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Love the small snack and beverages provided. Boarding was a bit chaotic.

War alles in Ordnung

Price was good

Positiv: "Good choice on the cabin crew. Reminds me of Vijay MALYA's Kingfisher calendar girls at their startup. Being naughty. Overall crew very courteous and importantly bilingual."
Negativ: "Food option for Economy was a pleasant surprise, perhaps could be switched for just hot and cold beverages with a snack... a big grandma cookie... choices of indulging/ healthy/ neutral."
Positiv: "Ye,everything was fine"
Negativ: "Healthier food."
Positiv: "Crew was ok. Cabin was super hot and they never answered call bell for us to ask for water and to cool down cabin. While doing pre departure and pre landing safety checks . Flight attendant never caught fact that person in isle seat was blocking our row ( I was on window seat) with a huge back pack . Poor safety and cabin service by flight attendants ! U satisfactory ! And Very unsafe !!"
Negativ: "Cooler comfortable cabin and better overall service and more adherence to safety. Very bad airline"
Positiv: "It was a pleasant and uninterrupted flight with good service by the cabin crew"
Negativ: "The boarding procedure at Bucharest Airport was more like boarding a bus - not a big issue but if I had to find one thing to improve that is what I would suggest."
Negativ: "Lovely"
Negativ: "there was a problem with special assistance on the connection flight. Nobody was waiting at the end..."
Positiv: "The crew was good"
Positiv: "Crew sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit, Platz großzügig (wahrscheinlich durch Flugzeugtausch - wir saßen auf unseren reservierten Plätzen, aber in größerem Flugzeug, die Reihen wären bei normaler Planung wohl Bussiness Class gewesen)"
Positiv: "Crew nett und sehr hilfsbereit, Platz war ok"
Negativ: "The food maybe"
Positiv: "I was seated next to my fiancé. We were separated on Blue air."
Positiv: "Staff recognized that there were too many people in the bag drop line and added more agents."
Negativ: "We didn't get the drinks we asked for, but we didn't complain. We could probably have sorted it out."
Negativ: "Long delays, sat on the runway for 3 hours and they kept telling us it would just be a 10 minutes longer"
Positiv: "Gute Bedingung"
Negativ: "Es gibt immer Verspätungen. Essen ohne Geschmack."
Positiv: "Crew war sehr freundlich. Eine Mahlzeit und Getränke waren inklusive."
Negativ: "Sehr geringer Sitzabstand."
Positiv: "Good space between seats."
Negativ: "Ha"
Positiv: "The flight wasnt completely full so we were able to spread out a little bit and be more comfortable"
Negativ: "The entertainment"
Positiv: "Sehr sauber, pünktlicher Abflug, ruhiger Flug, Beinfreiheit und das beste: eine leckere warme Mahlzeit"
Positiv: "The crew!"
Negativ: "We were late"
Negativ: "Flughafen Athen ist für Umsteiger unzumutbar!!!!"
Positiv: "Aegean ist immer super. Es gibt warmes Essen, Bonbons, man hat Beinfreiheit und liebe Flugbegleiter"
Negativ: "Lastminute.com"
Positiv: "Pünktlich gestartet und pünktlich gelandet"
Negativ: "Das Essen war ok und die Sitze bequem"
Positiv: "Flug war absolut okay. Sitzabstand beim Notausgang gut insbesondere für große Personen"
Positiv: "We didn’t die"
Negativ: "Constant upcharges, bad pilot, cranky crew, disorganized boarding, old plane, no legroom, horrible seats"
Positiv: "Flug pünktlich gelandet, essen war sehr gut. Service schnell."
Positiv: "Cabin crew was good."
Negativ: "Delays are unavoidable. But better communication during delays would be helpful"
Positiv: "This was the best airline I have flown with. The crew was excellent and we were served food and drinks on each flight. Planes were loaded from each end of the air craft so didn't take long to get people seated and off. We don't get this service with American or Southwest. Seats were tight."
Positiv: "The upgrade to business class was cheap. The air crew was friendly. I enjoyed the experience with the exception of my suitcase getting broken."
Negativ: "The airline broke my suitcase and when I landed there was no one to talk to as the desk was closed since it was 230AM"
Positiv: "They even give you food on a lunchtime flight~"
Negativ: "Grosse Probleme beim Einchecken wgen Mitnhame einer Kohlensäurepatrrone für Segler Rettungsweste. Dies, obwohl eine Woche vorher telefonisch alles mit Ergebnis OK mit Aegaen Airline abgeklärt war."
Positiv: "Every thing was fast,easy & kindly I didn’t eat-can’t say my opinion"
Positiv: "Mal wieder bestätigt: AEGEAN ist eine der besten europäischen Airlines! Angenehmer Flug, stets hilfsbereites Personal, leckeres Essen!"
Positiv: "The staff especially the cabin crew were very professional and Courteous. The food was fantastic and served well."
Negativ: "Being called to wait to board in a Que when we did not need to like Ryan Air"
Negativ: "I lose my bag"
Positiv: "Alless"
Negativ: "Nichts"
Negativ: "Sitzabstand könnte um ein paar cm grösser sein"
Positiv: "Info per App perfekt. Personal sehr nett."
Negativ: "Sitzabstand ist ab 1.85 cm etwas knapp"
Positiv: "Pünktlich"
Negativ: "Ryanair"
Positiv: "Nothing."
Negativ: "I'm a photographer on a 3 week trip. I have luggage. Unless you take the ferry, there are limited airline options to Cyclades. Aegean really doesn't want you if you have luggage. Felt like I was being scolded. True, I'm trying to be frugal and avoid a big investment in shock-proof luggage and/or checked baggage fees, but as long as it fits under my seat, what's the big deal? I'm sure I easily weigh at least 70 pounds less than the person sitting next to me, so the extra 4 kg in a backpack that I (female) can personally carry shouldn't be an issue. Then, there's no jetway. You leave the gate to board a bus that takes you to a plane on the tarmac where you must climb a rather large flight of metal stairs. Reverse direction, It takes quite some time and a few crew members to assist those with disabilities to deplane. All the time the rest of the passengers are waiting in the bus to get to their connections. Would only ever fly this airline again if it was the only option to get where I want to go."
Positiv: "Friendly staff Delicious food Comfy seat Timely breakfast served quickly"
Negativ: "Had to put my carry on luggage far from my seat since there were too many people with carry on"
Positiv: "Alle waren nett und freundlich wie immer"
Positiv: "Accurate times"
Negativ: "Night travelling"
Positiv: "Same"
Negativ: "Same"
Positiv: "The CREW was very friendly and aircraft wasn't bad itself."
Negativ: "Boarding and ticket takers. 2 people checking folks in. It took over 30 minutes! @ 5 in the morning, I didn't need to stand in line for half an hour to start my day..."

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