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Air MauritiusErgebnis aus 87 Bewertungen

Poor inflight movie selection

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Poor inflight movie selection

Positiv: "Perfect landing, in time"
Negativ: "Entertainment"
Negativ: "Apart from beverages with the meal, there was no other offer for any beverage. This is a 4 hour flight. Really uncomfortable"
Positiv: "First time in business class. Service was amazing!"
Positiv: "Food was good, entertainment system was good."
Negativ: "Crew told me to wait while they eat their meal (on a 4.5 hour flight?) headphones get cleared 20min before landing but all the rubbish gets left on your tray table. delayed departure because the plane was being cleaned, i think if they cleared the rubbish in flight then perhaps it wouldn't be so dirty. Also no information provided as to why the boarding was 30min delayed (COMMUNICATION!)"
Positiv: "Seat was very comfortable"
Negativ: "Inflight entertainment could be much better. Not much choice of films, particularly latest ones. Headsets very uncomfortable and sound quality poor."
Negativ: "General lack of concern for passengers. The kids in the seats next to me had screens that weren’t working and they wouldn’t even try to fix them. despite the fact that the water was there, when I declined the meal but asked for something to drink they refused until later."
Positiv: "Crew were friendly and helpful."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed all throughout. Plane was old and uncomfortable compared to other Air Mauritius planes I’ve used. Food really bad I did Not enjoy this flight whatsoever Missed my onward connections"
Positiv: "It landed safely"
Negativ: "Delayed 3hrs with no information just apologies. Toilets onboard not clean and leaking. Several trays broken. Coffe/Tea served by pouring over customers rather than tray with cup. Safety information only shown when landing. Staff bumped isle passengers several times (me 4 times) with no apology. Chaos in serving dinner as special meals and vegetarian meals sent to wrong seats."
Positiv: "I sat onseat 8c on this old Airbus 319 and my knees were killing me so little legroom. Im only 1.78m"
Negativ: "Take out one row and give cattle class a little bit mor space please. I already have deep vein trombosis from flying."
Negativ: "The quality of the entertainment hardware system is rather old and out dated as opposed to most other long haul airlines I’ve sat on which I really think Air Mauritius should consider upgrading. It’s the only airline that I don’t even bother using their entertainment system at all."
Positiv: "Plenty leg room space."
Negativ: "Interesting to see that they use the older plains to routes to "not so developed" countries, where they seem to account China. On other routes, the airline seems to be using much better plains with better overall service. I will surely avoid use this airline on flights from / to China."
Positiv: "Got a notification well in advance that it would be significantly delayed."
Negativ: "IT WAS 13 HOURS LATE!!! Made me miss an important dinner, lost opportunity to sleep before an important day of conference meetings, and missed a breakfast meeting as well. Valuable time was lost due to this absurd delay. Seats were small. Won't rely on Air Mauritius again."
Negativ: "Mon bagage n'est pas arrivé!!!!"
Positiv: "The Air Mauritius plane was actually quite comfortable."
Negativ: "The entertainment on the flight operated by Air Mauritius was not great. It was still old-fashioned and not interactive. The breakfast on Air Mauritius was not healthy at all and was extremely carby and sugary. It could do with some additional protein and less sugar. The vegetarian dinner could also have done with some additional protein."
Positiv: "We landed on time"
Negativ: "The entertainment system"
Negativ: "Seating is quite cramped, I am not a tall person but couoldn't get comfort with the space between seats. Anyway, the crew requested passengers to straigthen up their seat during meal-time which was a bit of relief. Breakfast was mediocre - one bread with hot drink after 6 hours inflight. Crew provided excellent service though through offering additional drinks."
Negativ: "Boarding took much time than average and the anouncement was confusing. Some people are still at the registration desk while the speaker annouce "last call to passengers". There was a lack of coordination which makes passenger felt nervous."
Positiv: "Staff were very nice, meal was good."
Negativ: "Cramped seating, full plane."
Positiv: "Food was very good."
Negativ: "Seats were cramped."
Positiv: "Aircrew were great, friendly and professional. Meal was very good."
Negativ: "Seating was cramped and people in front kept their seats fully inclined during the full 7 hour flight."
Positiv: "Very quiet flight, the pilots knew what they were doing from take off to landing."
Negativ: "The crew is polite, but really slow serving the food and drinks."
Positiv: "Crew"
Negativ: "Seats (very uncomfortable) Leg room (way too little)"
Negativ: "We continued our journey from Mauritius to Reunion, and given the quite small plane, Air Mauritius deliberately left one of our suitcases (and a few others of other passengers) behind. This was then only brought to our hotel the next day at noon (36 h late). Very annoying, as they didn't tell us beforehand (then, at least we could have packed some essentials in our hand luggage)."
Positiv: "Air Mauritius was a pleasent surprise. The aircraft was clean and the staff wasattentive. The biggest surprise was they served a meal on the short midday flight and that meal was delicious."

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