, unfreundliche Handgepäckregelung, obwohl der Flug nicht ausgebucht war..."
Positiv: "Das Personal und der Pilot haben sich Mühe gegeben."
Negativ: "Wir sind fast 2std. später gestartet."
Positiv: "Mit leichter Verspätung gestartet, aber pünktlich gelandet. Verlief alles ohne weitere Aufregung."
Negativ: "Mit RyanAir im Juni nach Palma. Super günstig. Aber an Board sitzen halt die ganzen Ballermann Gruppen. War irgendwie zu erwarten."
Negativ: "Delays and no information given about gate change. A mess"
Positiv: "Personal und Flugzeug waren gut. Boarding langsam und Flugpreis ingesamt zu hich."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Check in and baggage are a total nightmare I will never use them again"
Positiv: "Der Flug war pünktlich, das Boardteam nett und audmerksam"
Negativ: "Erst konnte man an Bord nur mit Karte zahlen. Dann gab es Probleme mit deutschen Karten und man sollte dann doch in Bargeld zahlen."
Positiv: "Pünktlich"
Negativ: "Service das Letzte - trotz bestätigter Online Buchung wurden beim Flug für 4 Personen weitere € 99,20 für das Ausdrucken der Bordkarten verlangt! Unfreundliches Personal!!!"
Positiv: "does not respond to normal standards - to little space seats can not move to the back"
Positiv: "The price unbelievably cheap! I eventually got to my destination. The flight was short and I arrived safely."
Negativ: "Where do I start? Had a 5 1/2 hour delay. The plane had the smallest seats possible. The customer service was subpar. Bad overall experience, but you get what you pay for."

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